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Yellow and white chamomile flowers with a sunset in the background

Here comes the sun

It’s the end of week two of not so small daughter’s trip to Nepal and my stay-at-home holiday (I’m not a fan of the word “staycation”) and it’s been lovely.  The sun shone and...

A young woman is sitting on a carpeted floor surrounded by clothes and equipment for a trekking expedition. She is putting a pair of pink hand knitted walking socks on her feet

And she’s off!

It’s a busy weekend in the Winwick Mum household.  We’re packing and re-packing rucksacks, making sure that passports, vaccination cards and currency are all to hand, and constantly updating a list of things we...

A pair of green and yellow patterned socks modelled on feet. The wearer is sitting with her legs over the edge of a wooden wall so that she is suspended above the ground. There's a monkey face on the socks, and the wearer is holding a small toy monkey

Monkey Puzzle Socks

I love the words “monkey puzzle”.  They make me think of a fun game, or perhaps that tree that you see growing in people’s gardens sometimes which apparently got its name from someone saying...