WYS Winwick Mum Collection yarn – giveaway!

Wow, what a week it’s been!

The Winwick Mum Collection yarn has been arriving in yarn shops all over the world (the world!!) and it’s been truly amazing to see the wonderful reactions on social media this week.  💕THANK YOU SO MUCH 💕to you if you’re a yarn shop and you’re stocking it, or if you’re a sock knitter and you’ve bought it.  I can’t wait to see your projects as you knit it up, so do keep tagging me into social media posts or sending me your pictures so that I can see!

Today, I have something super-exciting to share with you … a giveaway!  Yes!  The lovely peeps at West Yorkshire Spinners have sent me yarn and pattern books for me to give away through the blog which is always a fun thing to be able to do.


Rather than have just one winner, there are going to be FOUR, and I’ve got a pattern book and a ball of brand new, hot from the mill, Winwick Mum yarn to go with each of them.

The pattern book is beautiful.  It’s got the gorgeous photos from the photo shoot and the clever graphics team at WYS have matched up the photos with the inspiration for the yarns that I talked about in this post.  They’ve even found photos of where I used to go for my childhood holidays, the inspiration for the Seascape yarn!  This makes it feel like a very special book indeed, and one that I know that I would love to look through even if I wasn’t a sock knitter.

The book has five patterns in it – one for each of the colours.  There’s Wildflower …

Brightside …

Hidden Gem …

and Seascape …

and a basic sock pattern using each of the four heel flap types from the patterned socks so that you can mix and match the heels.  I love the idea of there being a basic sock pattern in here as well – it makes it a proper go-to book for a knitter’s bookshelf, whatever your skill level.

I’ve designed all of these patterns for “adventurous beginners”.  What’s an adventurous beginner?  It’s someone who’s ready to give it a go, to get their needles out and cast on even if they think that their skills are up to it just yet.  I’d say that you might surprise yourself!  I’m all for creating fearless knitters – after all, what’s the worst that can happen?  It’s just yarn and pointy sticks and the type of stitches that you may well have knitted many, many times before.  The prize is a pair of socks that you might never have believed you can knit … well worth the effort, I’d say!

So, enough of my ramblings, I’m sure you want to know how to get your hands on the book and the yarn!


Just leave me a comment telling me which colour you would like to win.  It’s that easy!  If you’d like to tell me who you’re going to knit your socks for as well, I’d love to know because I’m nosey, but it’s not compulsory 😀.  Just one entry per person, please!  **Don’t worry if you don’t see your comment come up straight away as there’s always a delay whilst comments get checked to make sure they’re not spam.  Also, you should be able to post without logging in but don’t forget to add your name so that I can contact you if you win!**

I’ll make the draw on Friday 29 April 2019 at around 8pm BST so that there’s plenty of time for people to see this post, even with the Easter weekend break, and I’ll let you know who’s won on the blog so the winners can get in touch with me for their prize.  The prize is one ball of yarn and one book per winner, and I’ll make the draw using the random.org wizard.

I’ll post anywhere in the world so everybody gets a chance to enter.

Good luck! xx

The giveaway is now closed, thank you so much to everyone who took part, and for your lovely comments!  You can find the results of the draw here.

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500 Responses

  1. Holly says:

    Oooo! They are SO beautiful! I think I am drawn to hidden gem the most. Thanks for the chance to win! Holly x

    • Maxtog says:

      I wud love to win hidden gem. I am a crystal therapist and love using amethyst in my treatments. A calming intuitive crystal x

  2. Gail Cooper says:

    I'd love to win hidden gem. Purple is my favourite colour. If I don't win then I'll be down to my LYS on payday to buy them all!

  3. CrayonSoup says:

    I'd love to win either Hidden Gem, as I would treat myself to some socks with it.
    Or Brightside, and then I'd knit them for my dad who loves bright socks.

  4. Fried Noodlings says:

    Brightside is my favourite… Though I'm not sure if I should make socks out of it as a gift, or if I should be selfish and make them for myself… 😉

  5. Crazy sock lady says:

    Christine, I would love the Seascape yarn and a pattern book. Have only ever used your basic sock pattern. I feel the need to try something different, this could be the push I need. I would probably knit them for myself or my daughter as we love knitted socks!!

  6. Barbiedi says:

    I absolutely adore your new yarn colours, you really are such an inspiration, you have made sock knitting so easy to follow, thank you, I would like to win seascape I want to knit some socks for my Son in law, they live by the sea in Tenby so would be ideal colour. I am planning on knitting a pair for all of my family members for Christmas.

  7. Unknown says:

    Love your new yarn, love the seascape colourway.

  8. Unknown says:

    I really love the Wildflower, and I would be selfish and make them for myself!!

  9. Unknown says:

    Ohhhh, seascape would be my choice.

  10. Craftywitch says:

    Has to be hidden jem, although all your wools are little Jems ! 🙂 this pair would be for my sister who doesn't believe I can knit socks ! Haha

  11. Michelle says:

    Oooh Seascape for me. Or maybe Hidden Gem. Turquoise and purple. My 2 favourite colours!

  12. WendyHouse says:

    Seascape wow! and I would be knitting them for me, I am defo an adventurous beginner in the sock world as have never tried socks before but would love to have a go!x

  13. Maria Manchester says:

    I absolutely love all of them but Wildflower is my favourite.. I’d love to win, and try a new sock pattern for me, I’m a newbie but I want to get better, when I see everyone’s lovely work.

  14. Meg says:

    Bought ‘brightside ‘ yesterday to do socks for my grandson, but next I would like, or love to win, ‘wildflower ‘ to knit some socks for my daughters friend,who has just been diagnosed with the horrid big C xxx
    They are all beautiful. Well done Christine xxx

  15. Anonymous says:

    Seascape is just beautiful and although I love them all I think this one would be perfect for a friend who’s getting over a horrible experience with meningitis, just her colours. Chances are I’m going to have to buy them all anyway as WYS is my favourite sock yarn and the colours are fabulous.

  16. Leigh says:

    I love the Seascape colour the most but they are all lovely. Thank you

  17. Tamzin says:

    I’d love to win hidden gem, I think i’d Make another pair for my best friend as she loved her first pair so much x

  18. Unknown says:

    Wildflower is my choice. This pair would be for my secret socks project. An annonymous parcel containing socks and some other goodies for someone who needs some love

  19. reeniemartini says:

    Wildflower! These would be my second pair of socks I ever knitted!

  20. Sha says:

    Hidden Gem will knit socks for friend who loves purple

  21. Jackie says:

    All of the colours are wonderful and I'd be happy to receive any one of them. If I have to choose Seascape is probably my favourite. I'd like to say I will give the socks to my daughter but I know I won't be able to part with them once done! Thanks for the chance to win xx

  22. Tracy Hawkins says:

    Congratulations Christine, I would love to win hidden gem ���� x

  23. Bluebell says:

    Has to be Seascape!! I collect Seaglass whenever I visit the beach!! I think I would have to knit myself a pair❤️

  24. Joy says:

    Brightside! Mostly because it reminds me of my primary school wax crayons!

  25. Susanna Locati says:

    Thank you for the chance! It's a hard choice, but I think my favourite is Wildflower!

  26. Kmos says:

    I would love hidden gem and I would knit a pair for me with a little pair of shorties for my little one with the left overs❤❤❤

  27. Melanie Denyer says:

    I love them all. If they were for me, it would be wild flower, for my Mum, hidden gem, for a very lovely friend bright side, and for my son, seascape. There is literally a colour for everyone. Congratulations, Christine, this is a beautiful range x

  28. Robyn W says:

    Seascape is gorgeous! New socks for me this time😊

  29. Anonymous says:

    Seascape is talking to me, but love them all xx

  30. maya says:

    hiden gem must win

  31. Rebecca Garland says:

    I love the seascape colour way and would love the chance to win! I would selfishly make the for myself! Lol

  32. Creativelyhappy says:

    They are all lovely, but my favourite has to be seascape

  33. linda says:

    Love all the colours difficult to choose just one,but I will go bright side my usual colours that I go for are blues and purple .
    Well done they look great xx

  34. Unknown says:

    I love the Seascape,I am currently on a diving holiday in the Red Sea and your colours are perfect. Will remind me of my holiday when my feet are lovely and snuggly on a grey day in the UK 🥰

  35. Anonymous says:

    Wildflower…. my name is Heather and I’m a wild flower ��

  36. Kim says:

    I like seascape. Learned to knit socks from your wonderfully clear instructions. Thanks, Kim Carlyle

  37. MrsCraftyMoo says:

    Id love to win wildflower and the socks would be for me but I might knit a little pair with contrast heels and toes for my 3 year old!

  38. Kerrie says:

    I'd love the brightside, I'm just about finished my first pair and would love another pair before anyone else gets a pair!!

  39. Gemma B says:

    Too many lovely colours! Wild flower as my favourite though. Thank you

  40. Clairey R says:

    How to choose?! I'd be delighted to win any colour as I love them all, and I'm so indecisive. I guess I'd go for wild flower if really pushed to make a choice but I want them all. I've got my small circular and dpn's all ready to cast on my very first pair of socks. I'd love them to be for me but we will see……..

  41. Rachel says:

    Seascape is my favourite. I would definitely make the socks for myself ��

  42. Lisa Coulson says:

    I would choose Brightside, and make my children matching socks.

  43. Dottey says:

    I love them all, but seascape ss very summery. Just started knitting first pair of socks this week. Thank you Deborah

  44. Norma says:

    I'd love to win the Wildflower colourway simply because I love wild flowers so much. I'd knit socks for myself unless I can persuade hubby to go for something brigbter than his usual blacks and browns! Wonderful giveaway – thanks so much xx

  45. Cx says:

    I love all the colours but I would like to win Hidden Gem. I would make them for me! Lovely prize xx

  46. Jo Nut says:

    I love them all! Seascape is extra special though I think x

  47. Heaton House says:

    I wouldn't mind winning any one of the colours as I love them all. �� If I was lucky enough to win I'd make socks for my daughter's birthday coming up in May

  48. magsfos says:

    Wildflower as first choice. They are all beautiful. I would make the socks for my daughter in law who loves walking in the hills. She would appreciate them.

