Winwick Mum Sockalong 4th birthday

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Sockalong

Happy birthday to you!

If you’re new to the blog, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about and the fact is that four years ago today, I published the first of the Winwick Mum Sockalong tutorials to help beginners knit their own pair of socks, never once imagining what pressing that “publish” button on my blog would start.  

Nope, never ever did I imagine that I would be writing this post and that the Sockalong would have taken on the life that it has.  I never expected that tens of thousands of people would be in the Winwick Mum Sockalong Facebook group, learning and helping each other on a daily basis, or that they would still be chatting in the Knit n Natter Facebook group.  I certainly never expected that I would have written and published two books (Super Socks is the paperback version of the online tutorials and More Super Socks builds on those skills) or winning awards or that four years later, I would be seeing the Winwick Mum name on the ball bands of my favourite West Yorkshire Spinners 4ply yarn.  

Most of all, I never imagined that those Sockalong tutorials would still be helping so many people in so many countries to knit their first pair of socks four years on.  But oh my life, am I glad that they are!  It’s truly amazing to be part of the sock revolution that seems to be sweeping the world now, to be cheering sock-knitting beginners on from the sidelines and to know that the words that were written in my little corner of the world here in Winwick have played such a part.  I love knowing that people are knitting socks for themselves, for others, to support their own health and because it’s just a lovely thing to do.  

No, I really had no idea at all that the Sockalong would bring all of this – and it’s all thanks to you for your support, for knitting the socks, for sharing the tutorials with others, for being part of the Facebook groups, for reading my blog and buying my books.  I am very grateful.

It’s always a very special pleasure for me to show my thanks on the Sockalong birthdays by being able to give some treats away.  In what is now the usual tradition, there are two prizes and you can see them below.

There’s a signed copy of Super Socks; a mug and some tea, coffee and hot chocolate so that we can have a brew together whilst you’re knitting; a bag of Cadbury’s nibbly fingers (little chocolate biscuits) as I think a chocolate biscuit goes very well with a brew; a ball of WYS Winwick Mum Collection yarn (courtesy of my friends at WYS – you can choose any of the four colourways, I’ve just shown two here in the pictures so you can see the yarn included), a very special Winwick Mum stitch marker and a Winwick Mum Sockalong badge (I forgot to photograph that but you can see it below).

The mug is a big mug decorated with rabbits in case you’re wondering what the picture is.  I wanted a big mug so that you wouldn’t drink your brew too quickly – or risk it going cold in a smaller mug whilst you were concentrating.  It’s important to get your brew right! 😀 

I mentioned a very special stitch marker too …

I bought some stitch markers back in February from the very talented Indi at Front Pocket Studio and had the idea of asking her to make some for the Sockalong birthday.  Amazingly, she was able to make sense of what I was asking for and this is the result – stitch markers that match the yarn!  Oh these are super-cute, I am absolutely thrilled with them and if you’re a winner, I’ll send you the one that matches the colourway you choose.

And this is the  Winwick Mum Sockalong badge which I’ll also put in with the prizes so that you can pin it to your project bag (or you!) and tell the world you’re a sock knitter 😀

Would you like to win one of these prizes?  It’s really easy to enter …

For the last three years, I’ve been asking you to tell me how many pairs of Sockalong socks you knitted since the last Sockalong birthday.  I’ll never know how many pairs of socks have actually been knitted using the tutorials but it’s nice to get at least some idea, so this year will be continuing the tradition.  So far, our running total stands at 10,960 pairs – how many more have been knitted this year?!  It’s not a competition with previous years, it’s just a bit of fun (and might also tell me how close we are to really taking over the world with hand-knit socks 😉)

To enter the giveaway, please comment how many pairs of basic Sockalong socks (not other patterns, please) you have knitted since May 2018.  Don’t worry if you’re still making you first pair or are about to cast on, just write that information and your comment will count too.  Because there’s a choice of yarn, don’t forget to tell me which one you would like!

Entries to the giveaway will close at 8pm BST on Wednesday 8 May 2019 and I will let you know the winners as soon as possible after that time.  I am happy to post the prizes anywhere in the world so don’t feel that you can’t be part of this because you don’t live in the UK.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a Google or blog account to leave a comment, you can leave it as “anonymous” but don’t forget to put your name in the comment so that when I post the winners I’ll be able to identify you so that you can get in touch for your prize (and please do come back to check if you’re a winner)!  Oh, and also don’t worry that your comment doesn’t show straight away – the comments are set for me to check them before they upload to the blog to make sure that no spam gets through so they are all safely stored in my blog messages until I’ve seen them.  I’ll make sure they’re all uploaded on time!

Happy birthday Sockalong, here’s to many more years of socking all over the world! 

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216 Responses

  1. Helen says:

    31 pairs now! Happy 4th birthday 😊

  2. Sam A says:

    I’m on my 6th pair in the last year – and I love each and every one!! Sock knitting has transformed my life!!!! Thanks x x
    Sam Austin

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am on my second pair of socks since I discovered your tutorial early this year! Loving it still. Thanks, Amanda N

  4. Shedmansmrs says:

    Sarah Hicks – 12 pairs last year, and still enjoying the process of knitting socks. Something just so satisfying about it. Happy Birthday x

  5. Unknown says:

    Working on my first pair.. Happy 4th Birthday xx

  6. Alison Inglis says:

    Happy 4th Birthday Christine! I'm on my 4th pair since last year! Would love to win the Seascape colourway! Keep on knitting 😉

  7. Lauren Johnson says:

    9 pairs I think! I'd love to win Seascape! Thanks and Happy Birthday!! Lauren Johnson

  8. Roseysaurus says:

    I'm very surprised to have only made 6 pairs. Although I have started to make different socks. I am Lisa v helsing on Facebook.

