Winwick Mum Sockalong 7th Birthday

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Sockalong,

Happy birthday to you!

Seven years since the Winwick Mum Sockalong started and my beginner sock knitting tutorials are being used more than ever – who would have thought it?!  Every time I look at my blog dashboard and see that people are using the tutorial pages, it makes me so happy to know that somebody somewhere in the world is going to have the cosiest toes – it’s a simple thing but sometimes the simple things are the best!

My original plan was simply to write a series of tutorials to help someone knit a pair of socks after I’d been told too many times that they were too hard to knit.  I wanted to write them as if we were sitting together because it’s always nicer to knit with a friend, and whilst my tutorials might be more wordy than some, I like to think that we’re chatting as we’re knitting – and it seems as if you liked that style too!  I love that I’m still helping people to knit socks seven years (seven years!!) after the tutorials were original published – I honestly never expected that I would be able to say that – and it makes my heart sing every time I think of how many people have benefitted from bringing sock knitting into their lives.

If you’re new to the blog, you might wonder what else I’ve been up to over the last seven years …  Well, in the same year as the tutorials were written and published on the blog (always with the intention of them being freely available on the blog for anyone who wanted to use them), I turned them into paperback form as Super Socks for those who couldn’t or didn’t want to be online all the time, and also e-book form for those who prefer that format.  I started the Winwick Mum Sockalong Facebook group so that people could ask questions in real time and that’s been amazing – there are thousands of people from all over the world in this group and thanks to the magic of time zones and people’s generosity in helping others to learn, this really is a group that works in real time – whatever the time!  There’s also the Winwick Mum Knit n Natter group on Facebook which came about as those who were knitting socks also wanted to chat, to share other project pictures and to just connect with other people.  Both groups have been quite a lifeline during the lockdowns of the last couple of years, and it’s been brilliant to see how many people have decided that now is the right time for them to be learning to knit socks.

What else?  Well, a bit later on I wrote More Super Socks for people who had knitted their first basic pairs and wanted to move onto a different pattern, but still felt that other patterns were a step too far.  It contains four of my in-depth tutorials (with videos!) and four exclusive patterns which are more wordy than many you will find, but those extra steps have made it easier for people to step out of their comfort zones and to branch out with their knitting.

I’ve also won a few awards now (you can see them down the left hand side bar – I’m very proud of them!), I’ve been delighted to be invited to write articles and design socks for magazines, yarn shops and of course, my favourite yarn company, West Yorkshire Spinners!  I have been delighted to be asked to design the sock patterns to go with their special Christmas yarns for the last five years, and even more delighted to see those patterns being used all year round, not just with the Christmas yarn!

What I never could have imagined when I first started writing Winwick Mum, never mind the Sockalong tutorials, and best of all is that I’ve got my very own Winwick Mum yarn designed in collaboration with my lovely friends at West Yorkshire Spinners, and I have loved seeing it being knitted up, knowing that people have enjoyed using it and have been able to support their local yarn shops by buying it.  And let’s not forget all the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made along the way too … it truly has been an incredible time!

I never take for granted the incredible times that I have had over the last seven years seeing people discover that sock knitting really isn’t as hard as they might have thought, and all of the good things that have come from it.  I have been very blessed, and I never forget that how much of that is down to you – thank you for knitting the socks, for sharing the tutorials with others who want to learn, for giving your time to help others once you have learnt yourself, for buying my books and my yarn … thank you! xx

So what happens now?  Well, as far as the Winwick Mum Sockalong goes, nothing is changing.  The Sockalong tutorials are staying on the blog and they are still free – I have always said that if someone has the money to buy the yarn and needles or buy the book then I would much rather than they bought the yarn and got started – so there’s no change there.  Super Socks is still available for anybody who wants to buy a paperback or ebook version.  More Super Socks, the follow-on book with more techniques and patterns, is also still available in paperback and e-book versions.  West Yorkshire Spinners are still producing Winwick Mum yarn which is available from WYS stockists worldwide and now there are two collections, so that’s eight colourways to choose from.  There are some more videos on my YouTube channel, but because I move at a snail’s pace where videos are concerned, it’s taking some time to get everything I want to finished 😀

Another thing that hasn’t changed is the Winwick Mum Sockalong birthday giveaway.  Every year, I get to do this and every year I think how fortunate I am to be able to even think about it!

As usual there are two prizes …

There’s a signed copy of Super Socks, a ball of Winwick Mum yarn – I’ve chosen Wildflower from the first Winwick Mum collection and Summer Sunset from the Seasons colours as I thought they were appropriate for the time of year 🙂 , a sheep knitting gauge, an Emma Ball tin for keeping stitch markers or other knitting notions safe, a small sachet of Eucalan for hand-washing your socks, a bar of Terry’s Chocolate Orange chocolate and a Winwick Mum Sockalong badge.

I’ve included stitch markers in the prizes before now but never anything to keep them safe in, and I thought these little Emma Ball tins were too cute not to include!  One has alpacas on it and the other has cats – I love Emma Ball’s artwork and think these are perfect for keeping in knitting project bags.

Apologies for the slightly fuzzy photos – the tins are very shiny and kept reflecting the light!


The tins have a nifty slide opening too, rather than a lid that flips off or is hinged …

I’ve also found these wooden sheep knitting gauges which will be VERY useful if you lose the packets that your needles came in.  I use the one that I have more often than I expected to, especially if I think I’ve managed to muddle interchangeable needle tips up, which is easily done!

There’s a small sachet of Eucalan delicate wash which is ideal for washing any delicate items, including your hand knit socks!  People often wonder what to use when washing socks and this is one of the choices.

There’s a bar of chocolate in there too.  I may not be eating as much of it these days as I used to, but Terry’s Chocolate Orange is still one of my favourites if I do want some and I thought you might like some too!  I think that chocolate is probably an essential in a beginner’s sock knitting kit … 🙂

There is, as always, a signed copy of Super Socks.  If you’re new to the blog and to the Sockalong, then Super Socks is the paperback version of the Sockalong tutorials that you can find if you click the purple picture in the top right hand corner of the blog.

An orange Super Socks book lying on a wooden table. To the left is a partly knitted sock, to the right is an orange mug

The book contains the same information as the online tutorials but is set out by needle type rather than across sock sections as the online tutorials are.  It’s a good big size to prop open with your brew and there are pages at the back to make notes, which is a useful thing to do, especially if you’re going to adjust the pattern for yourself or knit for other people.

There is just one sock pattern in there – the Basic 4ply Socks pattern – given in both 4ply and 6ply versions, and this is because this is a book for beginners.  The point of the book is that it’s a tutorial, the best way I could think of for you and I to sit together and knit a pair of socks without confusing everything by trying to cram lots of other patterns in there as well.  You can go and find other patterns at any time, but my intention with Super Socks and the Sockalong tutorials is to help you knit your first pair so that you understand what you are doing and you feel like a sock knitting superstar when you put them on your feet!

If you want to see inside the book, take a look at this post here as it shows you what’s in there and how the book was put together.  If you want to see the online tutorials as well so that you can compare, and check out my writing style if you’re a Winwick Mum newbie, you can find those here.

The last item is the Winwick Mum Sockalong badge which goes with both prizes – ideal for project bags and also for wearing to festivals (now that we can go to them again) so that you can spot other Sockalongers.

A purple pin badge with Winwick Mum Sockalong engraved on it in silver

What do you think?  Would you like to win one of these prizes?  Here’s how to enter the giveaway!

For the last six years, I’ve been asking you to tell me how many pairs of Sockalong socks you knitted since the last Sockalong birthday.  I’ll never know for sure how many pairs of socks have actually been knitted using the Basic 4ply Socks pattern and tutorials, but it’s nice to get at least some idea so this year will be continuing the tradition of the Annual Sock Count.  So far, our running total through the blog stands at 15,055 pairs which I think is flipping amazing – how many more have been knitted this year?!  It’s not a competition with previous years, it’s just a bit of fun (and might also tell me how close we are to really taking over the world with hand-knit socks 😉)

To enter the giveaway, please comment how many pairs of Basic 4ply Socks (not other patterns, please) you have knitted since May 2021.  Don’t worry if you’re still making you first pair or are about to cast on, just write that information and your comment will count too.  Because there’s a choice of yarn, don’t forget to tell me which one you would like too!

Entries to the giveaway will close at 8pm BST on Friday 6 May 2022 and I will let you know the winners as soon as possible after that time (it may get to Saturday or even Sunday but I won’t have forgotten! 😀).  I am happy to post the prizes anywhere in the world so don’t feel that you can’t be part of this because you don’t live in the UK.  I think you can choose to leave your comment as “anonymous” if you don’t have a WordPress account, but don’t forget to put your name in the comment so that when I post the winners I’ll be able to identify you so that you can get in touch for your prize (and please do come back to check if you’re a winner)!  Oh, and also don’t worry that your comment doesn’t show straight away – the comments are set for me to check them before they upload to the blog to make sure that no spam gets through so they are all safely stored in my blog messages until I’ve seen them.  I’ll make sure they’re all uploaded on time!

Happy birthday Sockalong, here’s to many more years of socking all over the world! 


The giveaway is now closed.  Thank you for entering – and look out for the results coming out soon!

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446 Responses

  1. Nicky Slade says:

    I have made 2 new pairs of socks plus repairing two pairs of oldest son’s much-worn ones. One pair were given reinforced soles (knitted separately and stitched on) and the other pair became ‘Frankensocks’ after I cut the toes off a pair he had accidentally felted and stitched them on to another pair with holes in the toes, to keep them going a bit longer! I would like the Summer Sunset yarn if I win.

    • Judith Ayre says:

      I have knitted 2 pairs of the basic socks since last May. I like the Wildflower sock yarn.

      • Ellen Button says:

        I’ve knitted one pair this year – tried other patterns but this is my favourite and the one I recommend to learners. Like to have a pair on the go when I’m out in my camper 😍

    • Catherine mace says:

      Hi I have made onepair but I always refer back to the pattern when attempting tricky parts of socks. I have been trying to knit a shawl and crocheting the frozen crew for my daughter. Pick me!!

  2. Steffi says:

    Dear Winwick Mum,
    Happy birthday to 7 years of Sockalong!
    I discovered your blog last year and read a lot of articles since then. I love them all! Long walks, beautiful countrysides, dog and cat adventures and of course knitting.
    I already have some experience in sock knitting, but same like you I always have a basic pair on my needles to take them with me. Since May 2021 I finished 7 pairs of them, most of them for my family members.
    They all love them and wear them regularly during the cold half of the year.
    Pease go on with your blog, I’m looking forward for your next words.
    Sorry for my not so good English and best regards from Germany.
    Steffi U.
    Oh, I like both yarn colors 😊

  3. Pam Green says:

    I had never knitted socks before last year, I thought they would be too complicated. But in July 2021 I embarked on a sock making mission for my 3 daughters for Christmas. The first sock was a bit sketchy but I soon got into the swing of it. I found it relaxing to be knitting again after years of crochet. My girls loved the idea of hand knitted socks, even the daughter who doesn’t usually wear them. I have carried on with sock making in between other projects, so thank you for giving me the inspiration.

    • Sue Hearn says:

      I’ve knitted 2 pairs of basic socks. If I’m lucky enough to win the giveaway I’d like the sunset wool. I think if I’ve done socks I want people to notice them. Love the blogs and I look forward to receiving them

    • Lis Lavery says:

      I have nearly finished knitting my second pair of socks. I tried knitting knitting socks for the first time last year and I enjoy knitting them as they are so portable compared to other knitting projects. I really like the wildflower yarn and I think my next pair will need to be in that

  4. Peggy says:

    Hello Christine,
    Congratulations with the 7th birthday of your baby!
    For several years now I read your blog but it was only when Corona arrived that I found the time to try and knit my first pair of socks.
    Your step-by-step pattern for the basic 4ply socks has helped me to make them.
    I was surprised myself that I succeeded! 🙂
    This year I have made a second pair for my daughter and there are several balls of yarn still waiting.
    If I win I would prefer the summer sunset yarn please.
    I love your blog so please keep on writing!!!

  5. Ruth Bell says:

    I just last month and I have purchased a few of your beautiful yarns. I am about to start my first basic 4ply socks!
    I am so excited now, I better go start!

    • Barbara Adamson says:

      I think I’ve knitted 4 pairs in the past year, the months and years have gone a bit weird since lockdown! But I do know that going to the Black Sheep Craft Barn in February 2020 is responsible for the dozen or so pairs of socks I have made since then, because you were there and I bravely asked a daft question about stitch markers falling off my dpns, and you recommended the utterly brilliant small circular needle. I bought one then and have used it ever since. I’ve now reached the stage of thinking about something fancier than the basic sock (though I have ‘designed’ a successful trainer sock by just doing a few rows of rib then going straight into the heel) . So, happy 7th birthday Sockalongand many, many thanks to you!

      • Debbie says:

        Hi Christine,
        Happy 7th sock birthday!🙂
        My sock knitting obsession began 5 years ago with the WYS Christmas yarn and it doesn’t show any signs of abating. I have completed 5 pairs so far this year including the mosaic sockalong. I have 6 other pairs on various needles, all different WYS yarns and some patterns from your Sock Pattern Collection. My husband can’t understand why I knit so many socks but they make great gifts for friends and family. My daughter has been waiting for me to sew up a sweater I knitted for her before Christmas. Just so many socks to knit and besides, I loathe sewing😄 Happy with either yarn.
        Best wishes.🧦🧶

  6. Karen says:

    I read your blog all the time, I am a quilter who has tried to learn how to knit a pair of socks and failure is my name at socks – i have yet to finish one pair – I start and then unravel and pick it up again another time and try again and have yet to make even much of a start. I think I need to be placed in an empty room with the supplies to knit a pair of socks and not come out until I learn! I tell myself surely if I can make a quilt entirely by hand (not machine) that I can learn how to make a pair of sock and find I need to keep trying and trying – I know no one to show me step by step – I really need to try your tutorials again

  7. Vanessa says:

    I have knitted 4 pairs of socks since last May thank you for all your tutorials and blog posts . I like the wildflower yarn

    • Louise Murray says:

      Happy Birthday!
      I have knitted 2 Pairs of basic socks this year. If I’m lucky enough to win If love the summer sunset yarn

  8. Becky H says:

    Thank you so much for the sockalong tutorials, when I first tried it really was like having a friend sit with me and pointing out every little thing I fretted over! I’ve recommended you to anyone I know who knits. This year I made 2 pairs of socks, from the WYS Christmas yarns (which were just lovely!) and I combined them with your contrast heel and toe tutorials, I was so proud of myself at the end! I also love your blog and really look forward to each post 🙂

  9. Laura says:

    Happy 7th Birthday! I have a ball of Rum Paradise ready to start some basic socks, I just need to get another pair off the needles first. I love the summer sunset yarn.

  10. Autumn H says:

    Happy 7th birthday! I am just about to cast on for my first Sockalong. I think the Summer Sunset yarn is beautiful!

  11. Louise W says:

    Happy 7th birthday from me too!

    I haven’t made any socks but they have been on my list of new things to knit for a long time. I would have no excuses if I won! Wildflower would be my first choice but they are both nice.

  12. Andrea Bailey says:

    Just one pair! Which is better than none!

  13. Elaine says:

    I’ve knitted 9 pairs of basic socks since January. Probably I knitted 1 or 2 from May to December 2021, but I’m not sure. Mostly I knitted your other patterns. I like Wildflower – I’ve knitted 3 pairs of socks in it!

  14. Caroline says:

    Dear Christine, I’ve tried various sock patterns in the past, but I found your sockalong while trying to teach my daughter to knit socks during lockdown – it was a godsend and now your basic 4-ply socks are my go-to pattern. I’ve knitted at least 16 pairs since last July and I’ve got another one on the go now – working my way through the extended family! If I win I would like the Summer Sunset yarn, please. I love your blog – thanks for all you do!

  15. Kath says:

    Happy 7th birthday! I’ve been busy crocheting blue and yellow hearts to show support for Ukraine, but there’s a pair of socks to be knitted on the near horizon. A few of my old hand knitted socks have had to go to the great sock drawer in the sky. They were beyond darning and frogging! The wildflower yarn has been on my wanted list for too long now, and the cat tin is just too cute. xx

    • Ven Wood-Mewett says:

      8 pairs and one on the needles. I can almost do it without peeping at the book but never feel safe without it nearby. Best skill I’ve ever learned, thank you

  16. Angela says:

    I love the wildflower yarn and have knit 26 pairs of the basic socks so far. Look forward to reading all your blogs and wait in anticipation of the next one each time. Thank you so much for your inspiration!

  17. Shirley Liderth says:

    Happy 7th birthday, I have made 3 pairs of your fabulous socks xx

  18. Paul says:

    I’ve only knitted one pair of these so far but another pair is due to go on the needles next! It was brilliant to find your blog and this pattern seems set to become my go to!

    Love the wildflower yarn colour way.


    I have made 42 pairs of socks all plain knitting all 4 ply. If I should be one of the winners any yarn will be great. I took up knitting socks as my covid project and I am still going at it, knitting for the Xmas Bazaar in Nov 2022. I donate the socks for that as all proceeds are for local charities. I live on one of the Gulf Islands off the coast of Vancouver, Canada.

