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A pair of baby socks in pink and green stripes with a decorative cuff lie on a white background next to a red glass heart

Hope Socks

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” This quote by Lady Bird Johnson was the inspiration behind the yarn collaboration between West Yorkshire Spinners and the breast cancer charity Future Dreams, and the result was...

A pair of feet resting on a wooden coffee table, wearing hand knitted socks in stripes of blue, green, red and gold

Nutcracker – WYS Christmas 2023 yarn

Please do not adjust your screen – it really is Christmas in August as the WYS Christmas 2023 yarn has been released today!  Woohoo!  The West Yorkshire Spinners Christmas yarns have become something of...

A pair of yellow twisted stitch socks modelled on feet, on the grass

Sun Spot Socks

Well, I promised you exciting sock news and here it is – a brand new pattern called Sun Spot Socks! You might be thinking that it’s come out of the blue because usually, I’ve...

A pair of blue socks with a band of goldfish inside a red border. To the right is a Japanese dictionary and a Girl Guide camp blanket badge

Don’t Be Koi Socks

Once upon a time, there was a girl who really really wanted to visit Japan.  She couldn’t tell you exactly what it was about the place that called to her – the language, the culture,...

Two pairs of hand-knitted children's socks against a white background. The pair on the left is slightly bigger and is shades of green stripes; the pair on the right is in shades of blue stripes with blue cuffs, heels and toes. There are three toy shapes lying next to the socks - two lions and a giraffe

Basic 4ply Children’s Socks – free pattern

Is there anything nicer than seeing small feet encased in woolly socks?  Every time I see children in hand-knitted socks, my heart melts – after all, why should adults have all the best socks?! ...

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