  9. JulieB says:

    Very Happy 4th Birthday! I’m on my 1st pair of Super socks, I would love the Wildflowers yarn for my 2nd pair ☺️ Thank you x

  10. jojo1205 says:

    5 pairs (and 2 halves! 😄). Loving my socks

  11. Curlygill says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary. For me, 4 pairs finished and two more nearly there. To think that this time last year I had never knitted socks or even heard of Winwick mum! Thank you for opening up a whole new line of creativity for me. If I'm lucky enough, I'd like the red blue green and yellow one please

  12. Jesspidcock94 says:

    Happy birthday 😀 I've done just 2 pairs so still a newbie but would love some more of your beautiful yarn and one of those stitch markers 😍

  13. Heaton House says:

    Happy Birthday. I've made 4 pairs of basic socks and dont mind which colourway you chose to send me if I win , as I love them all 😀

  14. Marie says:

    I'm on my 4th pair, love knitting them! Happy Birthday Winwick Mum Sockalong and thank you Christine for your wonderful group. (If I'm lucky enough to win, Wildflower please) x

  15. Leigh says:

    Happy birthday! Here’s to many more and lots of socks too! I’ve made 9 pairs of basic socks since May 2018.

  16. Unknown says:

    Happy Birthday xxx
    Just starting my 2nd pair and totally addicted.
    What lovely prizes, my choice would be brightside.

  17. June says:

    Hi, I have made 12 pairs of basic sockalong socks since May 2018 June

  18. HelenR says:

    5 pairs in the last year, I love the basic sockalong pattern and have felt confident enough to try the easy lace socks too and more recently a pair of hermione everyday socks all thanks to you. Happy 4th Birthday!

  19. Barbara-anne Nash says:

    Only 2 pairs, dont we just hate it when life gets in the way of our knitting

  20. Rae says:

    Happy Birthday Winwick Mum (Vince Doodle from FB here) I love your basic sock pattern and knitted three pairs last year, filtered in amongst my crocheted blankets. I love all your colours but especially Seascape.

  21. MrsCraftyMoo says:

    I've made four pairs so far and look forward to making more! Happy 4th birthday 🙂

  22. Sharon Hague says:

    Nineteen pairs since last birthday! Thanks you so much. The Wildflowers would be wonderful
    Sharon Hague

  23. VamiricArtist says:

    On my forst later, casting on red bluevgreen yellwny helen skinner

  24. Sugar and Spice says:

    Ohhhh I thought sockalong socks were different every year so I'm off over there to cast some on with my birthday yarn …. Ohh any colourway for me, I love them all

    Diane Prince

  25. Mary says:

    Happy anniversary. 4 weeks,4pairs. 3 in waiting. Wildflowers please. But I really just want the stitch marker!

  26. Springintostitch says:

    Just the one pair of the basic sockalong socks – they were my very first pair of knitted socks in Dec 18, and there's been other patterns since then! I love the Wildflowers colourway.

  27. Carol Ann Copp says:

    Happy birthday to us all.
    About half a dozen basis socks, although I always adapt the pattern to incorporate the winwick heel what ever I’m knitting.
    I can’t choose, I like them all. Can I have a surprise, please!

  28. Carol-Anne says:

    I haven't made any in the past year – I really need to remedy that! Seascape is my favourite colour way ��

  29. susyb65 says:

    12 and hopefully many more to come!
    Happy Birthday x

  30. Theresa says:

    Since last count, I have completed eight more pairs of your basic sock otters. Christine, thank you so, so much for your excellent tutorial! If I had to choose only one of the colour ways, I would choose, Wildflower.

  31. Maddy75 says:

    10 pairs so far in the basic pattern and I only started last September. Looking forward to knitting your other patterns in your new yarn . Happy 4th birthday. Vanessa Smithers xx

  32. Maddy75 says:

    Oops forgot to say seascape please xx

  33. Margaret Jones says:

    Five in the last year. Happy Birthday well done. I love Wildflower.

  34. EmLouP says:

    I'm on to my fourth pair.
    Definitely seascape! (Though they're all beautiful!)

  35. Hafsa Mahmood says:

    Happy Birthday! You have helped me so much in the world of sock knitting. I was sooo scared at first! On my second pair. Casting on with your lovely new wys collection purple yarn got the book too. I would love the seascape to knit with next xxx

  36. Bss says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I have only knitted 3 pair (I think) since May of last year. I have been so blessed by the Sockalong pattern and group over the years. You taught me to knit socks, and as a result, sock knitting is my favorite hobby! I send heart felt Thank You’s! Either colorway for the drawing would be a real treat for me! Best Regards, Bess

  37. Hayley says:

    7 Pairs in the last year 🙂
    Happy 4th Birthday.

  38. Angie says:

    I so love ur sock patterns I've made 5 lots of socks iam still new to all thus

  39. irune says:

    Happy 4th birthday!!! After buying your book, knitting socks became addictive and since Christmas I've already knitted 6 pairs: one for my son and the other 5 for some of my cousins. Last year I knitted 3 pairs for me, 2 for my daughter and 1 for my sister…so that's 12 pairs since last birthday!!! I'm ready for my next pair… Thanks a lot, Christine

  40. Mary W says:

    1 – technically half of a pair. But I'm *finally* using my sock yarn stash! Thank you for writing the sock along, it's so easy and empowering!

  41. Angie Howland says:

    Happy 4th Birthday! I’m on pair #14 and totally addicted! I would love to win Wildflower please x

  42. Katy says:

    Happy 4th sockalong birthday! I've knitted three pairs of sockalong socks since last May, which has given me the confidence to branch out into other sock patterns. Though I have some lovely yarn just waiting for me to cast on a sockalong pair too! Wildflowers and Hidden Gem are my favourites of your new colours, although I love all of them – but I've bought myself a ball of Wildflowers already, so I'll go for Hidden Gem.

  43. ToniT says:

    Hi, Toni Towers here. I bought your book which you kindly signed at Black sheep wools, and I am still on my first pair! Love the stitch markers Christine!

  44. Diya says:

    Not a knitter but gearing up to start my first one!!