  20. Louise says:

    Only two pairs from me this year but I love having a small portable project ready to grab and go. I am always happiest when I have something on my needles and always cast on another sock as soon as one finished. I also cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy the blog, being able to escape into someone else’s world fof a short time is a joy! I prefer the Wildflower yarn.

  21. Kay says:

    Bought the book and became obsessed ……I have knitted 21 pairs. Congratulations on the 7th birthday.

  22. Sandra Kendall says:

    Congratulations, keep up the good work Christine. I love reading your blogs, they make me smile!
    I have knit 3 pairs if socks this year. I would be delighted with either colour yarn.

  23. MandyH says:

    I have (nearly!) knitted 3 pairs of socks in the past 12 months, although only 1 pair is the basic pattern (I’ve done the mosaic & twinkle toes too)
    I love the wildflower yarn.

  24. Jill says:

    Only 1 pair this year – been busy making other knitted/crochet items when my arthritis allows!

  25. Lesley says:

    I am determined to finish the pirate knee high socks 😁 I’ve got the wool, pattern and needles, just need some time!

    • Sian says:

      Happy 7th Sockalong Birthday! I’m on my first pair of socks ever and have just completed one sock.. so one more to go. I am using your pattern for basic 4 ply socks and the online tutorials which are so helpful. I now have a stash of 4 ply wool and your downloaded patterns to make more socks… Looking forward to building my skills and having super socks to replace my horrid holely darned shop bought ones. I would love the Wildflower yarn!

  26. Helen Smith says:

    Happy 7th birthday

    Thank you for teaching material and the books.

    I have knitted 15 basic pairs and a few other patterns.

    Wildflower wool as I have not used this colour as yet.

    I will have 1 other sock completed on Thursday as on holiday – well it is my birthday

  27. Helen says:

    Happy 7th Birthday! I think I’ve knitted eight pairs of socks since May ’21, with many more in the offing. This sock knitting lark has got me through some times. I would be far less without socks in my life!

  28. Melinda Gallagher says:

    I have completed the cuffs and legs on my first pair of Winwick Mum socks! I love this blog and always feel a little happier after reading. Happy Knitting! 🧶

  29. Alison Fletcher says:

    2 pairs of basic socks – summer sunset is my choice of yarn

    • Sally Cowling says:

      Happy 7th birthday! Ive knitted 5 pairs in the past year 🙂 thanks again for the fab pattern!

  30. Jacqui Turner says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I have just finished my first pair of socks and would never have been able to do it without your book

    All the best
    Jacqui Turner

  31. Mary says:

    Happy Birthday
    5 pairs of socks for my new honorary grandchildren includingChristmas sparkles for P.

  32. Jill says:

    Happy 7th Birthday Christine.
    What an achievement!
    I’ve knitted 50 + pairs this year. My husband can’t fit any more in the drawer, despite my pleas, I have so many pairs myself because the range of yarn is so great, my children are possibly sick of my addiction to knitting socks and my friends receive them at every opportunity
    I could never knit socks until I found your book…so, it’s all your marvellous fault really! Lol
    I just LOVE knitting your patterns. You’ve changed my life so it’s a huge thankyou from me.

  33. Kerry says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for your tutorial – like many others it inspired me to knit my first pair of socks nearly five years ago now. And I was so excited, I told my mum all about it and now she is basically a sock knitting machine!
    I’ve only knitted one pair since May 2021, for my husband, but I’ve a second pair on the needles (with yellow stripes!) that I’ve nearly finished for myself.
    If I win, I’d love for my mum to get the prize – and she would just adore that wildflower yarn 🙂

  34. Jules says:

    I have just started my 2nd pair of socks with your sockalong. I had always found sock patterns too complicated until I stumbled onto your blog but no more! Love the sunset shade.

  35. Mary says:

    Happy 7th birthday! I have knitted 9 pairs since May 2021, all from the original pattern from the book, ie cuff, heel flap and gusset and Kitchener toe, which I can now do without looking hahahah!x

  36. Lyn says:

    You kept me sane !! 😂 thank you Christine for winwick mum ! I have probably knitted about 15 pairs of socks since May 2021, all for other people !! So I’m determined to knit myself a pair this year 🤞 if I have the good fortune of winning, I would love either of the colours please , thank you x

  37. Anne Jones says:

    Just had a quick count and I think I’ve made 6 pairs of socks since this time last year and have a pair on the needles now as well.
    I love the simple pattern – I tend to use lovely self-striping and self-patterning wool and knit easy socks while watching TV or listening to music – and have been known to knit during zoom meetings holding my work below the camera!
    I’d like the Wildflowers wool if I win please.

  38. Kerry Ollerenshaw says:

    I’ve knitted 2 pairs of basic socks. Should I win, I’d be delighted with either yarn as they are both gorgeous.
    Happy birthday love from
    Kerry Ollerenshaw

  39. Joanne Myers says:

    Hi, I have knitted 3 pairs of socks so far but I am truly hooked and there will be more. I would love some wildflower yarn for my next pair. Thank you so much

  40. Karen H says:

    I’m knitting my first pair of Sockalong socks after buying some WYS Christmas yarn last year. Happy 7th Birthday to the Sockalong and thanks for your wonderful tutorials! My favourite is the Summer Sunset yarn.

  41. Julie Kearney says:

    I’ve knitted 22 pairs since last May, perhaps I need to think beyond the basic pair now but it’s such a lovejy pattern to knit. Love both colours of yarn 😍

  42. Jane L says:

    In 4 ply I have made 1 pair and have another 3 pairs on my needles but they are all nearly finished. I kept casting on another pair when I got to a tricky stage because I didn’t want to do nothing whilst I gathered confidence to tackle the tricky bit. (Gussets!)
    I have also just completed a DK pair, in the basic pattern, for my walking boots.
    I started Boxing Day 2021 and was a beginner knitter, I have learnt so much from your book etc and I have loved joining your sock party.
    Thank you.
    If I won one of the giveaways I would choose either colourway as I was more than happy with your encouraging response to my post on the Facebook Sockalong page, it was the sock knitters equivalent of a Paul Hollywood handshake. What with that, and of course my socks, I am set for the year.
    Ooh I nearly forgot…. Happy Birthday. X

  43. Jill Freeman says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong. I’ve made 1 pair of basic socks and currently have one on the needles in Summer Sunset. I’d love to try the Wildflower yarn please.

  44. Jane says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I have yet to finish my first pair. I was really pleased to finish one sock as I struggle with small needles the second one has just reached the heel.
    I don’t mind which colour ball of wool as they both look lovely!

  45. Rosemary Conway says:

    Since May 2021 I have completed 2 pairs of basic 4 ply socks, and have one pair on the needles as my portable project. If I should be a lucky winner, my yarn choice is Summer Sunset, but it’s a very close call between the two colourways.

  46. Claire says:

    Three basics, in old wool for no feet in particular -I make them as boredom projects between pattern pairs to gift, working on feeling more experienced and these all had different heel flaps to play with that (prompted by the last pair in your signature sock pattern book). As long as I’m knitting a sock -ANY SOCK- things are never all bad. Both yarns are beautiful. And the sockalong is seven -much ground for pride, Christine. I imagine many are as grateful as I for all you’ve done for aspiring and continuing sock knitters.

  47. Pauline Janson says:

    Hi, I’ve been knitting socks continually since lockdown and all my friends and family have been given them for birthday presents. I’ve also made a few for myself as well. I think I’ve made 14 pairs since May last year. My Grandma started me knitting when I was 4 (60 years ago) and I always took my knitting to school but I only started knitting socks on 4 needles during lockdown having bought online a set of short dp needles. I only ever tried long dp needles before when I was young and I used to always stab myself, but the shorter ones have been great. Socks are so easy to knit whilst binge watching tv series! The summer sunset is my favourite of the 2 yarns.

  48. Marie says:

    Happy 7th Birthday Christine! 🎂🍾 and thank you for all the patterns & tutorials. Life has rather taken over at the moment so only managed two full pairs and two singles lol. I would love the Summer Sunset yarn if I am lucky enough to win a prize x

  49. Cindy says:

    Happy birthday! I have knit 10 pairs of socks since May 2021 using your fabulous pattern. I found it so helpful when I first started knitting socks. I would like wildflowers if I am lucky enough to win

  50. Manny says:

    Well done, seven years! 🎂
    Like many others, I guess, I’ve followed you for years and thought one day, one day I’ll knit sox. Last year, I did. I made a pair for my daughter which were too big so got handed on to her sister. I made some for my father for Father’s Day but they were too small so they were passed to my mother. I decided then to make a pair for me as I could judge sizing better with my feet in front of me. I’ve sorted out the tension now and I have two beautiful pairs that fit me. So, four pairs in total.
    I have already used the beautiful Wildflower yarn so I’d love to win the Summer Sunset…

  51. Eve McGovern says:

    Happy 7th birthday sockalong!! That means I’ve been knitting socks for 7 years which is unbelieveable! A huge thank you to you for teaching me to not socks and making me believe that if I pace myself and follow the instructions I can knit pretty much anything! I truely am so very grateful.
    I’ve counted up just the basic socks from the last year and you guessed it it’s 7 pairs which is quite fitting. I recently made a pair for a colleague at work who was leaving and he was absolutely thrilled with them so it’s all thanks to you! Would love to win a copy of the book and any colour yarn. Thanks you so much again for teaching me this skill for life! x

  52. Jennifer says:

    Almost one. The summer sunset is lovely.

  53. Sue Hermiston says:

    Since discovering your life affirming blog and sock instructions I have made 5 3/4 pairs but only 1 3/4 pairs in the last year. The single sock was a replacement for the one my grandson’s dog ate. The half of one sock went on hold as I want to explore two at a time socks. I have also used your Kitchener Stitch tutorial to finish off the armholes on two jumpers. Obviously not socks, but invaluable nonetheless. I have already used the Wildflower colour so Summer Sunset is my preference now. Thank you for what you add to my life.

  54. Sam Morgan says:

    Happy Birthday, I’ve only had time to knit one pair, but would love to do more, I love the wildflower yarn.

  55. Helen J says:

    Congratulations!! My mum taught me to sew as a child but she couldn’t get me interested in knitting! How I regretted this when I became a nanna! I desperately wanted to knit a pair of socks, so I used your basic pattern and the tutorials to teach myself to knit! I’m now able to knit all sorts of garments, so thank you so much! Iv knitted 4!pairs of socks and would love either colour yarn

  56. Rachael Martin says:

    Only 3 this year!

  57. Janet Innes says:

    I started a scrapbook of all the socks I have knitted. Started like many of us during the lockdown years. Was updating my book this afternoon so amazing this popped up just now. I appear to have made 18 pairs since this time last year. Lots for gifts and many for myself too. Just absolutely hooked ; thanks Christine for all your resources . Actually think there might be another pair not in the scrapbook- did some scrappy socks too- so 19!
    Would prefer the summer sunset yarn

  58. Karen hills says:

    I have made about 6 pairs. I found the pattern easy to follow. Thank you and happy 7th birthday….

  59. Diane says:

    2 pairs and another one half way through. I can’t thank you enough for being one of the main inspirations for me to take up knitting again after a 40 year break! It’s really enriched my life – I never thought I could knit anything as complicated and impressive as a pair of socks, but your guidance made it easy and enjoyable!

  60. Gill says:

    Congratulations on your 7th birthday! I think I have done 5 pairs this year plus mosaic and shorties. Wildflower has long been on my shopping list.

  61. Sarah says:

    I knitted my first pair in March 2020 (took me 7 weeks!) and since then I have knitted seven more pairs. Nowadays they are all much darned but much loved and probably should be replaced! Thank you for the sockalong which gave me so much confidence in knitting. Wildflower colourway please if I am lucky enough to win. Thank you.

  62. Stella says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong.
    I think I’ve only made one pair of basic WM socks … many more “with a twist”. If it weren’t for the Sockalong, I would have probably never made a single sock. Thank you and all the group members always on standby to lend a helping hand.
    If I am a lucky winner, then I choose elderflower as I’ve knit with Sunset already. Stella Jeenes (WMK&N)

  63. Debbie says:

    1 pair

  64. Andrea Beetles says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I only started knitting socks just before Christmas (using your pattern, of course) and so I have two pairs of basic sockalong socks. (I have three-quarters of one mosaic sock too but that doesn’t count!) Both of the yarns are beautiful, I would be grateful to win either. Axx

  65. Shirley Jeffery says:

    Congratulations on the 7th sockalong birthday ! I love your blog and discovered it about a year ago- so inspirational . I am about to embark on knitting my first pair of sock – WYS yarn and needles at the ready. Although an experienced knitter I’m feeling nervous but I’m sure your advise will be with me all the way ! I love the summer sunset yarn!

  66. Dawn says:

    5 pairs completed (only since Christmas when I first stumbled across Christine) and 1 pair actively on the needles as my lunch break project. Love all things WinwickMum. Such a public service xx

  67. Debra Klein says:

    Happy 7 year birthday! What a great accomplishment. Thank you for giving me the sock knitting bug. I have made 7 pairs of the basic sock and have the 8th on the needles. I previously had been an avid crocheter but decided to reteach myself knitting and after a dozen hats and mittens found you and haven’t crocheted since. Knitting socks has taken over my life. Lol. I love both the colorways but if I win, would prefer the wildflower as it suits my hippie personality to a T. I love your blog and thank you for everything you do.

  68. Caroline says:

    Happy 7th Sockalong Birthday Christine!
    Can I take this opportunity to thank you so much for teaching me how to knit socks – I thought it was a skill I would never acquire but now I’m addicted. I really do feel like I have my ‘mum’ sitting beside me looking over my shoulder & telling me what to do next. (When I say ‘mum’ I’m pretty sure I’m a lot older than you!!) All your instructions are so clear and the photos really help as well. I’ve recommended you to so many of my friends who think that socks are too much of a mystery to master.
    I have made 5prs of basic 4ply socks this year – some as gifts and some for myself. That’s on top of the 4prs I’ve made since I found your blog in 2019 but have never previously added to your count.
    Thank you!

  69. Judith says:

    Happy birthday! I have counted and I have knitted 43 pairs of socks, it’s very addictive and calming when watching rugby 😁thank you for giving me something to keep people’s feet warm, my daughters and friends are very grateful 😆

  70. Mary Jane PLATT says:

    Probably about 5 pairs since this time last year ( and about a similar number the previous year, but I didn’t ‘submit’ them) Have only been sock knitting for 2 years (but seem to have collected enough wool, to keep me in socks for the rest of my life! love all the wool combinations

  71. Carol Innes says:

    Happy 7th Birthday!
    I’ve made 2 pairs for me, 1 pair for my husband, 1 pair for a new baby … and a single teeny tiny sock badge.
    Just love all the help and looking forward to many more socks.
    If I shoukd win I have no preference on colour – surprise me!

  72. Fiona Lowe says:

    Hi thanks for the great pattern. I have made 19 pairs in the last year 😊 I love all the yarns so don’t mind which I would have

  73. Fiona Lowe says:

    A wonderful year making 19 pairs of socks 😊

  74. Gill says:

    Happy 7th Birthday. The socks are amazing. I’ve managed 1 pair so far. The wildflower would be my favourite choice 🤞

  75. Jen Heald says:

    I’ve slowed down because my sock drawer is overflowing but I’ve made socks for the homeless, for friends and for Marie Curie hospices this year. So eight pairs this year.xx

  76. Ruthie says:

    Happy 7th🍰! I’ve knit 6 pair so far this year🧦🧶💕!

  77. Sandra Rore says:

    Thank you for making sock knitting (seem!) achievable. I am a complete newbie! So far I am on row 44 of my first 4ply basic sock! (With only a few mistakes – learned lots!) in wildflower yarn.
    Happy 7th birthday, here’s to the next 7 years (I might be finished pair one by then!)

  78. Chrissie says:

    Happy 7th birthday 🥳
    I’ve enjoyed knitting 5 pairs of basic socks 🧦 since last May, all greatly appreciated by my family. I love the WYS yarn 🧶 and think both colours you’ve highlighted look bright and cheerful for the summer.

  79. Lisa Miller says:

    Your tutorials are the best! I had very little knitting experience and could barely wrangle a set of DPNs when I discovered your blog. I love how incredibly well-written your tutorials are and how they cover every little step and detail. I made my first pair and was amazed that I had actually made socks! I have completed 4 pair in total now, and the bright colors make my feet extra happy.

  80. Helen Dart says:

    Congratulations, it must feel amazing to have helped so many people learn a life skill. I finished my first ever pair at the weekend and am already reaching the heel on my second pair.
    I’d love the Summer Sunset.

  81. Jane Hedges says:

    Happy 7th birthday to the sockalong. I have knitted approx 15 pairs of the basic pattern . Knitting them has kept me going through pre hospital isolation and even 1 pair whilst in hospital post major surgery. Thank you Christine and your socks

  82. Chris Guest says:

    Happy Sockalong – changing the world 1 sock at a time 🤩 only 1 basic pair (love so many other gorgeous stitch patterns)! Summer Sunsets if I’m a winner please xx

  83. Becky Fletcher says:

    Happy birthday! And what a lovely generous giveaway!
    I’m still knitting my first pair but enjoying it😊
    I love the summer sunset colour but would be really happy with either.

