WYS Christmas yarns and socks 2020

Well, have I got something lovely to talk to you about today!

I haven’t been able to say much about what I was knitting over the Spring and Summer this year, but now all can be revealed … in fact, you may have seen what I was up to and started to knit it for yourself!  (It’s such fun to be cryptic sometimes! 🙂 )

Have you guessed?  It’s the West Yorkshire Spinners Christmas 2020 yarn!

I know it’s only October but we knitters have to work to a different timescale sometimes and especially if we’re gift knitting.  That’s why West Yorkshire Spinners released their Christmas yarns in September – I was thrilled to be asked to design their Christmas sock pattern again this year and that’s why I needed to be knitting Christmas socks during these long hot weeks we had over the Spring and Summer!

Not just one sock pattern, though … this year is a bit different.  Read on – although do be warned, this is a long, picture-heavy post!

Every year for the last 5 years, West Yorkshire Spinners have released a new yarn especially for Christmas.  First was Holly Berry, then Candy Cane, Fairy Lights and Robin (the Robin pattern has been renamed Blitzen – I’ll explain later), and each of them came with a free sock pattern – still available on the WYS website if you click the links above for each sock colour.  I designed the patterns for Candy Cane, Fairy Lights and Robin, and every year it’s been a joy to see how these special Christmas colours knit up and to explore what I could do with them.

Holly Berry and Robin became permanent additions to the WYS Signature 4ply range and have been very popular, as you can imagine.

Candy Cane and Fairy Lights were produced as limited edition yarns and both were again very popular.  They’re quite different to the more muted colours of Holly Berry and Robin, aren’t they?

All of the yarns are striped; Robin matches the other yarns in the Country Birds range, Candy Cane is made up of just three colours which looks very effective, and Holly Berry and Fairy Lights are also striped in a way that will be familiar to those who have knitted with WYS yarn before.  Oh, they are so good at creating striped yarns!

This year, the WYS Christmas Elves were looking to do something a little bit different.  Waaay back in the Spring they asked whether I would be able to design the new pattern for them, and of course I snatched their hands off!

“What’s the yarn going to look like this year?” I asked.

“Ah well, it’s still in production so we can’t tell you,” they said (producing yarn is a secretive business and I’m only told what I need to know!)  “But we can tell you that it’s called “Silent Night” so imagine a Christmas card …”

Oh, I could see it in my mind’s eye immediately – a dark night with a bright star above a stable.  Shades of blue and silver; a thousand images from a childhood growing up with Christmas traditions and stories.  Can you see it too?

What’s special about the yarn this year is that it’s got a sparkle to it (it’s called Signature Sparkle), a silver thread that runs right through the yarn and catches the light when you knit.  And what you also need to know – most importantly – is that it’s not scratchy at all (scratchy sparkly yarns are not nice to knit or wear!).  It was the first thing I asked about, and the WYS Elves said that it was most definitely not scratchy because that was high on their list of priorities too.  This is what I like, a yarn company on my wavelength!

It’s also not striped, or rather, not striped in the same way as the others.  The lines are much more subtle and I think it makes a lovely change.

I made a grab for my stitch dictionaries.

“Wait, there’s more,” said the WYS Elves.  “We’re going to bring back Candy Candy and Fairy Lights this year because we know that people have missed using them – and we’re going to make Fairy Lights in Signature Sparkle too!”

Oh wow!  TWO sparkly yarns!  And a new pattern for each of them … I went to get some more ice for my drink and sat in the shade to think about it all 🙂  This year, there would be FIVE Christmas yarns to choose from, a new free pattern for Silent Night and a pattern book with patterns for each of the yarns.  That was just Christmas-tastic! 🎄

And now, in October, I can tell you about them all.

I’ve already shown you the yarns, but now I can talk to you about all the knitting I’ve been doing and show you the patterns too!

As you’ll know, I always try to write my patterns so that they’re not beyond anybody who wants to give them a go.  Having knitted a basic sock helps, but I firmly believe that when a pattern calls to us then we’re much more likely to give it a go and finish it, no matter whether we might think it’s beyond us or not.  It’s good for us to be fearless knitters and step out of our comfort zones once in a while!

Here’s the pattern for the Silent Night yarn, first of all.  It’s called Comet, as all of the patterns are named after Father Christmas’s reindeer (I told you I would explain!).

It’s a mid-calf length sock with a lace panel down the centre which is repeated on the back of the sock, although of course you could knit that plain if one lace panel was enough for you.  There are rib sections down the sides to give a good fit and the lace panel is 20 rounds long which means that whenever you’ve completed a panel section, you’ve knitted a fair portion of your sock too which is always encouraging to see on your needles!

A physical copy of Comet is free with each ball of Silent Night purchased (whilst stocks last) but you can also download a copy of the pattern from the WYS website here.  I designed it to work with Silent Night, but of course it would look good with any of the Signature 4ply colours, and also the solid shades too.

Now let me tell you about the pattern book!

I love this little book!  It’s A5 sized so is a great size to fit into a project bag or sit next to you wherever you are knitting, and in an inspired move, WYS now produce their pattern books in spiral bound format so that it’s easy to keep the pages flat whilst you’re working.  You can find the book at online stockists and in my shop here.

It contains seven patterns, including the free Comet pattern for this year, so there’s plenty of knitting packed into a small space!  They’re all written for four sizes, and there’s something new in there as well so read on …

Dasher is knitted in Holly Berry.  It’s a simple rib and texture pattern, ideal as a first step away from a basic sock into something that takes a bit more thought, but the pattern is so easy to remember that you’ll fly through this pair.

Here’s a close up of the pattern so that you can see how easy it is …

The pattern reminded me of tyre tracks on snow, and they’ll be super-comfy inside wellies and walking boots during the colder weather.

Prancer is knitted in Candy Cane.  Ooh, those delicious colours!  I wanted to create something that reminded me of the twisted sweeties that the yarn is named after, so I used twisted stitches to create stripes of texture between the knitted rib sections.  This pattern is only 4 rounds so you’ll soon have it memorised and be twirling your way down your socks!

Here’s a closer look at the twisted pattern …

Both socks are knitted the same but the heel is worked on opposite sides so that the twists run in opposite directions on both feet.