  45. Barbiedi says:

    Happy 4th birthday, you have changed so many of us to conquer sock knitting, congratulations, I have knitted 6 pairs so far and have just bought a ball of each of your new yarn, it’s so soft and gorgeous colours xx

  46. Unknown says:

    I have knitted 3 pairs of socks and if I won I would like Seascape please – Thank you and congratulations – Julia

  47. Fiona Matheson says:

    Hi, I’m on my tenth pair. I can now knit a pair in six nights watching the telly. My sock knitting goes everywhere with me and I’ve spoken to lots of lovely strangers who have been interested in what I’m doing. I’ve lost count of the number of bits of paper I’ve handed out the say Winwick Mum Sockalong. Happy birthday ����������

  48. Anonymous says:

    I’ve knitted three pairs this past year. All yarn colours are lovely but I think I would choose seascape. Fab giveaway Christine. Sue Rimell

  49. liz says:

    Happy birthday, I've only just found you so I'm working on my first ever pair. I love the colours you've chosen for your yarn, they are so vibrant.

  50. Margaret Jones says:

    Happy Birthday on my 5th pair since last year. Love Wildflower.

  51. Twigletine says:

    Happy 4th birthday! I have been knitting 50 plus years, taught by my mum as a child. In all that time, was too scared to try knitting socks and avoided looking at them. Then I found out about Christine on Ravelry, and joined up to the Facebook groups. Suddenly I was faced with dozens of people knitting the most wonderful socks! I bought the Winwick mum sock book, and following the detailed and straightforward instructions, I made my first ever pair, they were pretty near perfect too! Since then, I have had to carry on with a blanket I'm knitting whilst buying enough sock yarn to keep me busy for the next 10 years! Thank you Christine for showing me I could knit socks, and awakening a new passion/obsession in me! I can't wait to carry on with my sock journey, let's see how many I have made this time next year!
    Kathryn x

  52. Amanda says:

    I haven’t started my first pair yet because I have something else on the needles that I need to finish �� and would love Brightside.

  53. kathy says:

    Happy Birthday! 🎂!!! I am working on my 3rd pair!

  54. LittleBear says:

    Happy 4th birthday Winwick Mum! I have knitted three pairs since last May and have a second sock on the circular at the moment…….I am slow as I knit them in between other items…….Love all of the colours but if I had to choose Hidden gem Or Seascape call to me! ��. Thank you Christine xx

  55. Hollyjw says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks to your book and tutorials, I have completed 16 pair of socks since your last birthday! I have 3 more pair started too. Love your new yarn colors, especially the amethyst gemstone since it is my daughtrrs birth stone! Happy Birthday and continued success!

  56. Helen Irwin says:

    Happy 4th Birthday 🎂
    I've only made 3 pairs since last Birthday, but I have 2 new pairs half finished.

  57. Claire says:

    I've knitted 4 Pairs in the last year, perfect for your 4th birthday!

  58. Jennifer says:

    I'm half way through sock one and loving it. Hidden Gem I think might be my favourite but I love them all.

  59. Unknown says:

    Happy birthday I've already knit 4 pairs. I would love to win some of your new yarn, seascape please. Congratulations on your success in helping so many people. Karen Wyman

  60. balloonatikmama says:

    Gillian, on my 4th pair since starting from scratch this January! I’m so amazed and grateful. Thank You Christine! The Hidden Gem colourway holds special meaning for me 🙂

  61. Carole says:

    Happy birthday Christine and thank you, been here from the start, this last year done just 4 pairs lost count of how many in total, love seascape but all are lovely, Carole xx

  62. amycharlotte says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong! I’ve only managed two pairs in the past year, though one was man-sized so does that count as an extra half a pair? 😛

  63. Sue says:

    happy 4th birthday,i am just going to start your basic sock,everything is ready,ready to start. can't wait,feeling excited 🙂

  64. Mrs M says:

    Happy 4th sock birthday. Discovered your sock along 2 months ago and can't get enough of socks. Just cast on my 7th pair. Really can't wait to try your new yarn. X

  65. Anna says:

    I'm still gearing up for my first pair – I'm a crocheter who's recently started the path towards being bicraftual! I would love to knit some seascape socks.

    Please, please go and sell the stitch markers in your shop – they are ADORABLE.

  66. wilmagstark says:

    Happy Birthday sockalong. Am on my 6 pair. Looking forward to next pair in WYS Winwick Mum Wool. ( Seascape). So any of the others would be fine.

  67. Mandy Slatcer says:

    Happy birthday xx
    7 pairs and I have no favourite they are all fabulous xx

  68. PixieFoxtrot says:

    Happy happy birthday, and congratulations on your success!
    Just about to start my first pair: using seascape!

  69. Orris Family says:

    Still teaching myself to knit! Crochet keeps calling my name because it is easy for me/I’m too tired at night to concentrate on learning something new!

  70. Anonymous says:

    Very happy birthday. I’m looking to cast on my first ever pair of socks. Seascape would be my choice of yarn.
    Karen S

  71. Anonymous says:

    Happy happy birthday Christine. Mary Murphy (Tipperary) here. 5 pairs since last year. Love your sock colours especially the Bright side or Hidden Gem. Give yourself a well deserved clap on the back. Xx

  72. Nadia says:

    I have made 3 basic socks only started late last year have just bought your new book and wild flower I think I like hidden gem if I was lucky enough to win the stitch markers are lovely Happy Birthday

  73. Helle Vouzi says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I have done just 3 pair of the basic sock – the rest is other pattern but with your heel and toe 🙂
    Love all the WYS Winwick Mum Wool – but think I would go for the Wildflowers

  74. Jayne says:

    Happy Birthday 🥳 I’ve knitted 11 pairs of socks, I would never of managed if I hadn’t found the sockalong group and bought your wonderful book, many thanks Jayne Bujok

  75. Unknown says:

    Happy birthday to the Sockalong! I started learning to knit around a year ago, exclusively so I could knit socks. I've now made 6 pairs using your pattern and am completely addicted. If lucky enough to win, I'd like the Wildflower colour please. My name is Catrin Jones (@cwlwmcrochet on Instagram).

  76. Stephanie C says:

    3 pairs and either color is lovely! Happy birthday!