  84. Donna Stupfel-Smith says:

    How many socks since last year? I have lost count. I knitted 4 pairs of 4 ply, 2 pairs 6 ply–all basic socks by Winwick Mum. That is not counting the fancy design you created, Hidden Gems, which looks great in a Burnt Sienna color 4 ply from WYS. You basic sock pattern is my go-to pattern and I recommend it and the tutorials to everyone who asks. Thank you for that!

  85. AnneW says:

    Happy Sockalong-o-birthday! I’m so glad you kept the sockalong going and the wonderful nurturing group for so long or I don’t know that I would have learned to knit socks!
    I’ve knit 17 of the 4 ply socks since may ‘21, some for gifts and some for me. There’s always something to learn and always a new yarn to try. Oh, and either colour would be lovely!

  86. Lindsay says:

    I’m still on my first! Need a bit more confidence. I’d love the wildflower yarn please!

  87. Pam Gardiner says:

    Happy Sockalong birthday. I have only made one pair of socks as my eyesight is now poor, but with your very kind help I have started a pair of dk socks as you suggested. The Wildflower yarn would be lovely.

  88. Sheila Wall says:

    I taught myself to knit socks using your basic 4ply pattern and over the past year have made 32 pairs plus 2 pairs of short trainer socks also using one of your patterns. My 4 year old granddaughter asked me to knit her some rainbow socks too so I used your pattern and Rum paradise to knit them. I am definitely addicted and begin another pair as soon as I finish a pair. Thank you so much for your patterns. X

  89. julie Lewis says:

    Happy 7th birthday!
    3 pairs made since last year!
    If I am lucky enough to win, I’d prefer summer sunset please!!

  90. Jo says:

    Happy 7th birthday! I started a pair of socks…. just got to the the bit past the heel when the other half poked me with his foot and I dropped a whole load of stitches…. as I wanted to stab him with my dpns I had to stop as blood can be a pain to get out of yarn! I went back to crocheting granny squares so that I can glare at him whilst I craft in the evenings until I feel ready to start over again!

  91. Laura Miller says:

    Happy Birthday to you!!! Huge congrats Christine, you deserve every accolade in the World! I think I’ve knitted nine pairs of your pattern in that time, but it could be ten or eleven as I give pairs away. Summer Sunsets for me please if I’m drawn, but please send the copy of your book to another knitter as I already have a copy. Much love always, Laura. x

  92. Debbie Calver says:

    A very happy 7th birthday !
    I have knitted 3 pairs of the basic 4 ply pattern so far, with many many more in the pipeline.
    If I win, I would very much like the summer sunset yarn.

  93. Suzette says:

    Happy Birthday! I have knit only 6 pair of socks! I want to knit more of them. Love your blog and look forward to reading them!

  94. Fran says:

    Happy 7th Birthday! Your sock tutorials are amazing. I love the Widflower 😍

  95. Kate Perry says:

    Spent 2020 mask making. 2021 became my knitting 3/4 sleeve jumper year. Having rediscovered knitting – what next? There is a limit to hats and scarves but SOCKS!!!! My first pair became bedsocks deemed not good enough to see daylight!! I almost gave up but with your pattern and advice I’m getting quite good ( fingers crossed there lol) I’ve even gifted 3 pairs. So in total I’ve made 6 pairs of socks I am happy with and a few pairs which are just OK. I’m seriously chuffed. So a huge thank you!!! I love the summer sunset yarn.

  96. Judith Asquith says:

    My tally of basic socks since last May is 4. I have 3 more pairs on the go at present – 1 next to my armchair, 1 in a project bag at my mum’s house (I visit every week and she enjoys seeing the progress) and 1 in the car that I take with me! I’d like the sunset yarn if I’m lucky enough to win.

  97. Debbie Clarke says:

    Happy 7th birthday, what an achievement.
    I’ve finished six pairs, almost 7. Your pattern is so good I recommend it and your blog to everyone. Thank you for inspiring me to knit socks, something I never thought I’d have the patience to do xx

  98. Lesley Bain says:

    Happy 7th birthday! I am so glad I found you 5 months ago! I’ve knitted two pairs of the 4ply socks so far and have been very inspired. Knitting socks is the first knitting project I’ve ever finished in my life and I’m very proud of that, but without your online help and resources Christine, I would have got nowhere. I love picking out lovely yarns now for socks and the Wildflower yarn is my favourite of the two you’ve picked.

  99. Liz Simpson says:

    Happy anniversary! Your instructions got me knitting socks for the first time and since last May I think I’ve made about a dozen pairs. Love it, thanks for getting me addicted!

  100. Jane Parker says:

    Using your basic 4ply sock pattern was what gave me the confidence to start knitting socks in January this year. I never thought I would be able to and I’m now on my 12th pair so far and completely addicted 🥰 I’d love to be entered into your giveaway and I really don’t mind whichever colour etc. Thank you for the inspiration and blogs! Jane

  101. Alison McKenzie says:

    There is nothing I find more relaxing or portable than a nice pair of plain socks. Thankfully my whole family young and old love nothing better than pair of hand knitted socks. As a result I normally knit about a pair a week so a rough estimate, between other projects, would be about 40 pairs.

    • Patricia says:

      Happy Birthday 🎂. Thank you for your sock a long! I have knitted one pair of socks and also am on the second sock of another pair since last May.

  102. Roz Little says:

    I have made 3 pairs of basic socks in the last year. It’s a handy pattern when you want to show off the yarn. Happy birthday Sockalong!

  103. Linda Louis says:

    Happy Birthday Christine
    I was looking for something new to learn during lockdown, having failed at learning crochet. I have knitted for 55yrs but never thought of trying socks. I discovered your blog last Christmas & started my socks then. I am still on the first one as sadly I am a perfectionist! I would be happy with either yarn as a surprise

  104. Kay Archer says:

    Hi Christine
    Congratulations on 7 years. That’s just fantastic. I’ve just surprised myself to find I’ve knitted 4 pairs of 4ply basic socks (and another in DK)
    Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Kay xxx

  105. Catherine Fish says:

    Happy Birthday! This year I’ve been doing TAAT. I completed one pair and am still making the second pair. The wildflower yarn looks so pretty and I love the alpaca tin 🙂

  106. Brenda Hogg says:

    One pair. Summer sunset is nice.

  107. Rashmi S. says:

    Happy birthday to the Sockalong! I made my first pair of socks in about 15 years with the basic 4 ply pattern this year, and I loved it! Thank you for all that you do!

  108. Tracy Barnett says:

    I think I may need therapy. Since May 21 i have knitted 13 pairs of socks, all for me. Mostly WYS yarn. Also have 8 balls of sock yarn waiting in the wings. 1 to start today. My issue is how to acquire a 2nd pair of feet!. Last year I did my socks for others and the rest of this year will be for others too. Thank you for your patterns which are my go to.

  109. Susan Dowson says:

    I have made three pairs from the basic pattern including one pair for my husband. I love WYS yarn especially Wildflower. I was not a knitter, I’ve crocheted for years but since discovering your sock patterns my crochet hooks have been abandoned 😃

  110. Jo says:

    3 pairs. A great new craft for me, and so practical! My feet were cosy all winter. I love both colours of yarn, but do prefer the cats tin, as I share my home with a cat. Thank you.

  111. Anna says:

    I’ve not knitted any basic socks over the last year as I became allergic to wool. I’ve just found some non wool wool and started the ripple ones.I’ve bought 4 more balls so there are some basic ones coming in my near future 🤩 While I’d love to win the goodies especially the flowers one the colours are awesome, don’t enter me as I won’t be able to use it. Thank you so much for all your free patterns you have helped me to love my sock making journey and I was quite bereft the winter I discovered is started to react to the wool. You are awesome

  112. Jeannette Saylor says:

    Happy birthday Sockalong!
    I think since last May I have only knitted one of the basic 4 ply socks. But that’s because it has given me such confidence to try other patterns or yarn weights. So thank you, again for the Sockalong. I think all your yarn colors are gorgeous but I know my son has spotted the spring green and desperately wants a pair of socks in it.

  113. Janine Stockdale says:

    Many happy socks returns…
    I was already a sock knitter before I was introduced to your site and all the Winwick Mum patterns. I now recommend you far and wide to anyone who says they can’t knit socks. Since we are limited to the basic 4 ply pattern, I have only knit 2 pairs since May 21, but I have also been knitting other patterns and enjoying how they all knit up with different yarns. Each one is a pleasant surprise.
    I’m loving the vibrancy of the summer sunset yarn for some summer socks…
    Many congratulations on your much deserved success. Janine

  114. Lynne Chinnock says:

    Hello Christine,
    Many Congratulations on 7 years of wonderful sock knitting, you really are a little GEM🤩.
    I discovered your wonderful patterns during lockdown, over 2 years ago now, & at the grand old age of 66 you truly kept me sane during those terrible days, not only did I learn to make socks, something I have never made before, but I just love your great blogs, family life & walks with the dogs are some of my favourite 🐶
    My total socks made since May 2021 is 29 pairs, all for friends & family.
    I’d love either of the WYS yarn if I was lucky enough to win.
    Best wishes Christine, keep up your fantastic work. ❤️

  115. Lesley Bain says:

    Happy 7th birthday sockalong! I am so glad I found you 5 months ago! I just started knitting socks this year and have knitted 2 pairs of this pattern which works out great every time. These socks are the first knitting project I’ve ever finished and I would not have got anywhere without all of your online resources and help thanks Christine. It’s been invaluable and very inspiring. I now love knitting socks and looking at yarn, and the Wildflower yarn is the one I prefer. I also love your collaboration with the WYS!

  116. Sally Sallett says:

    Happy 7th Birthday!
    I only began in November 21 but have so far managed 2 x DK pairs (one a Christmas gift, for a dear friend, who lost her fight against MND a few weeks ago)
    Then there’s the 4 plys …. I have 2 Daughters & 2 Granddaughters who each have a pair & 7 pairs are in my ever expanding sock drawer! There are 2 pairs on the needles as well!
    Finally, I’m looking forward to sporting my RWB Platinum Jubilee pair, next month!
    Thank you so much for the inspiration although I’m not sure my husband would agree when he checks my credit card bill!
    Summer Sunset would be lovely, should I be selected. xXx

  117. Ruth Cooling says:

    8 pairs in the last year with 2 pairs on the go.

  118. Kerry Walker says:

    Hello and a massive thank you from me (for teaching me how to knit socks) and also from my family and friends (who all have warm and cozy toes). My count is 8 finished and 2 on needles. Safe to say i am truely addicted and 6 years on still loving knitting them xxx

  119. Louise Cavaliere says:

    I’ve made 7 pairs of the basic pattern this year, I love making them, thank you so much for the pattern / tutorial.

  120. Elisabeth Carthew says:

    Well done Christine, regrettably I have only completed two pairs in this year as hubby was very poorly but I did buy a copy of the book for a good friend (though I’ve never had one myself, I’d love one). I have just started another pair for one daughter in law in your fabulous Seascape, I also love Wildflowers x

  121. Christine Knowler says:

    Happy 7th birthday! I’ve made 5 pairs of the plain socks including one pair of DK if that counts. I usually make them with contrast rib, heel and toes these days or patterned socks. But the original pattern is great to pick up and put down without having to worry if you have the pattern with you.

  122. Janet Long says:

    Happy 7th Birthday 🥳

    I have completed 1st pair of socks in rum paradise after your Facebook group being recommended by a friend. I am now on 2nd sock of second pair in blue lagoon & I’m hooked! I would love the summer sunset if I am lucky enough to win.

    Thank you Christine for sharing so kindly x

  123. Mandy waite says:

    Hi, I’ve tried to knit socks using other patterns, only ever knit one sock. So I thought I’d try your pattern. Everything just clicked into place, the fit is prefect and I mastered Kitchener stitch too. I’ve knitted 4 pairs of shorties, I get two pairs out of 100g ball. Thank you for the step by step instructions.

  124. Helen Smyth says:

    Happy 7th birthday! I love all of your sock patterns and have knit quite a few. Since May of last year I have knit 5 pairs of the basic sock pattern for the men in my life. The second sock of the 6th pair is waiting for me to finish the toe off! Your kitchener stitch tutorial is fabulous! I refer to it every time! If I was lucky enough to win I would be happy with either colour!! Thanks! Helen S

  125. Lynn Chivers says:

    I have made 9 pairs for friends and charities, and another 2 for me. I recommend your patterns and blog to everyone and anyone I meet who is knitting, and cannot tell you how grateful I am that I found Winwick Mum Knit and Natter and Sockalong groups. During Covid lockdowns and other times, they have been invaluable at putting my world straight. Thank you. If I am picked as a winner, I would like the Sunset wool please and thank you.

  126. margaret birks says:

    Christine , i have knitted 38 pairs of your basic socks this year’!
    If i am lucky i would love any of the prizes , if it was the wool i would love the Wildflower colour, thank you for inspiring me! Margaret

  127. Bethan says:

    I’ve made two basic in 4ply. Only learnt to knit at the beginning of 2021, learnt how to knit socks from your tutorials by Easter 2021 but in 8ply (easy as a beginner as they knit faster) which I have made a few pairs. Made a couple mosaic and other patterns of yours since but always refere back to the basic pattern for reminders, it’s great!

  128. Julie Morriss says:

    Dear Winwick Mum
    I have just taken up knitting again after many years. I didn’t want to knit anything big but I wanted something useful. The last time I tried to knit a sock I only got as far as the heel then gave up. Also it was only 2 needles. With your sockalong I have managed to knit one and a half pairs (3 socks ) so far and I love them. I have worn them and I have had them admired by other knitters who said they didn’t dare knit socks. I pointed them in your direction! If I win a prize of wool can I have the summer flowers one. Keep up the good work. Julie

  129. Felicia says:

    Happy Birthday! And greetings from California. I’ve knitted 1.5 pairs of Basic 4ply Socks and am so thankful for your clear instructions, helpful tips, great photos, and encouragement. My first sock was a longer sock and then I realized I didn’t have enough of the same yarn to make another, so I made a pair of Shortie Socks from your tutorial. I’m looking forward to trying TAAT, the Easy Lace Socks, and the tiny sock badge. Also the Kitchener Stitch guide is genius – folds to a perfect size to carry along. Thank you for your generosity in making these tutorials as well as this giveaway (summer sunset)!

  130. Susan Cross says:

    I’ve knitted 2 pairs, one in the Wildflower yarn. Love WYS yarns and the patterns produced even on a basic sock. Would like to try the Summer Sunset colourway. Best wishes, Sue

  131. Pamela says:

    I discovered your blog about this time last year – just when I had decided I wanted to learn to knit socks! I’ve knit three pairs so far. I have yarn for another pair but decided I really had to put aside my socks and finish the other projects I had left hanging when I started knitting socks.
    I would be thrilled to work with either of the yarns!
    Happy Birthday Sockalong and thank you Christine for sharing your time and talents!

  132. Jenni Rochester says:

    I have made 6 pairs of basic socks since Jan 2022 when I finally mastered them thanks to your pattern. Also thank you to the person who suggested the Finchley graft instead of Kitchener

  133. Jan Taylor says:

    So far since December 2021 I have knitted 33 pairs and enjoyed every minute. Thank you for being so generous and sharing your patterns for free. I’ve had a few stressful months and knitting has been my stress buster. All is well now but I will continue knitting.
    The wildflower choice would be lovely if I’m lucky to win.
    Love Jan 🧦🧦🧦❤️❤️❤️

  134. Louise Watson says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! I’ve knitted about ten pairs in the basic sock pattern in the last year. Both yarns are lovely, I’d be excited to win either. Love the tin with the alpacas as we just retired from having alpacas. Happy Birthday!

  135. Ruth Howard says:

    Well Done Christine – hasn’t the time flown by – thank you for all your encouragement & excellent fast response for my problems!!! – I have no idea how many pairs of socks I have knitted not alone in the last year so I will say 1 pair and 1/2 a pair 2nd sock on needles as I ✍️ write !! – I love all your yarns
    Enjoy your sock Birthday
    Love Ruth x

  136. Cath Evans says:

    I have made 8 pairs of 4-ply socks using a variety of your patterns which I love.

  137. Nicky says:

    Hello Christine, I’ve been following your blog for a long while, I’ve tried before to knit socks, on circular needles and dpns and nothing felt quite right, so I always gave up after half a sock. In November 21 our Guild set a scrappy sock advent challenge and I remembered seeing your basic 4 ply sock pattern – it took me a little longer than it should have done, but I’m thrilled to have actually completed my first whole pair of socks thanks to your great instructions, it was like having someone there with me to get over the ‘tricky’ bits. Thank you. DPNs won once I’d got over the feeling of knitting with meccano! If I was lucky enough to win, I’d be very happy with either colour.

  138. Melody Daines says:

    I’ve made three pairs since May 21 for my son. If I win I love both colours but wildflower is my preference.

