Winwick Mum Sockalong 9th birthday

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Sockalong,

Happy birthday to you!

A pair of hand knitted blue striped socks modelled on feet which are standing on a stone flag in a flower border. The text across the picture reads Winwick Mum Sockalong 9th birthday

Woohoo!  It’s the Winwick Mum Sockalong’s 9th birthday – and how wonderful is that?!  Nine years of helping beginners to knit socks and another year for me to celebrate the Sockalong birthday with you!  I absolutely never get tired of knowing that someone somewhere around the world has learnt to knit socks and I’ve been able to help them 🙂

If you’re new to Winwick Mum and the Sockalong tutorials, get yourself comfy and I’ll tell you a story …

Waaaaay back in January 2015, a chance conversation at a knit n natter group had me throwing my hands up in air and saying “But socks aren’t hard to knit!” and before I knew it, I had announced to the world that I would be writing some tutorials for the blog and anybody who wanted to knit socks would be able to follow them and discover the joy of hand knits that so many of us already appreciate.  I would write them as if we were sitting together because it’s always nicer to knit with a friend, and there would be lots of photos to go with those words – it means my tutorials are more wordy than some, but I like to think that we’re chatting and we’ve got a lot to say!  I love that I’m still chatting to people about socks nine years later; it truly makes my heart sing every time I think of how many people have benefitted from bringing sock knitting into their lives.

Is that it, then?  Just these sock tutorials?  No, absolutely not!  In the same year as the tutorials were written and published on the blog (always with the intention of them being freely available on the blog for anyone who wanted to use them and they still are), I turned them into paperback form as Super Socks for those who couldn’t or didn’t want to be online all the time, and also e-book form for those who prefer that format.  I started the Winwick Mum Sockalong Facebook group so that people could ask questions in real time and that’s been amazing – there are thousands of people from all over the world in this group and thanks to the magic of time zones and people’s generosity in helping others to learn, this really is a group that works in real time – whatever the time!  There’s also the Winwick Mum Knit n Natter group on Facebook which came about as those who were knitting socks also wanted to chat, to share other project pictures and to just connect with other people.  The Facebook groups have been wonderful places to see not just socks started and finished as people have decided that now is the right time for them to be learning to knit socks., but also see progress as knitting confidence has developed (it’s amazing what you can do when you’re cheered on by like-minded friends!) – and more than a few on and offline friendships start too!

What else?  Well, a bit later on I wrote More Super Socks for people who had knitted their first basic pairs and wanted to move onto a different pattern, but still felt that other patterns were a step too far.  It contains four of my in-depth tutorials (with videos!) and four exclusive patterns which are more wordy than many you will find, but those extra steps have made it easier for people to step out of their comfort zones and to branch out with their knitting.

Last year, I created a new notebook called Project Super Socks so that knitters both new and experienced could keep all of their sock knitting notes together, and have a copy of the Basic 4ply Socks and the Basic 8ply (DK) Socks patterns (a chunkier version of the Basic 4ply Socks) at hand in their project bags.  I’m delighted to tell you that it’s been a huge hit and even I am wondering how I ever managed without my own copy!

I’ve also won a few awards now (you can see them down the left hand side bar – I’m very proud of them!), I’ve been delighted to be invited to write articles and design socks for magazines, yarn shops and of course, my favourite yarn company, West Yorkshire Spinners!  I’ve been designing for them since 2017 and together we’ve produced a number of pattern books.  I have been very proud to have been asked to design the sock patterns to go with their special Christmas yarns for the last six years, and even more delighted to see those patterns being used all year round, not just with the Christmas yarn!

What I never could have imagined when I first started writing Winwick Mum, never mind the Sockalong tutorials, and best of all is that I’ve got my very own Signature 4ply Winwick Mum yarn designed in collaboration with my lovely friends at West Yorkshire Spinners.  Goodness, I could hardly contain myself when the first samples arrived in the post!  Not only did I get to design the yarn, but I got to design the patterns to go with it and you can see those on my patterns page here.  I have loved seeing the yarn being knitted up, knowing that people have enjoyed using it and have been able to support their local yarn shops by buying it.  And let’s not forget all the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made along the way too … it truly has been an incredible time!

I don’t ever take for granted the incredible times that I have had over the last nine years – seeing people discover that sock knitting really isn’t as hard as they might have thought, and all of the good things that have come from it.  I have been very blessed, and I never forget that how much of that is down to you … thank you for knitting the socks, for sharing the tutorials with others who want to learn, for giving your time to help others once you have learnt yourself, for buying my books and my yarn … thank you! xx

So what happens now?  Well, as far as the Winwick Mum Sockalong goes, nothing is changing.  The Sockalong tutorials are staying on the blog and they are still free – I have always said that if someone has the money to buy the yarn and needles or buy the book then I would much rather than they bought the yarn and got started – so there’s no change there.  Super Socks is still available for anybody who wants to buy a paperback or ebook version.  More Super Socks, the follow-on book with more techniques and patterns, is also still available in paperback and e-book versions.  Project Super Socks continues to save the day when we need to know what we did on the last pair of socks we knitted for someone and can’t quite remember how many rounds we worked for the foot … 😉  West Yorkshire Spinners are still producing Winwick Mum yarn which is available from WYS stockists worldwide and now there are two collections, so that’s eight colourways to choose from.  There are some more videos on my YouTube channel, but because I move at a snail’s pace where videos are concerned, it’s taking some time to get everything I want to finished 🙂

Another thing that hasn’t changed is the Winwick Mum Sockalong birthday giveaway.  Every year, I get to do this and every year I think how fortunate I am to be able to even think about it!

As usual there are two prizes (worth over £40 each for those who like to know that sort of thing) …

There’s a signed copy of Super Socks and this year I’ve been able to add a Project Super Socks notebook too (I’m hoping for LOTS of pairs in the winners’ futures!).  There’s a ball of Winwick Mum yarn, a row counter, a packet of wool needles and three super-cute stitch markers from Mary Jane Creations.

An orange Super Socks beginner sock knitting book, a purple More Super Socks notebook, a ball of yarn in shades of blue, and white, a row counter, a packet of wool needles and three stitch markers on a white background An orange Super Socks beginner sock knitting book, a purple More Super Socks notebook, a ball of yarn in shades of green and yellow, a row counter, a packet of wool needles and three stitch markers on a white background

The yarns are West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply, my favourite yarn for socks.  The shades in this year’s prize are from the Seasons collection – Winter Icicle on the left and Spring Green on the right.


I’ve also included some stitch markers because whether you’re on your first pair or you’ve been knitting socks for ages, I don’t think you can ever have too many stitch markers!  I do have favourites that I tend to go for most of the time, but I also like to be able to choose a stitch marker specifically for the socks I’m knitting (I don’t have a vast collection to choose from, but I’ve got a few! 🙂 ) and I hope these will add to your choice!  They’ve been made for me by Mary of Mary Jane Designs and they’re a mix of rings which slide nicely across your needles to mark the beginning and end of rounds and progress keepers, which are useful if you like to keep track of your rounds, for catching a dropped stitch before you are able to pick it up or even if you crochet as well.  There’s even a brand new stitch marker design with both a clasp and a ring so between the three you’ve got everything you need for a pair of socks!

There is, as always, a signed copy of Super Socks.  If you’re new to the blog and to the Sockalong, then Super Socks is the paperback version of the Sockalong tutorials that you can find if you click the purple picture in the top right hand corner of the blog.

An orange Super Socks book lying on a wooden table. To the left is a partly knitted sock, to the right is an orange mug

The book contains the same information as the online tutorials but is set out by needle type rather than across sock sections as the online tutorials are.  It’s a good big size to prop open with your brew and there are pages at the back to make notes, which is a useful thing to do, especially if you’re going to adjust the pattern for yourself or knit for other people (and you don’t have a copy of Project Super Socks yet 😉 ).

There is just one sock pattern in there – the Basic 4ply Socks pattern – given in both 4ply and 6ply versions, and this is because this is a book for beginners.  The point of the book is that it’s a tutorial, the best way I could think of for you and I to sit together and knit a pair of socks without confusing everything by trying to cram lots of other patterns in there as well.  You can go and find other patterns at any time, but my intention with Super Socks and the Sockalong tutorials is to help you knit your first pair so that you understand what you are doing and you feel like a sock knitting superstar when you put them on your feet!

If you want to see inside the book, take a look at this post here as it shows you what’s in there and how the book was put together.  If you want to see the online tutorials as well so that you can compare, and check out my writing style if you’re a Winwick Mum newbie, you can find those here.

This year, I’ve also included a copy of Project Super Socks so you’ll be able to store all of the information you need about the socks that you’re knitting, making it easy to refer to it again whenever you to want to so that you can either repeat the socks or remember what you did to make changes for the next pair.