  49. Nadia says:

    Morning Christine I love them all I have bought wildflower waiting for it to arrive along with the book but if I was lucky enough to win I have a very deserving friend who would love it the next colour although I love them all would be seascape Good luck to everybody X

  50. Jill says:

    Seascape. Will take any though!!!! Jill at [email protected]

  51. Nicky G says:

    They are all so gorgeous but Seascape is my favourite- reminds me of the colours of summer and family holidays by the sea ��Congratulations on your new collection �� Nicky Gilroy Cambridge xx

  52. Debbie - Shropshire says:

    Wildflower is my favourite. Your pattern is the a gift of knowledge and opportunity 🙂

  53. Shannon says:

    Theyre all stunning yarns but Seascape has to be my favourite!

  54. Lin Malcolm says:

    Thanks for the chance to win I love the seascape colourway it's very much 'my' colour – so no guesses who they'll be for!

  55. Anne says:

    Difficult to choose but I think it would have to be Seascape but they are all beautiful!

  56. Pam says:

    I’d love to win the Wildflower and book to knit myself a pair of socks.

  57. Donna Glover says:

    a huge thank you to you , over 40 years knitting and never knit a pair of socks until i found your blog and basic pattern , in over 6 months i have knit over 15 pairs and my family are so pleased i love all the new colours and the book so suprise me lol my name is Donna Glover

  58. Gail H says:

    I do like all the colours but am drawn to Seascape. I spent many happy holidays in Devon and Cornwall and the colours remind me of this. I would make a pair of socks for ME! ��

  59. Mandy Slatcer says:

    Seascape and I'm going to be truly selfish and make for me ��

  60. Jennifer says:

    Love them all but Hidden Gem for my mum as she's so proud of my crafting and because she's just fab.

  61. Melanie Wager says:

    Hi, I love the Wildflower. They are the colours my sister loves, so I would make them for her. She has been so supportive this last year so would be something special for her.

  62. June says:

    I'd love to win the Wildflower because I am already getting the Hidden Gem ,& I will be making them for me . Congratulations on your lovely new collection June Middlehurst Merseyside

  63. Vikki says:

    Wow what a fab giveaway! Gorgeous yarn-I’d love to win Seascape �� would definitely make them all for meeee. My crochet to others but as an adventurous beginner, with my first ever knit being your sock pattern, currently on the heels �� I need all the practice I can get-as if I needed an excuse �� Happy Easter everyone ��

  64. Kriska says:

    Oh, I love Seascape is so nice, I would knit a pair of socks for my daughter!

  65. Unknown says:

    Ohh, choices choices!! Seascape is my favourite, by a whiskar!

  66. Unknown says:

    I'd love to win the Seascape as well….but any colour is OK by me. I would definitely make the socks for me – I have made countless pairs but none so far for me..Marie xx

  67. Unknown says:

    Cngratulations Christine on the lovely sock colours. I love them all but my favourites are Hidden Gem and Bright Side. I would make these for myself, I make so much for others in knitting crochet and cross stitch that these, definitely would be for ME..

  68. Unknown says:

    Hi Christine, What a lovely thing to do, I love all the colours, but would love to win a ball of Seascape (but will be grateful to win any of the colours!) to knit a pair of socks for our family friend who is only 32 and been fighting cancer for 4 years. She has recently been told that there is nothing more they can do for her. So when I saw the seascape I thought of how she loves her trips to LLandudno. She was the reason I started making socks as she saw some WYS rum paradise on your FB group and that is where my sock knitting journey started! jean.keig[at]live.co.uk (not sure if my gmail works anymore as I have never used it lol) Thank you. Jean Keig x

  69. Lesley F says:

    Lesley Fellows

    Wildflower – a pair for ME

  70. Helen22 says:

    Wildflower think it's just the colours for spring time.With all the colours of nature popping their little heads.

  71. Anonymous says:

    It would have to be hidden gem as I love purple and they'd be allll for me. I only have small feet tho so I'd maybe do a 2nd pair for my friend with contrast heels, toes & cuffs.
    Rachel W

  72. Louise Barkley says:

    Seascape would be the favourite of my daughter, she is easy to knit for as she often wears odd socks which really lends itself to my second sock syndrome!

  73. Nick says:

    Stunning colours so hard to choose! I’d say wildflowers and I’d knit them for my mum. I’ve made quite a few pairs for dad and she deserves socks too

  74. Eve Keeler says:

    Ooh I love seascape the best, and I would knit the hitchhiker scarf for myself. The others colours I would knit socks with for other people. Thank you for the chance to win.

  75. irune says:

    Seascape would make lovely socks for my daughter! I learned to knit socks with your first book and haven't stopped since then

  76. Unknown says:

    Oh they are all lovely. I came across ur fb page yesterday and I was excited u are only down the road from me lol.im in N-LE-W. Lovely work keep it up.
    Sue xx

  77. Julie Preddy says:

    Seascape pretty please. I love purples. Julie Preddy

  78. Margaret says:

    Hidden Gem is lovely I would make a pair for my daughter who has very slim feet.

  79. Gemma D says:

    I love them all but I think seascape is my favourite, so much so I’d use it to make socks for myself for a change! X

  80. SharonC says:

    I'm thinking Brightside, its got the same name as one of my favourite songs! Will be making for my daughter just because I can ��

  81. Jendy0 says:

    As purple and amythest are my favourite things, it has to be hidden gem please 🙂 although any of the others come a close second.

  82. Mummyto3monsters says:

    Sch a generous prize. I'm afraid I couldn't choose just one. But my daughters fav are seascape for my eldest who is 9 she'd love a pair or two of those. Not quite a girly colour but suitable for a tomboy lol and hidden gem for my other daughter who's almost 7 as she's all girly for pinks and purples. And for me I already have a ball of each for myself and little boy who just turned two. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing journey and wonderful sock know how. All the best, Katrina Griffiths xx

  83. Brenda D says:

    Congratulations on the wonderful selection, you should be so proud of yourself!! Brightside to (hopefully) knit two pairs for my boys. B

  84. Gill says:

    I would love the hidden gem but I would love any one as the colours are so beautiful. Xx

  85. Janet Bunce says:

    Hidden gem and seascape are my favourites. I would knit a pair for myself but would have to buy more hidden gem to knit a pair for my daughter – they would match her hair!

  86. Unknown says:

    Oh I'd definitely say…always look on the brightside. They're fab!

  87. Rachel says:

    I’d love a ball of Brightside. I work in the Rainbow Room at our church nursery, so I’d love to knit some �� socks for my colleagues.

  88. Jo S says:

    Brightside – and I’d make them for my friend who loves knitting and The Killers ��

  89. Kandy Newton says:

    I'd choose Wildflower and make a pair for my lovely Sister in Law. She & my Brother in Law wear my hand made socks when they go hiking.

  90. Sally G says:

    I would love to try Hidden Gem. I'll be knitting for my daughter as she loves me knitting socks for her and that makes me so happy

  91. Bethany says:

    Brightside is my favourite but they are all beautiful!
    Bethany Eynon x

  92. Tania says:

    It's almost impossible to choose a favourite! If pushed, I'd pick Hidden Gem for myself or Brightside for my other half; I recently made him his first pair of hand knitted socks and he's now demanding more!

  93. Nutmeg says:

    Hidden Gem is just wonderful! I’d aim to make a pair for my mum I think… cause she’s lovely and would appreciate the heck out of them 🙂
    Now to just get back to knitting!
    My name is also Rachael Smith I use an alias on google for forum reasons 😀

  94. Unknown says:

    All colours are gorgeous and impossible to choose from but the one that edges it a wincy bit for me is Seascape. As I have spent the past 9 months knitting for my 1st Grandchild, due in 8 days time, I would quite like to knit something for me as a treat!

  95. Capeneddicknitter says:

    Can’t decide between Brightside and Wildflowers!!!! So pretty

  96. Chicken lover says:

    Your book finally taught me to knit socks after many years of trying thank you. Seascape would be lovely for my hand knitted sock loving daughter ����

  97. Carole says:

    All the yarns are fabulous, but seascape is the one, well done Christine, Carole Mcculley xx

  98. Laurie says:

    I absolutely love seascape! Without your pattern I never would of made socks. My family loves them

  99. Carole says:

    All are fabulous but I adore seascape, well done Christine, Carole

  100. Baybdub says:

    Id love to win wildflower, the colours are stunning and perfect for summer socks ��

  101. susyb65 says:

    Wildflower is definitely my favourite and will be buying it and would use to knit socks for my sister, although she better be nice to me or I might just keep them ��

  102. KJ says:

    They’re all gorgeous but it has to be brightside for me, and I’d knit my lovely brother some socks, bless him. Thanks for the opportunity to try your yarn xx Karen John xx

  103. Marit Meredith says:

    I love them all, but would like to win Wildflower, as I would like to knit a pair of socks for my daughter Hannah, who loves walking in the countryside and identifying wildflowers.

  104. Nena (anenuk on Ravelry) says:

    Brightside for me but they are all amazing! Loving your sock patterns too, I buy from Ovis Yarns in sunny Liverpool…

  105. Sarah Hardy says:

    So pleased how well things are going for you Christine! Seascape and the books have already sold out at my LYS and the other colours are moving fast! I think Seascape is my favourite colour, but would happily knit any of the colours into socks! Ollie would love Brightside and I think Charlotte would be a Seascape girl too!! Thanks as always for all you have done and created! Xx

  106. Anonymous says:

    I love the seascape please

  107. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christine, all of the colours are so beautiful and individual, I just wouldn't be able to make up my mind. So if I'm lucky enough to be a winner, please choose! I would knit a pair for my lovely sister in law, who is always delighted to receive hand knitted socks. Mandy M.

  108. Unknown says:

    Seascape is my favourite I think 😍

  109. Juanita says:

    Love the yarn- looking for it in the US. The colors are all so beautiful but I’ll choose Wildflower and I would make a pair of socks for my granddaughter. Thank you again.