  139. Judi Swatland says:

    Happy birthday 🥰 I am on my 10th pair since January this year, I struggled so much to start with that I ended up in tears of frustration! I wouldn’t be beaten though and after a disaster when I knitted the toe sideways, I found your group
    I’m not sure wether I should be grateful or not though as I have since spent a fortune on buying yarns lol
    Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful craft at a time when I have a lot of heartache in my life – the distraction I get from immersing myself in my squishy socks is priceless xx

  140. Helen Lynch says:

    Happy birthday sockalong! I was one of the first to join the sockalong 7 years ago, I’m still enjoying it now. This year, through ill health, I have only made about 10 pairs. Thank you for starting a passion for socks for so many people. Should I be fortunate enough to have my name drawn, I would love the Summer sunset yarn.

  141. Marie Harris says:

    Happy birthday!! Well done Christine, what an achievement.
    I have knitted 20 pairs since last May. (13 in 2021, 7 in this 2022.)

    Still totally addicted.

    I would love to work with either of the yarns. Both are both beautiful and WYS is such lovely yarn to knit with.

    Thank you Christine. For taking the time to write and share your patterns.


  142. Frith Bartlett says:

    Happy HAPPY birthday WM Sockalong from New Zealand! Thanks to my lovely LYS owner I was introduced to your fabulous tutorials late last year and after years of being desperately keen but more desperately terrified of sock knitting I was finally off on my sock knitting journey- much celebration and joy upon completing the first sock (which did take me 2 weeks), the second quickly followed and since then I’ve knitted 3 more pairs! They’ve all been gifted to family and friends and it’s time I made a pair for myself. Until now I’ve been using my own hand dyed yarn from stash and would LOVE to try your stunning WM yarn! I’m drawn to the sunset colours however I’m open to branching out now I know I can tackle anything! Lastly and certainly not least thank you Christine for creating and making such an accessible, comprehensive and freely available group of tutorials! Clearly wordy works for me ha ha.
    WM Sockalong is a real gift and has boosted my knitting confidence a huge boost- there are many grateful and cosy toes already that can attest to that!
    P.S- the gorgeous wee tins are inspired!

  143. Kathy says:

    Hi , I have knitted one pair. Love reading your blog. I would love the wildflower yarn.

  144. Karen Nash says:

    I retired and returned to work part time over the Christmas period and set myself a challenge to learn how to knit socks. Your pattern and instructions were very easy to follow and I achieved my goal. I have knitted one pair to date but have wool lined up for several more
    Happy sock birthday

  145. Anne says:

    Hello. From across the pond. To be honest I follow your blog because I love your posts and cute stories. I never really thought I’d be brave enough to try socks again but one day I was out of town and stopped at a lys. And right there on the counter. Your mosaic socks AND the wys yarn ! So I had to buy it. I mean it was a sign. So I currently have ONE sock cast on (Covid got in the way )
    Oh yes. If I’m lucky enough to win. I’d love. Llamas lavender and wildflower. It truly would appreciate either. Happy knitting

  146. Pam Clague says:

    Happy Birthday and a great big thank you for giving me the confidence to try and knit socks, if it hadn’t been for you and all the phone helpers I would never have persevered.
    This last year I’ve knitted 2 and a half pairs of socks, I love how the sock grows into a recognisable shape as you get to the heel, thanks for your brilliance xx Pam Clague

  147. Karen says:

    Happy Sock Birthday! I am not sure if I’ve left my comment on the right post so I’m adding it again! (I get just as confused with the left and right so it’s a wonder that I ever managed to master the sock!)
    I’ve made 14 more pairs this year, favourites were the Seasons collection. Loved the colours and your stories behind them. I reread the posts of their creation as I was working each colour as inspiration. Can’t wait for the next collection!

  148. Jan Nutbourne says:

    Hi happy sock birthday, I’ve made one pair of basic socks. They took me ages because I had to learn to knit properly before I started, but are really comfy to wear. I used the tutorials, I’ve now bought the book and some more WYS sock wool to start another pair. I’m hoping to speed up so I can make more pairs for the winter, we live in a cold Welsh cottage!
    I love either of the colours they are all so pretty. Thank you for making something I thought was really difficult understandable. Take care Jan x

  149. Stephanie says:

    Happy Birthday 🥳 I’m on a crafting holiday at the moment I have my first and only pair of socks with me. They have been on the go for a long while, I really must get them finished. So I can’t add to the tally yet but perhaps I will do very soon.

  150. Hazel says:

    Happy birthday! I’ve made just over 2 pairs of basic socks. This is my favourite pattern so I always have a pair on the go! I would be happy to win any of the prizes 😍

  151. Jude Archer says:

    Hello Winwick Mum
    I love reading your posts and thanks for introducing me to sock knitting. I’ve knitted 3 pairs of your 4 ply socks in the past year. My son is very grateful and not happy when I say the current pair is for me. Hopefully Summer Sunset wouldn’t appeal to him and I could knit some for myself if I were lucky enough to win them.
    Happy dog walking.
    Jude x

  152. Roz says:

    Finally got round to really getting the hang of knitting this year. Then I started socks a few weeks ago with a pair of Basic DK Socks which I love, and have almost finished sock two of my first pair of Basic 4 ply socks 🙂 The sunset yarn would be my choice.

  153. Catherine says:

    I have just knit my first pair of winwick mum socks and the pattern was fab. I hope to knit many more. If I was lucky enought to sin I would love wild flower..Thanks and Congratulations. X

  154. Alison Ainsworth says:

    Happy Birthday Winwick Mum Blog!
    I returned to sock knitting after 60 years… I learnt to do so in Junior School in Scotland in 1960 and the pattern was almost identical to your sock along ones.
    I knitted 25 pairs now in your pattern. I’ve done others too but always seem to return to yours.
    I love WYS AND have knitted shortie socks and fingerless gloves from one ball of the lovely wildflower so it would nice to try the seasons Colourway.
    Good luck for next 7 years of socking!

  155. Barbara Adamson says:

    I think I’ve knitted 4 pairs this year…and I’ve told family they’re getting socks, hats or gloves for Christmas, so there’ll be plenty to add to the total next year! The pattern may be basic but the different sock yarns make each pair unique. I’m addicted!

  156. Steph Ramsbottom says:

    I have managed one pair of sock. After lots of email back and forward.

  157. Mairead says:

    Happy Birthday Winwick Mum, I’ve only knitted three pairs of socks in the last 12 months, all in 4ply WYS. I ‘socked myself out’ knitting Christmas socks for 6 grandchildren a few months earlier and gave myself thumb sprain 😁 so taking it a bit easier with the circulars at the moment. Either yarn would be lovely.

  158. Bracken says:

    Hello, I have knitted 2 pairs of basic socks and am currently knitting my third pair. I have one sock done and just started the second one. My first two pairs were in doubled lace weight mohair I am afraid ( it does kit as 4ply) but at last I now have proper sock yarn for the third pair.

  159. Sandra Dain says:

    I have made 8 pairs so far this year. I would like the Summer sunset yarn. Last year I made 29 pairs!

  160. Maggie says:

    Happy 7th birthday!
    I’ve knitted 5 pairs of socks this year…one pair for me and four gifts.
    I just love your patterns, they’re so easy to follow, with success first time!
    Thank you for all your hard work 😊

  161. Carol Leak says:

    5 pairs wildflower

    Happy 7th birthday sock along💐
    Thanks Christine, my sock knitting has improved so much with your help and I love the FB groups. It’s great to see other people’s creations and be able to interact with fellow knitters and crocheters.

  162. Suzanne Daish says:

    I’ve made 3 pairs of basic pattern in 4 ply and a pair of boot socks , DK. Not sure if it counts but have knitted the second sock for a friend! Am in the swing of it now and it’s getting easier so have acquired a stash!

  163. Sarah Thomas says:

    Thank you so much Christine for your patterns and time.
    I’ve knitted 8 pairs of socks using your basic and shortie patterns.
    What a lovely giveaway thank you 🤞🌸

  164. Lesley Wright says:

    Happy 7th birthday. I have knitted three pairs of socks and have no. 4 in process now. Wildflower yarn is so very pretty. Xx

  165. Deborah Boyd says:

    Happy Sockalong Birthday!
    So far I have not yet knitted any pairs of socks because I have been too busy with other things but I enjoy reading the blog and keeping up with the queries and reveals on the Sockalong in between. I feel confident that I will be well supported and encouraged through my first pair of Winwick socks and if I was lucky enough to win I would choose the Wildflower yarn as it reminds me of all the violets and dandelions and dead-nettle in my garden just now.

  166. Lorna says:


    I love the idea of making socks but have yet to pluck up the courage. I keep coming back to your site as it is so cheery & the countryside beautiful, the whole feel of it is calming & peaceful – much needed after a stressful day at work. One of these days I am determined to actually get down to having-a-go & having read the comment further up about you recommending the small circular needle feel that is the a’ha moment I needed.
    With very many thanks for all the happiness & joy you have give,

  167. Sian Elin says:

    I haven’t made any yet, but I’m about to start. I have the needles and a ball of yarn… Just need to build up the courage to go for it!

  168. Jayne P says:

    Happy 7th birthday. I knit my first pair of basic socks this year and I’m so happy with them. Thank you for your wonderful instructions

  169. Barb says:

    I’ve made 2 pair with the WYS Christmas yarn. I love all your Christmas colorways and would like a pair of each!

  170. Lisa G says:

    Happy birthday! I love the tutorial, it’s exactly what I needed! I’m going start my first pair using your pattern. Thank you!! I love the wildflower yarn.

  171. Margaret says:

    I think it’s 6 basic socks and many others beside but I always go back to your original pattern. Wildflower is my favourite yarn please.

  172. Sue Edgeler says:

    7 great years of inspiration thank you Christine. I have knitted 3 basic patterns. I really like the sunset yarn.

  173. Jan Rose says:

    Congratulations you lovely lady …you have inspired me to try other patterns as well as the basic one which I always fall back on. I’ve just cast on two different pairs …faat… four at a time!
    Am pleased you encouraged me “out of my comfort zone “and in the last year I’ve done the mosaic winter KAL and a cable as well.
    Thank you so much 😀
    I’d love to try the summer sunset.

  174. Jenny Cooke says:

    Hi. I have just finished my first pair of basic socks. After a major move I now have time to start on a new challenge and this was just what I needed. I loved having a written tutorial rather than a video one. Thank you for that!
    Happy birthday and many more productive ones. Jenny

  175. Rachel Tout says:

    Happy 7th Birthday! I’ve only knitted 2 pairs of socks EVER, but am determined to get the third pair (started in 2021) finished before the year is out! Thank you for your blog and the pattern, I’d never have managed to do it following any other pattern. Should I get lucky, I would like the wildflower yarn please (although they both look gorgeous)

  176. Kirsty says:

    Unbelievably I’ve made 12 pairs since January. My New Years resolution was to learn to knit socks. I posted my first attempt on Jan 23 and have just counted up. 12 pairs!! And all from you basic 4ply pattern. I’m a complete sockaholic!

  177. Shirley says:

    Happy birthday – I have made 2 and a bit pairs since last May- with yarn I bought before the lockdowns.
    The give aways look lovely – like both colourways of the yarn

  178. Gill Lloyd says:

    Happy 7th birthday.
    I’ve knitted 8 pairs of socks this year, all from your fabulous patterns.

  179. I’ve knitted 2 ½ pairs of socks this year; 2 pairs for gifts and am working on the third pair. I have the Winter Robin on another set of needles (I tend to get distracted and start too many projects!) I love sock knitting and your patterns are so easy to follow. I wouldn’t have attempted socks if I hadn’t found your blog. Thank you for all you do!

  180. Carolyn Floyd says:

    Hi Christine,
    Happy Sockalong Birthday!!

    I started my first pair during the covid shutdown and finished them last year. I had grand plans to knit everyone some for Christmas. Hmmm. It took longer than I planned.

    Then when you announced the Winter Haven KAL 2022 I decided to do it with everyone. I got my socks started but then my husband got sick so it was slow going. I have both socks to the toes and they will be finished but have to concentrate on that. I’ve taken them to doctor visits, hospital waiting rooms and any other place I needed to have something to occupy my hands and mind while being with him. They were a conversation starter sometimes since I use 5 DPNs to knit on and it looks rather complicated and prickly to non-knitters. They thought I was quite smart to be able to use all those needles at once. Several men stopped to tell me about their mothers knitting and it made them smile. Your instructions are so wonderful. It really is like you sitting with me telling me what to do and especially after I saw some of your videos. I can now hear your instructions in your voice. I always look forward to your regular blog posts too. Your photos are so beautiful. The Wildflower yarn is really pretty as are all the yarns.
    Thanks so much for the instructions for the socks. Carolyn

  181. Gleannis says:

    Hi, I have just started following your super blog and am excited at the thought of knitting again now I am semi retired and hopefully have more free time. I love the Sunset colour!

  182. Glenda says:

    Happy birthday 🎈
    I have a serious sock knitting addiction. One pair for a friends husband who has cancer. 18 for the family, 2 pairs for the post lady and her husband, 2 pairs for the couple who helped us through lockdown. 2 pairs for the nurses who do my husband eye injections after they admired his. So that’s 25 not counting the pair on my needles. 😆 Wildflower please.

  183. Jenny says:

    I am a beginner knitter of socks / love your beginner patterns and haven’t ventured on to anything else. So far I have knit 6 pair since last May – given away them all…. Any yarn is fantastic! Congratulations by the way on your 7th anniversary and THANK YOU for all you do – I’m not sure I wouldn’t gotten into knitting socks if not for your wonderful instructions!

  184. Tammy says:

    Congratulations on 7 years of creating cosier toes! Still the only sock pattern I’ve managed to knit (hoping to break out this year, but we’ll see…), I made 3.5 pairs in the past year.
    Both the yarns are beautiful, I’d be happy with either. But if I have to choose one I’ll say wildflower.

  185. Denise says:

    Happy birthday! I was down for a BSW learn to knit socks course which was cancelled by the first covid lockdown. So I got a copy of your book and the videos and became a lockdown learner sock knitter. This year I’ve used the basic pattern to make some alpaca bed socks which will come in useful with our house and the expected rise in heating costs. I’m planning to do more sock knitting this forthcoming year – I got a maakin belt and cocoon ball holder as birthday presents and I’ve promised to bring less yarn on trips out so sock knitting fits the bill perfectly. I like both colours you selected. I just wanted to say thank you as one of the many people who really didn’t think they could knit socks.

  186. Jeanne says:

    How nice! I will be cast on my first pair of Winwick Mon socks as a Christmas gift for this year with Vintage Ribbon yarn from you. Thanks. Jeanne

  187. Kayleigh Mountford says:

    Happy 7th Birthday Sockalong!! I actually have not tried the basic sock pattern yet – have been exploring to see what works, and this is on my to knit list! This will be the next sock I cast on I think! I have a few sock WIPs to get off my needles first!

    Both yarns are stunning, I love the winwick mum colourways and magic stripes! I think wildflower might be my preference, but either is lovely!

    Love Leigh x

  188. Talitha says:

    Congratulations on 7 years! What a huge accomplishment. I’ve just started on my sock making journey with 2 pairs completed and currently am trying my hand at ‘two at a time’ – roughly half way through. Thank you for all the tutorials, they’ve been invaluable to me. If it were to win, I would choose the Wildflower yarn. Cheers to another amazing year!

  189. Stephanie K says:

    Happy 7th! I’ve only found your blog since your last birthday so my first and only 2 pairs were knitted this past year (though I was just gifted yarn to start my 3rd)! My favorite outcome of finding your site (besides the pattern) was joining the facebook group. When I posted my first (somewhat wonky, slightly imperfect) pair of socks I got the most tremendous and lovely feedback. Your fb group is full of the best people. AND I’ve learned my new favorite word…”chuffed” (clearly I’m not a local). I’ve since taught my mom to knit a pair of socks using your pattern and gifted her your book for Christmas. Your giveaway is kind and generous — both yarns are gorgeous and I’ll have to get myself a pin either way!
    Cheers to your next 7 years!

  190. Sally says:

    I have made six.

  191. Lisa says:

    One pair of socks this year, Almost. I try and do one a year to keep track how many years I’ve been knitting. Four years! Love both colors, be happy with either, but if I had to choose only one Wildflowers.

  192. Leila Bradley says:

    I’m so happy to say I made my first ever pair of socks this year by following your superb tutorials. I couldn’t have managed without them. They will always be special to me not just because they’re the first pair but also because I made them using yarn brought back from my first trip to Melbourne to see my family! Thank you for being so generous with your time. The wildflower yarn is my favourite.

  193. I’ve made 8 1/2 pairs using your basic sock pattern. I love both yarns.

  194. Sharon Thomas says:

    Congratulations on 7 wonderful years of blogging. So proud for you. You have inspired me and you were the person who taught me and gave me the confidence to knit socks. I started during the first lockdown in 2020. In the last 12 months I have knitted 2 .5 pairs. 2 x basic pattern and the current WIP is the cable. I have used the wys robin, mallard and summer sunset. I would be happy with either but if I had to choose then wildflower please.