A purple notebook entitled Project Super Socks with a name plate to write a name on is lying on a white wooden floor next to two pair of small socks, one in blue stripes and the other in green stripes. There's a succulent plant in the top left hand corner

The socks shown here are knitted with my Basic 4ply Children’s Socks pattern

I forgot to put it with the other prizes when I was photographing them, but no Sockalong birthday giveaway is complete without the Winwick Mum Sockalong badge!  This enamelled purple badge is ideal for project bags and also for wearing to festivals so that you can spot other Sockalongers.

A purple pin badge with Winwick Mum Sockalong engraved on it in silver

What do you think?  Would you like to win one of these prizes?  Here’s how to enter the giveaway!

For the last eight years, I’ve been asking you to tell me how many pairs of Sockalong socks you knitted since the last Sockalong birthday.  I’ll never know for sure how many pairs of socks have actually been knitted using the Basic 4ply Socks pattern and tutorials, of course, but I have so enjoyed keeping a rough count over the years – plus I hope that it shows those teetering on the edge of their own sock adventures that it really is possible! – so this year I will be continuing the tradition of the Annual Sock Count.  So far, our running total through the blog stands at 18,288 pairs, which is absolutely unbelievable and never something I ever expected on that January afternoon when I announced I’d be writing sock tutorials!  I wonder how many more have been knitted this year?!  It’s not a competition with previous years, it’s just a bit of fun (and might also tell me how close we are to really taking over the world with hand-knit socks 🙂 )

To enter the giveaway, please comment how many pairs of Basic 4ply Socks (not other patterns, please) you have knitted since May 2023.  Don’t worry if you’re still making your first pair or are about to cast on, just write that information and your comment will count too.  And because there’s a choice of yarn in the giveaway, don’t forget to tell me which one you would like too!

Entries to the giveaway will close at 8pm BST on Tuesday 7 May 2024 and I will let you know the winners by posting on the blog by Friday 10 May 2024.  I am happy to post the prizes anywhere in the world so don’t feel that you can’t be part of this because you don’t live in the UK.  I think you can choose to leave your comment as “anonymous” if you don’t have a WordPress account, but don’t forget to put your name in the comment so that when I post the winners I’ll be able to identify you so that you can get in touch for your prize (and please do come back to check if you’re a winner)!  And finally, don’t worry that your comment doesn’t show straight away – the comments are set for me to check them before they upload to the blog to make sure that no spam gets through so they are all safely stored in my blog messages until I’ve seen them.  I’ll make sure they’re all uploaded on time!

Happy birthday Sockalong, here’s to many more years of socking all over the world! 


The giveaway is now closed.  Thank you for entering – and look out for the results coming out soon!



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445 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    6 pairs of basic sockalong socks. Still my go to pattern and I love gifting them to people.

  2. 3 pairs so far – thanks for the easy to follow instructions.

  3. Sue Cowie says:

    I’m a novice, I’m on my first pair of your pattern but there will be many more!

  4. Lenore Rhodes says:

    Happy 9th birthday Christine. 🥂🥂🥂🥂
    5 prs using Winwick Mums basic 4ply pattern. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌺

  5. Sandra Dain says:

    I have knitted 29 pairs of socks since May of last year.

    • Nicki Smith says:

      The basic sock pattern is the only one I use… I just use different colours. I have made about 20 pairs which about half is for me and the others have been gifts for friends.
      Happy, happy 🎉

    • Anita Casbolt says:

      I’m on my first pair of 4 ply basic socks which is also my first attempt at sock knitting. I was discouraged by a course that didn’t help me learn sock knitting and was about to give up but found your pattern and it is very easy to follow. I really like the spring green yarn.

  6. Jane Reid says:

    4 pairs of your basic sock pattern knitted this year. It’s my go to pattern! Happy birthday… here’s to another year of socks!! xx love Jane xx

  7. Lyn Lawrence says:

    Hi, my name is Lyn and I’m a sock addict….. 😂 I think I’ve knitted about 20 pairs , not to mention the pairs I’ve knitted in my sleep! 🤔 it’s cheaper and more fun than therapy ! Happiest of birthdays 🥳

  8. Karan Lavender says:

    Hi Christine! 4 pairs of the basic sock this year. There have been other socks too!
    Now that I have your project super socks book, I will have a more accurate count for our 10th birthday! 😉 I don’t know how I managed without it! I’m actually keeping good notes now.
    Many thanks from a very happy sockalong knitter.

  9. Patricia Platt says:

    I am now on my 17th pair of socks using the basic pattern that I have made for my Renal Nurses. I make them as a thank you gift to them for looking after me. At first I did them while I was having dialysis, but I now have a fistula and unable to move my arm during dialysis so going a bit slower at making them now. I have probably done well over 50 pairs now that I have made for myself and family and friends. I enjoy making them and gifting them. 🙂 Thanks Christine for my sock addiction. 🙂

  10. Elaine Allerton says:

    Your pattern is still my go to vanilla socks ,,,,
    I have made 8 pairs,,,
    Happy birthday,,,Christine!,!!!

  11. 11pairs of basic 4ply socks 🧦, addicted!!

  12. Mandy Ord says:

    Admittedly I’m late to the sock-knitting party and I’ve only been reading your musings these last few months! My sock journey began just over a year ago after my sister sent me a pair she had knitted for Christmas and when questioned she said I could do it, it’s quite easy! I had literally stiched and knitted my way through childhood before finding ’boys’ and adult life but almost no knitting till my mid-fifties!! I made a start, my first pair needed three socks just to get a reasonable matching set….. I was captivated (errr.. addicted!) and I set-to for gifting socks at any opportunity. In my quest to improve technique I found your sock-a-long instructions, I’ve been missing out, all those people knitting socks! It has certainly enabled me to tidy up and bin off several bad habits so that I can now produce a beautiful sock. I think a plain vanilla sock showcases good wool and skill as there’s nothing to hide behind. In the last 15 months I’ve produced over 30 pairs of socks (4 whilst my wrist was in plaster for 2 months 😬 ) 15 of which I can say are sock-a-long inspired – Thank you!. The inspirational pair I received from my sister, don’t tell but as they were too big, I unpicked and re-knitted a size down!! I think it’s fair to say, when lost in sock creation, I have found my happy place ❤️.
    I’m Mandy Ord from Romsey Hampshire (any wool is fine by me!)

    NB: Tips to pass on – I have bought a secondhand kneeling stool as sitting slouching is bad for one’s core and posture. In addition I’ve got a skipping rope hanging nearby too as sitting still for long periods of time is very detrimental to long term health. I’m just trying to offset the pitfalls that a sedentary lifestyle may otherwise create…………

  13. Jane Hunt says:

    Gosh, I always forget to count. I reckon about 10 pairs of 4ply sockalong socks in the past year.
    My friends are very grateful for their sock gifts, something I never imagined I’d be able to do. Thanks Christine, happy sockalong birthday!

  14. Jennie Hiscock says:

    Wow, I’m nowhere near the 29 of Sandra, but I’ve managed 3 pairs (plus new toes on one old pair!!) I am still so grateful that I found the Winwick Mum Sockalong.

    • Jill Taylor says:

      5 pairs of basic socks this year. My favourite thing to do is to use up my scraps to make another pair which I’m working on at the moment. All your tutorials are brill and have made sock knitting so easy.

  15. Claire H says:

    5 pairs this year and a few more in planning!

  16. Caron Lawson says:

    I’ve knitted 3 pairs of your basic sock pattern since my first in December 2023, it’s great to have socks that fit so well!
    If I’m lucky enough to win I’d love the Spring Green colourway

    • Wendy Newton says:

      I’ve knitted 2 pairs, wys rum paradise is my favourite! I like all colours, I’m not fussy lol

  17. Jessica Nash says:

    Since I was little, I have always loved socks, I was also fascinated by knitting and crochet. I lost my mom in 2021 and was given matching crochet hearts, one to stay with her and one to stay with me, I made it my mission then to learn how to crochet. In my crochet adventures I really wanted to make socks but they weren’t right, so finally at the end of 2022, I fell down the rabbit hole of wanting to knit, specifically socks. After watching a YouTube video learning how to knit and pearl, scrounging the Internet and asking in groups where to start – I was directed to the Winwick Mum Basic 4ply sock pattern, the Sockalong group and the knit and knatter group. I bought my first set of needles, West Yorkshire spinners yarn in ‘wildflower’ and away I went with casting on my first pair of socks. The pattern seemed simple enough for me to have the courage to start it and with a lot of posts from myself, to the Sockalong group and countless of wonderful, helpful replies, after a month we had done it – I had achieved my first pair of socks! I finished them just before my baby was due and wore them whilst I laboured and recovered, they were and still are a great comfort to me. My first pair will always be very special and surprisingly, they fit great, I wear them all the time. Since May 2023 I have knit 11 pairs of socks using the Winwick Mum basic 4ply sock pattern. It’s my go to! In total I have knit 23 pairs of socks but all my other socks knitted with other patterns don’t quite fit as well as my Winwick Mum ones! ❤️

    The happiest of Birthday to the Sockalong and well done Christine, it’s a real joy to be part of your sock community, thank you for having me❤️

  18. Bridget Jarvis says:

    Four pairs in 2023. Using WYS signature 4ply. Now on to 5th pair using the new Yarnsmith. Happy Birthday Christine. Thank You for everything you do for us in the world of sock knitting xx

  19. Anne Ritchie says:

    I have made 11 pairs of your basic 4ply socks since May last year. If I were lucky enough to win I’d be happy with either colour way / they are both lovely! Happy Birthday!! xx

    • Jenny Evans says:

      Happy 9th Sockalong, Christine!
      I have knitted 2 basic 4ply socks and have 1 on the needles. Been pushing the boat out this last year trying the easy cable and easy lace as well as doing the basic ones. If I am a lucky winner, may I have winter Icicle please as I have spring green currently on the needles. Thank you for bringing sock knitting into my life.