Blitzen is knitted in Robin.  It’s a paperchain cable design – you may well have knitted it last year as it was the pattern that came with the yarn, but the WYS Elves wanted to include it here as well because it’s been such a hit.  What’s not to love about paperchains?  I think they used to be one of my favourite things about pre-Christmas preparations – colouring in strips of paper and then sticking them together to make the chains.  When I was very small, I can remember seeing them strung across the ceiling in our house with other paper decorations, and sometimes we would come downstairs in the morning to find the whole lot on the floor and my Dad would have to stick them back up again.  I bet he was always very glad when it reached Twelfth Night!

The cables are worked on the front and the back of the sock, but again you could choose just to work them on the front if both was a bit out of your comfort zone.

Dancer is knitted in the new sparkly Fairy Lights yarn.  Oh what fun this was to create!  I spent a long time searching for just the right stitch to evoke the idea of fairy lights but without all the tangled cables and testing each bulb to see that they worked!

The cables are designed to flow in opposite directions on each sock so that it doesn’t matter which way round you put your socks on, the cables will complement each other.  I loved the way that they turned out, zig zagging down the socks but still keeping the colour stripes in line.

And finally, there are two more patterns in Silent Night.  Yes, you read that right – TWO more patterns!

The first is something completely different … a knee high sock!  At first, when WYS mentioned that they would like a longer sock, I wondered who would wear them because I haven’t worn knee high socks since I was at school – and almost as if you had heard me, I suddenly got a flurry of messages and posts in my Facebook groups asking me about them!  It was definitely a sign, I thought, and reminded me that just because I haven’t worn knee high socks for 30 years, it doesn’t mean that other people don’t wear them either!

Well, always up for a knitting challenge, I set to work!  The main design element of knee high socks is getting them to fit your calf.  I knew the theory of it because I’d talked about it with people before, but now I had to work out the maths to go with it – and the result is in the pattern book!  I have written the patterns for four calf sizes so hopefully there should be one that fits, even if you have larger calves as many people told me they had and that was what put them off.  And then I wanted to make sure that there was a longer sock version for those who might not want to go all the way up to their knees, so there’s a slouch version too.

Vixen, the knee high and slouch sock pattern, is written with the same lace panel as Comet down the front of the sock, but with ribbing down the back to accommodate calves of different sizes – if you don’t want to go knee high, you can use the slouch version and it will still go higher up your leg than the mid-calf version because of the ribbing.

There isn’t a photo of the slouch version to show you as it’s very similar to the other two, but this is what the decreases look like on the knee high version so you can see how they work.  I was very pleased with the way they turned out – they reminded me of branches of a tree (a Christmas tree, perhaps? 🙂 )

Phew, that’s a lot of Christmas sock knitting right there!  It’s been lovely to see so much of it around on social media already, but of course there is still time to get started if Christmas socks were on your list, either for you or someone else.

Now, the next question is where you can get all of these luscious yarns and the patterns from!  Well, any WYS stockist should have them – they’ve been selling like hot cakes so far, from what I can see, so I don’t think you should have trouble finding them if you’ve got a WYS stockist near you.  Here’s the link to the stockists page so that you can see if there’s anyone near you in your country, as WYS yarns are also available overseas.

Alternatively, you can buy online – try the stockist list to see if there’s anyone in your country who could post out to you, or one of the UK stockists – CityKnits*, Northern Yarn*, Black Sheep Wools and Wool Warehouse usually have stock and it’s worth trying the smaller yarn stores too as all of the yarn shops need our support (especially now!).

You can also enter my FABULOUS giveaway!  YES!  You really did read that right and let me tell you what I’ve got to post to one lucky winner …

My lovely friends at West Yorkshire Spinners have been very generous and I have one of each of the five balls of WYS Christmas yarn, a copy of the Comet free pattern and a copy of the pattern book containing the seven sock patterns.  Woohoo!

To enter the giveaway, please tell me which of the Christmas colourways is your favourite.

Entries to the giveaway will close at 8pm BST on Wednesday 28 October 2020 and I will let you know the winners as soon as possible after that time (it may get to Saturday but I won’t have forgotten! 🙂 ).  I am happy to post the prizes anywhere in the world so don’t feel that you can’t be part of this because you don’t live in the UK.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a Google or blog account to leave a comment, you can leave it as “anonymous” but don’t forget to put your name in the comment so that when I post the winners I’ll be able to identify you so that you can get in touch for your prize (and please do come back to check if you’re a winner)!  Oh, and also don’t worry that your comment doesn’t show straight away – the comments are set for me to check them before they upload to the blog to make sure that no spam gets through so they are all safely stored in my blog messages until I’ve seen them.  I’ll make sure they’re all uploaded on time!

There will be another giveaway over on Instagram and it’s OK to enter twice if you would like to – and I know that some people struggle to leave comments on Blogger so that might be an option for you instead.

Good luck with your entry – and with your Christmas knitting, whatever you’ve got lined up to finish before Father Christmas and his reindeer make a landing on your roof! 🎄

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269 Responses

  1. H says:

    Oh my goodness what an amazing giveaway!! My favourite is definitely fairy lights. So bright and fun, and a sparkly version is too cool.

  2. Jo d says:

    Thank you Christine, fairy lights is my favourite. Jo Dempster

  3. Rachel Williams says:

    My favourite is Holly Berry. It was the first of the Christmas yarns I knitted with a couple of years back, but I also think it’s Christmassy without being too Christmassy so I can wear my socks throughout the year.

  4. Unknown says:

    My favourite yarn is Robin!

  5. SiobhanT1649 says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! My favourite has to be Silent Night, but to be honest I would love to make socks out of all of them! X

  6. Anonymous says:

    It's so hard to pick but I think it has to be Holly Berry as I was lucky enough to be given a pair in this having introduced my auntie to the joys of sock knitting! Hannah Stace

  7. Anna Ridley says:

    I love Silent Night, for the cours, the sparkle, and the memories it evokes.

  8. Jen Heald says:

    Jen Heald. Despite loving all the yarns I have to say my favourite is still Robin. The colours are so lovely.

  9. Pauline Jones says:

    Candy cane, but hard to choose Pauline hustings

  10. Lisa's Pine Notes says:

    Dancer with all the sparkles @lisapinenotes on Instagram

  11. Doodlebug Gail says:

    Silent Night is my favourite out of all of these. What a fantastic collaboration – the patterns look amazing.