  195. Fiona says:

    I haven’t made any but it is on my to do list. The kids have grown too fast so new jumpers had to sneak in first. Hopefully I can add a pair to next year’s tally

  196. Kathy Augustine says:

    Hi Christine! I have made one pair using your 4 ply pattern that are gorgeous but HUGE. I am now trying again using 6 ply (DK wt)as I love boot socks. I learned so much from you and everyone on the face book pages. There are so many helpful and encouraging folks. I really enjoy “meeting “ people from around the world, it is a small world indeed! Just lovely! It would be so fun to win the prize! Both yarn colors are delightful. Thank you for having the giveaway, this is fun!
    Warm regards, Kathy

  197. Helen says:

    I’ve made two pairs of socks since May 2021, a pair each for two of my sons. Peacock and owl colours. My eldest son loves his socks. My middle son will receive his when my husband goes to visit him in Germany later this month. I never thought I’d be able to knit socks but the sockalong is perfect for learning how to do it. Perfect project for taking on journeys & holidays, or just a quiet night in. If I won, I’d love the sunset wool to knit a pair for middle son’s girlfriend.

  198. Sue jennens says:

    I think about 9 pairs since last May, just finished a pair for my eldest grandson size 2, the younger grandson lived his, they were part of his birthday present in February, tries to get away wearing them lots of times and not popping them in the wash F is 7 and came into our family 4 years ago great lads.

  199. Jennifer says:

    Happy birthday to you 🎂 I think I have knitted about, 20 pairs of socks for birthday & Christmas presents & birthday presents so far from last May. Love your patterns & clear instructions. Bless you yours.

  200. Julie Andrews says:

    I am currently on my 6th pair of socks, I have made them for the whole family who all love them. I like both yarns and would be over the moon to win such a lovely prize.

  201. Karen says:

    I have knitted 12 pairs of basic socks since May 2021! Always have a pair on the go, ready to knit a few rows anywhere. I like Wildflower.

  202. Patricia says:

    Happy 7th birthday Winwick Mum. I have knitted seven pairs in the last year including one pair of the Easy Mosaic Socks which took me a LOT longer but were such a challenge and well worth the effort. For them I used lifelines for the first time!
    I love wildflower colours so that would be my choice.

  203. Jo R says:

    This year has been something of a barron year for sock knitting, thanks to long covid and arthritis, and I can sadly only boast 1/2 a pair in that time. I knit 2 socks at a time, using 2 short circulars, to avoid second sock syndrome, and I’m on the home straight now with them. My aim is to finish them before the autumn! 😆 I would then love to cast on a pair in wildflower.

  204. Carol says:

    I’m still working on my first pair of basic 4 ply socks but I’m collecting sock yarn for more. Happy 7th birthday. 😁 I love the Wildflower colourway.

  205. Ruth Wirtz says:

    It’s Ruth the occasional crafter from Melbourne! I’ve loved your sock along and couldn’t have knitted my socks without your guidance. You made a dream come true for me. I’ve now made 7 pairs of socks including 1 pair of boot socks. So that’s 6 basic pairs. There’s always a new pair on the sticks. Id love any of your wools and I think you’re amazing. Ruth W. Australia.

  206. Sian Sloane says:

    I’ve made 3 pairs of your basic 4ply socks since May 2021.
    I’ve knitted for years and thought socks were going to be too complicated. I love your patterns, so simple to follow and you are my go to for a cuff down and heel flap!! Thank you for sharing your love with us!
    I’d love to enter the competition and would be delighted with either set, no colour preference.
    Happy 7th sockalong birthday!

  207. Julie says:

    Happy 7th birthday! I have knit 3 pairs of basic 4 ply socks since march 2022, I don’t mind which prize I win , all your colour ways are beautiful. Thank you for a great blog!

  208. scifigirl says:

    I haven’t yet cast on. I’m new to socks and I found your tutorials so I signed up for the newsletter. I’m eager to give this a try though.

  209. Miriam says:

    Hi. I think I may only be able to add one pair as I have been pretty time poor for crafting for me, rather than dyeing, sewing and designing embroidery patterns for my (very small) craft business. However, I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to start sock knitting only a few years ago. I love making and wearing my own creations 🙂 Happy 7th socktastic birthday 🥳

  210. Janet J says:

    I am on my seventh pair of Winwick Mum basic socks since last spring, and want to thank you for my new hobby! I had knit hats and scarves before, but never dared to try socks until I got your book and found all your helpful information online. Especially during this covid change of life, I have so appreciated my knitting and especially the socks which are such useful and fun projects to work on. Either color of the yarn would be lovely. Many thanks again for all your help!

  211. Rhiannon Harris says:

    Happy birthday!! I’ve done one complete pair this year and have the cuff of another sitting in a project bag waiting for me post uni exams. The heel turn knowledge came in surprisingly handy when knitting the head of a little dragon!! A moment of familiarity amongst the complicated nature of the rest of the pattern. Thank you so much for keeping the blog accessible. I passed it on to my horn teacher who was also keen to make socks but didn’t know where to start! The sunset wool is beautiful and would make a very smiley pair of socks to get me through my teacher training year which starts in September. Thank you for all your tips and the wonderful Facebook groups that are so helpful!

  212. Linda says:

    I completed my first pair of socks in July 2021 by following your online tutorial. They are perfect. It was a lifesaver challenge that helped me get through covid restrictions in Australia 🇦🇺 I am now halfway through my second pair 😊 all your yarn is lovely. A big thank you from me for your clear instructions. Cheers from Linda in Sydney/Australia

  213. Elaine says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve knitted 2 pairs of socks since last May. I love your books and the tutorials. Thank you for providing them. I also really enjoy reading the blogs.

    I prefer the wildflower colour way.

  214. 7th birthday! wow happy birthday Sockalong. I love the Summer Sunset, so bright and cheerful. I often take my sock knitting to the Knit & Natter in town. I started a pair in the Robin yarn that I bought at Yarndale. All the best everyone and here’s to many more birthdays.

  215. Brenda says:

    Just one pair and halfway through the first sock of Easy Mosaic. Summer Sunset would be wonderful.

  216. Carolyn says:

    I’ve finished one pair, and have just the toes to go on a second pair for hubby which I’m hoping I’ll get finished while on holiday next week

  217. Arlyn says:

    Happy 7th birthday, Sockalong! I realised I was late to the journey but not how late, but I’m so glad I’m here 😊
    After trying to knit and crochet socks with absolutely no success, I read about your Sockalong over at Lucy at Attic24, and I now have my first sock – that looks and fits like a sock – nearly finished on my needle! So exciting 😊
    So, once again, happy birthday, and thank you so much for your wonderful instructions and pattern.
    PS. Both yarns are gorgeous but if I was to win, Wildflower would be my favourite.

  218. Irene says:

    Happy birthday and congratulations on such an amazingly generous blog. I re-discovered my love of knitting socks through your blog and have made the basic 4ply, 6ply and 8ply (some with reinforced soles). I always recommend your blog and patterns to anyone that shows an interest in knitting socks. I’ve knitted 26 pairs of socks since May 2021. Summer Sunset would be my choice of yarn should I be lucky.

  219. Kerry Barnard says:

    It’s 2 pairs and partway through the foot of pair 3 sock 1 (with contrast rib and heel, feels intrepid!). Call it 2.4 pairs 😄 I’m new to knitting so I’m finding the Facebook group an amazing help, no question too daft and I love scrolling through the photo album. Love the wildflower yarn but would be exceedingly happy with stitchmarkers alone to be honest, I’m improvising with random bits of yarn.
    Happy sock-guru birthday!

  220. Chris Bourne says:

    7th birthday – I’m relatively new to sock knitting, I love it and am so pleased to have discovered Winwick Mum. Since May 2021 I think that I have knitted 3 pairs of the basic socks. I have tried circular sock needles but much my prefer dpns, even if I am continually hunting the needle (behind my ear – if so, which one – on the floor or down the side of the cushion).

  221. Helen says:

    Happy birthday from New Zealand. I fell into sock knitting by accident. Someone in a local group recommended a company that sells knitting kits for beginners and I was curious to see what would be included so I had a browse. Of course they sold sock kits. I didn’t want the particular combination of items which meant I couldn’t get the free pattern. So I turned to the net, found your Basic 4ply pattern, had great fun picking a yarn and joined this January’s First Sock sockalong. Loved it! I’m a pretty competent knitter but was always intimidated by socks. Your detailed instructions and photos are fantastic! I was just amazed by my first pair which turned out really, really well. Next step was to figure out TATT, and again the instructions and videos are all amazing – thank you so much! And thank you for the group too, I always enjoy seeing how encouraging people are. I now have a sock yarn stash 😆 I like to have 2 pairs on the go, 1 on 2mm, the other 2.5mm, both magic loop. That way I always have plain round and round knitting for car trips and my knit and chat group ( we chat so much we always have to go home and fix mistakes…) I have made 6 pairs from your pattern since I joined the group, 2 for myself and 4 gift pairs which I managed to make the right size for the recipents, phew, and which have gone down extremely well. 2 more pairs on the needles as we speak! I’m keen to have a go at the Mosaic socks sometime soon, just need to get some plain colours… Talking of colour, that Sunset colourway is fab!

  222. Joan says:

    Hi, I’ve made 4 pairs of the basic sock pattern and love each and every one. I like the red coloured wool the best.
    Thanks for your free patterns. They’re easy to follow and very addictive.

  223. Jane Reid says:

    I’ve knitted 3 pairs since last year!! I really still can’t believe that I can knit socks all because of you!! I love the Summer Sunset colourway xx

  224. Diana Wright says:

    Happy Sock Birthday, I have only been knitting socks for about 1 1/2 years and enjoy using your patterns. My family enjoys the socks that I knit for them, especially my Son-in-law Mark. He likes them so much that it’s what he asks for for his Birthday and Christmas. I will be knitting some for his Birthday in September. I find them easy to do and quick to make.Thankyou for your large variety of patterns to fit the whole family

  225. Amanda says:

    Due to ill health I’ve only managed two and a half (?) pairs since last year, all basic 4 ply pattern, not brave enough to experiment, but maybe I would if I had an easy to understand pattern!
    I love the wildflower colours

  226. Sue Brandwood says:

    I’ve only done 3/4 of a sock but am so surprised that I’ve got this far as your book is so easy to follow and full of detail and plenty of photos for each step.👍🏻 I would like the sunset yarn if win please as I’ve already got a small stash of sock yarns which includes the wildflower shade as can’t resist the gorgeous colours. Love knitting with the small circular as it gives my arms a rest.😊

  227. Hello Christine,
    I started reading your blog this year and couldn’t wait to start my first pair of socks. Loved the tutorials and bought 5 balls of WYS yarn ready to knit, but not yet started. I’ve done the tension square and tried knitting the teeny sock first – couldn’t do the heel but I’m about to try again! And then of course start my first sock.
    Wishing you a Happy 7th Anniversary. If I am lucky enough to win I’d like Wildflower as I already have the other wool. Thank you for the chance to win your exciting prize!
    Barbara 😁

  228. Christine Mainville says:

    Happy Birthday Winwick Mum! The very first sock I made will only fit a giant. I have made two pairs of socks. One for me and one was a Birthday gift to my daughter. I like wildflower.

  229. Maureen says:

    Happy 7th birthday. I swore off socks years ago, but your blog and Black Sheep Wools convinced me I should try again. I’m now on my second pair.

  230. Carol says:

    I’m a total beginner knitter and currently knitting my first pair. Its going great thanks to your tutorial and I’m so glad that my wool shop recommended your wool and your you tube channel. My first pair is in the Summer Sunset so I would love the Wildflower yarn for my next pair. Thanks from Australia !

  231. Jacqui Birnie says:

    Happy 7th Birthday! I have knitted five pairs of lovely socks to fill my sock drawer since last year. I would like the Summer Sunset package if I’m lucky enough to be chosen.

  232. Chris says:

    Birthday congratulations!
    If I could win one of your prizes I could embark on my first complete pair of socks. I’ve tried a couple of times previously but have found following the pattern difficult so have never completed my socks. With your help I might just get there! I love both sets so would be pleased to win either.

  233. Susan Nelson says:

    7 years – wow, well done. I have knitted another four pairs this year and always point tentative sock knitters to your Sockalong. I like the Wildflower colours best.

  234. Sarah says:

    Over the last year, I have made three pairs, plus one sock and a part sock on the needles, from your 4ply basic pattern. I have also made a pair using the easy colourwork pattern. This is such a relaxing, and useful, hobby. Proper knitted socks feel so much more comfortable and warm than thin commercial socks.
    I think that I prefer wildflower but it is a close run thing!

  235. Tracey Ogden says:

    I have knitted three pairs of your socks so far, I have had sock knitting n my to do list for a while , so glad that I have achieved this . Thank you x

  236. Jacqui says:

    Happy 7th birthday 🧶1 pair.
    Sorry to say no time for socks. I’ve got lots of baby projects on the go, with 3 new Grandchildren two still to arrive. But my circular needles will be clicking very soon. Can’t wait, I love a new sock project.

  237. Wendy Hollow says:

    Christine although I struggled with the Mosaic Socks as I could not count to four, my go to pattern for mindless, scrappy knitting is yours. I have only knitted two pairs this year. One of which I did not record in Rav as I finished them and gave them to my eye surgeon who removed my cataract. Couldn’t;t see much but with your pattern zoom. He has long feet to so lots of bright scraps fitfully used. May I wish you much success with your publishing and partnering with WYS. I even sent for the autumnal colour way and I’m in Oz. Hugs to you gratefully Wendy Hollow (WAH)x

  238. Louise Wall says:

    Happy 7th Birthday!!!!
    I’ve only managed to make one pair of the basic 4ply socks. I used a yarn from Peak District Yarns, who I can highly recommend. I’ll definitely be making more socks though

  239. Charlotte says:

    Happy Birthday ! I have completed 1 pair and 75 per cent of the first sock in another pair. I like both colors of yarn. I have your book but would give this copy to my granddaughter who is learning to knit.

  240. Katie Sanderson says:

    I have knitted 6 pairs since last Sockalong birthday, love knitting socks!
    I would like either colourway please. Xxx

  241. Dianne says:

    Congratulations Christine on your 7th Sockalong birthday celebration! I have knitted 3 pairs of basic 4ply socks this year. Your pattern is perfect. They are the most comfortable socks to wear. It was easy to adjust the number of stitches to fit my foot. I like the Wildflower colour. Thank you, Dianne

  242. Monica Kemp says:

    Wow, Happy Socky Birthday. I’ve knitted 1 full pair since last year and currently trying v hard to get past the heel stage on the mosaic socks. Doing lots of frogging but learning lots too! Helping out a fellow Yorkshire lass but we live in Australia. Love the fact that the wool is from WYS as I’m also from W.yorks! Wildflower yarn is my fav. Thank you for this and for all the fabulous posts and advice out there from you and everyone. You are all basically my Mum on line cos I can’t pop round to see her to sort out my knitting issues very often what with living on the other side of the world!

  243. Eleanor Ferry says:

    Happy Birthday !! I have only just discovered your pattern, and we are caravanning in Western Australia …. I have made one and a half pairs of socks … love the pattern, so easy for a beginner like me. Love the Cat tin in your pick by the way, think I might have to buy one ….,. Enjoy your day, and I look forward to many more socks !!

  244. Tiffany FG says:

    Congratulations on 7 years of socks! I’ve made one pair, and found your tutorials extremely useful – thanks! Either colourway would be fabulous.

  245. Happiest of Birthdays Winwick Mum Sockalong or as we say in South Africa, in Afrikaans: Gelukkige verjaarsdag! Never in my life did I think I would be able to knit socks until I stumbled upon the Winwick Mum Sockalong. I’m extremely thankful for the confidence this pattern and tutorials gave me. I started knitting in February so I’ve only finished one pair of socks using the basic 4ply pattern. I like the Wildflower sock yarn. I’m casting on a new pair today!

  246. Wendy Anderson says:

    I have completed 5 pairs of the Winwick Mum “sock along”. I love knitting these socks. It is something I couldn’t do, but after following the online tutorial I don’t think I could stop. I like the Summer Sunset yarn.

  247. Viv Henderson says:

    I would love to win one of your packs. I am about to start on my first pair of socks so am very nervous. Wildflower looks so beautiful. I miss the colours from the UK as I mis Lube in Australia

  248. Geraldine says:

    Hi, Happy 7th birthday.
    I have made 3 and a half pairs 🙂 and am so pleased to he knitting socks. Thank you for the pattern.
    The prizes look fab, fingers crossed.

  249. Bev says:

    I’ve just started my first pair. Thank you for your tutorials! I would be thrilled with either colour of yarn.

  250. Ann Brugos says:

    I knit my very first pair of socks this past February after finding your tutorial. It was something I’d wanted to try but written patterns made it seem so intimidating. Your video tutorials were just what I needed. I had the good fortune of finding some sock yarn at the thrift store and I was so happy to be able to get started right away with dp needles I already had and the Sockalong tutorials. I’m so proud of my socks and looking forward to knitting many more! (Summer Sunset would be lovely!)

  251. Monika says:

    Congratulations on 7 years!! I have only knit one pair of basic but have sent countless people to your wonderful tutorial. Keep up the great work ❤️

  252. Trisha says:

    Just the one I’m afraid, but I look forward to your blog posts, and I’m a member of the sockalong nit and natter FB group. Congrats on the 7th Birthday.