  20. Happy Birthday! after a long break of not making any socks I have made 2 pairs this year so far, I have at least another 3 pairs to knit before Christmas so they will be to add next year. Your pattern is the only one I use. xx

  21. Lyn Brooman says:

    10 lovely pairs of Basic 4ply socks since last May!!! Most of them gifted and 3 of them in my stash box for gifting 💝
    Thank you for starting me on my sock journey Christine and Happy Sockalong Birthday 🎂

  22. Ilse says:

    Happy birthday to the sockalong!! I just discovered the winwick mum sockalong so I didn’t make a pair yet, but I’m really excited to start knitting! Green is my favourite colour 💚, so I would love to join the giveaway for the green yarn!

  23. Deborah Gilham says:

    I’ve made 4 pairs of Winwick Mum socks and I have no preference of yarn.😊Happy 9th birthday 🥳

  24. Jane Ling says:

    12 basic pairs this year.

    (I have completed 14 other pairs as well, but with cable leg pattern or a different cuff etc but always with the basics learnt from Christine.)
    I love knitting socks! Thank you.

  25. Dani Spence says:

    7 pairs for me (and some more of other patterns which you gave me confidence to make!). Thank you. The spring green is so cheerful!

  26. Kristina Morley says:

    I’ve made 3 pairs and am on my 4th 😀🧦🧶

  27. Elizabeth Bell says:

    Happy birthday I’ve knit about 112 pairs of socks in the last year from your amazing patterns. I started to knit 72 years ago but never had the courage to knit socks until I found your site fourteen months ago. The benefits of knitting socks is threefold for me it’s a reason to get up each morning it is a brain workout and it’s the pleasure of gifting socks to family and friends I cannot thank you enough. If I am fortunate enough to win I would like the WYS Winter Icicle. Once again thank you

  28. Valerie Clark says:

    One pair this year, using Christmas yarn and the basic Sockalong pattern. I can remember you celebrating the 1000th member in the Facebook group – how things have grown!

  29. Scott Lines says:

    I’ve made 1 pair so far. I’m only just starting! I see many pats in the future

  30. Onoshua Mariathas says:

    4 pairs since May 23 and another on the needles!

  31. Angela Thomas says:

    I have made 5 pairs of socks in the last year. Thank you for getting me started knitting socks it has been a game changer.

  32. Karen says:

    I had a bit of a break from sock knitting but a couple of weeks ago I went back to the Winwick mum tutorial and I have just completed a lovely pair of socks.
    I felt I needed extra support to keep me on the right track especially with the heel section.

  33. Lorraine Vincent says:

    Lots of pairs over 20 pairs most of which are owned by my son who loves them for work as they stop the steel toe caps in his work boots freezing his toes!!

  34. Elizabeth Sandison says:

    11 pairs and of course so many more in the pipeline.A huge thanks for all your inspiration.

  35. Wendy Renton says:

    I’ve knitted my first 2 pairs of socks since the start of the year and now I’m half way through my 3rd. So it’s fair to say I’ve well and truly been bitten by the “sock bug”. First pair are a bit ropey in parts, but I’m still very proud of them. I used the new DK sock yarn from WYS for my 2nd pair, and they were super quick to make. I was a bit nervous when it came to the heel, but it’s so satisfying when that’s done because your knitting starts to look like a sock. And of course there is so much help out there if you need it.

  36. Southgate Sarah says:

    Started at Xmas and I’ve made 6 pairs! Frosted ice please so I can knit some socks for my youngest son who I’ve taught to knit alongside my sock making. Thank you for introducing me to such a fantastic hobby.

  37. Elizabeth Milligan says:

    Slowed down a bit since the lockdown but i’m just finishing my fourth pair. Happy Birthday!

  38. Jane Rogan says:

    Just on my 3rd pair. Thank you for being so generous with your pattern and all your help and tips.

  39. Nancy Briggs says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve made one pair since last May. Thank you for your helpful patterns. The Winter yarn is my favorite of the two.

  40. Daryl Main says:

    I’ve completed 4 and have just cast on pair number 5

  41. Valerie Ramsay says:

    Happy sockalong birthday Christine.
    15 pairs for me.

  42. Kirsty says:

    3 pairs of basic 4ply socks knitted by me this year.

    I only found your brilliant pattern and excellent tutorial in December 2023 and I’m obsessed. I’m a crocheter by choice and have always struggled to knit, turns out I just needed your pattern.

    Onwards and upwards on my sock journey, will be aiming for many more pairs to add to the 10th birthday total.

  43. Tracey Ogden says:

    11. A combination of your pattern and the Libary sock pattern. Mainly WYS wool. I think the only one I haven’t done yet is the winter icicle . Love making and gifting socks

  44. Jilly Turner says:

    7 pairs and about to start #8.
    Love this pattern 💜 and I’d love to try it on Winter Icicle 😍
    Happy Winwick birthday & thanks for making knitting socks so enjoyable xx

  45. Julie Lewis says:

    I have only made one pair this year! But they were gratefully relieved by my son in law. I’d be grateful for any prize thank you Christine xx

  46. Bev Sanders says:

    12 pairs this year (1 a month). Thanks for all your advice. I love knitting socks 🧦. I’d like the blue please

  47. Gill Watson says:

    I’ve knit 26 pairs of your patterns since last May ! I’m lucky enough to have a signed copy of your book so if I win I’ll gift it to my sister who is learning to knit socks. I love the spring green yarn. Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration x

  48. Maria Filopoulou says:

    I’ve made 12 pairs since last May, most of them in WYS yarn. I just got the Colourlab Sock yarn and am going to try it next

  49. Laureen Ralston says:

    I have completed my first ever 4 pairs of socks using your basic sock pattern Christine and getting great comfort from wearing them – excellent pattern and video instructions thank you so much.

  50. Jo Conway says:

    I’ve not recorded my socks on here before, all are the basic 4ply Winwick Mum pattern. 2019-2020 = 2 pairs; 2020-2021 = 6 pairs; 2021-2022 = 3 pairs; 2022-2023 = 6 pairs; 2023-2024 = 4 pairs. so 21 pairs in total (saving the current pair for next years contribution!). Love the pattern and instructions 🙂 easy to make perfect fit socks. My partner is the usual recipient and is proud to show them off! (any colourway if im lucky enough to win a prize)

  51. Carlie S says:

    Working on my first ever pair, hoping to finish this weekend!

  52. Pat Stevenson says:

    On count up it’s 12 pairs with another pair on the needles, I love knitting socks😃 and have lots of knit worthy friends and family. If I am lucky enough to win please can I have the blue, already earmarked for my granddaughter. BTW I only use WYS yarn l love it, and as the lady in our LYS says it’s bombproof so good for gifting. Thank you Christine for your inspiration and encouragement.

  53. Lynda Verrill says:

    10 pairs this year, can’t stop! My yarn preference is Winter Icicle should I be lucky. Thanks for a fab pattern.

  54. Jim says:

    Farily new to socks. Have done 1 pr and working on a second pr. Practical and fun.

  55. Lorna says:

    Happy Socky Birthday. 11 pairs of basic socks and still going strong! X

  56. Tabitha Mori says:

    Happy birthday I am knitting my 5th pair this year. I really like this pattern. Next is pair of socks for my younger son and his girlfriend, when I figure out the sizing.

  57. Fiona Kennedy says:

    happy sockalong sockathon Christine😍😉Thanks to lockdown I found you and I’m now obsessed.Love the wys wool-blue please 🤣🤣Project super socks is fab along with kitchener bookmark and patterns.11 pairs of vanilla since last may and 2 pairs of riverbank books included in that.

  58. Karen says:

    I have completed 3 pairs , my first pair started Nov 23. very easy pattern to follow. thank you

  59. Kerry says:

    2 pairs with the basic 4 ply pattern. I always recommend your pattern to people who want to learn as its so well written. Both colour ways are gorgeous. Happy birthday winnick mum!

