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A flatlay of a half-knitted purple shawl curled around a yarn bowl containing the rest of the yarn.

Blogtober 2021 : Day 18

Well, we’re on the downhill side of Blogtober now – 13 days to go and then what will we do with ourselves? 🤣 Here’s my Blogtober Changing Staircases shawl – I’m well on track...

Leaves of shades and brown and yellow littered on the floor. A pair of brown boots are at the bottom of the photo for context,

Blogtober 2021 : Day 13

“All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey …” It’s raining again today so the dog and I stayed close to home for our walk.  Our route takes us past some builders...

The sun is behind Christine and the dog and it throws their shadows onto the woodland path.

Blogtober 2021 : Day 7

Hooray!  Sunshine! After all the rain of the last couple of days, it was lovely to be outside and feel the warmth from the sun, even if it was that Autumn sun without the...

A partly-knitted purple shawl on two long double pointed needles. A sheet marked with rows worked and the pattern are visible, and one of the needles is pushed into a knitting belt

Blogtober 2021 : Day 6

It’s quite a relief to see blue sky today albeit with more than a few clouds in there.  Phew, it didn’t half put down some rain last night!  It was windy too, and the...

Close up of orange crocosmia flowers and their green strap-like leaves against a background of plants.

Blogtober 2021 : Day 3

Happy Sunday! Well, the weather never picked up yesterday so I didn’t go outside to finish off the border.  Even though it did stop raining for a bit, it was so wet that I...

A overgrown garden border. There are plants and weeds, an old Belfast sink with plant pots in it and it all looks like a lot of work!

Blogtober 2021 : Day 2

It’s Day 2 of Blogtober and so far so good … I’m still here! 🙂 My plan for today was to finish off working on the garden border that I’ve been revamping – it...

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