  253. Laurilee says:

    I’ve started my first pair

  254. Em says:

    I have started one sock 🙁 I do find your instructions so simple to follow, my problem is I make so many mistakes when I try to knit I keep undoing and starting again and then I give up! I do keep coming back, but continually frog. I can crochet and I have knit two cowls before with success, but that is the extend of my knitting. I am desperate to knit well, but am useless! Seeing this post, I will try again 🙂

  255. Nell says:

    I have completed the ribbing and 10 rows of one sock on DPN needles for the first sock. 🙂

  256. Jennifer Marshall says:

    Wishing you a very happy sockalong birthday from Australia, I cast on my first sock this morning and can’t wait to get going. My name is Jennifer Marshall (incase I’m the lucky ducky) and the wildflower colour way, it would brighten up winter as we head on into it down here! Congratulations again, and thank you for such a wonderfull resource in your patterns. Jen

  257. Inez says:

    Congratulations on 7 years! Please continue. I received my circular needles and yarn. I’m just about ready to start. Then my husband was diagnosed with cancer. He starts chemo on May 13,2022. I’ll definitely start my first cast on just to keep me sane!! The red yarn is my color!!! Thanks for all you do!

  258. Jennifer Goodman says:

    I’m sorry I forgot to tell you my last name. I’m the Jennifer that posted a comment at 9:48 pm. My last name is Goodman and if I happen to be the lucky winner, you pick out the color of yarn & surprise me lol

  259. Jeanette Kettlewell says:

    Happy 7th sockalong birthday, Christine! What a lovely thing you’ve started. Not only have I learned to knit socks, I’ve made the best friendships in your Winwick Mum groups. I am eternally grateful for that. What a lovely and supportive group of people!

    I have a digital copy of each of the Super Socks books, so if I won a book, I would gift it to my friend Debbie, who is a beginning knitter.

    You’ve put together a terrific prize package, and whoever wins it will be very happy indeed! Thank you for all the time and energy you put into the FB groups and your designs, patterns, and books. You are a blessing!

  260. Sharon says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve just started my first pair of your Basic 4 ply Socks using West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply in the Blue Tit colourway, which was a surprise gift from a fellow Raveler. I’ve been knitting socks for about 28 years and all I can say is that I wish your pattern had been available when I first tried to make socks! It was a few years before I read a tip from a ‘famous sock knitter’ about casting on all the stitches and doing a straight row before joining in the round. You told me straight away to do a couple of straight rows to make it easier to join without twisting! Your pattern is sized slightly larger than my go-to but I’m going to go with it and see if 4 extra stitches makes much difference. I have small feet (Euro size 34/35 or size 5 North American). I know you’ve made the pattern easily adjustable but I’ll make this first pair as the pattern is written. I’ll made modifications, if necessary, on the next pairs.

    Thank you for the pattern and for such an entertaining blog!

  261. Rhonda says:

    Congratulations on your 7th birthday! It’s ironic but it’s my 70th tomorrow. learnt to knit socks from your book and am now getting requests for repeats. Thank you

  262. Sheetal says:

    I am a slow knitter and have my 1st basic pair on needles using WYS autumn leaves yarn.
    I love your giveaway and love all the 8 colours from your collection!
    Happy 7th birthday!!

  263. Jan Eaton says:

    Happy 7th! Thanks to you for the years of generosity and kindness, as well as knitting prowess. Somehow I’ve never had the confidence to try knitting socks but you’ve inspired me to try. You make it seem fun and possible. What a gift you have, lifting up us readers, inspiring us with your thoughts, socks and guidance.

    If I were to win a prize, I’d be amazed. I love the Summer Sunset colour, and your book looks amazing. There will be some happy winners, that’s for sure, because you’ve put together impressive prizes.

    Thanks again for all you give of yourself.

  264. Alison Millard says:

    I have made 4 pairs this year 2 basic sock pattern, 1 boot (6ply) socks and 1 1mosaic pattern … I love the look of the mosaic, but I’m not sure I will make another pair. I love both colours of the yarn. A new book would be so handy as I gifted mine to a friend after an operation along with a ball of wildflower yarn and small circular needle.. does that count as another pair knitted?!¹

  265. Inge van Dijk says:

    Just one pair. I have been bussy knitting for the arrival of our 6th grandchild.
    I would love the wildflower wool
    Love inge

  266. Emma says:

    Hi, I happened across your blog and desperately wanted to be able to make some lovely colorful socks. Lots of time and rather less patience later I made my first pair! Since May 2021 I have made 4 pairs which I’m super proud of as I’m not a confident knitter. Thank you for your brilliant blog. I love all WYS yarn it’s beautiful Xx

  267. Jennifermakesstuff says:

    Happy birthday sock-a-long!! I’ve knitted 6 pairs with the sock-a-long since August 2021, truly the pattern that got me into sock knitting. Even as an intermediate sock knitter these days I still reference this pattern for toes or heels. It’s also my go to pattern recommendation for people who ask how to start knitting socks. Such a blessing.
    Hope you get to celebrate today 🥳

  268. Julia Green says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve knitted thee pairs this year. I like Wildflower.

  269. Lindsay says:

    Happy 7th Sockalong!
    I have knitted 5 pairs of basic socks in the last year, all going to raise funds for the local cancer unit. I’m one of a group of 8 who meet every week in our little village cafe to knit and natter. So far we have raised over £1200 for the unit, not bad for a small group!
    If I was so lucky as to win I would be absolutely thrilled 😊

  270. Rachel says:

    I have knitted just one pair of socks – my first ever! I’m so proud of them, even though they’re not perfect. Happy birthday sockalong! I would live the wildflower yarn thanks.

  271. Elaine Spencer says:

    Happy 7th Birthday Sockalong Christine. What a lovely birthday giveaway.
    I have found the tutorials very, very helpful and have been converted to the tiny circular needles. My sock knitting has been very stop-start and I have not just 1 but 2 unfinished pairs. One pair is to be a gift so will have to crack on with them otherwise another Christmas will go by.
    My name is Elaine Spencer if i am lucky enough to be the very lucky winner the summer sunset yarn would be lovely. It is the colour of the sunset over the fields opposite our house here in France.


    My very first pair of socks were made around june last year when a friend commented that the pattern i was about to embark on may be a bit hard for my “first pair & gave me your site to look at. My first pair were your basic socks in yarn of varigated autumn tones & I am now nearly finished my second pair using the basic pattern again with Regia cotton. I still haven’t attempted that other pattern i was originally going to try as now I’m a sockalong fan as is my friend who introduced me. Love the wildflower yarn

  273. Gill Charlton says:

    Happy birthday Christine. I have knitted 7 pairs following the basic sock pattern.
    This is a beautiful prize, good luck everyone. 🤗🤗

  274. Claire Powis says:

    Happy 7th birthday! Thank you for being a consistent presence during Covid keeping us same. I have knitted 3 pairs of socks and lots of other things. Your blog got me on the road to knitting socks and I love doing them now. I was definitely in the ‘too hard’ camp before and was so pleased when I did my first pair (full of mistakes but wearable!)

  275. Michelle says:

    Aww I share the same birthday that’s wonderful. I love the basic sock pattern I really do. I have made 21 pairs and given them as gifts but some have gone to Marie Curie appeal. Good luck everyone

  276. Bridget says:

    Happy 7th Birthday. I have knitted 5 pairs with WYS Signature using the basic pattern 2021. and then doing the KAL this year Christine you started me off in the world of 4ply socking knitting during the pandemic. Joining both Fb pages has been a great joy with some great friendly people. After knitting for 50 years and never a pic of socks. Thank You I am now an avid sock knitter.

  277. Sheryll says:

    I’ve finished 6 pairs with #7 nearly half done, these are my “go to” gift and nearly always come with a request for another pair please!
    Thank you for your pattern, always refer interested would be sock knitters to your site.

  278. Triona Horrocks says:

    Hello! And happy sockday! I think my total for this year is 9, but the thing that has really made me smile is that my daughter has now started making her first pair! Thanks for all you have done to encourage us and increase our confidence!

  279. Julie Lawton says:

    Since starting in January I’ve made 10 pairs of socks (2 pairs of ankle socks). I’m totally addicted to knitting socks, even to the point that I take my knitting to work to do in my lunch break!
    Thank you so much for your help and clear patterns x

  280. Sue Dale says:

    Happy Birthday. Love the blog and patterns. I have made 2 pairs of basic socks but I now prefer a more challenging pattern. I am about to embark on your zig-zag pattern. wildflower would be lovely for this pattern.

  281. Candice says:

    Happy Birthday! I am on my 5th pair of socks. My first was a rainbow pair for my daughter – whose training to be a nurse – so I thought that was appropriate. My sister got a pair for Christmas. She’s pretty fussy, but said these were the best socks she’d ever worn. Made myself and husband a pair, and now my son’s are on my needles. Such a fantastic, easy to follow pattern. And I have never knitted socks or used circular needles before.

  282. Marta says:

    4 pairs for me!! Happy 7th birthday! I like the rainbow yarn best xx

  283. Liz says:

    Since I found you I have knitted exactly one and a half socks! I think I’m going to get addicted, thank you so much for the tutorials just what this newbie knitter really needed. I’ve been crocheting for years but always fancied trying knitting. I’m glad I have!

  284. Audrey says:

    Well done Christine on your 7 year adventure .Happy Birthday.You must be so proud for your sockalong travelling around the world .It would be interesting to see how far .I’ve knit for many years but never socks ,until I saw all the amazing socks on FB when I first came on last year .Since June of 2021 I’ve made 18 pair mostly family .Who love them . I take my time for sore hands and wrists like a lot of knitters .I like both yarns but the Wildflower is very pretty ..Whoever wins the prizes good luck to all .

  285. Pat Taylor says:

    Happy Birthday! Your basic pattern is one I always return to, so easy to knit and always turns out perfect! I’ve knitted 7 pairs and my preferred yarn choice if I was lucky enough to win, would be Summer Sunset. (although either is brilliant!) Thank you for all that you do.

  286. Louise Pescod says:

    I have knitted 3 pairs of 4ply socks since May 21, it’s a new hobby – I’m a novice knitter and I’ve found that socks are much more straightforward than I expected. I love that a fully formed sock comes off the needle at the end! Socks for my husband were a labour of love, his feet are so much bigger than mine! I’ve gone wrong with shaping the gusset for my current sock so I’m about to pull it back – all part of the learning process though. I like the Brightside yarn.

  287. Rosie says:

    I love your pattern, it’s helped me to finally manage to knit socks this year – I started in March and I’m halfway through my third pair now ☺️☺️
    Both the yarns are beautiful, and I’d be over the moon to win either; but the wildflower is the winner for me.
    Thank you for enabling complete beginners like me to learn the dark art of knitting socks (and find its not so scary after all!!) Since taking my sock knitting to work for my lunch break, so many of my colleagues are now also wanting to have a try!!

  288. Maureen McElroy says:

    Only 2 pairs this year! (But 15 since you first wrote the instructions!!!) The socks last so well I now only make them for myself/ hubby/ son when we need replacements. The original is still The Best, but I like the trainer sock version too. In 2020 made a longer pair for a friend going through cancer treatment. She says her feet were beautifully warm and felt ‘hugged’
    Than you for the sock-a-long.

  289. Charlotte Skinner says:

    Happy 7th Birthday! I have finished one pair and cast on my second. This tutorial and FB group has given me the confidence to knit socks (one of my bucket list items!). I struggle with my health and getting my needles back out again has really benefited my physical and mental health. Beautiful prize and I would be happy with any yarn! Thank you so much.

  290. Rebecca says:

    Happy Birthday to the Sockalong! I recommend this pattern to everyone I talk to about knitting socks, it’s my go to everytime! In the past year I have knitted 5 pairs, 6 in total but my first was just before May 21. I’ve even started TAAT using this pattern and Christine’s YouTube videos which is something I never thought I’d get the hang off. Thank you x

  291. Geraldine says:

    Happy Birthday Christine, sock knitters are a lovely helpful lot, enjoy FB. I have knitted 9 basic socks this year, thank you to all and good luck to the winner. I like the wildflower yarn. Thanks for your easy,well written patterns.

  292. Beverley bartle says:

    7 pairs since last year! I joined the sock along about a year ago never having knitted a sock before, your site was a revelation! And the Facebook groups so useful too! Thank you!

  293. Carole Godfrey says:

    Happy birthday! I’m afraid it’s none so far, I desperately want to make my first pair but am very slightly intimidated by using 4 needles or circulars.

  294. Lesley Leighton says:

    Hi Christine, I discovered your Sockalong a few years back and enjoy reading your blog with all the goings on in your part of the country.
    I have almost 1 pair of socks finished, so must crack on. I also have lots of other hobbies and work full time, so can only knit in the evenings.
    Sunset Summer yarn would be my choice, should I be fortunate enough to win. I love the broght colours in this yarn. Thank you. Happy birthday to you and your Sockalong. Lesley

  295. Helen Gilmour says:

    Thank you so much for creating the Sock-a-longs it has helped me to knit 2 pairs of socks this last year. I would love either yarn colour but there is something very springlike about Wildflower which I love. I’m about to start a pair of socks shortly which will kick off my tally for next year. Happy Birthday Love Helen Gilmour 🧦 🎂 🧦

  296. Sarah Murray says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong. Lucky 7! I can’t remember when I found you but it wasn’t that long ago. 2 years maybe? So far I have only knitted 2 pairs of socks and they were both using your 4ply basic sock pattern. More socks are in my knitting future for sure! Sarah

  297. RoseMarie Lans says:

    Happy birthday! I have knitter two pairs of the basic socks. I just love the Summer sunset yarn! Hope you will have a lovely spring/summer! 🙂 /RoseMarie

  298. Frances Marsh says:

    Happy birthday – 3 pairs so far but more to come – wildflower yarn is lovely. Your book was bought for me as a gift from my crafting guru when life was in a bit of a dip. My nan was a sock knitter and always made a big deal about ‘turning the heel’ and this had put me off socks – your book made me realise that it’s not scary at all!

  299. Clare Taylor says:

    Christine, thank you for creating this pattern and the incredibly helpful posts. I always thought socks were too hard, then a friend gave me yarn and a sock book for Christmas, so the challenge was on, but I needed an easy starter pattern and Twitter suggested you -and since Christmas I have created 6 pairs of lovely socks and am 1 sock and a half through a current pair, and I am now a sock convert -thank you. I like the Summer Sunset yarn

  300. Amanda Eccles says:

    Dear Christine, I have lost count of the number of socks, plain and fancy I have knit from your two books but the best part was using the basic pattern to teach a new knitter to make socks. I can still see her face when she turned the heel!
    Here’s to the next 7 years.
    Regards Amanda

  301. Jacqui Davies says:

    Happy 7th birthday!
    I have only done 2 pairs of basic socks since last May – the other 3 have been different patterns. The summer sunset yarn looks lovely. Thanks very much for all the help and advice on the website and the lovely patterns! I would never have done so many socks without the help of the tutorials.
    Jacqui D

  302. Mary Payne says:

    Hi Christine, 2 basic 4ply pairs completed for hubby. Getting them to fit correctly probably amounted to knitting the first sock more than once! Am currently on 3rd pair for him … for next year’s tally.

  303. Sharon Thomas-Aitken says:

    I have made 11 pairs of your basic socks in a variety of beautiful WYS wool . I have become a bit obsessed with always having a pair on the go and always take them when I go out as the project is such a small easily transportable one. Thanks to you I have even mastered Kitchener stitch ❤️

  304. Annie P says:

    Happy 7th Birthday Sockalong.
    Where would we be without you Christine. I had never knitted socks before until I found your website and tutorials on YT. I have knitted 3 pairs this last year. plus a pair in production for hubby. Your pattern fits my feet perfectly and they are so comfy.
    Many thanks and much love. I would like Summer Sunset if I’m lucky enough to win.

  305. Judith Provan says:

    I have made 6 pairs. 2 pairs for my daughter to wear with her dock martins and the rest for my in laws who love my handmade socks. I’d be lost without your patterns!

  306. Susanna Locati says:

    I think I made six this year – plus other with various patterns. Both yarns are beautiful but I’d prefer Wildflower!

  307. Jane M says:

    Hi Christine, You’ve got me into socks this year and I’ve loved learning how to make them! If I did win, I’d like the wildflower yarn please? I’ve made 2 pairs both in Regia 4 ply, a pair for myself and the latter using up the remains of the yarn for a pair for my grandson (with stash yarn for contrast cuff, heel, toe and helical stripes). I’ve got 3 more balls to start and want to try TAAT next. Thanks for getting me started on the sock obsession!

  308. Carol Sanderson says:

    Happy 7th Birthday Christine with the basic socks and sock a long from Australia
    My first pair was July 2019 and I’ve kept my first sock made a few mistakes around heel mainly. The tutorials were fantastic for a beginner to understand. Then made a pair and continued on to 10 pairs over
    Two and half years. This year I’ve made One pair using left over sock wool, tops the same then used the other ball for the foot love them as much. I have bought from Bendigo Woollen Mills in Victoria another 5 balls. I’m ready to start in a few weeks as I have been crocheting a little blanket and almost finished that yippee. All the socks are for myself and wear them everyday winter and summer as everyone in my family don’t wear them all the time. Something special for me. If I am a lucky winner I would love either pack love them both.
    Enjoy your day and always read your blog very enjoyable.