  77. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been with you nearly from the start. I keep a knitting journal and have made 24 pairs since last May. I would choose Seascape as I live by the sea. Congratulations. Toni Vince

  78. Doris says:

    Working on my first pair. Thanks so much for your tutorials. I couldn’t have made it this far without them! I love that purple yarn. Doris Willett

  79. Pam says:

    Happy 4th Birthday. 5 pairs so far this year. Just about to cast on my first man size pair.

  80. selina says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY sock-a-longs! i am on to my 4th pair, only made 3 pairs in the last year & as one of the other comments mentioned, when i try a new pattern i tend to go back to WinwickMums heel :)) i have many other knitting projects on the go & also recently got myself carpel tunnel, so my knitting has slowed right down. love all your patterns & hope to do everyone of them eventually. love the Wildflowers
    hope your have a fantastic weekend
    thanx for sharing

  81. Nele says:

    happy birthday to the sockalong! This year I knitted 3 pairs with yout pattern. they fit very well
    I love seascape

  82. Anonymous says:

    Ive just done 2 pairs and onto my third – am truly hooked on making socks. Wildflower is my favourite please.

    Margaret W.

  83. Anonymous says:

    ohhh wildflower is the colour of my dreams!
    I knit socks for 30 years now, but only one pair with your method so far. I discovered your website a few weeks ago. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely patterns.
    Orinailah from Germany

  84. Anonymous says:

    Only 4 basic pairs for me. I can't believe it's so few!
    Rachel W in Powys

  85. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday, Sockalong! Last May Day holiday I was busy knitting my first pair of Sockalong socks. I’ve since completed 4 pairs of basic socks, other Winwick patterns & other patterns too to bring my grand total to 32 completed pairs �� I’d love to win a ball of Hidden Gem (was going to type Little Gem ��) would be a lovely prize. Here’s to the next 4 years �� Rachel Williams

  86. JadenSkye says:

    I'm almost done with my second pair! I love this pattern!!!
    My name is Jennifer Vasquez and if I win, I'd love to have a skein of seascape! ❤️

  87. Anonymous says:

    Sandra (in Somerset) I discovered sock knitting about this time last year after reading your Sockalong posts. I sent my first 2 pairs to Yarndale and am now working on my 12th pair. I also have about 10 balls of sock yarn in my stash! I particularly like your blue/green colourway.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Happy 4th Birthday!!! I'm a slow knitter and knit other things in addition to socks. Since May of 2018 I have made one pair of Sockalong Socks. They are my favorite pattern. I let the yarn speak for me in this wonderful pattern. My name is Bertha Mallard. E-mail is [email protected]. I live in Texas in the USA.

  89. Laura Taylor says:

    Challenged myself to learn to sock knit at the beginning of 2019. So far 5 pairs – one of which have already gone on a friend to the Arctic Circle!! Looks like all my friends will be receiving pairs this coming Christmas. I would love the Seascape/Spearmint yarn . Thank you so much for spreading the sockiness!!

  90. Rosa says:

    I am on my 3rd pair of Winwick pattern socks and would love the Wildflower yarn to make my 4th pair!

  91. tink says:

    Happy Birthday, 12 pairs and still knitting, i love the seascape colour thank you x

  92. Helen says:

    Hi Christine, i've made 7 pairs (a complete beginner knitter too until I found your blog). Thanks so much for sharing all the sock making techniques, Happy 4th Birthday Sock Along. My favourite of your colours is Seascape. Helen LC.

  93. Penjo321 says:

    I am just about to cast on my 8th pair in west Yorkshire spinners seascape colourway. Happy Birthday and many happy returns

  94. Anonymous says:

    Your pattern is my fail safe choice, thank you! I've only managed three quarters of a pair since the start of this year, the self employment thing does rather swallow up my time, but I do love my knitting.
    And I love the Hidden Gem colourway.
    Sarah x

  95. Catherine says:

    14 pairs and totally addicted. Been telling all my friends about the pattern and tutorial.Love love live this pattern and all the help. X

  96. Anonymous says:

    I have completed 3 pairs since May 2018. I have slowed down quite a bit this year because of moving into a new house. I still refer to my Super Socks book but I believe I am improving with each pair I knit. Seascape is my favourite colour but each of the Winwick Mum colours are lovely. Happy Birthday! Dianne in Adelaide.

  97. Karen says:

    Thanks to you, Christine, and your wonderful tutorials, after 40+ years of knitting, I can FINALLY knit socks. I've been a member for the last 2 years, and in the last 12 months, have knitted 10 pairs of socks! My choice of clothing for the day depends on which socks I choose to wear! Would love a ball of Brightside.

  98. Anonymous says:

    I'm on my 3rd pair from your tutorials, just plain socks. I love the seascape colours, currently knitting the second ball into the hitchhiker shawl. I love the colours and I wear my badge with pride.
    Eve Keeler

  99. Susan Dennis says:

    Happy Birthday I knitted 6 pairs last year,loved doing your colour work socks my favourite pair.

  100. Debs says:

    I’m on my first ever pair and loving it. I like the wildflower yarn. Happy 4th birthday. Thanks. Debi. C.x

  101. CyclingKirst says:

    I’m on my second basic pair and would love to have a go at the wildflower yarn from You Christine. Happy 4th birthday. X

  102. Heidijo says:

    Happy Birthday .
    Thank you for starting this wonderful group, I have knitted 2 1/2 pairs plus a pair of doll socks this year!

  103. Craftywitch says:

    After finding your blog accidentally, I'm on my second pair ! I can't believe how I've managed without them in my life before ! Haha thank you and happy Birthday, any of the colours would brighten my day 🙂 X

  104. Unknown says:

    I found the sockalong tutorial 2 months ago and am now on my 3rd pair of socks using the Winwick patterns. The first 2 pair were the basic sock but my 3rd pair is the lace pattern. I really enjoy knitting socks.

