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Monday, 30 November 2020

Monthly Musing - November 2020 - Too late

This weekend, we made the tough decision not to meet up with our family at Christmas.  It was tough because it’s never easy to tell loved ones that you won’t be  spending time with them – but at the same time it was very easy because we want to keep them safe. 
Small daughter has been at school, big daughter has had uni work which has taken her out of the house, my husband and I have been out to buy food and essentials … not much of a risk, you might think, but we have been in contact with so many more people than the rest of our family have and with other people's underlying health conditions to consider, we are not prepared to take even the slightest risk that we might pass something on.

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Getting colder

Considering that it's nearly the end of November, it's not really been that cold here in Winwick - although I shouldn't be surprised as I'm convinced that we're over an undiscovered volcanic hotspot and that's why we never get any snow.

We did get our first frost earlier this week, though, and it was lovely to be out with the dog in the crisp morning air, our breath steaming out in front of us as we walked up to the housing estate built on the site of Winwick Hospital (it was once the largest psychiatric hospital in Europe - I wrote about it in this post).  Nobody was around and we crunched across the frosty grass at the back of the houses ...

A frosty grass field with the sunrise and houses in the distance

Friday, 20 November 2020


It's end of what has felt like a long week - endless for my husband who can't wait for it to be Saturday tomorrow so that he can ignore his emails for two whole days, but just long enough for me to feel as if I've started to catch up with myself.  Do you ever have weeks like that when you feel like you're running just to keep still?  That's been me over the last few weeks but finally I've been able to stop rushing from one job to another and just breathe.

A small coffee table in front of an open fire.  There is a cake of pink yarn, a knitted sock cuff on a circular needle and an orange mug containing tea on the table.

I've not felt guilty at all about lighting the fire in the afternoon and sitting with my knitting, knowing that I am entirely justified in doing this because these are the socks for my commission pattern and they need knitting!
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