  12. Marie Foulk says:

    Silent night – blue as Xmas eve sky!
    That be my favourite
    Marie Foulk

  13. Reading Mummy says:

    Candy cane is my favourite! Michelle Thompson

  14. A says:

    Comet is my favourite!
    Alison Boles

  15. Michaela says:

    I think my favourite would be the new "Silent Night". Love that song, can play it on the flute. I also inherited a Hummel figurine angel from my grandma that has a music box playing "Silent Night"

  16. Anonymous says:

    Starry Night- Emily Tweed

  17. Lenore says:

    My goodness what a fabulous giveaway. I love them all the same so I will select one but they are all equal – Blitzen. I have toes, legs, fingers crossed that this giveaway would like to make the trip downunder. Xxx

  18. cazarol says:

    My favourite is fairy lights, I love the twinkling as the light catches the shine as I am knitting. Lovely colours twinkling in a cosy room on a winters night 🥗❤️
    Thank you Christine for the wonderful patterns
    Carol Ellis

  19. Cindy Kane says:

    Holly Berry is definitely my favorite. But I bought them all.

  20. Grannyknitter says:

    My favourite is Fairy Lights yarn.

  21. Anne Rees says:

    I love silent night although robin comes in a close second. Lovely sock patterns too Thank you Christine

  22. North Norfolk Caravan Holidays says:

    Silent night is my favourite, such a lovely colour 🙂

  23. MrsCraftyMoo says:

    Silent Night is my favourite! I love blues and a bit of sparkle is great 🙂

  24. scotstwinmum says:

    I love Robin it was my first christmas yarn I purchased for a newly found local yarn shop x

  25. Kirsty says:

    How fabulous! I loooooove the look of Candy Cane especially, but when I went to get some on the WYS website it was out of stock :'( I've just whizzed through Fairy Lights as a plain sock (one sock in 2 days…!), I'd love to play around with the new patterns you've designed 🙂

  26. Kamila Kamińska says:

    Definitely Silent Night is the best. All Patterns will look great using this yarn.

  27. Karen Callis says:

    What a fantastic prize Christine! I think my favourite has to be the blue sparkly sock yarn! Love it!!

  28. AnnieOBTextiles says:

    They are all so lovely Christine, both yarns and your wonderful patterns. My favourite yarn is Fairy Lights as it always makes me smile and reminds me of childhood Christmases, even though I wear them all year round!

  29. Karen Smith says:

    I love Fairy Lights yarn.

  30. Liz says:

    Wow wow wow!!!! You really are a genius!!! I’m just working on a pair with Silent Night and love it, and have done a pair in Fairy Lighys Sparkle which is fab, but I think my favourite is Candy Cane – it’s just screams CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

  31. Lisa Cooley says:

    All the colours are delicious but my favourite is sparkly fairy lights.

  32. Ginger says:

    I love silent night , blue is my favourite sock colour and this wool just sings to me . Carol

  33. Barbiedi says:

    My favourite colourway is Silent night, I love blue it’s my favourite colour and the sparkles are so beautiful

  34. Unknown says:

    Silent Night is my favourite. I've had or been given all of the colourways over the years but really love the subtle blue colors and sparkle. This time, the first pair on my needles are for me 🙂

  35. Unknown says:

    I think Candy Cane is my favorite (already purchased 2 skeins). Can’t wait to make some Christmas socks out of them!!!

  36. mrsdaftspaniel says:

    Dasher is my favourite (though it was hard to choose!). Well done on creating a beautiful collection xx

  37. Mary J says:

    I like the new Silent Night colour

  38. Jen g says:

    Well, I really love the Silent Night colorway, but I also love Blizten! I am knitting the Owl colorway now and I LOVE how it is working up with the different pattern areas mixed in with the colors. I love your yarn so much 🙂 Jennifer G

  39. Marella Cairns says:

    Gosh! Which is my favourite?Hard to choose but I’m going to go for Comet as it’s blue and sparkly!

  40. elaine allerton says:

    What a great prize Giveaway!
    Love all the colorways,,,fairy lights is a favorite from last year,,,
    And that pattern book looks Great!

  41. Karen Whittaker says:

    I love the Robin colourway. So suited for Winter.

  42. Curlygill says:

    I'd like to enter please – I'd love the silent night yarn if I am lucky enough to win please

  43. Unknown says:

    💙💙💙💙silent night is sooo squishy, sparkly and I cannot wait to start knitting mine. Total favourite out of the Xmas lineup, but they made it hard to choose. I didn’t get to see the sparkly fairy lights in person but I’m sure it would be a close second. Patricia Matte 🇨🇦

  44. Unknown says:

    Candy cane is my favourite 😍

  45. Claire Fleet says:

    Goodness, this is literally what I would buy myself for Christmas (or my birthday 2 weeks before) if I hadn't already reluctantly admitted I can't afford it.�� The range of yarns this year is stunning and the patterns you've created show them off beautifully (I love how different they all are -give me quite the itchy fingers!) Your work is admirable. Hard as it is to choose a favourite colourway, I think Candy Cane wins out -it just screams "Buddy the Elf" to me, and who wouldn't want socks like that?! It has a really strident sense of fun. The pattern looks exciting to knit too; twisting the stitches in different directions on each foot is a lovely idea. I'd cross my fingers if it didn't stop me knitting.
    And knee high socks do get requested a LOT!

  46. mbgmonkey says:

    Silent Night has to be my favourite! Thank you! Marie Blaney-Gray

  47. javaFlower says:

    Blitzen! but I love Holly Berries, too! and the rest are all very lovely! Sock it to me! Happy Holidays!

  48. Samantha says:

    I love all of them and I'm so delighted that they've brought back all of the Christmas yarns, and this year the new Silent Night is the one that has captured my heart. It feels just like the end of the Christmas Eve church service–it's near midnight and you're that wonderful mix of sleepy and overflowing with joy, and the lights go off and everybody sings "Silent Night" by candlelight. How they managed to capture that feeling in a colorway, I have no idea, but it's so lovely.