  105. Pennywise Cottage says:

    Happy Birthday…What beautiful prizes you have chosen…I have probably knit about 10 pair..Wildflower would be my choice…

  106. Pollyt says:

    I only started last June, I'm on pair 7!!!i totally love making socks, I've had the honour of making them for my son and his girlfriend who live at the other end of the country, for my dad who has severe dementia but loves his comfy socks and many others. Thank you Christine, what a wonderful gift you have given to the world!! I love all your colours x

  107. KimW says:

    I am a very slow knitter, but I have managed 1 and a half pairs with the sock along book. The pages have gone gotten a bit roughed up as I have to keep referring back to the pictures and directions. I love being part of the wonderful community you have created with the sock a long.

    Kim W. (USA)

  108. Sharon Young says:

    Hello! I’ve knitted 6 pairs of socks since last May!!

    I love the Seascape colourway.

    Happy Birthday Sockalongers!

  109. Unknown says:

    HaPpY BirthDaY 🥳 I'm still in the dream state of knitting socks because I have my arms full with my first grandson 💕. Hoping to cast on my first pair soon 🤞🧦🥳 love the blue yarn and your prize selections and being part of your group. Thank you 😊

  110. Hazel says:

    5 pairs. Happy Birthday. I should like any of the yarns but l think Seascape is my absolute favourite.

  111. Poppypatchwork says:

    Just started knitting socks using your knit along, do far I've made 4 pairs, I'm knitting my 5th pair now, I would love seascape if my name is pulled. Thank you for you wonderful pattern, which I now know off by heart, and thank you for this giveaway.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Happy 4th Birthday. Socks completed since last May, 13 pairs. Wildflower would be my choice of yarn. Thank you. Mandy M.

  113. Leslie Claire says:

    I’ve done just one pair! (I only just recently discovered you … ) But it won’t be the last ❤️ Thank you for the guidance—and the community, and the fun. Best regards. If I am fortunate enough to win, I like the rainbow spectrum and secondly the purples. ��

  114. Chaya says:

    I'm knitting my 4th pair, I love making matching socks for me and my daughter! The Wildflower colourway is my favourite, though they're all lovely… Thanks for making such a difference to so many people!

  115. Donnamc says:

    Happy 4th Birthday! 12 pairs, doing pattern ones more at the moment

  116. Roslyn says:

    Happy 4th birthday!! I would (still) love Hidden Gem to knit socks to send to my daughter. Dare I confess I have not used your patterns yet? But do have some of your blog pages book marked and plan to do at least one pair this year. Thanks!

  117. Tania says:

    Happy Sockalong birthday! I've only knitted for pairs this year but unselfishly, as they were all gifts. Hidden Gem is my favourite, so if I won I'd knit those socks for myself.

  118. Gill B says:

    Just one pair but for my sons enormous size 14 feet! I love the wildflower colourway ��

  119. Blk says:

    I can't stop knitting socks, I have knitted at least 15 pair in the year. I love wildflowers and can't wait to purchase a skein.

  120. Caroline says:

    I've only made 2 pairs this year. If I won I'd be happy with any of the colours but Wildflowers is my favourite. Caroline

  121. Lainie says:

    Happy Birthday
    4 Pairs
    I love wildflower
    Elaine Checker.

  122. Kath says:

    Happy birthday, so glad I found this group x Only 2 pairs of sockalong socks with another pair in progress, but you've given me sock confidence and I've made a couple of patterned pairs this year too x

  123. Tanya E says:

    Happy 4th birthday. I am about to cast on my first pair of socks and would be very happy with either of these lovely shades.xx

  124. Dino says:

    Happy Sockalong Birthday!!! I have finished 7 pairs in this past year and I have 2 pairs on needles at this time. Brightside is my favorite but love them all! Thank you.

  125. happy hooker says:

    Happy 4th birthday. Look what you've started, Christine! I was so lucky to win your More Super Socks book, so shouldn't really be greedy and hoping to win this prize – but those stitch markers are just TOO cute. I love seascape or wildflower. Only 2 pairs knitted this past year, but many more to come this year!xx

  126. Nicola says:

    I am just kitchenering my 13th pair! I can't imagine my life now without a pair of socks on the needles,I can barely keep up with the demand. I would like Bright side if I win please because my husband really likes that colour way. Long live the sockalong!

  127. Charlotte says:

    I'm just about to start my first pair of socks and very excited! I would love to do the second pair in the wildflower yarn

  128. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday. What an achievement. 6 pairs of sock-alongs this year and I've directed some people your way. Helena

  129. Unknown says:

    Happy 4th birthday. I've made 3 pairs of basic sockalong socks and I'm in tge middle of my first pair of cable socks. If I won, I'd love the seascape colourway (but they're all gorgeous).

  130. Sue says:

    I'm knitting my first ever pair of socks using your tutorial and I can see me becoming addicted to sock knitting. I love all of your colours but Wildflower is my favourite. Happy Birthday!

  131. Anna Ridley says:

    Happy birthday! Thanks to you, I am knitting my 2nd pair ♥️

    I love the Seascape colourway!

  132. needles007 says:

    I am just about to knit my first pair of socks, I now have all the bits and bobs necessary to do this thanks to this wonderful blog. Please don't stop reaching out to us all and Happy Birthday.

  133. Kimmy says:

    Happy Birthday and thank you, thank you for introducing me to the joy and obbession that is sock knitting 😉
    8 pairs so far but with about 10 more in my head. Cable is definetly the next challenge.
    And assuming i dont win no worries i'm not expecting too and change i can trade a slightly use husband for a stitch marker he is trained in holding skeins for winding if that helps

  134. MaryAnn Huffer says:

    Happy 4th Birthday Sockalong🎉 I've make 4 pair and have 3 more in progress. I love your pattern. The seascape yarn is my favorite…but love them all.

  135. Janette.x says:

    Happy birthday. New to your socks, but almost finished my 5th pair. Love the Hidden gem yarn.

  136. Doodlebug Gail says:

    I have knit 6 pairs since last May – congratulations on your birthday!

