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Looking up at a blue sky past red autumn leaves on a tree

Blogtober 2023 : Day 25

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful morning!  I’d expected it to be foggy as it was misty last night when I went to collect not so small daughter from big daughter’s house where they’d...

A bright blue sky reflected into a canal along with an arch railway bridge which makes circles in the reflections

Spring is … springing!

This week, on 1 March, saw the start of meterological spring in the UK.  It was also St David’s Day in Wales so a belated Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus to you!   Meterological spring is...

A pair of socks in purple and white stripes with pink cuffs, heels and toes are on a pair of feet. There's a red rug on the wooden floor and the person wearing the socks is sitting on a brown leather sofa

February gratitude

I’ve got a lot of things to be thankful for.  I try to remember to say thank you for them every day, and some days I am better at remembering than others, but then...

Christine is standing in a deep puddle. She's wearing her purple wellies.

Winter weather

I wonder where the idea came from that seasons would be just one type of weather?  Picture books, perhaps, showing the winter as snow from one end of the season to the other, or...

An aerial view of St Oswald's Church and Winwick village in the snow, credit

Wishing for snow

I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of wishing for snow.  It’s how I’m made, and as much as I know how difficult it can make life for people, it fills me to bursting...

An arched viaduct bridge against a dark sky and autumn leaves

Blogtober 2022 : Day 24

We were lucky to get out before the rain started this morning.  It’s not cold at all, in fact the temperatures are set to rise again this week.  I suspect that the trees and...

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