  60. Vanessa says:

    Happy sockalong birthday. I have knitted many sockalong socks over the years, since may 2023 I have knit 3 pairs and another pair is in my needles. I would love the winter icicle yarn

  61. I’m just about to finish my 2nd pair and I’m feeling an obsession starting ! Thx 💗

  62. Ruth Hendry says:

    6 pairs of basics. I love bright patterned wool and basic sock shows them off better than patterned wool. I love the spring green it’s lovely and bright. we need bright in this dreary weather

  63. Sandra Spielberger says:

    About a year ago I taught myself knitting socks following your basic pattern. I hadn‘t knitted socks since my school days over 30 years ago as I didn‘t like the heel flap. But your youtube tutorials were a great help and I knitted 3 socks following your beginner friendly pattern. Thanks for helping me discover a new hobby and keep on doing what you do. Would be thrilled to win a set😀

    I knitted 3 pair of socks from your basic 4ply pattern and the green yarn would be absolutely perfect to knit socks for St. Patrick‘s day 🇮🇪

  64. Michelle Gladwish says:

    Happy Birthday to you and happy birthday to me. I’ve made 46 pairs using WYS which is my go to yarn. My son and his family live in Cumbria and I can’t tell you how proud I feel when we visit and they are wearing my socks x

  65. Janet J says:

    Five pairs of Winwick Mum socks this year! Thanks for all the help you give us sock knitters. That Winter Icicle looks lovely(well, they all do, actually!)

  66. Rosemary Potter says:

    21 basic pairs since May 2023, plus 6 more on the go

  67. Michelle Hardy says:

    Hi, I’ve knitted 3 Basic 4ply Socks and 2 8ply basic socks since May last year. I love knitting them and wish I had more time and more feet to knit them for 😂
    If I’m lucky enough to win, I would choose Winter Icicle because Down Under, South Australia we are heading into our winter and it gets cold here in the Adelaide Hills.
    Congratulations on 9 years and Happy Birthday

  68. Teresa McNamara says:

    Just finisbed my 3rd pair this year after be reinspired recently

  69. Judith says:

    2 pairs and one “on the go”.
    I like the Winter Icicle colour.

  70. Happy birthday! I think I have made two pairs but now I have a great log book to record them in I’ll have a much better record! I love green so would adore to try some of WYS finest 😀🧶 Thank you and congratulations on 9 wonderful and inspirational years 🥳

  71. Joan Field says:

    I learned to knit socks in February this year. I discovered this site. Bought the Super Socks book and have knitted one pair using the pattern. I used 4 ply Funny Feetz sock wool bought from Boyes. I’m now waiting for my yarnsmith delivery from the Wool Warehouse. Oh …. I picked up some WYS wool from Hobbycraft. A plain and a bird pattern one. Looks like I’m starting a wool stash. 😂😂😊🧦

  72. Sharon Hoole says:

    I keep meaning to start the basic sock pattern with leftovers from a sock kit from BSW. Pink for the main sock and rainbow heels and toes!
    I’d love to win the green bundle as line green is literally my favourite colour.

    • Haydee says:

      hi, I am from NZ. I am working on my first pair of socks ever, using your pattern as a guide, (however I have modified it a bit, which is dangerous when you don’t know what u are doing). I am using two different balls of self patterning yarn, intarsia method, which is also completely new to me. It looks amazing! I have tried it on, even though I have not yet completed one sock. It does fit! you definitely made me feel brave enough to try socks! I thought they were just too hard up until now. thanks again. Haydee

  73. Judith Provan says:

    Happy birthday 🥳. I have made 11 pairs for family and friends who love my socks and they always ask for more. I’ve made many pairs over the last 5 years and always use your pattern but I have never made myself a pair of socks so the next pair I make are mine!

  74. Pam Rice DeWispelaere says:

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve just started my first pair- ready to start the flap. The blue yarn is my favorite. I have your sock project book and I love it.

  75. Ciara Bardon says:

    One pair and I’ve started my second

  76. Marie Elliott says:

    I have only recently heard of Winwickmum when I was trying to knit socks that really fit well my daughters and my foot. I have knit about 30 socks previously and none seemed to fit comfortably. It looks like I have a winner after following your basic 4 ply sock and the video on fitting a sock properly. I am now knitting another sock with the same medians am ticked pink. I will continue to use your patterns. Love your wool colors also. Cheers

  77. Bet Brooks says:

    I have made 9 pairs and almost finished my 10th for the past year. I started during lockdown although I have knitted for over 65 years I had never tried socks I found Christines basic sock pattern and have never looked back Bet Brooks

  78. Sharon Chambers says:

    One and a half socks; working on the instep of the second sock of my very first pair, in Cygnet Wool Rich!

    I’ve started socks at least three times, with other different patterns, but this is the first pattern I’ve ever managed to finish a sock with!

    I have a ball of Funny Feetz waiting for the next pair, as soon as I’ve finished these.

  79. Catherine Evans says:

    Happy 9th birthday! I was late to the party and didn’t start knitting socks until about 4 years ago. This year I have only knitted 5 pairs using your basic sock pattern which have been gifted to people that have needed the support of our foodbank xx

  80. Helen says:

    I have created 23 basic pairs and now in my first 6ply pair.
    I love the way I knit faster on the heel flap to get to heel turn then fast again at decrease for toes
    My husband thinks I am
    Part witch to turn wool into socks
    Winter Icicle please and thank yoy

  81. Hazel Paynter says:

    A very happy sockalong birthday.
    I have knitted lots of pairs over the last year, mostly patterned ones but 2 pairs of basic socks were made as well. I also put a knitting friend onto your book and blog who has almost finished her 1st pair of socks thanks to your basic pattern. She is super excited to have achieved this and will be making more pairs in the future.

  82. Brenda hogg says:

    Three pairso

  83. Linda says:

    7 pairs so far and toasty feet. Happy Sockalong x

  84. Jacqui Lord says:

    Yayyyy happy birthdayyyyy
    6 pairs for me …. All Wys yarn …. I love it

  85. Kerris Merkitt says:

    Happy birthday. I hadn’t knitted any for a few years but back to them now. Your pattern is definitely my go to pattern and the instructions make it much easier. I’ve only done three pairs in the last year as I’ve been doing other projects. Thanks for introducing me to the world of sock knitting. If I’m lucky enough to win I’d like Spring Green please. Good luck everyone. Kerris Merkitt

  86. I’m on my first pair (and up to the toes!!) after attempting last year and only getting to the heel flap and giving up. So I’ve started again, taken my time and NOTED carefully where I am up to each time I pause/stop. I’m loving that I have knitted what seemed so difficult a year ago. I’ve bought more WYS 4ply and I’m confident to complete this pair, and many more. Thank you for the tutorials.

    I’d prefer the blue colourway but both are fab!

  87. Cheryl Meyers says:

    I made two pairs in the past year using your Basic socks pattern, they always fit perfectly! 🙏 so much. Waving 👋 from Tokyo

  88. Susan Ward says:

    3 pairs since last May and just cast on another for my husband – I think I might just about have got the hang of them now!! Susan Ward

  89. Glenda Barnett says:

    Happy Socky Birthday. Fifteen pairs for me this year in the basic sock pattern. So far I haven’t ventured into the crazy world of knitting patterned socks. It has been a difficult year and knitting socks has been my therapy. I love knitting them for family and friends and they love them.
    I love using colorful yarn that makes its own pattern, I can relax and enjoy the process.
    If I am lucky to win I would like the green yarn please.

  90. Margaret Hamer says:

    only 1pair completed but second on needles,so on path to addiction, like both colours but winter just edges it, thanks for the helpful explanations,happy birthday!

  91. Mary Steed says:

    Wishing you a very happy sockalong birthday. Your sock books and teaching skills have helped me knit many pairs of socks. Thank you so much.

    After adding birthday wishes earlier forgot to say knitted 3 pairs of socks in last year, fourth on the needles. Thank you again for starting me on my sock knitting journey.

  92. Anne Wood says:

    Happy birthday! I’ve knitted six pairs of socks – and I still go to the pattern for a row-by-row heel turn!
    With a surname of Wood, it’s no surprise that I love Spring green.

  93. Amanda Collings says:

    Happy 9th Birthday 🎂
    Since March 2023 I’ve made 19 pairs of socks. These have been a mix for me and as presents 🎁 (hubby in particular loves them!)
    I absolutely love making socks. I’ve been knitting them for about 5 yrs now and it was the Winwick Mum Sock-a-long that got me hooked ❤️
    I always refer people to that page when they are just starting out on their sock making journey 🧶🧦

  94. Vickie Hoffman says:

    One for me. I like Winter Icicle color. What a generous celebration!