  309. Angela Moore says:

    I’ve knitted 2 pairs and very proud of them I am!

  310. Caroline Cobb says:

    Happy birthday! Since starting sock knitting in October 2021 I have made one pair of the basic 4ply socks but am now obsessed.

  311. Jo says:

    I have knitted 3 pairs of basic sock ( 4 from other patterns). I would love a pair of socks knitted from the wildflower color

  312. Lindsay G. says:

    Hi Christine, still on my first pair of socks but enjoying the experience. Finding your videos especially helpful for turning the heel and Kitchener stitch. I would love to receive the Summer Sunset. Love your blogs, thank you, Lindsay.

  313. Lissie Wales says:

    Thank goodness for Ravelry as I record most of my knitting on there! I have made 53 pairs in the last year

  314. Lyndle says:

    Happy Sockalong birthday! Thank you so much for introducing me to the world of sock knitting. Your blog, tutorials and yarn are all fabulous.

    I’ve knitted 2.5 pairs of sockalong socks since last May. If I were lucky enough win I would love the Wildflower yarn.

  315. L G says:

    After a 20yr sock hiatus, I’m back! Yarn has changed, new needles (Yayyy 9” circs!!!) and I’m always looking for new/better/other ways to knit a sock that f.i.t.s. … Love your series, socks, and Your Very Own Yarn! Congrats! Spent last summer/fall knitting & frogging to find best fit, saw your site & now a follower! Looking forward to perfecting the “humble” sock. Thank You for Everything! Sock #1 coming up!

  316. Lisa Earnesty says:

    Since last May, 2021 I have knitted two pair of socks. I am a new sock knitter since finding you blog. You helped my learn to knit my first pair. I now plan to knit socks for Christmas for my family. I do not have a preference on the gift if I win. I love both options. Happy knitting, Lisa

    • Elaine says:

      Congrats christine!!!! Wow,,,,, I am impressed, ,,! Ihave made 15 pairs since last year of ur pattern!!!!
      Love them,,,,, my go to for vanilla socks,,,,
      Lovely prizes by the way!!!!

  317. Rachel says:

    Happy Birthday and THANKYOU. I bought the book in February. I have completed 1 pair and now have 3 other pairs on the go. Hooked! 🤣

  318. Linda Coggans says:

    Happy birthday to you! I wanted to learn continental knitting and so embarked on my first pair of socks last December. It was like trying to write with your other hand but it has become much quicker and easier on the hands, i still can’t do purl this way. I have compleated 17 pairs and my goal is 19 in time for Christmas. I like the wildflower yarn. Linda.

  319. Joanna Butler says:

    Happy Sockalong Birthday, Christine! I have not yet knit any socks (I think I need your book in front of me) but have been a devoted reader for years! Clearly I want to knit socks! The Summer Sunset is really beautiful but I would be happy with either one!

  320. Tracey Ogden says:

    I have knitted 3 pairs of socks this year using your pattern and WYS yarn. I have followed your blog for ages and wistfully thought about the socks : the ladies at my local wool shop are avid sock-knitters they help me with the bits I struggled with . I love the summer sunset yarn. Thank you for your inspiration x

  321. Pat Sanders says:

    All these lovely people knitting socks like mad- I feel a bit of a failure as I’ve only managed to complete 1 pair this year using your Brightside 4 ply. I still struggle with sizes, so only successful for my own feet.
    I would love to knit some for my hubby, but his feet are rather big & I keep loosing my way & having to redo the first sock so I don’t think this will count.
    If I could win your book I’d be so pleased & so would he. I might even lend it to my daughter, who wants to learn to knit socks.
    All of your colours are great & I can’t choose between them, so if I was lucky enough to win, please choose for me.
    Congrats on your birthday, & many happy returns. Pat

  322. Rachel How says:

    Since this time last year I’ve made about 10 pairs of socks, almost all in your basic socks pattern. Time to branch out to your easy cable socks next, I think. Love making them and giving them, but of course I keep some for myself!
    Rachel How

  323. Susan Geary says:

    Happy Birthday !
    I’ve made dozens of socks in the last 2 years….all gifts. Shorts and longs. Love your patterns !!
    Thank you all for the inspiration

  324. Lillian Geuken says:

    Just one pair (to be honest about 0.75 of a pair!) but I love working to your pattern, it is so easy to follow. I would love the Wildflower yarn and a cat tin (but if the cat tin only comes with the Sunset then I’d like that one please!)

  325. Carole says:

    Happy 7th Birthday Winwick Mum Sockalong. Since May 2021 I am on my second pair of your Basic 4 ply sock pattern. I would love Summer Sunset yarn plz 🧶

  326. Trudi Partridge says:

    Happy Birthday! I am on my first pair, about to start heel, knitting novice! Love the clear instructions. I like Summer Sunset yarn.

  327. In your post Christine, you thank us, but we really have to THANK YOU for your time and energy you put into everything Sock Knitting. HAPPY SEVENTH BIRTHDAY. I have knitted 12 pairs of socks from the Sockalong pattern in the past year. Totally addicted. If I’m chosen as a winner I would like Summer Sunsets yarn, to add to my collection of West Yorkshire Spinners Yarn. A Yorkshire Lass with a love of Yorkshire yarn.

  328. Ruth Ward says:

    What fun! Only one pair this year, it’s been mainly clothes for young grandsons, but I’ll be back socking soon as I just have that skein that’s calling ” Ruth, make me into socks please! 😎” Lotsaluv R x

  329. Emma says:

    Hi, I’m about to attempt my first pair. If I’m lucky enough to win, I would love the sunset wool. Thank you

  330. Janet says:

    Happy 7th Birthday Sockalong. I have made 1 pair of socks since May 2021 and am about to start a 2nd pair.

  331. Trish Annie Stevens says:

    Hi Christine, I’ve only finished one pair since last May, as I’ve been having problems with tendonitis. It’s cleared up now, but it means I can’t do as much knitting as I would like so I’m just focussing on one project at a time for now. If I win I would like the Sunset yarn, please. xx

  332. Becca says:

    I’ve made 2 so far.

    Congrats on 7 years! I’d love the summer sunset yarn if I win.

  333. Lin says:

    Happy Birthday! I have made two basic pairs since last May. I would love the sunset wool but both are gorgeous!

  334. Kate Morris says:

    Happy 7th Birthday 🥳 I was only introduced to you in March this year at a yarn retreat and started knitting my first pair of socks, I have just done the heel on my second sock, and waiting to finish knitting it to then graft them at the same time.
    I have truely enjoyed knitting them and can’t wait to wear them. I have bought more wool to make more socks, and I would love either colour way of yarn if I am a lucky winner… now to find a stockist of your yarn in Australia

  335. Margaret Jones says:

    Happy Birthday, I’ve just finished my fourth pair of socks. I would love the Summer Sunset.

  336. Anne Ritchie says:

    Hello Christine.
    I started knitting socks using your basic sock pattern two years ago. I’m addicted!! Since last May I have made 28 pairs, mostly for residents of my mums care home but a few pairs for me. If I were lucky enough to win I’d love the wildflower yarn. Thank you so much for your inspiration and wonderful blog posts x

  337. Maureen Bromley says:

    Happy 7th birthday. Just don’t a quick count and I think I have knitted eight pairs. One pair I knitted whilst on a coach doing the north coast 500 last year. Four pairs have been my son in law who loves them, one pair being finished about 10pm on Christmas Eve and wrapped on Christmas Day. Would love any of the yarn or needle holder as I have all the books. Maureen Bromley

  338. Jean mercer says:

    Congratulations Christine on your success, I am certainly glad you did it as I now have twelve pairs of socks to be proud of between myself, husband and granddaughter. It was a struggle at first but I just kept watching the tutorials until I was more confident. I did start off on dpns but as soon as I changed to small circular I was away. I have a pair of socks on the go all the time now but I just pick them up when I am in the mood which is most days really. I love all the colour ranges of yarn and look forward to seeing how they turn out. I am hooked on shorties at the moment they knit so much quicker. I look forward to future patterns and more socks in the drawer 😊

  339. Maureen says:

    Made my first pair Nov.2021 and have just completed my 7th. pair.Cannot believe how easy you have made it and am so addicted to this new found skill. It was 66 years after my first failed attempt at the age of 11.Many thanks for all the pattern instructions and tutorials.Also a big thank you to Lucy at Attic 24 who provided the link which started me on this great journey.

  340. Karen says:

    Thank you for your blog and your basic sock pattern. This year I have made 6 pairs. Everybody loves the socks I make for them that I think I will always have a pair on the needles. I would love the wildflower colourway if I’m lucky enough to win a prize.

  341. Taylor says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve knitted two Basic Socks! And I’d love the Summer Sunset yarn!
    I learned to knit a year ago and really struggled with the mandatory beginner’s scarf. But once I learned how to knit socks, it’s like something clicked!
    Thanks for the Sockalong, the giveaway, and the blog. I’ve been going through the entire backlog and am in posts from 2014 now.

  342. Michelle says:

    I’ve made one pair and I’m about a quarter of the way through my second! I’d love the sunset yarn, it may go on my to-buy list if I get get through my ridiculous stash 🙂

  343. Janet McDermott says:

    Happy 7th birthday
    I have made 3 pairs of socks from your very easy to follow patterns. I think the wildflower yarn would make lovely socks.

  344. Sarah S says:

    I have knitted 4 pairs and have 3 more on the go – I like the variety of different sock yarns ! Happy 7 th birthday and would love the wildflower yarn if I’m a lucky winner !

  345. Judith Provan says:

    I have made 6 pairs of socks, 2 pairs for my daughter to wear with her new doc martins and the rest for my in-laws who love my hand knitted socks. I’ve never made a pair for myself so the next pair are for me…..well after the ankle socks my mother in law has hinted for.

  346. Donna McKee says:

    Happy birthday! I started knitting socks in February of this year and have now completed 6 pairs using your basic pattern. So far I’ve kept them all for myself as I love them too much to give them away. I think it’s about time I tried one of your other patterns. If I am lucky enough to win a price, I like both yarn colours.

  347. Margaret says:

    Just two pairs this year – one basic and one cable in wys yarn. They are really soft and cozy. The wildflower yarn looks really pretty.

  348. Wendy Williams says:

    Happy Birthday! I have knitted 15 pairs, working on number 16 now. Totally addicted. Wildflower is one of my favourite WYS yarns.

  349. Julie says:

    I have knitted 4 pairs of the basic 4 ply sock, and I only started knitting socks in January of 2022! Whoops…If I was lucky to win, I’d like the Wildflower yarn…

  350. Elizabeth Brown says:

    I have only made 1 pair of socks using your basic 4 ply pattern since May 2021 (but I have also used your easy lace and DK patterns over this period). Your sock tutorials are so clear and helpful. If I were lucky enough to win, I would prefer the Wildflower yarn. Thank you.

  351. Hi, Mrs Winwick Mum!
    I’m totally new to all this. On impulse I bought a spinning wheel from a junk shop and joined Gernt Guild of Weavers Dyers and Spinners….of course once you’ve spun you need to be able to knit! I was amazed that Guild members knitted their own socks!!!!!!. I’m also amazed at the fantastic colours of your yarn. Was introduced to you and wow! I have made 1 pair so far and they ate the coolest socks. I have a stash of more yarn to make more pairs..💪💪💪.
    and I bought some luminous yarn at my first WonderWool…. won’t possibly get lost in future!! Thank you Wonder Winick Mum x

  352. Bethany says:

    I have knitted 11 pairs since last May! You can tell I caught the bug 😆 the most recent 3 pairs were baby size for my little one coming this summer! I would love the Wildflower wool 🌸🌿 Thank you for your much used and loved pattern! X

  353. Susan Rayner says:

    Happy Birthday to the Sockalongers and Knit and Knatterers – these are the very best groups on FB and the blog is something I look forward to every time it comes out! I am afraid I have no idea how many socks I have knitted over the past seven years – but I do have two drawers full plus lots gifted. Not the point – the cameraderie and the great help and support these groups give is worth a fortune and so nice to know that Social Media can be a force for good when in knitters hands! We feel like one great big family at times and I am eternally grateful to Christine for founding it and for being permitted to be a member! Many happy returns!

  354. Kerry says:

    I have knit over 5 pairs I believe and embarrassingly they’ve all been for me 😬 I just love how one pattern can look so vastly different just due to the yarn that has been used.
    There’s something so comforting too in knitting socks because they’re very portable so I can take them on flights or in the car with me. As well as they have lots of mini gains – the cuff, the leg, the heel, the foot, the toes and then kitcherinf them

    Thank YOU so much for penning down your pattern and sharing it with us so we are able to hold your hand and knit a perfect sock

  355. Francesca Josephine-Wieczorek says:

    Congratulations & Happy 7th Birthday Sockalong 🎉 Thank You for keeping me occupied at difficult times 🥰 I’ve counted 7 Pairs of the Basic Winwick Mum pattern socks I thought 8 but my Marie curie ones were a different pattern 🤗… I’ve been with you for 5 of your 7 amazing years and thought I’ll never be able to make them and then my Sister inlaw sent me your Tutorials and I’ve never looked back Thank You 🙏🏽 I always post your link when I see people asking for my “go to” Sock tutorial
    If I were to win the Summer Sunset is stunning but just winning would be a tonic Good Luck All 💚

  356. Diann Lane says:

    I have made 6pairs of socks for myself and some for my daughter ,it all started when I saw your basic sock pattern and I just love making them they are so comfortable and easy to make.

  357. Sheila Hale says:

    I have made 6 pairs of socks and have another pair on my magic loop at present. Your tutorial has been fantastic!! I bought the book because I find it easier to have the written word in front of me. I love both colours of the yarns. Happy 7th birthday sockalong. I’m so glad I found you on the Internet. I’m now addicted.

  358. Janis says:

    I have knitted four pairs and have only managed to keep one pair. I don’t mind which yarn as they are both lovely. I could meet you at BSW (save postage) and buy you a brew. Oh that sounds like bribery, sorry 😁

  359. Jane says:

    Happy 7th birthday. What an amazing achievement to have helped so many of us to knit our own lovely socks. I know I couldn’t have done it without you. I have made 7 pairs including 2 pairs for Marie Curie with Rosies beautiful daffodil yarn. I would love either yarn

  360. Mrs Alison Johnston says:

    I have knitted about 6 pairs for various members of the family. I was introduced to sock knitting by my sister. I always thought it was really complicated. She recommended your knitalong and blogs and I am hooked. I have a whole stash of wool to make more pairs.

  361. Stephanie H says:

    Happy birthday, Sockalong! Since May 2021, I have knit two pairs of basic 4ply socks and have a scrappy pair in the offing currently. This gave me such a wonderful in road into the fabulous world of sock patterns and I will be forever grateful to you Christine for such a fantastic resource.

  362. Lisa Jurkowski says:

    Thank you for all your help and I have found the super socks book so easy to follow. I have knitted one and a half pairs, I was terrified to do the first pair but now I’m hooked. Thank you from Lisa Jurkowski

  363. Francesca says:

    Dear Christine,
    Happy Birthday! It must then be nearly 7 years ago since I knitted my first pair of socks thank to you and I’m still wearing them! Your tutorials are increadible! Since May 2021 I have knitted 4 pairs of socks, one of which was a present for my mum and she absolutely loves them. Thank you!

  364. Caroline Q says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve just cast on 60 stitches for my first pair of Basic 4ply Socks. I love the Summer Sunset yarn. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  365. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Christine, Happiest of Birthdays to Sockalong. Wow 7 years! Since last year I have knitted 8 pairs socks and currently on my 9th. Love the pattern and the group who have been so helpful over the last year. Thank you x

  366. Heidi Gohn says:

    Hello, I have not knitted socks, yet. When I told my daughter’s good friend that I was intimidated by socks she sent me a link to your sockalong (which she had used successfully). Wish me luck! If I am a lucky winner I would love the summer sunset yarn

  367. I have made two pairs this year. I like the wildflower wool best.

  368. Jane Heaton says:

    Hello Christine, what an incredibly journey you have had over the last seven years, long may it continue.

    I’ve only managed to knit two pairs of your basic socks this last year, but I do have another pair on the needles as we speak. If I’m lucky enough to win I would like the Summer Sunset option as I already have the Wildflower colourway in my stash lol.

  369. Susan Staniforth says:

    Had I not bought the first book it would be zero. Absolutely loads knitted over the years and this year since last May 22.
    Thank you.

  370. Irune says:

    Happy 7th birthday!!!! Mine was on Monday 😉

    I have knitted 9 pairs of socks since last May, all of them gifts for family and friends! I’m casting the next pair tonight…

    I think I would choose the Summer Sunset but the other one is beautiful too 🙂

    Thanks for your your blog, Christine

  371. Heather says:

    Happy birthday sockalong! And thank you Christine for writing the tutorials. As you say in your blog, life is definitely better when you have a sock to pick up and work on when your hands and brain need to be occupied with something familiar and soothing.
    I’ve made 2 pairs of basic 4 ply socks this year. I’ve just finished the second pair and am wearing them already – cosy toes indeed!
    I prefer the wildflower yarn, if I win.