  49. The Puddle Stone says:

    Oh Silent Night would be my favourite as I’ve got all the others knitted up into socks, or failing that Robin x x
    Lissie Wales

  50. Ann F says:

    I like the Robin yarn but all lovely. What a great gift to be given. Ann Fitzgerald

  51. Karen FW says:

    I’ve just got the Robin yarn to make my sister some Christmassy socks. I’d love the sparkly Silent Night ones – you can never have enough sparkle! ✨

  52. Penjo321 says:

    Hello Christine, The Christmas colours are all lovely, it's hard to choose. I think my favourite is silent night, it looks so sparkly.

  53. Lyndle says:

    Oh how wonderful! I bought Silent Night as soon as I saw your post about it in September, so that’s definitely my favourite. They’re all fun, though! Thanks for this inspiring, informative post!

  54. Herself says:

    Thanks for your blog, Christine …. I enjoy reading it. I think Fairy Lights is probably my favourite Christmas yarn, although Holly Berry comes a close second!

    Best wishes


  55. Unknown says:

    So hard to choose a favourite but would have to say silent night would be number 1 for me

  56. Rosie Gear-Hollis says:

    Ohhhhh, silent night, I love the Carol when it's sung in church at midnight mass, one of our later severs songs it solo, absolutely amazing. All the yarns are beautiful though Rosie Gear-Hollis

  57. HPaynter says:

    Wow, what a wonderful opportunity to have a chance to win this pack. My favourite is definitely the sparkly fairy lights, so jolly and cheerful, just what we all need right now.

  58. michelle says:

    just today i started silent night for the third time let's hope this time is it love the look of this new yarn and looking forward to it becoming another sock to add to my wys christmas collection

  59. Sam says:

    I love Silent night

  60. Julia Balbilla says:

    Difficult choice but I think it has to be Fairy Lights.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter your competition Christine. I love the Comet with the added sparkle ����
    Christine Gilsenan

  62. Unknown says:

    I wish I was a better faster knitter! These all look sooo fun!!! I will get there! I will! 😀

  63. addiebabe says:

    What a fantastic giveaway – thank you! My favourite is candy cane 🍬 those primary colour stripes are so cheerful and remind me of my favourite Christmas movie – Elf! Your pattern with the cables running through the stripes is perfect, I'd love the opportunity to knit these 😁🎅🧦🧶👍

  64. Anonymous says:

    Silent Night for me, reminds me of seeing the milky way on a crisp night. Chris Wheeler.

  65. Martha says:

    They are all gorgeous….if I had to choose a favorite it would be candy cane

  66. Gui Trigo says:

    Congratulations on the lovely work and the deserved recognition of it from the WYS Christmas Elves 🤶
    I've never really seen or touch these beautiful Christmas yarns (none of the LYS in my home town have got them) but I think I'm in love with Candy Cane, from the very first time I saw its picture, and would be a great pleasure to knit it with your perfectly matching pattern 👌
    Thank you for this great giveaway
    Stay safe and thanks for the sharing

  67. Deanne says:

    Oh Christine, do I really have to choose? They are all so lovely. OK, if you really insist… I do like your Dasher, knitted up in Holly Berry, but, my ultimate favourite, would have to be Blitzen, knitted up in Robin, perfectly Chrismassy! ❤️

  68. Jayney G says:

    My favourite is Robin or should I say was ,I've jyst fallen in love with Silent Night who doesn't love a bit of sparkle! 😍

  69. NewJerseyLaura says:

    Robin 💚❤️💚❤️

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    I love fairy lights, and the idea of fairy lights with sparkles, knitted to your new pattern….

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    Fairy Lights are my fav!!

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    I have to get some of that yarn in Silent Night my favorite color way!

  74. MarshIsleFiberArts says:

    Silent Night – I love knitting socks and a would like to try a longer sock as cold weather is almost here in the mountains of North Carolina!

  75. Sue Walker says:

    How exciting – I've done three pairs of basic socks and now I'm ready to move onto something a bit more adventurous! Thank you, Christine 😀

  76. Knitting Bandit says:

    Thank you Christine. My favourite is Silent Night…Lorna White

  77. Lisa Tallahassee, FL says:

    Fairy Lights actually started my interest in sock knitting as it was a purchase of a already made sock that I fell in love with. Always was the one that didn't understand why people would take time to knit socks and now I am one of those people and LOVE IT!!!!!! I've followed your tutorials and can't thank you enough!

  78. Sara Turquand says:

    I love all the WYS Christmas Yarns but silent night is my favourite this year as it reminds me of crisp clear winter nights with the night sky packed with stars. Can't wait to see how it knits up. I'm a member of your FB groups and a prolific sock knitter!

  79. Anne says:

    Thank you Christine for the great giveaway but also for the fabulous patterns you have designed. I love Silent Night. Can’t wait to see the sparkle in the yarn. Anne Dearle

  80. Yorkshire Quilter says:

    I just love the Silent Night colourway, all the blues and some non-scratchy sparkle; the perfect combination!

  81. Pat Williams says:

    I've knitted with all of the wys Christmas yarns, trying to choose a favourite is like asking which of my children I love the most!!! But as you've asked us to choose… Silent Night, there's something magical in the way the light catches the silver thread as I'm knitting.Regards Pat Williams

  82. Anonymous says:

    "OH MY!!!!!" was my immediate reaction when I first saw a picture of Silent Night……I went online right away, found a stockist here in Canada and promptly ordered a skein. Now it's time to bite the bullet and attempt to knit my first socks! haha Thank you for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway! (I have a hankering to knit some Robin/Blitzen socks for my 93 year old Mum, an English War Bride, whose favourite bird is the English Robin). Thanks again!! Pam Irvine

  83. Betsy says:

    The Robin pattern is lovely especially made with Fairy Light yarn. My first pair of Christmas socks was made from Candy Cane!

  84. Bright Morning says:

    I stumbled upon the sparkle yarn, Silent Night and Fairy Lights on line. I discovered that all of these yarns had been sold out in the states, so I ordered from Wool Warehouse–which I love. I also ordered Candy Cane to make socks for my daughter and my grand daughter for Xmas. I love these yarns–beautiful, warm, soft, and hard wearing.

  85. thecurryseven says:

    I love them all, but probably Silent Night is my favorite because I always go for the blues and this one is beautiful. The Candy Cane is certainly fun for Christmas, though. Elizabeth Curry

  86. Jo says:

    How amazing!! Silent night is definitely my fave but all of them get my heart going! I really would love the patterns!!
    Jo Hofinger

  87. Beverly Vinson says:

    So hard to pick just one. Candy cane! Although I’m a sucker for blue and sparkles! —Beverly Vinson

  88. Connie Vorwald says:

    These yarns are gorgeous!!

