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A blue, turquoise and white striped sock lies on a wooden table next to an orange mug with a sheep head on it and a ball of yarn in the same colour

Catkins and kittens

It’s Friday again!  The days are just whizzing past, aren’t they?  I was told this happened when you got older but I never believed it – and now I know it’s true! 🙂 How...

A partly-knitted sock sits on a cream project bag next to a car gear stick.

“Why won’t this thing shut?!”

There has been a disaster on the Emergency Sock front. If you’ve been reading my posts through October (Blogtober) then you’ll have read about my Emergency Sock which is Basic 4ply Sock that lives...

The start of a sock cuff is on a short circular needle and the rest of the pastel yarn cake is inside a cream fabric bag with handles. To the top left are car keys with an orange Herdy key ring.

Blogtober 2021 : Day 11

Have you noticed how much more traffic is on the road again?  As much as I was keen to be out of lockdown, I did like driving on roads that were significantly quieter than...

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