  110. Patricia says:

    Wildflowers is very pretty and so would a pair of socks for myself – Patricia Freeman

  111. vovsblog says:

    Seascape is just the one that calls to me over the others but it's a hard choice!

  112. JulieB says:

    They’re all lovely, I would appreciate winning anything to enhance my newly discovered pastime. Thanks xx

  113. Unknown says:

    I love the Wildflower colourway. They would be knitted up as a treat for my sisters.

  114. Marty says:

    I would love to win seascape! It is beautiful. All 4 colors are so nice though. I would knit a pair of socks for myself….it is a nice bright color to knit this time of year.
    Marty Ward

  115. Christine Clarke says:

    I'd love Hidden Gem and would make the socks for my daughter,Topaz,of course. She's my very visible gem!

  116. Cathy Heather says:

    I think that the seascape would be lovely to make some socks for my Grandaughter. She loves hand made socks and can't get enough of them. Thank you for the chance to win one of your lovely colours.

  117. Jeannette Cripps says:

    They are all stunning colours but Wildflower is my favourite.
    I’ve had 3 foot operations since Oct 2016 with another one due this year so I’d like to treat my feet to a pair of knitted socks (would be my first attempt) after everything has healed x

  118. Michelle says:

    So hard to pick just one as they're all beautiful. But I especially love the Seascape one the best. Thanks Christine for making socks so much fun!

  119. Trish Rapley Giles says:

    I particularly love Hidden Gem. New socks for me!

  120. Isabel P says:

    Hidden gem is so pretty, I would knit a pair for my sister to take to university with her in September!

  121. Unknown says:

    Hi, I love seascape! My hope is to see all of my family with happy, snug feet!

  122. Joanna Beswetherick says:

    I love the colours in wildflower – such a pretty pattern too!

  123. Helen Irwin says:

    I love hidden gem, but I think seascape is my favourite. It reminds me of warm beach days hunting for sea glass.
    I'd make them for myself!

  124. CyclingKirst says:

    I’d love to have some wildflower yarn to make socks with. I’d probably make ankle socks for myself and my step daughter.

  125. Kazc59 says:

    I have yet to have a go at my first socks with your basic pattern. Got the needles but been waiting to buy your yarn so they are totally Winwickmum socks. Loving the seafare but any colourway would be well received xx

  126. Sheila Barnes says:

    Its has to be Seascape to be a reminder of Cornwall for my beautiful daughter in law who is going through a tough time at the moment.

  127. gaynora says:

    Congratulations and you must be so proud to have inspired so many.
    A pair is socks or even just 1 completed will be a huge achievement for me as a complete sock numpty. I now have to master this as the yarn is so beautiful. No favourites love them all and any one of them would be fantastic.

  128. Sue says:

    Oh I just love Seascape. I’d knit these stripey socks for me, these are some of my favourite colours.

  129. Unknown says:

    My order of Wildflower and Brightside (with contrasting yarns) arrived today and they are beautiful. If possible, I'd love to try knitting with either Hidden Gem or Seascape too – don't really mind which. But what I'd really love is your pattern book! I knit socks to raise funds for my churches; visitors here in the Highlands buy them for walking in and the beautiful colours go down well with everyone as a contrast to utilitarian offerings available commercially.

  130. Sue says:

    I love all the colours but need the Hidden Gem for my gorgeous daughter in laws socks please.

  131. Jill says:

    The wild flower is gorgeous, I think I would be selfish and knit them for me!

  132. Judy says:

    Wildflower for me as I don't know anyone who would look after hand knit socks and care for them! Their loss��

  133. Sadie Garrod says:

    I'd be happy to win any of those beautiful colours! It must seem so surreal to have your own WYS yarn! Thanks to your sock along way back when, I was first introduced to WYS yarn and it's been my go to sock yarn ever since. Sadie Garrod x

  134. Cathy says:

    I love them all, but Seascape and hidden Gem are my favourites.
    Great patterns too.

  135. JadenSkye says:

    I absolutely ADORE the Wildflowers! Thank you for allowing us to participate in your giveaway! I can't wait to be able to buy your yarn!

  136. Kath Greaves says:

    As it's a lovely day and I wish I was at the coast walking the dog I'd love to win Seascape, all the colours are wonderful – congratulations Christine on this achievement x

  137. Sarah says:

    All of them are gorgeous colourways, but my favourite has to be Seascape. It ticks all my boxes. Beautiful sock yarn. Thank you for the giveaway x

  138. Claire says:

    They are all lovely but hidden gem is my favourite!

  139. Chris Knowler says:

    As a lover of blue normally I would say Sea scape. But I think I would go for Hidden Gem I'd knit socks for my daughter as she's feeling a bit low at the moment. She loves purple and her dad had an amethyst, he would have been 60 this year.

  140. My Creative Life says:

    I would love the seascape one pls, though all the colours are lovely. I would knit some socks for my teenage son who is waiting for me to knit him a pair. I'm knitting socks atm in the car (not driving) using your supeesocks pattern. Cathy x

  141. Wendy Rintoul says:

    Loving Seascape, perfect for my daughter Phoebe x

  142. Helen Lynch says:

    I would be more than happy with any colourway, but my absolute favourite is Seascape, I just adore those turquiose/blue/green colours. I'm afraid I couldn't part with socks in these colours, they would have to be mine, all mine!
    Helen Lynch x

  143. Heidi Coldman says:

    They are all such lovely colours but i think my favourite would hve to be Seacape and i would knit them for myself.Heidi Coldman

  144. Anonymous says:

    Bright side for me as all the socks I knit I give away
    Jackie W x

  145. Babs says:

    Barbara Cox
    I am so loving knitting these socks. I began after being introduced to your Facebook page when visiting my dying mother in England , so I’d love to win either the wildflower as mum loved flowers or seascape as her favorite colour was blue. I’d like to knit them for myself in memory of my mum as most socks I’ve knitted so far I have given away.��. Thank you for introducing me to sock knitting. My mum loved to knit also.

  146. elaine allerton says:

    Gosh, christine, I love them all!
    But especially, wildflower and seascape!!
    Would proably knit them for me!
    As I gift alot of knitted socks,,,,,

  147. Karan Lavender says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful collection! They are all such gorgeous colours! I think that I would like either Hidden gem or Wildflower please. Seascape is on its way here (Australia) from Wool warehouse but with Easter it might take a bit longer. I like to knit socks for my family, lots of cosy toes ready for our winter 😊

  148. Clare Callaway says:

    They are all so beautiful but I love hidden gem as my favourite colour is purple. I would probably make them for my mum as she lives miles away and I don't get to see her as much as I want too. I wish you every success with this yarn and hope you continue to bring out new colours!

  149. Tammymarshmallow says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! All so beautiful, it feels unfair to choose one over the others! I’d be delighted to make socks with any of these, but as you want us to pick one, my daughter suggests Hidden Gem would suit me very well. ����

  150. Jane Winter says:

    Ooooo what a lovely giveaway! Well….. they are all gorgeous, but the one that I would really love to win would be wild flower. I love the streak of yellow which harmonises beautifully with the other colours, I also like the name as I love wildflowers. I might knit socks for my daughter or I might be selfish and knit them for myself!

  151. jojo1205 says:

    My choice (and the one I'm saving for!) is seascape – not only do I love the colours but it also reminds me of days spent on the beach and walking along the coast.

  152. Vicki Cross says:

    Love the colours in wildflower! These would have to be a pair for myself. All the patterns in the book look fab too!

  153. Lenore says:

    Omg! What a wonderful prize, with four chances to boot 👏🏻🤓🤓. How I would love a copy of your new knitting book and a ball of yarn. I love all the colours so if I am lucky enough to win a prize I don’t mind which. These socks would be for me. Thank you Christine and WYS for this opportunity. Happy Easter. Xx

  154. Robin Dorogi says:

    I would love to win bright side. It would be made into socks for my oldest daughter

  155. Shell Spencer says:

    Wildflower is my favourite,although I like them all

  156. ana says:

    Sweet 🙂 Thank you for such a lovely blog.
    I'd love to knit Wildflower and i guess I would keep my socks to myself because since I've discovered hand knitted socks they keep my feet warm all winter long. Then again there are friends always waiting for a new pair.

  157. Briana says:

    Hidden Gem…my aunt is known as the purple lady and she would love socks. Plus she us my "hidden gem" always looking out for me. Briana Ruckart

  158. Judy says:

    I've just finished mtg first pair of socks as a gift for my brother. Now is love to improve my sock skills for my daughter and daughter in law worth hidden gem!

  159. Caroline says:

    My favourite has to be Wildflower. Lovely spring colours – my favourite time of year so would have to be socks for me!

  160. Carolyn Palmer says:

    Hidden Gem. The Winwick group and your patterns have opened up a new world for me hence my desired colour choice. No longer am I the 'strange one who is always knitting'. It's amazing to be included in a like minded group. Thank you Christine. I'm sure your wool will be a huge success – you deserve it. Good luck everyone in this giveaway xx

  161. Gillian M says:

    I’d love a ball of the seascape yarn! Blues and greens are my favourite colours!

  162. Kristen says:

    I love the Seascape yarn! So pretty!

  163. Unknown says:

    I would love to continue my skill making with seascape or wildflowers. I am still doing sock for myself till i get my skills down

  164. Judy says:

    Hidden Gem for me! I love blues but would really like to knit myself a pair of socks in this colour for something different!

  165. Liz says:

    I’m totally in love with them all, but seascape is my favourite. I’ve put them all on my birthday list for the end of the months but I’m worried my muggle family won’t understand the importance ��

  166. Unknown says:

    Seascape is my favourite! If knit these for me! I'm planning on buying bright side for a friend's pair!

  167. Debbie Everets says:

    I love all the colours, but Seascape is my favourite. I knit socks for my mother and me, I think I would keep that colour for me.

  168. Louise Speck says:

    I love sea scape! I have only knitted two pairs so far… the first I kept for myself ( the little mistakes for my eyes only! ) my second pair were a mother’s day present for my lovely mum!!