  89. Dorothée says:

    My favorite yarn is Robin

  90. Catie Burnside says:

    Hi Christine. Definitely Silent Night. I love it but my brother gets all the blue socks so I will have to love it from afar. As for knee high socks, that might just be the answer to my problem of keeping out the drought round my ankles lol.

  91. Sandra Dain says:

    Fairy lights is my favourite. I just love wearing the socks I made with them.

  92. Unknown says:

    Silent night is my favourite, especially as I already have Fairy Lights and Robin 🙂

  93. Anonymous says:

    Wow so hard to choose but I think Silent Night would be my first choice 🙂
    Diane Garlick Green

  94. Louise Carway (nee Marshall) says:

    This has made me even more determined to learn to knit. I'm on holiday this week so I try to give it a go.

    I love silent night but hadn't realised that it was sparkly so has made me love it a bit more. I feel a yarn order coming on!

  95. Sandra Dain says:

    Fairy Lights is my favourite. I love wearing the socks I made.

  96. Unknown says:

    Christine love Silent Night so it is my favourite so different from the other Christmas Yarns. I love the fact that like Fairy Lights the sparkle is soft to the touch. I love WYS sock yarns and it has become my go to sock yarn.

  97. Unknown says:

    Thanks for the opportunity Christine, my favourite is the new blue Silent Night, it reminds me of our visits to and from Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Cold, crisp and hopefully sparkly. Mary Murphy, Tipperary.

  98. Valn66 says:

    Loving all of them. Hollyberry is a favourite for me, and loving the Blitzen and Prancer patterns best.

  99. Mandy chenery says:

    I like fairy lights. All the patterns and colours are lovely xx love your sock book too x

  100. Sandrabillham1 says:

    Fairy lights is my favourite so the new one with sparkle would’ve extra special

  101. Anonymous says:

    Hmm decisions decisions! I think it would have to be silent night.
    Michelle Penney in your FB groups xx

  102. Kate says:

    Congratulations on such a fabulous collection. Its hard to pick a favourite but I adore the new Silent night colourway. Blue and sparkles. These are a few of my favourite things!

  103. Ruth says:

    I love the new Silent Night sparkly yarn and would make Christmas socks for ME with it!

  104. second hand junkie says:

    My favourite is Robin as I have just finished my first sock in this.

  105. thatwoman says:

    It’s so hard to choose, but I think Silent Night is just my favourite. I’m really looking forward to making some Christmas socks for my daughters, since we probably won’t be able to meet up this year. Nothing says “I love you!” like hand knit socks.

  106. Jane from Dorset says:

    Silent Night is definitely my favourite, but which of the eight grandchildren will receive the socks? That’s the tricky bit!

  107. margaret says:

    I have just finished the comet socks in silent night. The pattern works so well with the yarn. I already have fairy lights waiting in the wings. These are beautiful seasonal yarns.

  108. JB says:

    I really love Robin, but I am going to order the Silent Night. Looks lovely!

  109. Luna H says:

    My favorite color is candy cane.
    Thanks for this giveaway.

  110. Anonymous says:

    My hoard of girls love a sparkle and my doc-wearing eldest was just asking about knee highs! Silent Night is my favourite. Ailsa R

  111. luluknitts says:

    Hi Christine – I guess my new favourite is Silent Night. It definitely reminds me of those long winter nights especially up here in the north where we get such dark dark nights. Twinkly stars and blue/black velvet. Stunning. Stay safe. xxx

  112. Susanna Locati says:

    Quite difficult to choose just one – but I think Silent night is the one which stole my heart 🙂

  113. Jools41 says:

    Morning Christine,
    What a lovely post to read while drinking the first cuppa of the day (gotta love that Sunday morning lying in bed feeling!). I think my favourite (although, as many have already said, it is very hard to choose) is still Holly Berry. A close second is the idea of knee high Candy Cane socks – I never thought I’d fancy knee length socks again (like you, it is decades since I have worn a pair!), perhaps with individual toes this time, now there’s a challenge!
    Jools41 on Ravelry.

  114. PatT says:

    Candy Cane is my favourite, it’s just so Christmassy! I’ve wanted to buy them since they were announced but it seemed a bit extravagant to buy these for myself at the moment. I’d love to win them. 🙏 Thank you Pat Taylor.

  115. Cathy Davidson says:

    Cathy Davidson I would love to do the Signature Sparkle for my husband as a thank you for the coming few weeks, I am going into hospital or a colostomy and we live a wee bit away in the country from the hospital and he will drive in daily just for an hours visiting, I love WYS wool so beautiful to knit with Cxx

  116. Knitty says:

    Fairy lights is my favorite. I love all these beautiful yarns.

  117. M says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! Thank you! My favorite of the colorways is silent night but they are all just lovely. Michele Yon

  118. Judypam says:

    So hard to choose – but in the end 'Silent Night' wins out as it's great for all year round – and I LOVE the sparkle too!

  119. Anonymous says:

    Silent Night. Just Perfect!
    Leena Hofmann

  120. Angela Melanophy says:

    Hello Christine, my favourite would be Holly Berry as this was the first yarn I used to knit my first socks using your basic pattern! I love the new colour though and love the fact that it sparkles!

  121. Fiona says:

    This is so exciting-they all look great and just coming into prime sock wearing in the house time of year!

  122. Sue Dale says:

    What a fabulous prize. I always knit my husbands socks in WYS. He has some pairs over 7 years old and still going strong but for me I would love Silent Night. Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle particularly to brighten up this year? Thanks for the knee high pattern. I have a friend who has to wear splints on her lower legs and these will be ideal to keep her warm in the winter.

  123. Rachel says:

    I’ve already started knitting a sock with Silent Night as it grabbed me from the window of my local shop and I couldn’t resist. I think it’s my fave, but they are all gorgeous!!

  124. francesj says:

    Robin is my favourite.

  125. Anonymous says:

    What a fabulous prize and lovely reading about all your work in producing the patterns. I think Silent Night is my favourite, who doesn't love a bit of sparkle and your pattern suits it so well – Alison Inglis

  126. Nwad J says:

    Silent night sounds amazing can’t wait to try it 👍🏼👍🏼

  127. Sue Wild says:

    I like the Fairy Lights colourway, even more so with the sparkle.

