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A selection of sock blockers made of wood, acrylic and wire are displayed on a white background

Blocking socks with sock blockers

If you’re knitting socks to be gifted or to photograph for a blog or social media, you might not always want them to look as if they’ve come straight off the needles.  That’s where...

A single purple and white sock with pink cuffs, heels and toes lie on a white background. The sock is party covered by a blue and white checked tea towel

Blocking socks without sock blockers

What do you do if you want to gift a pair of your beautifully hand knitted socks and you want them to look their best but you don’t have any sock blockers?  It’s perfectly...

Two pairs of hand-knitted children's socks against a white background. The pair on the left is slightly bigger and is shades of green stripes; the pair on the right is in shades of blue stripes with blue cuffs, heels and toes. There are three toy shapes lying next to the socks - two lions and a giraffe

Basic 4ply Children’s Socks – free pattern

Is there anything nicer than seeing small feet encased in woolly socks?  Every time I see children in hand-knitted socks, my heart melts – after all, why should adults have all the best socks?! ...

Two partly-knitted heel flaps in different self-striping yarn sit side by side so that the stitches can be compared

Should I slip knitwise or purlwise?

“Should I slip knitwise or purlwise?” is one of the most common questions that gets asked in my Winwick Mum Sockalong Facebook group (the real-time help group for the Sockalong tutorials). The question relates...

A strand of turquoise blue yarn lies on a pale wooden table. The yarn has broken and been plied together again, leaving fluffy edges at either end of the join.

Help, there’s a knot in my yarn!

“Help, help, there’s a knot in my yarn!” Anybody who has ever bought a ball or skein of yarn, whether commercially produced or hand-dyed, has probably come across a join, knot or a dye...

A pair of feet wearing a pair of mosic patterned socks stretched out on a hearth by an open fire. Th

Easy Mosaic Socks – free pattern and tutorial

When is a colourwork sock not a colourwork sock? When it’s an Easy Mosaic Sock! I know that sounds like a bad cracker joke, but it’s actually a bit of magic that will let...

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