Winwick Mum Yarn

Did you know there’s a range of Winwick Mum yarn?

There are now two collections, created in collaboration with my friends at West Yorkshire Spinners – it’s no secret that I love their Signature 4ply yarn!

Eight balls of yarn in Winwick Mum colourways of purples, greens, blues, reds, browns and pinks are set out in a circle

Read on to find out more about the Winwick Mum collection and the Seasons collection!


Winwick Mum collection

Something super-exciting happened in 2019!

Yes!  It’s really true!  In a brand new collaboration with West Yorkshire Spinners, there’s now a Winwick Mum Collection as part of their fabulous Signature 4ply range.  I am beyond excited, as I LOVE Signature 4ply!

Four balls of coloured yarn are lined up on a purple background.

The four colours are L-R:  Hidden Gem, Brightside, Seascape and Wildflower.

Come with me on the adventure and follow the yarn from ideas to the stores!

Seasons collection

The second collection of yarns came out in 2021 and you can read all about the new colourways and the patterns to go with them below!Balls of coloured yarn lined up together against a red background.

The four colours are L-R:  Summer Sunset, Spring Green, Autumn Leaves and Winter Icicle.

A red photo showing Winwick Mum yarn in a neat pile

Four balls of Winwick Mum Seasons collection yarn in a basket

A pattern book for the Winwick Mum Seasons collection yarn surrounded by four balls of the yarn


Where to buy Winwick Mum yarn …

It should be available at any local yarn shop that sells West Yorkshire Spinners yarn, and if they don’t have it in stock they should be able to get it for you.

If your local yarn shop doesn’t stock West Yorkshire Spinners yarn, do ask them to consider it as demand will obviously encourage a shop owner to invest in stock! 😀

Online, you can get it from Northern Yarn* or any other yarn shop that sells WYS yarn and has an online service such as Black Sheep Wools, or a completely online store such as Wool Warehouse.

If you’re overseas, there’s a list of stockists on the WYS website which you can find here.

The new yarns are all perfect for knitting the Basic 4ply Socks pattern used in the Winwick Mum Sockalong tutorials.  If you’re brand new to sock-knitting, check out the Sockalong tutorials here, and for the paperback and Kindle versions of the tutorials, click here.

Where to buy the Winwick Mum patterns …

The patterns are available in a book as a complete set for each collection or you can buy the patterns individually as PDF downloads.  Your local yarn shop might have them available so do check there, or alternatively have a look at Wool Warehouse or Eskdale Yarns (based in New Zealand).


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