  128. Gaenor says:

    These yarns are all so lovely and I’m loving the sparkly ones, but my favourite has to be holly berry with the traditional Christmas colours

  129. Nwad J says:

    Sparkie silent night 💙💙💙💙

  130. Sandyboots says:

    I love your Christmas yarns and Silent night is my favourite.

  131. karen. 19862 says:

    Wow! I love Fairy Lights especially now it has added sparkle.

  132. Anonymous says:

    Hard to choose, but a sparkle one definitely! I think silent night is May favourite. (Helen Solomon)

  133. Christine says:

    I'm rather loving the silent night colour. I always go for the blues.

  134. Treeze says:

    It’s hard to choose from all these lovely yarns but I think Holly Berry just pips the rest to the post for me!

  135. Barbara says:

    Wow, what beautiful colours but my favourite is definitely Robin! Love the patterns too.

  136. Gail says:

    Hi Christine. My favourite is Fairylights, perfect for my sparkly, dancing granddaughter, who actually inspired me to try and knit socks.

  137. Gemma says:

    I love the robin yarn, I think it’s so gorgeous! And in the Blitzen pattern too, would be so lovely to make as a gift this Christmas 🙂 – Gemma Grose

  138. otagogirl says:

    Silent Night is beautiful, the sparkle makes it stunning!

  139. Laura says:

    Hi , all the colours are beautiful , I was gifted Robin last year and enjoy very much knitting it .
    My favourite colour is Silent night

  140. Grain of sand. says:

    My favourite is definately Robin no wait perhaps Holly Berry. Have knitted Robin still not perfect but getting there. Actually must also seek out Silent Night but just at the minute I feel the more rustic tones of both Robin and Holly Berry might just suit my more rustic style of knitting!

  141. Unknown says:

    I love the idea of the sparkly yarns from WYS this year, Silent Night is my favourite (at the moment!)

  142. Joanne Boden says:

    Rob is my favourite!

  143. Sheels16 says:

    Hi, oh wow they are all so beautiful, but the one that came a nose ahead is Dasher! Xx

  144. Flossfairy says:

    What an amazing offer and lush yarns but I think sparkly silent night is my favourite 😊

  145. Margaret says:

    Blitzen is my favourite. The colour changes are so subtle and distinguished. Will have to get out my dpns again.

  146. Lynn says:

    I love Silent Night as I tend to go for navy as by base colour

  147. Julie says:

    I think my favourite is the new one – Silent Night. I really like the sparkles

  148. Jane Winter says:

    Oh my word; you have been busy; what lovely patterns. I think that I like Silent Night best although they are all fab to be honest.

  149. lilac73 says:

    Silent night calls to me but my youngest son is desperate for a pair of socks in 'twinkly fairy lights'.

  150. Anne says:

    Silent Night – so beautiful
    Anne Northernlass on your FB page

  151. Andrea says:

    Hi – My favourite is the Candy Cane as for me it brings together the traditional colours of Christmas.Loving all the sock patterns.

  152. Lesley says:

    Wow what a difficult decision fairy lights or holly berry hmmmm think it's fairy lights by a sparkle

  153. Mc says:

    I just love Robin and the yarns are just lovely to knit with 🙂

  154. Carole Godfrey says:

    I love the silent night colourway, subtle and sparkley!

  155. Carolyn says:

    I think my favourite is candy cane because it is so true to its name and has a vintage feel to it

  156. Figgy says:

    Silent Night is gorgeous. Blue and sparkles for the win.

  157. Anne says:

    I love Fairy Lights. So many sock patterns to keep me busy during the winter nights. Thank you. Anne Rowe

  158. Arty Beginnings says:

    Such brilliant timing!! Right in the middle of knitting up my first pair of socks – I was encouraged by your completely infectious positive vibes about sock making! I usually crochet but thought I would give it a try and am loving taking on the challenge of knitting again and using a fixed circular needle for the first time!
    I love the new SILENT NIGHT colours, a bit of sparkle always goes down a treat 🙂 Rachel

  159. Claire says:

    I love the fairy light with the added sparkle!

  160. crescendogal says:

    oooh! I love them all but since this would be my first, I'm really loving HOlly Berry!!!

  161. KJB says:

    I love the fairy lights yarn!

  162. Jayne says:

    It's difficult to choose just one but I do like the Silent Night Yarn. Thanks for such a great giveaway

  163. Jayne says:

    Love them all but it has to be Robin as I have all WYS Bird Collection

  164. Susan Rayner says:

    Robin is my absolute favourite and I have knitted several pairs in it – but I am currently knitting Silent Night (no pattern came with that when I bought it a month or so ago!). I love it but Robin it is all the way for me!!

  165. Anonymous says:

    Robin is my absolute favourite ♥️ xx Mandy Mogg

  166. Nikki says:

    My favourite is Silent Night. What an awesome giveaway

  167. Jules says:

    They are all lovely. It’s difficult to choose, but I would have to say Holly Berry. X

  168. Ruth B says:

    I like silent night the best but have bought a few of them to make presents for friends for Christmas. I now have to decide which one will suit which person the best! Happy knitting 🧶 😀

  169. Kay Birnie says:

    They all look lovely, but Dancer is my favourite!

  170. Chris Knowler says:

    I have knitted the holly berry for myself and hubby has the fairy lights without sparkle lol! I am in the middle of knitting the robin socks for my son. But I can't wait to knit the Silent night socks. I love blue and who doesn't love a bit of sparkle too!

  171. Alison Dennison says:

    I like the silent night colourway best

  172. DonnaA says:

    Silent night is definitely my favourite

  173. Mary - Lecoeurceltique says:

    I wasn't aware of the WYS Christmas yarn. These wools are all lovely but my favourite is Silent Night. It would look good with my jeans.

  174. Mother Duck's Journal 2011 says:

    Holly Berry is my favourite and love the idea of longer socks

  175. happy hooker says:

    Ooooh. The sparkly Silent Night is calling to me. It reminds me of a picture in one of my Christmas albums from many, many years ago! You've certainly been busy over the spring and summer. xxx

  176. Unknown says:

    I love the Silent Night colorway the best. My Christmas decorations are all blue and silver with lots of sparklies!