  372. Fran Mundin says:

    So this year I don’t think I have made any! But in total maybe 10? Seems crazy it’s that many! I did make a pair of the sanctuary socks 😊 which are super cosy. I would choose Summer Sunset because I already have a pair of sanctuary socks in the other yarn from the 2020 winter haven KAL!

  373. Anne-Mette Nordahl says:

    Happy Birthday to the7 years Sockalong🎂Well done. I found your blog about 3/4 year ago. Last year I knitted 1 pair of basic 4 ply socks, and several other pairs 🧶.
    Lovely colours at both yarns, Wild Flower is very happy🤩. Greetings from Norway 😍

  374. Lin Richardson says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong! I was lucky enough to receive a sock kit for Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed knitting my very first pair of socks. I have made 2 pairs for my husband and a pair each for my grand-daughters and am currently working on my 10th pair which are for me. I would be a very grateful recipient of Wildflower or Summer Sunset, if lucky enough to win. Thank-you for helping me to achieve such brilliant results with your detailed and clear instructions.

  375. Sheila King says:

    Happy 7th Birthday. I’ve knitted 4 pairs of basic socks.

  376. Eleanor Roome says:

    I’m afraid I have only completed one pair but busy with another at the moment as I am a fairly new member to this exclusive group! Have the books and loads of wool and working on the choice of needles and have for now gone back to dpn’s. So enjoy the blog and seeing all that is going on in your life. Thanks for it all and long may it carry on!
    Fond wishes El x

  377. Janet Everett says:

    Happy 7th birthday! Thanks to your tutorials and books
    Christine I have taught myself to knit socks using a short circular needle. I could never master dpn’s, not for the want of trying! I also discovered WYS 4-ply and became fascinated with the Country Birds yarns. So far I have made the basic socks in Robin, Pheasant, Woodpigeon, Bullfinch and Mallard, the last 2 since May 2021. I am fast approaching my 80th birthday and would love to make myself a pair of socks in the Wildflower colour schemeto mark the occasion!

  378. JoAnna Jensen says:

    I would love to win. I currently have one pair on the needles but am 2 stitches short so will need to frog. I’m having problems with knitting socks lately! My current pair is the wildflower colorway so would prefer the other (although the wildflower one is lovely).

  379. Angela Kimyongur says:

    Congratulations on your 7th anniversary. The sockalong was really what launched me into sock making at the beginning when I needed my hand holding. I may never have made the jump without it, so thank you Christine. I am now addicted!! I have only knitted one basic pair this year as there are so many fun patterns out there to try, including your Easy Mosaic socks that I am currently knitting. I love both yarn colours equally.

  380. Jill Dixon says:

    Dear Christine, I have knitted four pairs of basic socks since last May. I buy knit pro basic dpns in bulk as I prefer working on two at once and always always have some on the go! I’ve managed to convert both husband and son into knitted sock wearers as well. I always forget how many to knit before turning in the heel section so I have to check your pattern every time. If I won either colour would be lovely and thank you for your great blog. I’ve just dyed my first yarn ever and am furiously knitting it into very colorful sock – I love being surprised how the colours come out!

  381. Alison says:

    I’m knitting my first pair ever and loving it. I started ages ago, stopped then started again and now almost completed the second sock. I love the Wildflower yarn.

  382. Julie Buckle says:

    happy birthday, I’ve just reached the decrease for the toes on my first pair of socks which I stated a week ago after discovering your sockalong. I love your chatty post and guidance, it’s like having you by my side as I knit. (So I guess it’s 1/2 a pair from me, right now) I’m knitting with Robin which is really satisfying as you see it morphing from the ball to the striped sock. If I were lucky enough to win I would be delighted with any colour you choose, they are all so tempting like a sweet shop display. I can see
    I will be making lots more socks and I am spreading the love for your sockalong in my work Woolly Wednesday social group where we knit or crochet together in our lunch break.

  383. Linda Edwards says:

    I’ve made 11 pairs! I’d choose the Summer Sunset yarn.

  384. Lizze says:

    I have knitted 6 pairs since May last year. Love knitting socks the Winwick mum way….orange yarn, a colour way that will make a great pair of socks. Keep doing what you do best xxxx

  385. Janet Hogan says:

    It’s 1 pair for me. Happy Birthday. I love being part of the Facebook group.

  386. Lynn B says:

    Happy 7th! I am beginning a basic sock! Have wanted to knit socks since January.
    Like both yarn color ways.

  387. Orysia Duda says:

    With your help I’ve knitted 2 pair and am working on my third. Thank you for your help.

  388. Keisha Ortiz says:

    Congrats on the 7th birthday! I bought your book and joined ur social media groups in the hope to learn how to make socks. I’ve tried other books but they just made sock knitting more scary! Thank you for introducing me to clear and fun instructions for making socks. Now I finally understand why people enjoy it so much!

  389. Anne Rowe says:

    Hi I am half way through my 5th pair of socks. I am addicted! Thank you so much for your inspiration! I love the wildflower colourway but would be happy with either.

  390. Sandra says:

    Happy birthday winwick mum. I found your sock tutorial via my local yarn shop. I have just completed my first pair of socks, so many thanks for
    easy to follow pattern. Looking forward to the next pair.

  391. Caitlin M says:

    I am really looking forward to casting on my first pair of basic 4 ply socks!! I love the wildflower yarn, but would adore either.

  392. Wendy (wjcsydney) says:

    I’ve only finished two Winwick Mum pairs and have cast on my third (all in 6ply). I’ve been knitting LOTS of socks (I think the pair I have just cast on is my 28th pair) but am thoroughly converted to your pattern now! And I have got a friend back into knitting and her first (and second and third) project is the 6ply socks. We bought the yarn together.

  393. Louise McInnes says:

    I’m on my very first pair. A bit late to the party I’m afraid. AND I still haven’t baked any sourdough bread!
    I work full time and drive to work so unfortunately notrain knitting, and find it hard knitting at night so it’s pretty slow going. But so far so good.
    I’d love the red/orange yarn; it’s autumn here and the trees are this exact colour in our local gardens.

  394. Rachel says:

    I knitted a pair of socks for my brother for christmas. It was my first time knitting socks for another person and I was a bit nervous about the fit so I used my husbands foot for the measurements, much to his amusement when I kept making him try them on while I was knitting them. They fit perfectly and my brother loved them

  395. Ruth Holmes says:

    I would love to learn to knit socks and have just found your blog and pattern so I am about to embark on my first pair. I love the wildflower yarn!

  396. Andrea Magill says:

    Hi I have knit 5 pairs of socks. One pair I made last year was too big, so I ripped them out and made a trainer pair out of one sock. I still have a bit of a problem over getting the length correct! I. It’s re-read your tutorials. Any colour yarn, both are lovely

  397. Elizabeth Streeter says:

    I have four pairs on the needles at the moment love the red yarn but don’t mind and the alpaca tin just have heels to turn tonight to get this one passed the slow bit

  398. Val says:

    I’m on my third pair. So very pleased with myself after taking about ten months to make the first sock. Thanks for a great group Christine.

  399. Janet Hatton says:

    I’ve knitted 6 pairs since May 2022. Doesn’t sound a lot but sock knitting is, & has been, a real life saver for me – and it was your pattern that started me off! I turn to knitting socks when the stresses of having our much loved disabled son & g’daughter, & now DH with Cancer, all gets too much. So I’m very grateful to you – as are my family who love wearing socks from your pattern!
    I’d like the Summer Sunset colourway if I was lucky enough to win.

  400. Anne says:

    A Happy 7th Birthday Christine. I’ve still only managed to make half a sock. I get to the gusset and realise that I have sts to pick up and it fails cos I still have to be able to see to do that and my sight is still very poor and I cannot see the stitches to get picked up, one day I will be able to.
    I love seeing all the socks everyone else has made, they fabulous and yet I can do Toe-up so weird. I’d love to win one of the prizes but that would be your perogative. You are one fabulous lady. Take care Christine and your family xxx I love reading your blog xxx

  401. Josie says:

    Four pairs! I was on a sock knitting kick at the start of the pandemic and have only used your pattern. It’s the best!

  402. I am currently knitting my 4th pair of socks. Your patterns are so easy to understand. I really appreciate it. I knit a pair of socks this year with dk yarn and am in love with them. As I use all of the fingering yarn in my stash I will then lean toward using more dk yarn. Love, love your patterns and instructions.

  403. Bernadette says:

    I’ve just recently embarked on my 5th pair of socks. I discovered the joys of sock knitting just after Christmas and am now a self-confessed sockaholic! I’m glad to have discovered your website and blog which I thoroughly enjoy reading (while having a brew of course). Both colours of yarn look lovely, though if I had to choose, the Wildflower slightly edges it for me. Thanks Christine and keep up the good work!

  404. Ruth Hendry says:

    4 pairs of basics, absolutely love them and all of your other patterns too. So satisfying to make

  405. Thank You Christine for encouraging me, and helping me to start Sock Knitting 🥰 I’m on my 3rd pair of Your Basic Socks and I
    Only started this year. Love them 🥰 x

  406. Judith says:

    Wildflower yarn. I have knit 1 pair of socks.

  407. Liz says:

    Had a quick count up, I think I’ve done 7 pairs of basic, 4 DK, 3 easy cable (far and away my favourite go to in my sock drawer) and one boxy rib. I’ve given about 4 pairs as presents. Summer sunset looks lovely. I have the first book in my knitting basket, do handy to keep close by!

  408. Debra Cole says:

    I’ve made one pair of socks and lots of other projects. Need to get a pair ready for on the go, on the train. I like both colours of yarn but love the alpaca tin. Thank you for the chance to win such a lovely prize. xx

  409. Jacqui says:

    Happy 7th Birthday. Thank you for such a good pattern to follow. I’ve made 3 pairs from your basic pattern now.
    Congratulations from Jacqui x

  410. Sandra says:

    Here’s to the next 7 years!
    Your basic sock pattern was recommended to me at a knitting holiday earlier this year. I’ve made almost two pairs of socks – had to take out all the gusset shaping on the 3rd one as I didn’t concentrate when starting off and ended up working on the top of the foot!
    Don’t mind which wool, I’m addicted already to sock making!

  411. Claire Robinson says:

    I am hopefully about to start my first pair of socks.. have needles.. my husband hates all socks I buy him so I think this is the way forward. I know your book would be invaluable.. I love the sunsets yarn (red is a favourite in my family). Thank you for writing your wonderful blog – I am a sock stalker if that’s a thing! Lacking confidence but enjoy reading..

  412. Rosie Gear-Hollis says:

    Rosie Gear-Hollis. Hi Christine, Happy sock along 7th birthday. I’ve made 7 pairs of socks since last May. I like either yarns xxx

  413. Dixie says:

    Happy 7th year. I am still working on my first pair of socks using your pattern. I am down to the toes. Either color of yarn would be ok if I would win. Thank you for the detailed directions and the tutorials on your website. My niece encouraged me to knit this pair, my first. She’s made many pairs using your pattern.

  414. Marie says:

    Wishing you the Happiest of 7th Birthday and many more! I’m ironically on my 7th pair of Winwick Mum basic socks since last May. I have also got 5 other pairs at various stages of manifestation on dpn’s and small circular needles! I would be delighted with either of the yarns in the prize: it’s the book and the beautiful tin I’ve really got my heart set on xx

  415. Linda says:

    Happy 7th birthday!
    I’ve knitted 2 pairs of socks and then went on to knit other things but I’ve had the feeling lately to knit another pair. It must be because winter is coming 🙂
    I would love to win this beautiful parcel of loveliness to help enable my sock knitting to begin 🙂

  416. Dear Christine, congratulations on 7 years, what an achievement and how perfect that your vision has come to fruition in such a magnificent global way! I can’t thank you enough for my addiction to sock knitting and the positive impact it has had on my life. My business has grown out of my love for knitting socks, so thank you. In this last year I have knitted approximately 11 pairs of the basic Winwick mum socks. In fact I am never without a pair on my needles. I do design socks myself now, but my comfort and mental health knitting is always Winwick mum basic socks. Congratulations on all you have achieved, you are an inspiration. Thank you for the opportunity to win a gift. I too love Emma Ball products and you can’t beat WYS yarn! I love Cornflower 🥰
    Take care and cheers to another exciting year ahead for Winwick Mum and all it brings you, Antonia, BumpyCrafts x

  417. Angela Buck says:

    I’m now on my 8th pair of basic socks since last May. I was introduced to them by a friend in our local knitting and sewing group and was instantly fascinated. I wore only my hand
    knitted socks all winter and they are so comfortable. We also got a kitten about 6 months ago and I thought I would have problems knitting but all was well.
    I love the wildflower wool.

  418. Dana says:

    Happy 7th birthday! I have finished one pair and am half way through a second pair.

  419. Beverley Barton says:

    I’ve knitted one pair of basic socks, plus two pairs from the Four Seasons book and that has given me the skills to knit two other pairs of socks with other patterns. I found the Super Socks books so useful and bought a copy for one of my daughters-in-law for her birthday. I have two balls of the Christmas yarns and I am trying to decide who to knit them for… I like the wildflower colour.

  420. Wendy says:

    Happy 7th Birthday. I’m knitting my first pair – good pattern to follow.
    If lucky to win, I like the Wildflower yarn

  421. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    I have only recently discovered the joy of knitting socks as part of a year of new challenges. My first sock is complete and it’s pair started! I am loving watching the sock emerging from the needles and am amazed at how easy to knit they are!! Thank you for introducing me to handmade socks and if lucky enough to win would like the Wildflower option x

  422. Ellie says:

    I’ve very recently started my first sock. Hoping it turns into a pair. I wear socks all year round regardless of the weather so thought I would like to make some. First time using dpn’s too. Thank you so much for the pattern and the step by step instructions. Massive happy birthday to the sock along. I hope I can add more to the total by this time next year xxxx

  423. Rada says:

    I am half the way on the third pair these days so it is three pairs since last May. I like the Summer Sunset colouring if I win. Thank you for a pattern which is easy to follow.

  424. Lisa says:

    Started learning to knit socks in 2021 whilst having chemo for breast cancer, so far I have made 4 pairs, and frogged as many lol. X love from Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 uk

  425. Maya says:

    Happy 7th birthday, Sockalong! I’ve knit one pair of basic socks this year; but I don’t feel that adequately reflects how frequently I refer to your patterns and tutorials, which is quite often! I bought your book for my mother for Christmas and she keeps telling me how helpful it is to her. Thank you for teaching us how to knit socks! I’d love the Wildflower yarn as I just bought some of the Summer Sunset 😄

  426. Beverley says:

    I have had the pattern and a ball of WYS Signature 4ply ready for the past 6 months – reading this blog has encouraged me to start making my first pair of socks.
    I would be happy with either colour!

  427. Pat says:

    I’m still a beginner sock knitter. After reading thru your pattern, I bought ball of sock yarn and I’m just casting on for the swatch. I’m not usually a swatches, but I really want these socks to fit!
    Both yarns are pretty but, Summer Sunset speaks to me.

  428. Carla Bainbridge says:

    Just finished “heel” on my first pair of 4ply on 28cm short circulars. Not knitted a sock in many years. Using Winwick Mum WYS Signature which I’ve had for while!

  429. Monica Binford says:

    Hello! I have completed 2 pairs since 2021 , both for my bestie for Christmas. Now I want to make my own, and it’s almost like I never made socks 🧦 before. Every mistake possible, so much tinking (knitting backwards, I’m also sure you’ve heard that before). Aarrggghhhh! But your post cheers me on!😃

  430. Happy 7 th Birthday Sockalong. I enjoy your pattern above all others I have used – some with more success than others, but yours is the very best. Absolutely converted.
    So far (with your pattern) two pair for daughter, two pair for son, two pairs each for son-in-law and daughter-in-law, two for grandson, and one for his partner. three for granddaughter and one for partner, two for my best friend, and one for me. Is that 18 ? With another on the needles just for me. That’s over 12 months.
    All your wools are gorgeous, but as I live in NZ and you maybe can’t post a winner from overseas, I’m not expecting to be a winner, but wanted you to know my total number of beautiful socks.

  431. Sophie says:

    Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy sock-tastic birthday!!!
    thank you so much for the encouraging posts and tutorials!
    I knit everywhere, car, at work, on top of Pendle Hill in Lancashire (where I am now!)- I hope there isn’t a delay in this being posted- quite a lack of signal way up here at the Trigg Point (rey’t up top of th’ hill)
    From the basic pattern I’m up to four this year but have adapted the pattern many many times over , but 4 officially to your version.

    Take care and long live the blog!
    Ooo! And wildflower please!

  432. Mary says:

    Congratulations on the 7th! I find your tutorials& explanations so clear, so useful, as another knitter mentioned. I have slowed down somewhat, but did knit a couple of pairs. I love the look of the Wildflowers yarn & the adorable sweatered sheep & alpacas(?).
    Wishing you continued joy in blogging!

  433. Alexiel says:

    Hi, happy birthday to Winwick mum Sockalong!
    I’m a tiny bit late on my mail reading so I’ve missed the giveaway but I wanted to add my one pair of basic 4 ply socks to the count ^^.
    I plan on doing some more this year (along with other Winwick mum patterns I’ve set my eyes on) but time is definitely missing these days …
    Anyway, happy birthday again.

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