  169. Finnyknit says:

    I'd love Hidden Gem,as it reminds do me of all the tumbled rocks I used to buy on holiday, as I child. I'd knit them for my daughter…. I'm on my 21St pair and she's not had any yet.
    It was hard picking one, as all the shades are fabulous x

  170. Emma says:

    I looooove Hidden Gem. I would totally be making socks just for me ��

  171. Craftykoalabear says:

    Oh how lovely! I am yet to complete a sock, but the book and the yarn is so inspiring �� Having seen the photos I think my favourite is actually Seascape.. and living in Northumberland with our beautiful coast, it seems a rather appropriate choice. Thank you for the chance

  172. Wellywellywoo says:

    I like sea scape and I'd knit them for myself as I'm always knitting for others and never myself

  173. bosse says:

    I'd love to try out Hidden Gem, as it's a really unusual colour combination and I like the strong contrast between colours. Congratulations on the launch!

  174. Unknown says:

    I would love the seascape please. It would be for my grandaughter as i have been promising her a pair

  175. Anonymous says:

    Wow!I love Seascape. Turquoise is my favourite colour. Thank you for the giveaway .

  176. Cyndy says:

    I just received your 1st book Christine a few weeks ago so I have allot to look forward to this week-end. I've never knitted socks so it will be a challenge. The sock would be for me and the color would be sea scape!! By the way the pictures in the new book look beautiful.

  177. Marion says:

    I would love to win Wildflower. I already have this colour and I'm knitting with it now but if I was to win it I would send it to my lovely friend Shirley who lives in New Zealand. Love Marion (Pinklady558) xxx

  178. Elsa Hays says:

    Seascape is beautiful! I am, indeed, an adventurous beginner, only just now on my first socks, Winwick Mum style of course! With this yarn, would love to make a pair for my 87year old mum. Thank you for the opportunity!

  179. Anonymous says:

    I love them all but if I have to pick one it would be hidden gem. It really speaks to me, as fir the book, I am looking to try different heel flaps so this would be great. X

  180. kathy says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m new to sock knitting but I love it!! My favorite is Hidden Gem! My goal is to knit socks for my family as Christmas gifts and these would be for my oldest daughter. Her favorite college team wears purple and they would be perfect!! Kathy Vercher, Louisiana

  181. Pauline Jones says:

    I would love hidden gem as I am a self confessed amethyst lover. Pauline Jones

  182. Margaret Crawford says:

    Would love seascape and would knit another pair of socks for my mum as she loves the hand knitted socks I've made her earlier in the year

  183. sewhappy says:

    Oooooooo ! Brightside or Seascape ? Yup – Seascape would be my choice Im not a very experienced sock knitter but I would knot these for my Sister who is moving to breezy Lincolnshire from Sunny Florida!! I think she may need some extra warmth !!

  184. Anna says:

    I have to go for Seascape as blue is my favourite colour and the different shades are lovely. And they would be for me! I have made 2 pairs from the basic pattern – one as a gift – and am now on easy lace. Thank you for opening up the world of socks 😀 Anna

  185. Sharon Ashman says:

    I love all the colours. Although I know that my daughter would love Hidden gem. I think it would be lovely to knit all the socks in your pattern book in the colours you have suggested. Thank you. Sharon Ashman

  186. javaFlower says:

    All of the colors are luscious in their own rights, but I would choose Hidden Gem and gift the yarn to my purple-loving daughter-in-law who wants to try knitting socks. [if it was for me, I would pick Wildflowers 🙂 ]

  187. beinformed says:

    I would love to win Wildflower. I love the colors. I think I would make the socks for my granddaughter ….. but then again, maybe for me. Thanks for a chance to win.
    Norlene Hillier

  188. Kirsten says:

    They're all gorgeous! I think I would try wildflower first.

  189. Gregory says:

    Seascape is by far my favourite

    Gary Burgers

  190. michelle says:

    i would love hidden gem as purple is my favorite color

  191. Charlotte Stratton says:

    Fab competition! I'd love the Wildflower colourway as they look so bright and pretty. Thank you, Charlotte Stratton

  192. Ali says:

    It would be Wildflower for me – summers on it's way! All the colours are gorgeous, thanks for a chance to win.

  193. welcometopriscillasworld says:

    Oh differently the first one, Wildflower and I'll make them for my only Granddaughter Ella. They remind me of unicorns and she does LoVe LoVe a unicorn. Thank you for this opportunity. I have learned so much from your tutorials.

  194. Andréanne Côté says:

    I would be happy to win any of these yarn and pattern 😀 Love all of them. Thank you

  195. mrsb says:

    Love them all but I would choose Wildflower and the socks would definitely be for me this time! Thank you for the giveaway.

  196. Mel says:

    I love hidden gem!! X

  197. Donna B says:

    My favorite color is blue, but I love the bright purple color of the Hidden Gem!

  198. Wendy Pegram says:

    I love them all but if you force me I would choose Wildflower �� Love from Wendy P

  199. Unknown says:

    Although all are beautiful, I would love to win Wildflower. I will be making socks for my granddaughter Emma.
    Thanks Gloria Elton

  200. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    Wow amazing colours … congratulations Christine! Seascape is wonderful though. 🙂

  201. Han Livsey says:

    They are all gotgegor, but I'd love a ball of Bright Side to knit a pair of socks for my brother. He loves to wear handknit socks with his sober professional work clothes and they would be a fantastic reminder to always look on the bright side when he's having a tough day.

  202. Wife Goes On says:

    I'd love to knit Hidden Gem for my best friend. She loves purple! All are beautiful.

  203. fairiedust1980 says:

    I would love the wildflower yarn! rainbows and unicorns and rainbows are my favourite things! did i mention rainbows? i would knit them for myself firstly, then i would knit a matching pair for my daughter as funnily enough she loves rainbows and unicorns too. cant think where she gets it from!!

  204. Joy Green says:

    I would love wildflower or hidden gem, but I dont really mind. I haven't really got to grips with sock knitting yet So it would be great to win 🙂 🙂

  205. Unknown says:

    Wildflower, perfect for spring. I will make them for my 88 year old mum to put a smile on her face!

  206. Mettsen says:

    They are all so pretty, but Wildflower is my favourite. Anne-Mette.

  207. Sophie Thomson says:

    Congratulations on this beautiful collection 🙂 I’d love to win Hidden Gem, it reminds me of amethyst which is one of my favourite stones, and a pair of socks knitted from that would go with pretty much my whole wardrobe

  208. anita kirschner says:

    how thoughtful of you to share your bounty, I would love another book and skein of yarn if I would win the luck of the draw and make another bright colored pair for me. oh yes Brightside would be my choice.

  209. Christine Owen says:

    Seascape is definitely my favourite though Hidden Gem is a close second and I'm afraid they would be for me I love my handknit socks. Thanks

  210. Eve says:

    I love blues. Haven't found a source for this wonderful yarn in the USA.

  211. Rachel Bargery Horton says:

    Oh seascape please… definitely my colours

  212. Alison says:

    I love them all but Seascape would be my first choice to knit a pair for myself to remind me of holidays in Cornwall. Thank you Alison

  213. Granny Sue Makes says:

    Ooh how lovely! Hard choice to make as they're all lovely, think it'd be Hidden Gem for me. As for who to knit them for….me!!

  214. Susan House says:

    I love seascape & wildflower but I also love them all & l would be very selfish & I make them for me !

  215. Unknown says:

    I love all the colors but Hidden Gem is my favorite as it reminds me of an amethyst gemstone I have. I would knit the socks for myself. Thank you. Terri

  216. Anonymous says:

    Brightside, for my daughter ��
    Cheers, Christine Francis

  217. Helle Vouzi says:

    I'll go for Wild flowers as a treat for me. Just finished the 4th pair of socks for hubby -so think it is time for me 🙂

  218. kerryd59 says:

    Not if this registered the first time as it asked me to log in.
    I would love Seascape as a 60th Birthday gift for me 😊

  219. Caroline B888 says:

    I'd love them all but Seascape is all my favourite shades in one yarn! Fingers crossed.

  220. Wendy Hartery says:

    Hi Christine, It would have to be Brightside for me, as I would love to knit them for my son. Although I absolutely love all the new colours, so would be happy with any of them. Thank you for teaching me to knit socks. :)Wendy x

  221. Kerry says:

    I would love to win wildflower and would make them for my mum because she loves everything I make no matter how it turns out! As I am an amateur knitter it is likely they will be unique!!

  222. mary Learman says:

    You are so kind! I've learned so much from you and the FB page…many thanks!If my name happens to be drawn, I'd love the wildflower yarn. It's so springy! After the long winter, I'm so pleased that spring finally is making it's presence known in NE Ohio, US!

  223. Caroline says:

    How lovely Christine! I would be really pleased with any of them but I think seascape is my favourite because it makes me think of the beautiful clear water round St Ives and happy holidays. I'd knit them for me….purely selfish!

  224. Anonymous says:

    I would LOVE a ball of Brightside to knit a pair of socks just for me!! I have made about 40 pairs for other people so it's about time I got round to another pair just for me! I would make neat ripple socks with it I think!
    Thank you. Eve McFadden xx

  225. BeguiledbytheBead says:

    I've recently picked up my knitting needles after more than 40 years, found your basic pattern and I'm now addicted to sock making. I would love any of your colours but my favourite would be Wildflower or Hidden Gem.

  226. Beverly Vinson says:

    I’d Iove to win bright side! Rainbows make me happy. I’d knit socks for me finally. Thanks! Beverly Vinson

  227. Melinda says:

    I love them all but Brightside is calling my name! Thank you for all the ways you encourage our knitting!

  228. Joanne Haslett says:

    I'd love to make socks for my mum with your wildflower colourway.

  229. Lisa Gregg says:

    They all are beautiful. I'll just take whatever isn't spoken for ��. Thank you for offering this.

  230. Yasmin Keel says:

    Brightside for my father in law who loves long stripey socks!

  231. Bonnie says:

    Hidden Gem is my favorite!

  232. Di Bruce says:

    Love all the colours but Seascape is my favourite. I would make up socks for a Christmas present for my bessie mate.
    Diana Bruce

  233. Unknown says:

    Hidden gem and seascape are both my sort of colours but I think Hidden Gem just wins. My daughter loves purple so I'd knit them for her.