  137. Curtis says:

    Happy 4th Birthday, I have literally just finished my first ever sock this evening !!!! …… when I started a week ago I didn’t think I would be able to complete, so huge thanks to your tutorials/videos. Seascape looks gorgeous xx

  138. Tracey O'Craig says:

    Happy birthday! -Thank you so much for teaching me to knit socks and giving me the confidence to move onto other items. 10 pairs since last May. My family also thank you. X

  139. Anonymous says:

    Happiest of birthdays! A pair and a half in the past year. I would say that Seascape is my favourite!
    Hetty Verhage

  140. Jenny J says:

    Happy Birthday!! 2 pairs done 🙂 Loved your tutorials – I would not have been able to do it without the tutorials.

  141. Lainie says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  142. Heather Haigh says:

    On my fourth pair. And happy birthday

  143. Vickwa says:

    Happy birthday! I managed 3 pairs last year and they kept my feet toasty warm while I climbed Mount Kenya in January ♥️������

  144. Janet says:

    Happy Birthday, so glad I found you last year. Since then, over this last year, or in my case 10 months, I’ve made 7 pairs, and almost completed the 8th.
    I love wildflower. Thank you for introducing and inspiring me on my sock journey xx

  145. Figgy says:

    Happy 4th birthday! I am still on my first pair this year but with plans for many more and love Seascape.

  146. Helen S says:

    Happy 4TH birthday Christine, love that it is also my gradaughters 4th tomorrow!!
    I am about to cast on my 5th pair for the year and wildflower would be a lovely prize.
    Hoping to find the book and all your wool in the Peaks in 3 weeks.
    Greetings from Brisbane

  147. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christine
    Happy Birthday to you, what are you casting on today? I've made 22 basic pairs this year, two more on the needles. I love the new yarn any colour for me. Huge thanks for all the patterns, advice and encouragement. Socks make people smile!
    Jenny from Lincolnshire

  148. Alcea Rosea 31 says:

    Happy Birthday, I am working on my third pair of basic socks, it's still my favourite pattern, since last May.

  149. Trace says:

    My go to pattern is the basic Winwick Mum sock – no pattern is needed with the beautiful yarn which is available. I have made 4 pairs since May 2018 and I love each and every one of them. I will be making another 3 pairs for my MIL starting next week. I love the seascape colourway. Thank you and Happy 4th birthday x

  150. KJB says:

    Happy birthday! I've made 2 basic sockalong pairs (and it's helped me explore more complicated patterns having such a good foundation!) And I'd love the Wildflower yarn 💕 thank you!

  151. Jane Winter says:

    I think that I have only done one as all of my other socks tend to have some kind of pattern on them. My favourite colour is wildflower which is beautiful.

  152. My Creative Life says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong! Your tutorial on the blog, your book supersocks and videos on youtube are fantastic. I've sent links for them all to my local knit & natter group and we all knitted a pair of socks. Personally I'm on my 2nd pair now but I thoroughly enjoy knitting them. I love the seascape yarn but they are all lovely colours. Cathy x

  153. Book Squirrel says:

    Happy Birthday sockalong! I’ve done 15 so far with 3 on my needles! I love all the colours so I don’t mind what colours if I won.
    The mug would be great for my new summerhouse being built as I write it’s going to be sheep & rabbit themed!

  154. Val says:

    Happy Birthday..I have knitted 24 pairs and have 2bmore pairs on the needles. I love your new yarn and the stitch markers. I gifted a copy of your book to my sister and she is a fledgling sock knitter now.

  155. Sam Ant says:

    I've made 3 pairs since May. One of them was your basic cable pattern, thanks so much for the tutorial, it was a big achievement for me to make them. Just about to cast on a pair in your new WYS woodland floral yarn, it's gorgeous !

  156. Margaret Jeffrey says:

    Happy Birthday! Amazed at the number of pairs some knitters have made! You must be very proud Christine. About to start my first pair. A little bit nervous about finishing the toes but I will be brave! Love the Wildflower shade. Margaret Jeffrey

  157. Alison Hillman says:

    I learnt to knit last year and wanted to knit socks from the start but it wasn’t until I found your blog that I managed to make sense of the construction. On my 3rd pair now and totally addicted. Thank you so much, hope for many more socks to come about as a result of the Sockalong xx

  158. Cristiana Vale says:

    Happy birthday! I would like to knit my first pair of socks and it would be great if I could use brightside colourway. Thank you 😗

  159. Kerrie says:

    Happy birthday, I'm on my second pair, now that i've finally 'got it' with the pattern, so excited, your tutorials really helped me out.

  160. Allycat Creations says:

    I have made 7 pairs. I just caught the addiction.

  161. Sarah R NZ says:

    I am casting off pair #10 this evening – when i added them up, i couldn't quite believe i had knitted that many pairs. I've knitted 6 pairs in the last year, some winwickmum and some other designers. I've even started dyeing my own self striping yarn! Don't stop blogging Christine, I enjoy reading your posts.
    If I am lucky enough to win, I'd love Hidden Gem please.

  162. Onceuponathimble says:

    I have knitted 3 pairs, including my Sock Club challenge of socks using odds and ends of wool. I made your patchwork socks; not easy but I learnt a lot. I went to Sock club yesterday and there was a pile of your own sock yarn for us to buy. I bought Wildflower but I also like Hidden Gem!

  163. dinkyboo says:

    3 pairs and 2 odd socks in the last year, the odd ones were for practicing my sock knitting technique and pair number 3 are still currently on the needles.

  164. Debbie says:

    Happy sockalong birthday! Those stitch markers are adorable and so clever! I haven't joined a sockalong, YET, but maybe it's time to!:)

  165. Shellsud says:

    I'm in the middle of my first pair

  166. Ali says:

    Hi Christine, I've just completed one sock following your Sockalong Pattern and will start its friend this week!
    If I were to win I would choose seascape for my next pair – my son wants some hand knit socks and I think he'd love that colour.