  95. Laura Rae says:

    happy birthday, I have made 3 pairs in the last year

  96. Helen says:

    I’ve cast on and knitted about four inches of my very first sock of my very first pair! Hope that counts towards your annual count! Very easy to follow and looking forward to them growing! I would love the Winter Icicle colour should I be lucky enough to win! Thank you for all your work and sharing the sock love! (a fellow Brit 🇬🇧 that now lives in Canada 🇨🇦)

  97. Rashmi S says:

    Hi Christine! I learned to knit socks with your basic 4-ply pattern a couple of years ago. Thank you for breaking it down and making it so accessible! In the last year I knit 1 pair of your sock-along socks, and also tried out a few other sock patterns including toe-up and spiral socks. I look forward to reading your updates and blog posts. Thank you for doing what you do, and here’s to another year of many socks!

  98. Jacqueline says:

    Happy 9th Birthday! I’ve made 3 pairs of basic socks since last year. I’d be very happy with either colour yarn.

  99. Tricia says:

    I’ve just finished my 3rd pair of socks since I started knitting socks in February this year. I think I might try a patterned pair next. I love both colourways so if I’m lucky enough to win the giveaway, I’ll leave the choice up to you.
    Tricia Dickson

  100. Jane Winter says:

    Many happy returns of the day! Two and a half pairs of basic socks have been knitted in the Winter household. I really like the Spring Green colourway.

  101. Stacey Lorimer says:

    Hi! I want to start by saying that your pattern is the best beginner pattern! You give info for all of the different variations and it’s so comprehensive! I manage a craft store and recommend your site ti everyone I find buying sock yarn. I currently have one pair of socks that I’m knitting on small circular needles. I love the frost colored yarn and would love you have your books at hand. The project book looks amazing!

  102. Ali O'Connor says:

    2 pairs this year, one which I started about5 years ago one one the go x Thank you so much for your blog and patterns x

  103. Clarissa W says:

    I’m a relatively new knitter (under a year) and have just found your blog after you were recommended. I’ve yet to cast on and am just in the process of looking at your patterns and tutorials and have been down the rabbit hole of looking at all of the available sock yarn on line! (I like the look of the Winter Icicle). Thank you for making these tutorials and sock patterns free to those of us just starting!

  104. Laura Cameron says:

    I have done 23 pairs of basic socks since last may, I always have a pair on the go to take out with me, I’ve done enough now I don’t need to think to hard and their small Size make them the perfect portable project for out and about. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to make sock knitting accessible to all.

    Both colours are beautiful but I think I’m more a winter ice kind of a gal. 🥰

  105. Karen Holmes says:

    Hiya, not knitted your basic sock yet, but keen to cast on as I need more socks and love knitting them! The spring green colour is so nice!

  106. Tammy says:

    Congratulations Christine! Your sockalong helped me learn to knit socks and I’ve told so many people about it since then, so I like to think it’s having an ever expanding effect on bringing more hand knitted socks into the world! This last year alone I’ve knitted 8 pairs and know that the coming year will have at least that many again.
    If I were lucky enough to win your lovely giveaway, I would choose the winter icicle yarn – love the blues!

  107. Marie Katarina Morgan says:

    I never sit down in the evening without a pair of socks on my mini knit for a dog rescue charity, always the basic sock pattern and now doing shorties for the summer months. I’ve made 24 pairs so far and would love the blue yarn if lucky enoughMarie

  108. Elizabeth Brown says:

    Only one pair but soon will be knitting some more. Winter Icicle is the one I like best. Thank you for your generous giveaway.

  109. Anni Smith says:

    Happy socks long birthday 🎂
    This year I’ve done 4 pairs fort my husband (and many more WM patterns). He refuses to wear commercial socks now. I have created a (sock)monster. and 2 for my little grandson.
    Here’s to many more years (&pairs!)

  110. Annette says:

    Happy Sock-A-long birthday. And I have made 9 pairs of your basic sock pattern, since the last birthday

  111. ELSIE DUGDALE says:

    I have made two pairs of basic socks

  112. Steph Briggs says:

    Happy Sockalong 9th Birthday. You share it with my lovely partner Tony who is 50 today, shhhh don’t say I told 😉 I am currently knitting my 5th pair of the year xx

  113. Liz says:

    Happy sockalong birthday 🎂 🧶my sock tally is 3 basic (plus 1 sunspot) and just cast on a pair of trainer socks. love the basic pattern and the project book to keep track xx

  114. Helle Vouzi says:

    3 pair of your basic sock pattern. Happy Sock-A-long Birthday

  115. Jacky says:

    Happy birthday!! I never thought I would be able to knit a pair of socks but thanks to your book Christine I can knit socks I can be proud of!!
    In the past year I have made 4pairs.

  116. Sharon Ashman says:

    I have knitted 37 pairs of socks using various 4ply yarns. Several with WSS yarn of various colour ranges. Many using Christine’s patterns as a guide line. Also 3 pairs of socks using chunky yarn left over from doing a postbox topper with my Brownie unit. ☺️

  117. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday!
    1 pair since left May
    and I love the spring green colour

  118. Donna says:

    Happy birthday and a big thank you for helping make me a sock knitter. I’ve now made 6 pairs 😁 x

  119. Valerie Ephraim says:

    It’s over 40 pairs of vanilla socks plus 9 patterened and 3 WYS double sock yarn since May last year – maybe more but all except 7 pairs have been gifted so I’m not sure. Socks have been my “yoga since a bereavement and I’m not sure where I would be now without them.

  120. Suzanne says:

    I’ve just finished my first sock of my third pair of basic 4 ply socks, it’s my first time using magic loop as 9” circular needles were just too tiny for my sausage fingers! I think I’ve found my groove & I foresee lots more pairs in the future! Thank you for such comprehensive instructions and the free pattern. Both giveaway bundles are gorgeous whoever wins one is very lucky x

    • Lucie Howard says:

      Happy 9th Sockaling Birthday Christine 🥳 Not only have you taught me to knit socks you have taught me to knit as your basic 4ply sock pattern was the first pattern I was able to follow and achieve, so thank you! I made my first pair in October 2022 with WYS Gingerbread and have just finished my 8th pair using WYS Robin… So 8 pairs for me as I’ve never entered before. If I were lucky enough to win I would love the Winter Icicle yarn.

  121. Elizabeth Geddes says:

    I’ve made 3 pairs. It was my resolution for 2024 to learn to knit socks. I had the super socks book for Christmas and have successfully knit 3 pairs. The first pair for my youngest son, second pair for another son and the third pair for my husband. My turn next! I love the Winter Icicle colour way (although I like the green one too – all your yarn is beautiful). Thanks for the wonderful instructions in the book – it made knitting socks easier than I anticipated. I’m a convert! Happy birthday!

  122. Michelle says:

    Happy sockalong birthday !!! I’ve knit 3 pairs

  123. Jennie Jackson says:

    I’ve knitted about 20 pairs with the basic sock pattern, plus lots of others as always have a pair of go. I’m now teaching 2 knit and natter group friends to make them using the basic sockalong pattern. Happy birthday!

  124. Sally Johnson says:

    I’ve made 2 pairs of socks. One pair was for my friend’s birthday (she loves them!) and one was for me. I love them too! This is a great pattern and I look forward to using it to knit more socks.

  125. Sheila Hibberd says:

    I’ve knitted 15 pairs since May 2023

  126. Melody Hazelbaker says:

    I have finished 4 pair of your socks since the last birthday. I love the winter icicle color way.

  127. Beverly Vinson says:

    I’ve knit 1 but have more yarn in the wings waiting to be made into socks.

  128. Alison Ainsworth says:

    I have made about 12 pairs. When I’m looking for something to occupy my hands I pick up my needles and start your basic pattern which I know by heart. This has been a lifesaver as my son passed away in his sleep very unexpectedly just a week before Christmas. I needed to be doing something.
    If I’m lucky enough I would like the winter Icicle please.

  129. Paddy Coan says:

    I will cast on my first basic pair on the airplane tomorrow night. I knit a lot of socks and I continue to read your blog and see the fantastic pictures. I love your colorways and love WYS sock yarn. I would love the Spring Green colorway.

  130. Mary says:

    Well done Christine, your blogs cheer up the frequent dull days.
    I have only done 1 pair of basic socks this year which my daughter now owns.

  131. Ann Smout says:

    I’m knitting my 5th pair. My lovely Mum, who taught me to knit, was the GOAT of sock knitters and made me several pairs, one of which I’m wearing now. So it didn’t matter that, despite being an experienced knitter, I’d never mastered socks. Mum died 2 years ago and I vowed I’d learn to knit socks when I retired. That happened last Christmas and I tried your basic 4ply sock pattern. It’s superb and I’m now hooked. That’s my version – my family would say I’m obsessed! Happy 9th birthday, but most of all, thank you for your fantastic pattern, which has made me a dedicated sock knitter. xx

  132. Nicola Tucker says:

    I’ve made 3 pairs all with WYS and your basic pattern 🙂 Still only learning, so none are perfect, but I think I’m getting better 😀

  133. Blanaid Stevenson says:

    Only started doing socks in April 2023. From May 2023 until now have completed 7 pairs of 4ply. First pair took me two months…bit quicker now.