  234. Shedmansmrs says:

    Sarah Hicks – FB Winwick mum member. Seascape as makes me think of summer and blue skies reflecting on the sea. Currently knitting a boring brown pair for hubby with size feet. Seem to be taking forever. So if I win, these would definitely be for me x

  235. Sue Halliday says:

    So thrilled for you – the book looks beautiful. I would like to win Wildflower because I think it is so summery and I would make them for my daughter Kathy whos is such a super young mum ( and her big sister usually gets my socks!)

  236. Kelly Thorwer says:

    Oh how kind of you Christine! Thank you for this chance. They are all so gorgeous it's difficult to choose just one. But as I need to choose I will say Seascape, love the look of the blues and greens together. Good luck everyone!!

  237. Meg Q says:

    I love the Brightside yarn.
    For once, I'd like to make a pair for myself! Since I started my sock journey two years ago, thanks to your patterns, I've still not managed to make a pair for me. (Lots of my friends and family now have warm feet though!)

  238. Katie Greer says:

    It wasn’t easy to choose a favorite, but Wildflower had an edge. ��

  239. Kathryn T says:

    It has to be wildflower for me. Though they’re all fabulous!

  240. Kathy Britton says:

    I would love Hidden Gem for my granddaughter, who loves the color purple. I love all the yarns. They are all so pretty!

  241. Marianne says:

    Hidden gem knits up so nice. That's my choice.

  242. Unknown says:

    I love them all but as the socks will be for my gorgeous 11 year old grandson who loves all things bright & beautiful, it has to be Wildflower which fulfills the brief on all counts x Thank you! Ali Wigg

  243. Penjo321 says:

    I already have purchased seascape, but I would like to knit any of the other fab colours

  244. Unknown says:

    I would love the wildflower colour and I would knit for myself. I think I am ready to move on from the basic pattern…now where are those dpns! Janet x

  245. Tinyjillbo says:

    It’s Seascape for me, and I would love to see the pattern shown for Hidden Gem knitted up in lovely Seascape, resembling undulating waves, on my own little 71 year old feet! Thank you for the possibility through this fun giveaway! 💜 Tinyjillbo[at]gmail.com

  246. WyoNana says:

    I'd love to win Seascape since I'm always drawn to blues and greens, but I'd be delighted to win any as they're beautiful!

  247. Leeds Girl says:

    I'd love to win wildflower or paintbox.

  248. Miverscorner says:

    They are all lovely but I do like Hidden Gem 😍😍 and the pattern book looks great 😊

  249. Irene H says:

    They’re all beautiful but I think Seascape is my favourite. And do you know what? If I’m lucky enough to win it’ll be socks for ME!! ��

  250. Janet says:

    Jan Ireland
    I love your first book and all the help in the YouTube videos. Difficult to choose a favourite colourway, love them all, but I think either wildflower or hidden gem if I had to choose, if I was lucky enough to win hidden gem would be for my eldest daughter who loves everything purple ��

  251. Anonymous says:

    It's hard to chose just one but I think Wildflower is my favourite. I have to be selfish and say I'd be knitting for me. Thanks, Donna McWilliams x

  252. Pececito says:

    Love wildflower and seascape, and regarding for who…I just don't know, they would be the first socks I make, so I think the most probable is that they won't be very usable. But I need to try!

  253. Amy Taylor says:

    I'd love to win hidden gem please – I already bought seascape!

  254. Willow Woolie's says:

    I would love, love, love the Seascape yarn and pattern book. I would knit them for my daughter as she loves the socks I have knitted for her from your basic sock pattern.

  255. Jules says:

    I'd love seascape as I love and am drawn to the coast. I also love hidden gem too. All of them are beautiful I'd make a pair for me to enjoy while increasing my sock knitting knowledge. Julie Hammersley.

  256. Mpdr says:

    Hi! Thanks for the opportunity of winning one of these! My favourite is "Seascape", fabulous…

  257. Emily T says:

    Love both the patterns I have used so far and hope to win the seascape yarn ��

  258. Karen Smith says:

    Seascape is my favourite. Never knitted socks, but thinking about starting a pair. What better inspiration to give it a go.

  259. Hazel Patrick says:

    I'd love the Hidden Gem, fingers crossed! Thanks xx

  260. Pennywise Cottage says:

    Ooo I would love to win Wild Flower..I would make a pair of socks for my Grand daughter, who is a wild flower.

  261. Janet says:

    I love all the colors, what you see fit for me to win I'll be thrilled with

  262. Erica Allewell says:

    As my favourite colour is purple, I'd have to go for hidden gem,

  263. Poppypatchwork says:

    I love the seascape shade, I would make the docks for my sign language tutor, she loves shades if blue.

  264. balloonatikmama says:

    All your colours are beautiful Christine, but most of all I love the stories behind each colour combination. Such a lovely, rare peek into the design process that makes each yarn so much more meaningful! For years I carried a small rock egg in my pocket with me everywhere for a 3rd pregnancy that was lost, so it is the Hidden Gem colourway story that speaks to me most deeply. And I’d be entirely selfish and knit them for myself ❤️ (Gillian Mayer in Canada)

  265. Wendy says:

    I love them all! I’ve searched for them but can’t find them yet (in California). It would be nice to receive one from you 😁

  266. Lorna Janette Baker says:

    I love the Hidden Gem, Christine xxx

  267. VandVfromY says:

    Seascape for my daughter please, the sea aaaah

  268. Holly Whipple says:

    Hidden gem would be my choice. I would love to make socks for my daughter who has a February birthday, which is amethyst birthstone! All of the colors are stunning! Once again, you have outdone yourself!

  269. Amy says:

    I'd love the Wildflower colourway. A field of wildflowers always make my heart sing and your new colourway has the same effect! (Although they are all gorgeous!)

  270. kathleenalice says:

    I would like the wildflower to make socks for my lovely daughter far away in Australia.

  271. Meredyn McNeil says:

    Wildflower is absolutely gorgeous, Christine! This is such a beautiful collection.☺❤

  272. Lisa McCall says:

    I love the new yarn! I would live the Hiden Gem (amythist) colour. I would make myself some socks! Lisa Mccall

  273. Jane says:

    They are all beautiful. I would love to win the Brightside wool as my hubby has said he would like socks in these colours. He has been waiting a year for me to finish a pair for him but hopefully I'd be inspired to knit these up quicker as he's chosen the colours. Thank you xx

  274. Cindy P says:

    I love all the colours but my favourite is seascape. I’d make the socks for myself . Thank you Cindy Parker x

  275. Alison says:

    I live all the colours but Seascape is my particular favourite ♥️ I’ll be keeping my dpns crossed! X

  276. Rhianon says:

    How exciting! Fantastic colourways and great looking patterns. I think I'd choose Wildflower. I'd make a pair for my Mum as it's all ger favourite colours and use the leftovers towards a pair for myself ��. Thank you, Rhianon Hitchcock

  277. Sue says:

    Seascape or hidden gem to knit for myself ��

  278. Pat says:

    I'd love to have hidden gem if I'm lucky enough to be picked. But most of all I'd love to receive the book as I'm struggling to get a good go to pattern for my socks. They never seem to come out the way they should. I just need a good basic pattern to stick to. Thanks.

  279. Cheryl says:

    Beautiful! Wildflower or Seascape.

  280. Unknown says:

    All the colors are beautiful but Hidden Gem is my favorite. Thank you, Terr Scott

  281. Lisa says:

    I think seascape is my favourite but love all the and colours.

  282. Jeanette says:

    I would love seascape the blue/teal is my fav…

  283. Angela says:

    They're all beautiful but I particularly like Wildflower. Think I'd make a pair for my daughter. Those colours match her personality!

  284. Alison Swindles says:

    Hi, I love these colours!! But my first choice would be seascape as it’s gorgeous and I’d make them for myself as I can’t remember the last time I made a pair of socks and actually kept them!!! Thank you so much, Alison Swindles

  285. Jennydee says:

    Can't wait to see them in the flesh ! My yarn shop has them,think wildflower is my fave .

  286. Jen g says:

    Oh thank you so much for this opportunity! I'm drawn to the wildflower color, but i will take any! I'd like to make these for me, I'm still learning!

  287. Jennifer Smith says:

    Such beautiful colours �� I'd love wildflower to knit some beautiful socks for my sister we both love gardening and growing flowers so this would be perfect yarn for her ��xx

  288. Penelope says:

    Seascape is my favourite – so beautiful

  289. Lorna Dawkins says:

    Thank you for this lovely competition Christine. I love your new pattern book and all the beautiful, vibrant sock wool colours, but if I had to choose one it would be Wildflower, as it definitely reminds me of the colours of English Summer wild flowers and sunny Summer days.

  290. Martina says:

    I would love to win seascape. I am still making socks for myself. I am still a sock knitting beginner. I am on my third pair.

  291. Rosa says:

    Hi Christine, I would love your Wildflower yarn. I am totally addicted to knitting socks since joining Winwick Mum and I love wild flowers. So I am guessing that the completed socks would be for … ME! Loving the colours. Thanks, Rosa

  292. Carolyn Kendrick says:

    It would be fabulous to win Seascape … or Hidden Gem. Both are my favourite colours.

  293. Liz Wolstencroft says:

    Hidden Gem…��
    Thank you

  294. happy hooker says:

    Oh Wow! Seascape is the one calling to me, but they're all gorgeous. If I won, maybe hubby would get a new pair of socks (unless I accidentally (!) make them small enough to fit me.) Kath xxx

  295. Helena says:

    Wonderful. The Seascape is my favourite and I will be knitting a pair of socks for my Christmas box. My daughters and nieces get a pair every year.

  296. Unknown says:

    I love all the colors, but I really love the wildflower. I plant wildflowers every spring and fall.

  297. Chewie says:

    So exciting, I love them all but I like hidden gem a teeny tiny bit more than the others I think

  298. Nicola Chadwick says:

    Wildflower because it is very reminiscent of our Cornish hedgerows st this time of year and I would knit them for my Mum. To be honest, they are all lovely though. ������

  299. Jan Burke says:

    I have a complaint! It's NOT easy to choose as all the colours are lovely! I think Wildflower just about pips the others to the post, though.