  177. Elaine says:

    Hello, I think my favourite is going to be Silent Night, the first yarn from WYS with sparkle.
    I know my sister will love them. Thank you Christine for some lovely new designs. you always come
    up trumps. Elaine, not Robert.

  178. Targanielle says:

    I really love the Silent Night – so beautiful!

  179. Madame Papillon says:

    I love all the yarns, but Holly Berry is my favourite. The patterns look great!

  180. Beth Collins says:

    I love all the Christmas yarns, so hard to choose. I think Holly Berry feels the most Christmasy though! You have done a wonderful job of knitting and designing all those socks!

  181. Dawn says:

    Silent Night is my favourite ☺ can't beat sparkly feet
    Dawn Aizlewood

  182. Silkes Familienzeit says:

    THat´s a difficult question. Holly Berry and Candy Cane are my favorites up to now. But I think Silent Night could be my favorite for this year!

  183. Karen says:

    Candy Cane is my favorite. Karen Jones

  184. Sheryl says:

    The Silent Night colour way is my fa purity because it just reminds me a dark night with stars sparkling-also blue is my favourite colour! What a super giveaway this is Christine. Thank you x

  185. Julie says:

    Hubby was only saying a longer sock would be good whilst he's gardening in the cooler months.
    I love robin. Our local hospice has the saying 'when robins appear, a loved one is near'
    Very generous giveaway, thank you Christine and WYS

  186. The other Lynne says:

    Hello, These are absolutely scrumptious colours they just make my fingers itch to want to get knitting with them. I absolutely love the Silent Night. Reminds me of our Canadian winter forest out the back from me. All shades of blues and silver in the soft drifting snow. Mind you Blitzen/ Robin comes a close second. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to play with patterns on this lovely yarn. Lynne Norman Canada

  187. Nicki1959 says:

    We have to choose a favourite!!!!??
    Ok I'll go for Silent Night as it's new and different, but it was difficult. ..

  188. Unknown says:

    Dancer looks great. Beautiful socks for Christmas

  189. Jo cav says:

    Brilliant give away, Love the silent night colourway with the added sparkle.
    Good luck everyone xx

  190. Chewie says:

    Ooh its a hard choice but silent night is my favourite and lovung the knee highs

  191. Anonymous says:

    I would love to knit with Candy Cane.

  192. Getlost says:

    They're all gorgeous! Currently looking at my hubby wearing his robin socks, he just about lives in them!

  193. Amy says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! I love all the colors and patterns. If pressed I think my favorite is Fairy Lights – the name conjures up a magical, snowy night with lots of fun and sparkles!

  194. gillian davies says:

    Silent night because it's so different the others.I can see this as a cowl or a scarf as well as socks.I saw this in a new local yarn store but resisted purchasing as mywrist is still in a cast and knitting is not allowed, so frustrating!

  195. Jan says:

    My favourite is Fairy Lights and I'd have to knit Dancer with it – a consoling reminder of my various dance classes that I'm missing.

  196. Julie says:

    I love Silent Night – who doesn’t love sparkle?

  197. Elizabeth Brown says:

    They are all beautiful but I think the best one is Candy Cane. Elizabeth Brown

  198. Tania says:

    Wow, what a fabulous prize! I love Christmas and sweets, so my favourite is Candy Cane.🙂

  199. Tracy Cottis says:

    It’s close but Fairy Lights is my favourite

  200. Louise says:

    They are all lovely, but I think my favourite is Robin. WYS yarn is always a pleasure to knit with. Great patterns too, Christine! Thank you for introducing me to the world of socks, from Louise x

  201. Jude Bacon says:

    I'm loving knitting with Silent Night but then I can't wait to get started on Fairy lights either, it's a sock giving Xmas here this year.

  202. Canda Sue says:

    I love the candy cane. Can add a sparkle on my own or even beads

  203. kathleen says:

    Fairy Lights with sparkle is my favourite followed by Silent Night. You can never have too much sparkle.

  204. Gigi says:

    I'm currently knitting with Candy Cane but I love them all, it was very hard to choose 🙂

  205. Michele says:

    I love the Silent Night and I am hoping my local yarn store might still have it. Thanks!

  206. Linda Carlin says:

    Love the silent night colourway lovely and sparkley

  207. Pomona says:

    I really love the sparkly Fairy Lights – so Christmassy!

  208. tink says:

    Oh goodness Fairy Lights please as my daughters love Fairies thank you

  209. Edwina says:

    Hi I think it's this years colour I do love some sparkle and what a great giveaway xx

  210. Alison says:

    All of these are stunning but my favourite is the sparkly Silent Night. Those colours and the sparkle say Christmas to me.
    Alison Loryman

  211. Anonymous says:

    I must choose Silent Night Comet), the beautiful blue because blue is my absolute favorite color in all the world. Bertha Mallard ([email protected])

  212. Unknown says:

    I love Dancer, hope to win and then I can make my first ever socks x

  213. Wintsy says:

    Candy Cane because it is the colours of Christmas, and completely different from my usual choice of sock yarn colours.

  214. Beverly says:

    Another giveaway is wonderful. I love the Silent Night Comet. Blue is my favorite color and the socks you made with it are glorious. Beverly Collins [email protected]

  215. Ruan Peat says:

    I adore the fairy lights but I have to say the best is silent night, my mum liked blue and I spent my childhood dressed in variations of blue, so of course refused to buy blue for my self for decades, but came back to it in my late 30's and my mum saw me on blue again before we lost her, I find in the current climate blue is very calming and I dress in blue for work <3 So silent night for more than the amazing sock colours.

  216. irune says:

    All of them are lovely but my favourite one is Robin…

  217. Kathy Britton says:

    I love all of them, but Candy Cane is my favorite. Kathy Britton

  218. JulieB says:

    Silent Night is lovely, thank you Christine. Julie Bailey

  219. Diane Sawdon says:

    I love fairy lights and now with sparkle wow 🤩

  220. Melynda says:

    Candy Cane is my favorite. Classic Christmas colors.

  221. eb65 says:

    Definitely Dancer ,perfect christmas colours !

  222. Deb Knight says:

    I adore Silent Night. It truly makes me think of walking to midnight mass in the still darkness with the snow gli ting just a bit from the streetlights.