  167. Ruth Ender says:

    Hi Christine, I just discovered your blog some months ago. I'm knitting socks already for some years. Your tutorial for making the socks is easy and good to understand. Your kind of making the toes was something new to me and they fit perfect. I made only one pair of socks lately, but it will not be the last. Google did help me to translate some words from english to german (I live in the West of Austria). I really would like to win a ball of Wildflowers. They are all great and looking good. Thx Ruth

  168. The Knitting Guru says:

    I've knitted one basic pair. Love the seascape colours and now knitting the mix and match socks from your WAY book. Sandra Rhule

  169. Josephine says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong, and many congratulations Christine! I’ve managed only one more pair this year (thanks to (1) being a slow knitter and (2) getting happily sidetracked by Lucy’s Sweet Pea blanket all last winter). But I love your new colors! Hidden Gem or Seascape is always a conundrum. I think I’d choose Hidden Gem. All the best. Josephine

  170. Jewels says:

    Happy Fourth Birthday. I'm just decreasing for the toes on the second sock of my very first pair. I wanted to have a go at making socks for a long time, having read your blog for quite some time. I finally took the plunge after meeting you at Black Sheep recently and having a try of the different needles you had with you. As I've almost finished this pair a ball of Brightside would be great for my second pair. Thank you for listening. Julie

  171. Judith says:

    I'm on pair number 5. Would love to win Wildflower – and those stitchmarkers are just so cute!

  172. Congratulations Christine. Because of You I started knitting socks and have never enjoyed anything so much. Your books are easy to follow and are my absolute 'go to' when I need clarification on anything related to socks.
    I have knitted 6 pairs in the last year using a number of your patterns. I think every family member and friend have one pair now and I'm starting on the second round haha.
    Your new colours are all wonderful and if I am lucky enough to win I would gratefully have any.
    Looking forward to what the next four years bring.

  173. Julia says:

    Happy Birthday and many socks to come… I have knitted five pairs of socks using your Patterns since last May. I would love to win any colourway.

  174. Trish Rapley Giles says:

    Happy birthday! Just 1 pair made. I would love the seascape colourway.

  175. Madgewat says:

    One whole pair and a quarter of my second pair.

  176. Wendy says:

    16 pairs this year. I can hardly believe it, I never thought I'd get past 1! It's been a sanity saver for me, as my daughter and husband were both seriously ill most of the year and knitting winwick socks gave me a focus (and an addiction!). If I win I'd love to receive the gorgeous seascape.

  177. Mummyto3monsters says:

    Huge congratulations and Many Happy Returns xx I have managed a huge ( for me lol ) 4 pairs of socks this last year. In total over the last 4 years I have managed 8 pairs of socks and have plenty of wool to make more!! I adore all your colours so dont have an absoult fav one, but my son ( who just turned 2 ) likes the seascape.

  178. Karen Richards says:

    4pairs for me. Happy birthday 🎂

  179. Morag says:

    Hello Christine!
    Well I'm still on my first pair! Interrupted for the best of reasons, a first grandchild! I'm just finishing a cot blanket for her.

    Thank you for everything Sockalong, and for the competition! If lucky enough to win a prize, I would love the seascape colourway. That would be the next pair of socks!

  180. Kailah says:

    Happy Happy Birthday! I am so glad that I found your site, your book and you (!) as making socks has been on my bucket list for a long time. I have now knitted 2 pairs and I have another one on the go and I have to say, I'm addicted!!!! I have just ordered a ball of your Wildflower so if I win, may I have the Seascape please? Thank you! Kailah x

  181. valerie3812 says:

    Only 3, but boy are they lovely!

  182. Carmel says:

    I'm new to all this but what a lovely thing to have started. I'll be heading over to look at the different groups and tutorials. Seascape is my favourite

  183. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday. I have knitted 7 pairs so far and just started the 8th pair. Seascape colourway for me please. Just love your blog and Facebook pages, have had lots of help from them. Maureen Bromley.

  184. Mo says:

    Oh my goodness what a fabulous prize for any knitters. Anyway love the book for its simplicity and have believe it or not knitted 2.5 pairs to date and once the other sock is finished have a wish list of yarn lined up to try next. My particular favourite of your new line is Seascape. If I did win any it would be super. Great and generous idea offering a competition. Thank you.

  185. Anonymous says:

    7 pairs of plain, 8th pair on needles but have knitted other socks but from my sock club with my local LYS. Would love Brightside if lucky enough to win but would be happy with any.
    Jackie from East Halton

  186. Unknown says:

    Happy 4th Birthday. I am thrilled that I found your directions and blog. I am knitting socks constantly and am so pleased with how they have all turned out. So far since May, 2019 I have made 12 pair with yarn on hand for several more. I also got a yarn swift for Christmas! Judy K. in the US.

  187. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday! Only knit a whole pair with three on the go. Always wanted to knit socks & thanks to you, now I can. I really like them all, but guess Wildflower would be my choice. Thanks again for all you've done & congratulations on such accomplishments. Maribeth Clark

  188. Carol Fieldhouse says:

    I’ve knitted two pairs since last May- one basic 4-ply pair in a wonderful seascape-y yarn while on holiday innTurkey and a wonderful pair of 6-ply walking socks in pure British wool from Sheepfold! I would love a pair of Wildflower socks next……

  189. Tanya says:

    Congratulations on your birthday xxx Just started my second pair since being recommended to your site by a friend. I love all your colours so would be happy to win any

  190. Anonymous says:

    I am late to your sock-a-long party so I have only knit one pair, but I love them! So happy for your four years of enjoyable sock knitting online. All your colors are gorgeous so I would be happy with any one of them. Best wishes for continued success and contented knitting! Denise

  191. Isabel P. says:

    I'm half way through my second pair after discovering your tutorials earlier in the year. I would love for Hidden Gem to be my next pair!

  192. Beverly says:

    I have only done one pair this year. I am a bit of a slow knitter – too many irons in the fire right now. I love the purple colorway but any of them would be wonderful to have. Beverly in North Carolina USA

  193. Nannie & Papa says:

    Happy birthday! Your blog is the reason I started knitting socks. I was too scared to try something so difficult. You made it so easy! I am finishing my 6th pair. If by chance I would win I would be happy to receive any color of your yarn. They are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us.