  300. Sue Woodward says:

    It has to be the seascape for me! My absolute favourite colours and these socks will be mine… all mine! #cackles

    Having just received copies of you first two books, I think I am going to be busy – always wanted to learn to make socks ��

  301. Ann says:

    I can't decide whether I like wildflower or seascape more. They're all so gorgeous!

  302. Jayne says:

    I love wildflower, but they’re all lovely, selfishly I’d knit for myself �� thank you Jayne Bujok

  303. Jo Coombs says:

    How lovely! I am most excited about the book! I have been looking at patterns and lurking in the sockalong group trying to gear myself up to go for it! I would love the blues as I know that my mum loves that colour and she would be so pleased to see that I had finally taken the plunge. I would have a practice with some other one colour yarn to crack the technique first. 🙂

  304. Heather says:

    I'd love the Hidden Gem, for me….🙊

  305. Guider Pepe says:

    Oh my goodness these are all so beautiful, I love them all, but wildflower is my favourite

  306. cropperess says:

    It would be wonderful to win Hidden Gem. Thank you.

  307. Louise Carway says:

    They are all such beautiful colours but I would choose seascape. I'm a crocheter but wannabe sock knitter. I challenged my Mum yesterday to teach me to knit so the socks would be for her, if I could successfully make a pair.

  308. Chiara (blackbird) says:

    Hidden gem or brightside! Very difficult choice. I ll ask my lys to stock it after easter vacations!

  309. Unknown says:

    I would love seascape

  310. miss.pert says:

    Seascape! Such lovely colours! I'd be making matching sicks for me and my 1 year old.

  311. Mo says:

    Choices choices! Seascape for me after bit of deliberation. It’s quite different…and you know what…I’d really like to knit a pair for myself for a change. ��
    Morag Guthrie

  312. The other Lynne says:

    Oh my! Oh my! I cannot believe it. They are so squishily delicious looking. I just cannot wait for my LYS to get them in. I would hope I could win Seascape. Thank you for even considering sharing your gorgeous yarn with us. Lynne Norman

  313. KJB says:

    I'd love the wildflower colourway to knit socks for myself! Thank you, Christine! -Kay

  314. Gigi says:

    I love all the colours but my favourite is Seascape. It reminds me of the ocean which I don’t often get to see as I live in Ontario. We do however, have beautiful lakes.
    I plan on knitting myself socks. They relax me😊

  315. Anonymous says:

    I would LOVE to win the wildflower, I would make a vanilla sock for me…all for me! lol Thank you for the contest. – Sirikaan Thompson

  316. Anonymous says:

    The Wildflower colorway makes my heart sing! Thanks for the chance to win!
    ~Laurie Trzcinski

  317. Karen says:

    So hard to choose between Wildflower and Brightside! But I think Wildflower just has it Thanks for a lovely competition.

  318. Braitty says:

    Seascape would be my choice. All of them really, but I'm a water-lover firat and foremost.

  319. tizzyme says:

    It would have to be Seascape for me, having grown up in Cornwall -late 30s then my 40s in sunny Cyprus & finally residing in a Scottish seaside town this colourway just draws me in
    Thank you from Lis Shaw

  320. Unknown says:

    I’m thinking my daughter would love a pair of “Seascape” socks!

  321. Oma says:

    Seascape is my favorite colour,I would knit a pair for my girlfriend.

  322. Ruth says:

    I love love love the Wildflower colourway and would definitely be making the socks for myself!

  323. Annabel Greaves says:

    I love the Wildflower xxx

  324. Em x says:

    I love the wildflower colour way & although I would begin making them for myself, I know that Hubby would pester me for a pair & I'd feel sorry for him. Yes he would wear that colour way – he is one whacky man!

  325. Unknown says:

    Seascape I'd like to win Seascape because it's beautiful and the colors remind me of my dear Mom also beautiful. 😊

  326. Deborah Price says:

    wildflower is just perfect for spring socks .Thank you

  327. Maine Runnah says:

    Wild flower is my fave with hidden gem as my second. Beautiful colorations! You are so talented!

  328. Alison Butcher says:

    It’s not easy! All the colours are gorgeous but if I have to choose one it would be brightside which I would knit for my cousin who loves bright colours and knitted socks.
    Alison Butcher

  329. tizzyme says:

    Seascape all the way for me, having grown up – late 30s in Cornwall, then my 40s in sunny Cyprus I now live in a pretty Scottish seaside town so this is the colourway I am most drawn too. Thanks for the opportunity

  330. Sarah L says:

    I really like Seascape, and I would make socks for myself. 🙂

    RavId slawson

  331. Anna Ridley says:

    Congratulations! I love them all, but particularly love Brightside. They would make gorgeous, snuggly socks for me 😊 x

  332. Foltier family says:

    I would love Hidden Gem and I would knit them for myself for once! Thank you.

  333. Deborah Henshaw says:

    Hi I never win anything but feel I should have a go because all your wool colour are beautiful,, I couldn't choose which 1 because they are all wonderful colours!!

  334. DinoMama says:

    Wildflower or Seascape! Both on my wish list!

  335. Bevk says:

    It's got to be wildflowers as it's so pretty. and I would do them for my daughter who loves stripy socks, only trouble is shes a size 9 xxx

  336. Fudgeasorus says:

    Oooh there’s a hard choice. I have just cast on my first ever pair of socks and sing your simple sock pattern this bank holiday weekend. My 2nd ever pair in your fab new Mr “Brightside” yarn.


  337. Jak says:

    Oh wow! Decisions, decisions…..I think I would have to go with Seascape, it’s stunning and my favourite colour. I’ll be knitting these for me �� Thank you for the opportunity, a wonderful and generous giveaway x

  338. Annie S says:

    I love the Hidden Gem. Purple is one of my favourite colours and would use it for a hidden gem in my life who is struggling at the moment. Ann

  339. Unknown says:

    I love Hidden Gem and would use it for a hidden gem in my life who is struggling at the moment

  340. Sonja Seifert says:

    Brightside! They are all lovely, but Brightside is my favourite as I think it would work for anyone at any age!

  341. Michelle Hogan says:

    oh my it was love at first sight. I WANT this yarn; I don't need it but oooo I WANT it there isn't a bad skein in the bunch, well done

  342. Francesca Q says:

    Beautiful!!! Oh the sea Scape😍😍😍😍😍 but oh the hidden gem and oh the bright side!! I would definitely behave to just sit and look at it, then squoosh it, then finally after a good while knit that sock! Congratulations Christine!

  343. Diane Prince says:

    I love the seascape colourway. I knit socks for me but I also knit socks for a friend that goes on expeditions. I promise to make him socks if he gives something to some family that's needy in wherever he is… This might be anything including his time, help to build something etc. That way we are paying it forward ❤️

  344. Baggy50 says:

    As a Pisces girl, I would love to win the seascape colourway. The colours are amazing.

  345. Unknown says:

    I love the seascape colorway, and reminds me of growing up along the east coast of Canada, but they are all truly beautiful. I would treat myself to a pair of socks. Thank you for this opportunity. Kelly MacClure

  346. Sue says:

    I love collecting and wearing fancy coloured socks but have never made any. Love the seascape colour.

  347. Unknown says:

    I spent many happy hours playing in Sankey Valley Park as a child, so it would have to be wildflower.

  348. CaroleHunt says:

    Carole would love Hidden Gem to make some gorgeous socks for her sister x

  349. Unknown says:

    Seascape is my favourite

  350. Laura says:

    I absolutely love the seascape colours – they're my faves! I'd start by making socks for my friend Helen, then carry on making socks for just about everyone else I know!

  351. Clark says:

    I like the seascape color way yarn.

  352. Unknown says:

    I love Hidden Gem. Since this will be used in only the second pair of socks I will knit, the socks will be for…..ME! Thank you – beautiful yarns and beautiful socks….

  353. Marsha Andrews says:

    Seascape is beautiful!!

  354. Dragonladylewis says:

    Seascape is my favorite! I think I'd knit socks, or maybe a slouch hat, or mittens! Hummmmm can't decide lol….

  355. Jacqueline says:

    Seascape is my favourite ide knit my very 1st pair of socks for my sister.thank you, Jacqueline Togher

  356. Heather Haigh says:

    I would love hidden gem please

  357. Plain Jane says:

    I just adore Brightside amazing colours and I guess they would have to be for MEEEE 🙂

  358. Carol. M. says:

    What lovely colours hard to choose but wildflower and seascape both grab me. ❤️💖😊

  359. Alex Colletti says:

    I'd use the beautiful Wildflower yarn for socks for my best friend Hina. The last pair I made her got lost during a trip, and she seemed sad about it. This colorway for a new pair of pretty socks would be sure to cheer her up!

  360. Hannah says:

    I’d love the Wildflower, although it’s a tough choice.

  361. josla says:

    Hello Christine! I would like to win any of the yarns, I love all the colours. I have made your socks 3 times – I follow you and Lucy on instragram as I love crochet too. I would make the socks for my mum as she needs a boost every now and then x

  362. Hazel Patrick says:

    Hidden gem please 😁

  363. Carol. M. says:

    Having connection problems so I hope this is my first post. The colours are so wonderful hard to choose. But Wildflower and Seascape grab me. ❤️ 💖😊

  364. Susan Dennis says:

    Hidden gem is my favourite. Congratulations Christine.

  365. MaryM-Ro says:

    I'd just love Hidden Gems or Wildflowers! Those colors would brighten my spirits. Mary Mocanu

  366. Unknown says:

    Hi, I would love the Seascape colourway as it's my favourite colours. I have a confession I've been knitting for many years and never made socks but this colour is calling to be my first pair 🙂Sue Birchall

  367. Unknown says:

    Oh, I would love either Hidden Gem or Seascape! They are both so, so pretty!

    Roxanne S.