  134. Glenis Brown says:

    I am a newbie knitting my first pair now. But they will not be the last. The pattern is great. Thank you very much for doing all you do for us sock knitters. You are definitely an inspiration. ❤️

  135. Alison Allcock says:

    I’ve made 5 pairs so far with another 5 in planning. Happy Birthday to the Sockalong!

  136. Janet Donaldson says:

    Six and a half pairs… I’m on the other half of pair number 7 now. Both yarns are lovely but the blue is my favourite.

  137. Michelle says:

    I have knitted 8 pairs with the Winwick mum basic sock 4 ply pattern for my husband all in WYS. He only wears my hand knitted socks now as they are so comfortable.

  138. Lynne says:

    14 pairs of your fabulous socks since last year Christine.
    Thank you so much for all your marvellous emails, they brighten my day 🧦 Happy 9 th Sockaling birthday xx

  139. Martha Pitts says:

    I have finished 3 pair this year.

  140. Sue Little says:

    2pairs so far and planning more!! Love your blog it’s so well written and friendly.
    It’s the Spring Green ball for preference but either would be awesome.
    Thankyou for starting me and so many others on our sock journeys and “walking “ beside us as we learn🤪

  141. Mandy says:

    Thanks Christine – I’ve made 2 pairs of sockalong socks so far, using Paintbox yarn. Before knitting socks, I was a very poor knitter and could just about cast on, knit, purl and cast off (all badly).
    My knitting skills are a lot better now 🙂 and I want to try making a pair of your 6ply socks ready for next winter.

  142. JEANNETTE says:

    I’ve sadly only knitted 2 socks from the basic pattern this past year- clearly I need to get on it!
    I love both the colors of the winter and spring WYS but the greens just scream my son’s name.

  143. Ruth Hollands says:

    I am Ruth in London. Love your
    Pattern and I’ve knitted 7 pairs of socks from it so far this year. Thank you for your interesting emails and happy birthday!

  144. Helena Baker-Green says:

    I’ve tried to knit socks on & off for a few years, with different techniques & patterns but finally managed it after following your sock-a-long. Since January 24 I have made 5 pairs and am loving it. I have even got my husband wearing a pair! Happy Birthday-here’s to many more. Would happily receive either colour if lucky enough to win x thank you x

  145. Melody Daines says:

    One pair only. Life has been busy in a stressful way but starting a new pair to help my anxiety atm.
    Knitting is so meditating.

  146. Julie Andrews says:

    I have knitted 7 pairs of the basic socks…..mostly for Christmas presents. I love all the yarn colours and would be ‘over the moon’ to win anything.

  147. Sharon says:

    12 pairs and still love this pattern

  148. Lucy Carr says:

    Happy birthday..!!
    Thank you so much for your tutorials I have followed them and used them to teach my self to knit using them..
    I have been knitting for 3 years now and I am afraid I can’t knit anything else.!! And only vanilla socks!!
    My first year I knitted 2 pairs last year I knitted a Wapping 9 pairs.. this year I have finished 2 pairs so far..
    My favourite is a self striping wool as they seem to grow quicker..!
    Thank you and happy birthday 🎂

  149. Over 12 pairs I knit them mainly to raise money for BHF with a couple going as presents. I would like the blue yarn please

  150. Caroline Hyland says:

    Congratulations – 18,000 pairs and counting. What an achievement! Since discovering Winwick Mum Sockalong a few months ago I have knitted 3 pairs of your basic 4ply socks and plan to make many more as gifts. I love that they are such a portable project so I can knit on circular needles while I’m travelling. Thank you Christine for converting me to the world of sock knitting! I would love the Winter Icicle colour way if I am one of the lucky winners.

  151. Belinda says:

    Happy Birthday!! Although I have knit only two pairs of the basic sock pattern, it has inspired me to try other socks!! And I’ve knit 6 other pairs in varying designs including some color work! Thank you for making the basic pattern available to all.

  152. Mo Allan says:

    Many Congratulations on 9 amazing years of helping many people find real joy in sock knitting (and other tidbits too). I have only been knitting socks for about 2 years and have made about 30 pairs for both myself and for gifts. it gives me so much pleasure and the wonderful yarns available make each pair unique. Cheers to many more years of ‘Winwick Mum’ 💐🥳💖

  153. Jacqueline Williams says:

    I have made six pairs of socks for my, 2 soon to be 3 year-old granddaughter, using your pattern and WYS 4 ply yarn Christmas and bird colours. I have enjoyed making them and my granddaughter enjoys wearing them; her comment “Nanna more socks please”.

    Thank you for your patterns and foresight in starting Winwick Mum.

  154. Stephanie Serandos says:

    Happy Birthday! Just 2 pairs 😊

  155. Georgianna Crump says:

    I started knitting socks last July (2023) thanks to your book. It was on my bucket list and my 3 time trying. To date I have completed 20 pair of socks. Only 2 pair ended up being mine haha. I have a long list of family and friends that want a pair of these socks. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Having the best time making them and putting smiles in their heart and on their feet.

  156. Jacqui Sweet says:

    Only 3 pairs of the Basic Pattern this year because your wonderful pattern gave me the confidence to try out different patterns. Basic is still my go to sock pattern though. And my favourite fitting heel!

  157. Fiona Fitheridge says:

    Six pairs completed and now on pair 7. Love this pattern. Have also done the double knitting version. Thank you so much x

  158. Andi Haraga says:

    Happy birthday, Christine! I have knitted 5 pairs of your basic 4-ply socks since last May. I have experimented with other sock patterns as well, but I always tend to fall back to your basic 4-ply pattern. Both yarn colors are pretty, but if I had a choice, I would pick Winter Icicle.

  159. Becky Treen says:

    Crikey 9 years, that’s amazing. Wow, now I’ve counted back through my notes, 9 pairs of basic socks with some funky pairs sprinkled in-between. I also love the Winwick Yarns Collaborations 🎂🎉❤️

  160. Claire Bromley says:

    I’ve made a pair of shorties thanks to my friend’s mum walking me through your pattern and I’m currently making my first pair of basic 4ply socks.

  161. Jane C says:

    Happy Birthday and congratulations not just on your books and patterns but for inspiring so many people to have a go. I’m still on my first pair as unfortunately I started but made the mistake of putting them aside and despite making notes I had to start again. i will master sock knitting.

  162. Glenda says:

    I have just brought my first ball of wool and cast on looking Forward to making them just love the blue will

  163. Chris Murphy says:

    I only found you after making Kate Atherleys pattern but wow what a find. I now use yours as my go to sock pattern. Instructions clear the blogs seem written just for me. I average one pair a month but just retired and better get busy on that growing Stacy. Thank you for all you do. Both green and blue would be fabulous

  164. Jude says:

    Only one pair of 4 ply socks (several 6 and 8 ply). Thanks for the inspiration. I wouldn’t have gone back to knitting after 30 years without you. Green wool would be lovely.

  165. Brenley Susser says:

    I’m happily moseying along on my first pair! I’m deep into the gusset of the first sock! I’ve very much appreciated your tutorials, as I would have never had the confidence to begin just on my own with a pattern. Thank you! I love both of the colour ways in the give away, so I’d be thrilled with either! Thanks again!

  166. Sue Cross says:

    3 pairs – all for my husband! He finds them so much more comfortable to wear than regular, shop bought socks, and fit better too and he loves the bird design colours from WYS. I’ve worked my way through most of that range so time to try something new. Blue would be my choice please.

  167. Cynthia Kane says:

    I’ve knit one pair and two single socks, yikes. But I’m on it now. I love the new seasons colors especially the Summer Sunset.

  168. Gillian Roberts says:

    Only one pair completed – my first socks, but now the second pair well under way. I think it could be addictive, judging by the other comments. The sock along pattern was so easy to follow, thank you for doing this. I would love winter icicle wool.

  169. Jo says:

    I started my first sock did the whole thing, going from reading the book to watching your videos and then realised when I had finished the sock and completed the Kitchener stitch that I had not done enough toe decreases so had a very long extended toe! Yes that got pulled out but I had learnt a lot. I have since made a one complete sock and am on the 2nd one to make a pair and now love using my magic loop – what a revelation. Thank you for making this enjoyable. I am 80 in December and you are never too old to learn!

  170. Anne Callaby says:

    New to sock making and on my very first pair

  171. Jenny Mullens says:

    Hi Christine, you gave me the confidence to try knitting socks and not only that but first time using a magic loop type needle as well. I’ve knitted three pairs of the basic sock pattern in the last few months and I love the self patterning yarn as well. Happy 9th birthday and thanks for your well written sock patterns 😀

  172. Jill Palmer-Kearns says:

    Hi Christine.
    Since last year, I’ve knitted about 20-25 pairs. Having run out of family, I’m knitting socks for the homeless! I could never knit socks prior to your tutorials and I’m eternally grateful to you for the inspiration
    I don’t have a colour preference if I’m lucky.

