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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Catching up

The way it turned out, I ended up doing things last weekend that were completely different to what I had planned to do.  It just works out that way sometimes, doesn't it?

I went for an unscheduled walk with the dog on Saturday afternoon (I was supposed to be working in the garden) ...

Culcheth Linear Park is just lovely at this time of year.  The leaves have been spectacularly gorgeous and are lying inches deep on the path.  It's like walking through crunchy snow!  The dog doesn't really like leaves which is quite strange - he'll do his best to walk around them if we're walking on pavements - but he's always distracted by the interesting smells on these walks so I don't worry too much about bringing him.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Remembrance Sunday

"Maybe silence is the language of remembrance ...
what matters is so much more than can be said."

Canon June Steventon
St Oswald's Church, Winwick

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Peak District Yarns visit

You might not guess from these pictures but it was actually quite a bright morning on Saturday when I left Winwick to drive over to Tideswell in the Peak District to visit Peak District Yarns!  As the road snaked higher and higher, so the cloud got lower and lower and by the time I stopped to take a quite photo of these sheep (there's always got to be a photo of sheep!), it was looking quite dull.

White sheep standing by a dry stone wall in a Derbyshire field

Not so dull that you couldn't see fields as far as the horizon, though.  It's a lovely drive and Tideswell isn't as far off the beaten track as you might expect as you pass sheep, cows, farms and more sheep, leaving the towns and suburbs miles behind.