  368. Zoe says:

    I'd love to win Hidden Gem, and I'd knit them for my mom, because she loves purple socks! I also really love Seascape too. 🙂

  369. Anonymous says:

    First of all, congratulations!! All the colours are gorgeous and I can't wait to try the new patternd. I'm a beginner sock knitter but starting to feel confident for a little challenge.
    My favourite colour is the hidden gem, as purple is my favourite colour.
    Anaïs Freire

  370. Random Knitter says:

    My best friend, she loves multi-coloured socks, if my husband doesn’t get in first.

  371. Rosa says:

    Wildflower please, and just for me!

  372. Jackie says:

    Wildflower is my favourite.
    doyleajackie AT gmail DOT com

  373. maci234 says:


  374. Unknown says:

    I would love the brightside and I have to admit they would be for me. Such beautiful colours and that pattern book looks fabulous
    Regards from Jenny stokes in NZ

  375. Typstatting says:

    I love the Wildflower as they are such a happy color.
    Margaretha Hawes

  376. Unknown says:

    Hi, what beautiful yarns you have. I would really like to have some seascape please to make some socks. How very kind of you.

  377. angela treadway says:

    hidden gem is my fav x

  378. Wendy says:

    I love them all,but if I had to pick just one I'd have Seascape to knit for my youngest daughter who's seriously ill in hospital and loves it when I make her a new pair of socks

  379. Unknown says:

    How generous of you! Although I have been knitting for years, I have not made any socks. Seascape would be lovely for my first pair. Thank you, Liza Castle

  380. Unknown says:

    Beautiful colors I think the seascape is my favorite but I love them all . I would probably make some socks for myself cause my feet are always cold .

  381. Peedie knits says:

    I would love Seascape. It’s just so beautiful and reminds me of growing up near the coast. X

  382. pandabear says:

    Lovely x
    Carrie Owen

  383. Sherril says:

    Seascape! I can see them on my grandson's little feet.

  384. Helen A says:

    They are all gorgeous but I would still lean towards Seascape or Hidden Gem as purple and turquoise are 2 of my favourite colours. Keep meaning to return to knitting socks (I have made 1 of a pair a few years ago at a workshop but have got stuck with 2nd sock syndrome!). I have followed Lucy from Attic 24’s journey with knitting socks, inspired by your enthusiasm so perhaps I should follow suit and get sock knitting. I would donate my efforts to the Yarndale Sock Line if you are doing one this year.

  385. Anonymous says:

    Seascape is my first choice! I'm sure I will knit the other colours too, I think they are all gorgeous. Many thanks to you Christine. Dianne in Adelaide.

  386. Orris Family says:

    I love them all but I think seascape is my favorite!

  387. Ann F says:

    Hi. What a kind idea. I like the seascape but they are all lovely. My lys has sold out of the book! Thank you

  388. Two Wednesdays says:

    Gorgeous yarns and congratulations! I fo8nd it really difficult to choose, but think I'd go with wildflower

  389. Alida says:

    I would knit Brightside for my husband. He's very knit worthy ❤

  390. Unknown says:

    I love the hidden gem and my daughter would love the brightsides, so with would be lovely and then the socks would be for me or her.

  391. Jeanne says:

    Hello Christine I bought Seascape yesterday and about to cast on, would love Wildflower as well. Never made socks until last year although been knitting nearly 70 years but now well and truly hooked. Thank you so much for all your help and advice you are truly an inspiration. Best wishes Jeanne xx

  392. Jan Maier says:

    Seascape is my favorite. It has my favorite colors and the sea is my favorite place to be. These will be my first socks ever. Ive been stalking your blog for a couple of years now. It's time!! Thanks for all you write and do.

  393. Unknown says:

    Really love them all but would love to make up Wildflower. All such pretty colours and a great book. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Lenore Paltridge

  394. Sherry Reeves says:

    I love the blue, it’s my favorite color! I’m going to make socks for my garandaughter who is7 and my Mom who is 87 and going like a 50 yr old! God bless her heart and God bless you for letting some people win some of your gorgeous yarn! Maybe the purple rainbow one would be better for my granddaughter, but it doesn’t really matter as they are all lovely! Thank You. My name is Sherry Reeves

  395. Anonymous says:


    Rachel Craig

  396. Judi Gomes says:

    What a great giveaway! I love all the colour ways but my favourite is Wildflower. I’m afraid I’d be mean and keep the socks for me.

  397. Thalia Lopez says:

    I'd love to win Seascape. my mom wouldd appreciate it as a gift. Not sure if my first comment went through but thank you for the opportunity.

  398. nzdeb says:

    Hidden Gem is my favourite, I would knit them for myself, I have yet to knit myself socks, made plenty for others though. They are all beautiful.

  399. Linne says:

    Christine, what a lovely surprise! Thanks to you and to the WYS people! I'd love the Seascape yarn if I win. And I'd order a second skein so I could make a pair of socks for myself! I'm hoping to have a sock drawer full one day. And no one in my life would wear hand-knit socks, sadly. ~ Linne from Salmon Arm BC Canada (in case there are plenty of Linnes out there 🙂

  400. Bibajen says:

    I love all the colours… but I would choose the Seascape as I need blue socks for the New Zealand winter. What a wonderful giveaway! I would love the book too to try some new patterns

  401. JoBee76 says:

    Brightside would be very fitting. Massive changes going on in my lifr currently…a reminder to focus on the positive really wouldn't go amiss!

  402. Unknown says:

    Fabulous colours, I love all of them, but been a Pisces, fish I would choose Seascape, beautiful Aqua shades.

  403. Judith says:

    Hidden Gem would be knitted for my niece who is a “purple girl”

  404. Moonsglows says:

    If I were going to make the socks for myself, there is no question I would choose Hidden Gem. However, as of this week, I would make the socks in Seascape for my mother who is almost 91 years old and just started chemo this week.

  405. DonnaA says:

    I would definitely choose Seascape as I love the blues and greens.

  406. Angharad says:

    All gorgeous, but I think id have to say Brightside! Pattern books look exciting too 🙂 well done!

  407. ginge says:

    Wow, how wonderful! If I’m so lucky, Hidden Gem please and they’d be for meeeeeeee! ��

  408. Midwife Amu says:

    Ah this is so hard! I'm really drawn to brightside but I think it would have to be seascape as my daughter loves all the shades of blue and would love some socks in these colours ��

  409. Steff kingstone says:

    I would love to win seascape so I can knot my brother a pair of socks ��

  410. Maddy75 says:

    I love all the colours, but i would pick the seascape to knit a pair of socks just for me, thank you, Vanessa Smithers xx

  411. Emma Haughton says:

    I'd love to win Wildflower, as I adore them. It's beautiful.

  412. Onceuponathimble says:

    Wildflower please (though I love them all) and I will be making them for myself.

  413. Denise says:

    They're all so pretty!! My favorite color is brightside.

  414. Unknown says:

    I love the seascape colourway – but they are all fantastic. Jenny Fuller

  415. Margaret Jones says:

    Love them all but I think my favourite would have to be seascape reminds me of holidays by the sea.

  416. Mary says:

    I love them all but I think I’ll choose Hidden Gem. I have contacted a quilt shop a fee hours away and hope that they will carry all four. Congrats to you on this milestone!

  417. suzanne j says:

    Hidden Gem. I would make two pairs of socks, one for me and one for my six year old daughter, I can usually squeak mum and daughter socks from a 100g ball. She's into unicorns and her favourite colour is purple

  418. Mrs Mel T says:

    How lovely! I have just purchased your sock book and now there is beautiful yarn to knit with too! Wildflower is my choice, and I would be totally selfish and knit them for myself!

  419. Pippas quilts says:

    I would love any but if I had to choose it would be wildflower. I have a dream of knitting a pair of socks for myself. Pippa

  420. Susie180159 says:

    I love the seascape colourway and would use it to knit my first ever pair of socks.

  421. Linda Henderson says:

    I love all the colours but it would have to be Seascape to knit socks for myself.

  422. Anonymous says:

    Bright side because we’re all about the rainbows in our house! I would make a pair for me and then squeeze out a smaller pair for my son @bobbycharliedazzler

  423. Veganrocks says:

    I love Wildflowers! And I'd probably make them for my granddaughter. 😀

  424. Anonymous says:

    I would love to knit with Brightside. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Aussie Robyn

  425. Judith says:

    They're all gorgeous but I think I'd go for hidden gem as my favourite- as soon as I saw it I thought of the heather on the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors. Memories of my childhood. I must go back and see if it's really that colour, so of course I'll need to knit myself the socks to wear to compare the colours!

  426. luluknitts says:

    What a lovely idea! I'd definitely opt for Seascape and knit them for Mum. xxx

  427. Anais Freire says:

    I love them all but my favourite is the hidden gem. It is gorgeous 🙂

  428. Hayley D says:

    They're all gorgeous but seascape has my favourite colours in it so I have to go with that one. 🙂

  429. Jools A says:

    Hi Christine, thank you to WYS and yourself for organising this giveaway. After much pondering, my choice would be seascape; the socks currently on my needles are not dissimilar to brightside, so I think I'd like to rest my eyes in shades of blue for a while and I'd probably make them for myself.

  430. Carmel says:

    Seascape is my favourite. I'd love to win that. Pattern is unknown right now as part of the fun of having lovely yarn is imagining all the finished products. Takes me ages to decide, but that's ok. Thanks for the giveaway. Much appreciated.

  431. Mary Smithers says:

    Seascape would be my favourite – I would knit them for one of my daughters who both live in by the sea in Brighton (lucky things). They would have to toss a coin for them LOL

  432. Unknown says:

    Your yarn is beautiful! I have enjoyed your updates concerning the release of your yarn. I especially like Hidden Gems and Wildflower but I must say Wildflower is my favorite! You must be very excited having your own yarn!

  433. Brenda says:

    How exciting for you to see all your hard work e loved by so many. Hey we beautiful colours, however, I would love to make myself a pair of socks in your Wildflower colour way.
    Best of luck to all who enter! xxBrenda

  434. Anne says:

    I love the Wildflower colour. Can’t wait to try it. I would make a lovely pair of socks for myself.
    Congratulations Christine on your signature range of yarn. Beautiful colours.