  194. Lynda Harrison says:

    I have just one pair of finished socks! But another pair are nearly finished!
    I first knitted socks many years ago, and only recently started again..
    But I found I couldn't do it anymore…it was SO difficult!
    Then I found your Basic Sock a pattern…one false start later…and I was away, and if haven't looked back yet!
    If I am lucky enough to be chosen…I just love that deeper of the two blue colours, but they are all lovely, so I would love any one of them…!
    Happy Birthday!

  195. gillian davies says:

    Happy birthday,I have knit 3pairs this year and have 2 more on the needles.Would love the purple yarn if lucky enough to be chosen.Thanks,Gillian

  196. The Puddle Stone says:

    Congratulations Christine, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me how to make socks and I have passed that skill on to many friends too. I think I’ve made at least 12 pairs in the last 12 months….yeh love Lissie Wales x x

  197. RuthE says:

    Happy birthday! I want to thank you for creating sockalong, Christine. This time last year knitting socks, in fact knitting anything, wasn’t on my horizon. I visited family in Canada – they were knitting socks. Back in New Zealand I used your tutorials and have now knitted 6 1/2 pairs and a hat and a jumper. You re-kindled my love of knitting.

  198. Karenbeegood says:

    I've knitted 58 pairs, I wanted to see if I could knit one pair for each year I was born and managed it finishing the last pair 3 days before my birthday. Happy birthday to you too.

  199. Sheryll says:

    Congratulations! Love your blog and I’d have never attempted socks without your instructions,thank you.
    I’ve completed 10 pairs of socks and what a joy to present a pair to each of my chemotherapy nurses a few weeks ago! They watched me knitting and admired them, having no idea who they were for. I love all the colours so would love any…how adorable are the stitch markers! Sheryll in Brisbane, Australia.

  200. mary says:

    I'm on my second pair, and I never could have knitted socks without your amazing tutorials and support. You are my sock hero! I love every color, but the blue is probably my favorite. Congratulations and happy birthday!

  201. Irene says:

    12 pairs! Love the blues!

  202. Chopper63 says:

    Happy Birthday – and WOW look at the numbers. I have 3 pairs finished and 3 pair half done. Its the best pattern ever. I dont care what colourway…love them all. The markers are awesome also. Lee in Western Australia

  203. luluknitts says:

    Crikey Christine, now you're making me think…. I can't be exact as I don't put sock projects on Ravelry (I will from now on), but it's probably about ten or 11. Love the prizes and Happy Birthday! xxx

  204. Anonymous says:

    Hello Christine, a very happy 4th birthday to Sockalong, I am so very pleased that I found your blog, as I have always wanted to knit a pair of socks but found the patterns so very hard to follow. What can I say about your Sockalong tutorial it is fantastic!!! Very easy and straight forward to follow, I have made 4 pairs of socks and I am addicted, also my partner loves wearing them. I have now introduced your Sockalong to my sister and she loves it too. So thank you very much, My favourite is Wildflower, my name is Diane Seymour.

  205. Anonymous says:

    I have only knit three pairs this last year, but I owe you a big thank you as it is thanks to you and the Sockalong that I can knit at all. I had wanted to for years, but had always failed until your tutorials made me determined to try until I could – and I did! I would love to win the purple Amethyst pack as my mum loves purple and I could treat her to some very special socks. Vicky from Brum

  206. Henrie635 says:

    I've only started my first pair! I love all of the color ways! So any color would work for me. Thank you for the fun reads. I love to see the pictures and here about what you are up to. Henrie Wilson

  207. Gayle says:

    I was surprised in doing a quick tot-up to find that I've knitted 8 pairs of the basic Sockalong socks since last May. I've also knitted lots of other things, and that wouldn't have happened if your step-by-step sock tutorials hadn't made me believe that knitting anything other than a basic square wasn't as hard or scary as I'd thought.

    I love all of your new yarns, but I think Hidden Gem is my favourite.

  208. Helen W says:

    I'm on my 4th pair of basic Winwick Mum socks since this time last year. I usually have a 'fancy'pair on the go too, but still think that basic is best when you have a stunning yarn to show off.I also keep returning to your basic pattern, as it just makes the most sense and guarantees a good fit every time. You are a genius! I love all your WYS colours, but I would choose the purple one as I don't have any in that kind of colourway already. I'm a real sock addict and have over 30 pairs in my sock drawer, with many more knitted and gifted. Many congratualtions on your 4th birthday!

  209. Heather says:

    Happy Birthday to the sockalong!
    I've knitted 2 more pairs of socks since the sockalong's last birthday. I've got the first of another pair underway and also the first of a pair of toe-up socks – to make the most of a partial ball of yarn! I didn't want to be in fear of running out on the foot of the second sock, but it's also nice to be trying out something new, which feels very in keeping with the sockalong ethos.
    I like all of the colours, but I think wild flowers is my favourite, at least at the moment!
    Thanks for all you do encouraging people with their knitting.

  210. ChoccyLoverUK says:

    Happy Birthday! I'm afraid to say I'm a complete sock knitting virgin! I'm eager to dust off my knitting needles (25+ years and counting) and give your wonderful pattern a try. The selection of sock yarn colours are just stunning 🙂

  211. frangelita says:

    I think I have now made 11! My friend introduced me to the sockalong and I was hooked! @knitwitsandhookers

  212. Anonymous says:

    Hi christiine I knitted about 10 pairs of your pattern for socks love all your yarn . The blue Irene m

  213. Unknown says:

    Happy birthday sockalong! I've knit 6 pairs in the last year, plus some patterned ones. I've also mustered up the courage to start playing around with different heel patterns as well! (Love that purple yarn)

  214. Nicky Slade says:

    Happy Sockalong birthday! I think I've made 2 pairs in the past year but about 6 the year before that. This past year has been all about crochet as I've been trying to do a Crochet Half Marathon (using 13.1 miles of yarn!) for charity but in between I've mostly been knitting just sock soles (using the heel reinforcement stitch) to repair the socks knitted last year as my eldest son wears them as slipper socks and wears holes in the soles! I'd like Seascape please.

  215. Daisydancer says:

    First pair! Happy birthday xx

  216. Unknown says:

    My first pair about to hit the needles. Seascape for me. And HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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