  173. Lin Tarrant says:

    Could never forget as it is my birthday too! Four pairs finished and another one sock down so will reserve that for next year. Love both colourways but the Winter Icicle just beats it. Have loved all my sock knitting over the year, thanks for the inspiration. xx

  174. Angela says:

    I’ve made 5 pairs so far 3, for me and 2 for my husband who has requested more! says it all really just need more hours in the day to knit them. Blue wool would be lovely.

  175. Anne Jones says:

    I’ve knitted at least 6 pairs since last May – might be more but I’ve lost count! All sizes from toddler to large adults.

  176. Melanie Pluck says:

    3 large pairs made, one for Marie Curie sock appeal, one for hubby and one for a friend. I love the pattern especially with a variegated yarn.
    Melanie Pluck

  177. Marilee. Dyer says:

    I have made eight pairs of The Winwick Mum’s basic socks. I LOVE your directions and books.

  178. Lisa Stirling says:

    What an incredible journey you’ve had! I’ve made my first pair of Basic 4 ply about to start the second shortly. also 3 Pairs 6 ply. if I was lucky enough to win this amazing prize I’d choose Winter Icicle please, although both are gorgeous! happy 9th birthday xx

  179. Nicola Masterton says:

    I have knitted 2 pairs of your 4 ply socks since your last birthday. Happy 9th Birthday 🎁 🧦 🥰

  180. Jenny Cooke says:

    Happy sockalong!
    I’ve knitted 5 pairs of your basic socks and several other pairs using lessons learned from you. I got such great help from you in making my first toe-up sock and that’s now my favourite way to go. Either colour would be great should I be selected. As I’m housebound I have to get all my yarn online, not ideal when you want to squish the yarn and select colours. Thank you for giving me hours of happy knitting.

  181. Jennifer Smith says:

    I’ve been a bit intimidated by socks, but I’m ready to try. The winter icicle yarn is lovely! Thank you from a new knitter.

  182. Judith says:

    My friend and I went on holiday to help her recover from a serious illness , we went into a wool shop and I said – oooh I want a good sock pattern the lady in the shop gave me your basic pattern , and the Yourkshire wool was there , so I bought a ball, pattern and some more dpn‘s and I was off . My friend was finishing a jumper and was intrigued by the socks – she bought wool needles etc and was off . I think she must have knitted 6 pairs for Christmas, I’ve probably knitted 4 pairs since our holiday in Oct . I always just check the patter when turning the heel , but I’m hooked now , thanks and Happy Birthday

  183. Sue Geen says:

    I’ve done 4 of the basics 4 ply pattern since last year, but your tutorial has given me the confidence to do so many more in 4ply to Aran weight wools. Ribbing/Baltic colour work/cable/lace pattern etc etc. the only slight problem is that my husband keeps asking me to knit him some too, and his feet are soooo much bigger than mine!

  184. Lorna says:

    My daughter got me addicted to sock knitting! They’re so comfortable to wear and, with your help I’ve made 21 pairs! I’ve developed Essential Tremor and I’m now a very slow knitter so I’ve only managed 2 pairs since May 2023 (one travelled to Australia and back on the needles!). Another pair of socks is a WIP. I have to get a move on as I’m hoping that I win a ball of Winter Icicle! Happy birthday!

  185. Jenni says:

    Happy 9th Sock Birthday
    After knitting for over 60 years this will be my first attempt at socks, when I have hopefully mastered the art I shall gift the socks and hopefully pass the skill onto others in our craft group and your information and tutorials so they can learn too and they too can pass on to others

  186. My cold feet are forever grateful to you for your easy to follow pattern. Thanks to challenging myself to knit a pair a month last year, I have knit 9 pairs of the basic sock pattern. I really love the blue yarn! Thanks!

  187. Helen says:

    Hi, Happy 9th birthday! I’m new to the world of sock knitting and thus I have only made 2 pairs. I love the green yarn selection. I stumbled across your tutorial sockalong on YouTube whilst wondering what I could do with the sock yarn my daughter had said, ‘mum, do you think you might be able to do something with this, coz it’s too thin to crochet with?’ It took a few days to come to the decision of doing socks but now I’m loving knitting again, thank you. It’s my birthday on 10 May so fingers crossed 🤞

  188. Carol Evans says:

    Oh dear, only 1 rather dodgy pair and half way through the first of my second pair. They were frogged so many times they are almost felt ! Love doing it though and I will be triumphant I am convinced. Thanks for getting me started

  189. Carol Leak says:

    14 pairs of basic socks this year. Such a great pattern, I’ve recommended it to anyone who wants to try knitting socks

  190. Fiona Aspinall says:

    I’ve just knitted my first pair with the basic 4ply pattern. I’d avoided socks because I thought they were tricky, but I can’t believe how easy the pattern is and how comfy hand knitted socks are!!

  191. Claire Carter says:

    2 pairs of basic socks this year, and have also started my first pair using the child’s pattern for my son.

  192. Sue says:

    Sue G here, I’ve made 10 pairs of Winwick mum socks this year and loved making and, mostly, gifting them. The treasure socks were a challenge but I did it! and am super proud of them. Thank you for sockinspiration! (I’d love Spring green if I’m lucky enough to win)

  193. Jane Fielding says:

    Just the one pair for me. My first ever pair of socks. I decided to try knitting socks after turning 65 and retiring from the NHS after 43 years.

  194. Fiona says:

    Started at least 3 different pairs but concentrating has been hard so none finished. Does planning & buying yarn count? If so, then another 4 or 5 pairs 😂

  195. Donna R Welling says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for taking the mystery out of sock knitting! I always rely on the basic sock pattern for many of my creations, it’s like visiting a trusty favourite old pattern! I have become a first time grandmother this year and the first thing my daughter in law said was please make some baby socks! no booties, it must be socks! so thank you for giving me the method to do this 🙂
    I love your books, the instructions are so clear, you show everyone how easy it is!
    I’ve knitted 15 pairs of the basic sock from your book and a few trial and error ones, downsizing for my granddaughter 🙂
    if I should be lucky enough to win I would love the Spring Green yarn, many thanks for this fun competition and once again Happy Birthday xxx

  196. Susan Rayner says:

    Five pairs in the past year – in between rather a lot of jumpers and cardigans.. I love Winter Icicle.
    So glad I found this wonderful group – many happy returns. And thank you Christine for keeping us all going.

  197. Susan Copeland says:

    I have completed 7 pairs of socks. When one family member sees them, they all want them. It was especially fun to knit for my grandchildren. They were so excited and pleased. Moving on the eight ply version.

  198. Daphne says:

    This past year I’ve done two pairs. I love the pattern and your sock along is so easy to follow. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

  199. Nichola Collinge says:

    2 pairs of basic socks this year but several in your patterns! I’ve loved branching out and taking the plunge on patterns. Winter Icicle would be my favorite, the range of blues are so beautiful! Happy birthday sockalong and thank you for showing me I could knit something other than squares (or rectangles).

  200. Lissie Wales says:

    Hi, it’s Lissie Wales who used to live in a barge in France but now in a cottage in Somerset. I’ve been with you since the original sock along in May 2015….. I’ve made 34 pairs of socks this year, I’ve sent 3 pairs to Ukraine soldiers , two pairs of Marie Curie socks , and the rest for my family & friends . Thank you so much for teaching me how to knit socks!!

  201. Joy says:

    5 pairs, and I’d love the blue shades 🙂

  202. Anne says:

    I haven’t been as productive as your other ladies. I have been nursing my Mum during her end of life journey. I have managed 3 pairs this year. I am feeling quite a loss now, so thank goodness for Winwick Mum, your socks are keeping me focused.

    • Karen Goshen says:

      Hi, from Ohio in the US! Since May of last year, I’ve knitted 9 pairs of basic socks, plus 2 pairs of the Mosaic Socks. I’ve also taught 2 other people to knit socks using your pattern and tutorials! The green yarn would be great!

  203. Rosie says:

    2 and a half. It’s been a really tough year. My father in law unexpectedly died after an operation then we nearly lost my mum and are still likely to this year. My daughter’s relationship ended after many years and so many other things I won’t bore you with.
    The socks are my mindful project but this year has messed that up

  204. Sue Hearn says:

    I’m about to start my first pair! I’ve knitted lots of toe up socks and I think it’s about time I ventured to cuff down after joining the Facebook page.
    I’d like winter icicle if I’m lucky enough to be chosen

  205. Lisa says:

    I have knit 5 basic socks . One for each year I’ve been knitting! Happy Birthday & congratulations!

  206. James Brewer says:

    3 pairs of the basic pattern over the last year. Loving the treasure socks pattern too. Thanks for introducing me to a great new hobby Christine! I’d be happy with either colourway but winter icicle looks especially cool!