  223. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christine: My favourite is Robin. I cant seem to get it in Canada where I am as it is all sold out. I will try to win it instead. Thank you.

  224. Margaret Jeffrey says:

    Silent Night – looks peaceful & calm. Perfect for Christmas! Margaret Jeffrey

  225. Kelly Jackson says:

    Had to silent night..a girl always needs sparkle and not just for Christmas

  226. Wendy6866 says:

    You are a trusted friend , when it comes to a sock!
    Well done on your honour,
    Hugs WAHx

  227. kathleenalice says:

    I love the Holly Berry

  228. Anonymous says:

    They're all lovely, but I can definitely see myself wearing a Silent Night pair. Eileen Burke

  229. Izzy Sarson says:

    Ooh they're all so lovely! I have never knitted socks before, but I think I could have a go at Holly Berry ��if I was a winner!

  230. Helenph says:

    Silent Night is my favourite but they're all beautiful!

  231. Winnieweg says:

    Sparkle? Blue? A perfect combo in my world so it has to be Silent Night 💙

  232. Lyanne says:

    Silent Night is my favourite! Really excited to see the pattern for knee high socks as well!

  233. MsWhimsy says:

    Silent Night is my new favourite. Love the colourway as it is, but with sparkles! Extra special 🙂

  234. Rachel says:

    I love, love, love the Robin 💟 Beautiful colours and my late mums favourite bird x

  235. Crafty Di says:

    Wow! They're all fabulous. My favourite would have to be the sparkly Silent Night- gorgeous!

  236. Tracee says:

    gosh it's so difficult to select a favourite, they are all winners… but I'll go with Robin as I love the colours. this book and the sparkle yarn will definitely be on my Christmas list.

  237. Anonymous says:

    This is an amazing offer!! I absolutely love the silent night yarn and pattern. My name is Jane Whannel and I've never knitted a pair of socks in my life but this would be a fantastic way to start. Thank you for taking the time to read and publish my comment. Good luck everyone

  238. CMott says:

    I love the fairy lights sparkle, perfect for Christmas knitting!

  239. Anonymous says:

    My favourite yarn ist Silent Night. Ruth from Austria

  240. Karen Moore says:

    Fairy lights is my favourite…but it's hard to choose!

  241. Unknown says:

    They're all beautiful but Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a little robin on a wintery branch – Julie Harrison x

  242. Camilla says:

    Ooh candy cane is my favourite, would love to try your pattern 🙂

  243. Nicola Borras says:

    Great Post! I need to get a move on with my Christmas knitting. My favourite yarn is 'Robin' – such lovely colours.

  244. Fiona says:

    My favourite is robin, who doesn't love to see a little robin searching for bugs when you're out in the garden doing a spot of weeding. They always brighten a dull day.

  245. Agnes says:

    Hi! Silent Night is my favorite yarn. Thanks for this giveaway and blessings to you!

  246. Judith says:

    Candy Cane is my favourite – Jude

  247. Hilary Williams says:

    These are gorgeous, and tarns I’ve not used for socks (yet, that is). Pranced is a winner for me, stripes and cables delicately mixed. You’d be prancing with pride with these on your feet 😀

  248. Zanacrafts says:

    They're all beautiful, but Silent Night just makes me smile and brings back many memories of family Christmases, and my kids singing Silent night decorating the tree. :o)

  249. Patricia says:

    I really like Silent Night – it looks just like a winter night, all sparkly!

  250. Jude says:

    Just love them all, but Silent Night will be the first one I make a start on. Thanks so much for all your hard work in helping to make this brilliant book of Christmas socks available

  251. Roslyn says:

    Oh wow, that blue and silver is so beautiful! Definitely Silent Night is my favourite!

  252. Anonymous says:

    i love them all, i think candy cane is my favorite, Amanda Izzard

  253. Kerry says:

    I Would love to win Comet please

  254. Anonymous says:

    My favourite is Holly Berry – I used it for one of the first pairs of socks I knitted and now I'm hooked! Those socks were a gift for a friend who has been particularly supportive in these uncertain times. I've morphed from novice knitter to prolific sock producer in a matter of months, thanks to discovering Sockalong, for which I will be eternally grateful. Sylvia Turner.

  255. Jill says:

    They are all gorgeous, but Silent Night has to be my favourite – I love all blues! 🙂

  256. Alison Morris says:

    Fairy Lights is my absolute favourite. The colours remind me of fairy light colours in the sixties when I was growing up!

  257. Anonymous says:

    It has been a long time since I knitted socks and I am enjoying your basic sock pattern and my small circular needles. I hope to treat myself to a ball of WYS Christmas sock yarn for Christmas. I love the sparkly Fairy Lights.

  258. Deno says:

    These are all so lovely, think my favourite is Silent night! Thank you 😊

  259. Mrs Bowman says:

    Yay, I found the comments section! 😄 Silent Night is my favourite but it’s a close call as they are all beautiful.
    I also particularly like your Dancer pattern with the unusual zigzag pattern.

  260. Tornado304 says:

    If I won my favourite is the Robin colourway thank you Vanessa Peters

  261. Jen says:

    Holly Berry is my favourite, but am looking forward to trying Silent night.

  262. Meg says:

    They're all stunning but I do love Robin the most because they're such cheeky little birds (and I'm really missing the one that lived outside my office window.)

  263. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely love Fairy Lights – now with much-needed added sparkle! Thank you so much, Christine, for giving me the confidence to knit socks. I rarely knit anything else these day! Jennifer C

  264. Georgia O'keeffe says:

    My favourite is the Silent Night, absolutely beautiful! It makes me think of my Nan and walks after dark to enjoy christmas lights with her ❤

  265. Susan says:

    What a decision…Silent Night… I think…oh dear, it's hard!

  266. Anonymous says:

    Wow-what a faboulus giveaway- Thank you!!
    I always go for blues, but the Robin is really pretty!
    Agneta H

  267. Unknown says:

    My favourite colour way is Silent Night, but I also keep thinking I should get hold of Holly Berry as well.
    Heather M

  268. Anonymous says:

    Silent Night is my favorite. Twinkly stars on a beautiful clear winter night. Marcy

  269. Isobel F says:

    Silent Night is my favourite – I love the shades of blue and the different stripe pattern!

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