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Patterns and printables

This page links to all of the patterns that I have published.  Many are free on the blog but I have also included those published elsewhere.

They are also all listed on Ravelry, so if you would like to link your completed project I'd be very happy as it means I get to see it and I do love to see what other people have knitted!







  1. I have been knitting for 65 years and just going to "have a go at knitting socks" because I have very small feet size 2.5 and can't find any socks to fit. Finding your tutorials very easy to follow. Going to start soon - I have the yarn and the circular needles but not the dpns so off to hobbycraft later to buy some. Feeling excited.

  2. Kirsty Barlow - I've replied to your question about shooting socks which came up on the old version of this page - I don't know if you'll find it again so here's the answer on this page too :)

    Is that just a long sock, Kirsty? Donna at Creative Mummy Bear has adapted the Sockalong pattern for longer socks - have a look at her blog and see if that's what you're after. Here's the link: Other than that, there have been quite a few people in the Winwick Mum Sockalong Facebook group who've wanted to make knee-high socks so there's some advice in the files there about adapting the basic pattern. Hope that helps! :) xx

  3. Love your "basic 4 ply sock" pattern! Just the thing I was looking for to knit a basic sock that would show off some really wonderful malabragio yarn. Thank you from Canada!


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