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A field of golden barley with a group of dark trees in the distance for context. Above, the blue sky is partly covered with large white and one black cloud

Summer days

Hi!  How are you doing?  Today’s post has come out a bit later than I intended but you’ve got it to read now 🙂  I think it’s a little late to say “white rabbits”...

In the foreground is a slice of lemon cake with a fork on a white plate on a mesh table. Behind is a bottle of brown drink, and next to it a bottle of yellow drink and a triangular slice of cake on a plate. The table is outside a cafe in the countryside

Important questions

This week, I have been pondering some of life’s important questions* like: Why is it that when you wash any clothing that has removable padding, such as a sports bra or a bikini, the...

A sock in rainbow colours on a dark blue background is lying on a pale wood table next to the cake of yarn. There are two working yarns on this sock. In the background is a leather project back with the brand name MUUD on it.

August days

When not so small daughter finished school back in June, we said that we would make sure that we didn’t waste the extra-long summer holiday that she has this year. The main mission was...

A blue, turquoise and white striped sock lies on a wooden table next to an orange mug with a sheep head on it and a ball of yarn in the same colour

Catkins and kittens

It’s Friday again!  The days are just whizzing past, aren’t they?  I was told this happened when you got older but I never believed it – and now I know it’s true! 🙂 How...

Christine is sitting on the bottom step of the staircase putting on a pair of pink, blue, green, purple and yellow striped socks. There is a pair of brown boots on the wooden floor next to her.

Socks, more socks, and a Hiya Hiya needle review

Hello, and how are you doing?  I thought that just for a change, I would talk to you about socks ( 🙂 ) and I’ve got quite a lot to talk about this week!...

A partly-knitted sock sits on a cream project bag next to a car gear stick.

“Why won’t this thing shut?!”

There has been a disaster on the Emergency Sock front. If you’ve been reading my posts through October (Blogtober) then you’ll have read about my Emergency Sock which is Basic 4ply Sock that lives...

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