  435. Christine Ballard says:

    I would love to win hidden jem, as I think my partner would love that colour way. I make most of my socks for him as he loves my knitted socks. And yes he wears them all the time!!!!

  436. Karenbeegood says:

    Seascape would be my choice as it my grand daughter favourite colour strange for a six year old, they usually like pink. I would knit socks for her she already has 3 PRS I've knitted for her.all the colours are wonderful. Can't wait to get them all.

  437. Unknown says:

    Hard to choose but maybe wildflower

  438. Unknown says:

    I love wildflowers! I would make them for myself! Everyone thinks I am crazy for knitting my own socks. My husband keeps offering me money to buy socks. Just doesn't understand the satisfaction of making them myself.

  439. Auntie Ketty says:

    Seascape is my favourite. I'm caring for my poorly husband at the moment (cancer) and I need cheering up so the socks would be for me and knitting them would be good therapy for a worried wife

  440. Helen Summers says:

    Hope I am doing this right,I love them all,but wildflower is my favourite Helen Summers

  441. Jacki says:

    All beautiful but wildflower is amazing

  442. Jo-anne says:

    Love all these colours very difficult to choose between them but wild flower and hidden gem are the two I'm more drawn to but I'd be happy with any there very beautiful well thought out colourways ☺ ☺

  443. Geeha says:

    Seascape as I love living by the sea and they are my favourite colours for clothes as well. I would be dreadfully selfish and make them for myself

  444. Unknown says:

    Love them all and would be glad to have any! Seascape would be my first choice and I will make my first pair for my daughter. Thanks for the chance to win!

  445. Unknown says:

    It's a difficult decision but I think I will choose Wildlflower. I want to knit socks for my best friend and I think she would love that color. It matches her personality.

  446. Roslyn says:

    Hello! What an amazing opportunity! I would pick Hidden Gem and knit socks to send to my oldest daughter who is 22 and living away from home for the first time. She's had a hard time with it (as have I!) and I've been sending care packages regularly. Purple has been her favourite colour since she was little. I always tell her it's because purple crocuses bloomed in our front yard on the day she was born!
    Thanks for the trigger for this sweet memory!

  447. Marit Johanne says:

    They are all so lovely! I think my favorite will be Hidden Gem.

  448. pippajb says:

    wildflower is the first one I'm going to knit for myself but I will be making all of them as soon as possible they are fabulous. Philippa

  449. Gran from Tx. says:

    Difficult decision for sure! I love BRIGHTSIDE with all of the colores!

  450. Judith says:

    Wow, those yarns are beautiful. I can’t wait for them to become available in Canadian stores. My favourite of the four colours is Seascape but I would be honoured to win either of the colours. When I can get some of this yarn, my first pair of socks will be knit for me!

    My name is Judith Peckham and I live in St.John’s, Newfoundland,Canada

  451. Blk says:

    Barb Klotthor – Wildflower and seascapes are beautiful, can't wait for them to arrive in Wisconsin. I want to knit socks for myself and my best friend. I am sure I will knit socks of each of the four colors. Hope you are planning for other combinations😊

  452. Isis says:

    Love the seascape colours, they would be a pair for me and one for my daughter. Love the WYS yarn, it knits up great. Thank you also for sending the book, love all the different patterns, will not be bored this summer 🙂

  453. Danielle says:

    Seascape for me. I've made three pairs of socks so I am not ready to share just yet, lol. Danielle Boots.

  454. Katy says:

    So hard to choose! If I was knitting for myself I'd go for Wildflower, but my middle daughter is the only one of my three girls I've not knitted socks for, and she loves purple. So I'd choose Hidden Gem for her.

  455. Unknown says:

    How exciting, well done you! I loooove the seascape wool, and I'd knit some socks for my 10 year old, he adores snuggly socks! Congratulations on all your success, it's so lovely to see good people succeed. Best wishes, from Mandy H xx

  456. Dorothée says:

    I would love to knit a pair of socks in brigtside for me.
    Dorothée Delon

  457. LuAnn Ferrin says:

    I would love a skein of Wildflower. The colors remind me of real flower colors. I plan to either knit a pair of socks, or some fingerless gloves for my sister

  458. Unknown says:

    Hidden Gem for my sister, then I could knit her some socks and send them back to England for her Birthday. Thank You, Ann Litchfield (Vancouver Island)

  459. Dizzy296 says:

    Love all these colours but I think Brightside is my favourite. Karen Tait

  460. Anonymous says:

    Seascape is my favourite, just home from Spring Harvest yesterday and visited beach at Skegness. Valerie Jones

  461. artfulstampin says:

    Amethyst please! I'd knot them for a friend who gave me a lump of Amethyst a while ago. I've just purchased a small piece for her today, so could knit these for her birthday in July.

  462. Heather Haigh says:

    I would love hidden gem please and I want to knit some socks for my daughter as she knitted me some beautiful ones.

  463. Acres of Crafts says:

    They are all fantastic, but I think it would have to be hidden gem for my friend Max who loves purple

  464. Susan Rayner says:

    Wildflower would be top of my wish list! They are all gorgeous but this has so many of my favourite colours in it! What a lovely giveaway! Happy Easter everyone!

  465. Beverly says:

    I love seascape the best – though they are all wonderful. I would knit socks for my granddaughter. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  466. Unknown says:

    It has to be Seascape – a little bit of seaside at my feet

  467. Dawnm says:

    Wow all the colours are beautiful but I think Brightside just has the edge. I must be completely honest an tell you I haven't actually made any socks yet. I started to follow you recently and have been trying to pluck up the courage to have a go at sock knitting. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Dawn M

  468. Cardgenie says:

    Wow, thanks for the lovely giveaway opportunity. I would love Hidden Gem!

  469. PattyD says:

    Ohhhh what beautiful colors. I think I like the wildflowers best, and would be totally selfish and make a pair of socks for myself. LOL

  470. Susannah says:

    Congratulations! Seascape is absolutely beautiful 🙂

  471. Wainwright and Wright.Co says:

    This is so exciting. I do like Hidden Gem and I would probably knit them for me.
    Thank you!

  472. Ruan Peat says:

    I adore the seascape colour way, and I would make socks for my daughter who is currently living and working in America as a gift for her birthday! I miss her and wish so much success! <3

  473. wendy says:

    I think Wildflower ticks all my boxes for a beautiful color and will be knitting them for myself first and them my hippy grand daughters.
    Cheers Wendy Tomes

  474. Unknown says:

    Wow….A Giveaway. I love the Seascape colourway!!!!

  475. Natalie Deans says:

    I'd love the wildflower or seascape, reminds me of summer holidays with my family!

  476. Knit a bit says:

    Decisions decisions…. Seascape as I live by the sea. Also like wildflower as it reminds me of our wildflower garden we have created…. OK will go with wildflower but I equally love both. Faye

  477. Gretchen Hrusovsky says:

    Ooh I'd love Wildflower – I bet it would inspire me to attempt a pair of top down socks with heels! Fun to read everyone else's comments, too!

  478. leona dixon says:

    what a great give away, i'd like the seascape colour. thanks Leona dixon

  479. Claire H says:

    Oh! How I love the colours of your beautiful sock yarn. Such lovely combinations – and a great collaboration with WYS! It's hard to choose a favourite – the colourways are all so delicious – but I think I have to go with Wildflower which reminds me of the pansys my husband grows each year. They aren't wild flowers but they are such cheerful and long lasting flowers – they bloom for us throughout almost the whole of the year, sheltered in pots close to the house and sheltered from the worst winds and heaviest rain showers. I knit socks for my family and have helped several of my friends to learn to knit socks but if I were to knit a pair with Wildflower, I would give them to my lovely French daughter-in-law. She loves these colours! Thank you. x

  480. Unknown says:

    I would choose Hidden Gem colorway. I am drawn to any shade of purple. You are my inspiration and teacher. In 2018 I taught myself to knit socks using your EBook. I still refer back to it when I have a SR. moment. The book would be in tatters if in paper form. Congratulations on the accomplishment on your very own yarn line. You certainly have worked long and hard and deserve the accolades! Thank you.

  481. Unknown says:

    Love Brightside – not sure why, I’m usually a Seascrape coloured girl, but not today. It just speaks to me.

  482. Rhiannnon H-H says:

    Yes please!!!
    I’m a wildflower girl! Would most definitely keep them for me (they would be my first ever socks), having admired what you and others have achieved. I’ll cross my fingers, toes and needles!!!

  483. MrsCraftyMoo says:

    I would love to win wildflower so that i can make matching socks for myself and my 3 year old 🙂

  484. FreyaHartie says:

    I would love Hidden Gem to make a pair of socks for my twin as she loves purple! All the colours are so gorgeous though! Freya Hart

  485. Elizabeth says:

    What a wonderful give away! I would love to have hidden gem to make up for my daughter who lives in Woodingdean UK.

  486. Stephen's nana says:

    I love all your choices, but I guess if I have to choose one it would be the Seascape. I love knitting socks, and my daughter seems to love getting hand knit socks too. Thank you for the wonderful competition.
    Mary Dennis

  487. Debbie says:

    So nice to see your excitement, Christine! I always go for rainbow colors, so it's
    Brightside for me!

  488. Susan B says:

    Seascape is a gorgeous colour combination. Still deciding who will get the socks.

  489. clairew137 says:

    They are all lovely but I like Brightside best.

  490. Mary Coombes says:

    The beautiful seascape is my favourite. I have just completed my first pair of socks and this would give me inspiration to aim higher.

  491. Helen Ingram says:

    I am a new sock knitter, having just started the second sock of my first pair (using your fantastic sock pattern from your website) and would love to knit some more in the Wildflower sock yarn. x Helen

  492. Unknown says:

    Ooh, yes please. It has to be Seascape!
    Sue Hayward, Southampton

  493. Anonymous says:

    Would really love to win and SEASCAPE would be my favourite by far. Laura says the same.
    Thanks for a great competition Christine!

  494. gillian davies says:

    Bright side or Hidden Gem,they are all beautiful,would be happy with either.Socks for me or my husband depending on the colour.Thanks for the chance to win not just the yarn but what looks like a super pattern book too.Gillian Davies.

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