About Me

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog!


I’m Christine and I live in a village called Winwick (it’s pronounced Win-ick) in Cheshire, UK, with my husband, two daughters, two cats and a dog.

Why Winwick Mum?  Well, that’s what I am 🙂 , but actually it all started back in 2010 when our local church newsletter needed some extra content.  I decided that I could probably write a short column about life as a Mum – but I was a bit shy about it and wanted to write anonymously in case people didn’t like it – fortunately, they did!  “Winwick Mum” came into being in August 2010 and I loved writing the columns so much that even after the church stopped producing the newsletter a few years later, I decided to carry on writing.

By that time, I had felt brave enough to venture online and start a blog, and my “Monthly Musings” were joined by posts about the village, my garden, my family and my other passion – sock knitting.  Oh, I LOVE knitting socks!  I never thought I would, you know – I vowed after my very first pair that I would never knit socks or use 4ply yarn again, but look at me now! 🙂  You can find the story of how I ended up falling down the sock-knitting rabbit hole on the blog.

In January 2015, after yet another conversation at a knit n natter get-together where someone had told me that knitting socks was far too hard, I threw up my hands and announced that I was going to write some tutorials to help people see that socks really weren’t that difficult to knit.  It was a rash announcement but one that I have never regretted … in May 2015, I published the Winwick Mum Sockalong tutorials designed to help beginners get started with their first pair of socks – and I’ve never looked back!  Neither have the tens of thousands of people who can now knit socks to fill sock drawers not just for themselves but for their family and friends too – we sock knitters are taking over the world!  The tutorials are now available in book form too, which is amazing and not for one minute something I envisioned on that cold January morning all those years ago 🙂

Today, my Winwick Mum blog remains the story of my lovely and sometimes chaotic life, my garden, my family and sock knitting, and I absolutely love the connections that I have been able to make with people in so many parts of the world that I would never have known about – people like you! – and where my sock obsession has taken me!


Thank you for taking the time to visit here today, and I do hope that you enjoy having a look around! xx