  207. Teresa Richards says:

    This past year l have made 4 pairs of 4 ply socks using the basic pattern & if l am lucky l would like the Winter Icicle yarn.
    Since my sock journey began in all l have made 12 pairs! As yet none have been absolutely perfect but slowly l’m getting there. This coming year l hope to be able to make my socks match & l’d like to try out a pattern.
    For me this is a lovely hobby.Theres no boredom as the combinations are endless.

  208. Lesley Bain says:

    I really enjoyed your post this time and was surprised to look back and see I’ve knitted 13 pairs of basic 4ply socks since last year.

    I’ve not had the courage to try any other of your patterns yet except the basic 8ply which I do love for a bed sock!

    I really loved hearing your journey over the past nine years and am proud to have joined you along the way, and to have passed your pattern onto my neighbour who is now also a mad sock knitter! I’m always very grateful that your patterns and tutorials are given for free.

    Happy 9th birthday!

  209. Elaine Clarke says:

    6 pairs this year so far. It’s become a tradition for some of my family to have hand knitted Christmasy socks each year and I usually manage to knit myself a pair too. I had the project book this year too so I can keep track of the yarn I use and sizes. Thanks Christine for all you do, it’s wonderful. X

  210. Caroline McMahon says:

    I started knitting socks 18 months ago and since May 23 I have knitted 8 pairs which I had been asked for by ladies from my knitting group both for Christmas presents and for personal use. I’m still currently knitting for other people there’s just something lovely about knitting socks

  211. Mary Murphy says:

    Congratulations, I’m one of the original sockalongers. I have made 5 pairs since last year. My choice of yarn would be Winter Icicle. Thanks Christine

  212. Fiona says:

    I have made eleven pairs of socks since May 2023, all to give away…The minute one pair flies off my needles, the next pair are waiting in the wings. Knitting socks is so happily addictive😊

    If I were fortunate enough to be chosen as a winner, I would much appreciate the winter icicle sock yarn. Thank you for all you do for us! X

  213. Julia Haslam says:

    Only 2 pairs I’m afraid … but I’ve become a convert to hand knitted socks and have had lots of complements from ladies in my walking group.

  214. Heather Temple says:

    1 pair of DK boot socks 1 pair of basic 4 ply. 2 pairs in progress 1 of whic is Treasure sock pattern. A house move and fractured elbow put knitting on hold I don’t think I would have ever made a single sock without the fabulous tutorials. Thank you

  215. I a Winwick mum newbie encourage to start my sock obsession as it is now…. by the Hilly Billy Sock Group I joined last year … I’ve managed to knit 3 pairs of your socks with the help of my group …

  216. Sandie says:

    I am just starting a pair of socks. The pattern I downloaded is superb.
    congratulations on 9 years.

  217. Elizabeth Klynsmith says:

    Hello from Australia.. I’ve just counted and have made 12 pairs of Winwick Mum socks in the last 12 months, with some other pairs as well. Thank you for your lovely patterns again!

  218. Julia Baker says:

    Happy Birthday! 3 pairs for myself and one for my friend in Finland! X

  219. Jan R says:

    I have knitted three pairs this last year. Thank you so much for your support tutorials – I am trying easy lace next.
    I’d love the green if I win 😀

  220. Dawn Sargent says:

    I’ve done 8 pairs since may23 and am currently working on my 1st pair for my husband I give them to my friends for birthdays/Christmas and they love them thank you christine for enabling me my new hobby

  221. Hilary Sanderson says:

    Well, I’m literally finishing my first pair of socks using your basic sock design this evening, although I have also knitted another pair using someone else’s pattern as they needed to be a man’s size 14!! I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years and really enjoy seeing your new designs.

  222. Verity Le Maitre says:

    I’ve made five pairs

  223. Linda Carlin says:

    Three pairs maybe more, I love my socks xx

  224. Laura says:

    Just finished my first pair on Tuesday and cast on the first of my second pair today. Many thanks, Christine. Happy Birthday! And if I win, surprise me please. ☺️

  225. Melissa Dove says:

    I have made 11 pairs this year , thank you so much for the wonderful guide , I never would have managed to complete a sock otherwise , although the first pair were not the best, I’ve steadily improved over the last four years . I like icicle best and plan to seek out some more of the pretty stitch markers for my God daughter.

  226. Emma Smart says:

    I’ve knitted 4 pairs of the bird colours of Wys 4 ply. About to start on pigeon! Thank you for your great pattern and help.

  227. Heather Morran says:

    I’ve completed 2 pairs of the basic 4 ply this year, both for me! There have been other socks, for other people though!

  228. Miranda Carlson says:

    Ooh I love both colourways so wouldn’t mind either if I was lucky enough to win – I’m just casting on my first pair of the Basic 4 ply pattern in honour of the Sockalong – hopefully the first of many! x

  229. Kim says:

    Hello Christine, I found your blog recently and the other socials. I have just finished my first pair of basic socks. I have knitted and crocheted for many years and always felt that socks would be too difficult. I can’t s say it was easy, but the blog and tutorials really hit the spot in terms of guidance and thanks so much for the generosity in sharing the content. I look forward to making many more socks. My colour preference is the Spring Green. Thanks

  230. 6 pairs of basic socks this year. Happy sock along birthday Christine. So thankful for your knit and batter outburst. without the sock along tutorials, the world would be a duller place. if I should be lucky enough to be drawn either colour way would be welcome. thanks again x

  231. Charlotte says:

    It has not been a productive year for me. I have completed 1 pair and have almost completed 1 sock on the second pair. In the past I have had a house pair going and a car pair but life got in the way this year.

  232. Ruth says:

    I started my first pair of Winwick Mum socks this year and am so grateful for the Super Sock Book and tutorials. just finished the heel on both socks so ready to do the feet. already feel I am addicted to sock knitting. The weekly blog also cheers me up. Thank you Christine. If lucky I would like the blue yarn please.

  233. Michelle Dare says:

    Happy 9th Birthday. 🥳. I’ve completed 8 pairs of socks this year, all of them the basic Winwick Mum pattern. Pair 1 for the 10th birthday is already on the needles. Absolutely love this new hobby. x

  234. Marleen says:

    I knitted 2 pair of children socks ,4 ply winwick patern .

  235. Malika Wilde says:

    I’ve made 2 pairs of your basic socks since May 2023. Always two at a time using your method. Love it. It’s my go to basic sock pattern for 4 ply yarn. Thanks very much.

  236. Well 33 of your basic socks but my total is 51. The others are your lace pattern, short and helical. Basically you are responsible for a lot of socks. Many have been given as presents but I have also made quite a bit of money for charity. I would love the Spring green wool as it is a good mood lifter. Good luck with future projects. Sock knitting is great for mental health, not only for the knitter but also for the recipients.

  237. Barb Klotthor says:

    Hi, I absolutely love knitting socks, I have a collection of over 40 just for myself and I would think I have given away at least 50 or more. I knit about one pair a month and always have a pair on my needles. Please add another 12 pair to your count. I love your weekly newsletter and all tge beautiful pictures you include. Happy knitting, Barb Klotthor- Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

  238. Brenda says:

    So many WIPS and none completed 🤦🏻‍♀️ No objection to either colourway as both are fabulous 🥰

    • Beth says:

      I’m on the second sock of my first pair and I’m addicted! Have been knitting for 30 years and always throught of socks as ‘too difficult’ but you’ve made it so easy! Love your pattern and your tutorials. Thank you so much!

  239. Sheryll Gray says:

    I’ve made 9 pairs of your basic 4ply socks this year. I’d made 2 until I decided, 4 weeks before Christmas, that dear sons and their partners needed a pair each! Last pair completed Christmas night much to my relief. Of course dear husband had to wait until his birthday in Feb for his.
    My wonderful oncology nurses then needed another pair each to top off the year nicely. Huh I think this is the year I need to branch out and try all of your other patterns! If I win a prize I’d choose the Winter Icicle colour.

  240. Marisca says:

    Happy sockalong birthday. I’m busy with my first ever pair. Thank you

    • Susan W says:

      Happy 9th Sockalong Birthday. I have only 1 basic 4 ply pair to report (another 2 Winwick Mum pattens completed though) The Winter Icicle yarn is my favourite.

  241. Lisa G. says:

    Happy sockalong birthday, Christine! Thanks so much for teaching me how to knit socks!! I’ve made one pair since last May. Both colors are lovely, but Winter Icicle would be my first choice. Thanks for the fun contest! You’re the best!!

  242. Gail L. says:

    15 pairs for me since May last year – I love knitting plain vanilla socks, both scrappy and with one yarn! I’d choose the Winter Icicle colourway. Cheers to another year of knitting lovely 4ply and DK socks using your pattern.

  243. Gemma says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong! 2 pairs so far, and more on the needles!

  244. Karen Jeffery says:

    Just starting on my sock knitting journey. I love the spring green yarn. Thank you for this opportunity.

  245. Hazel Maxted says:

    Thank you Christine I never thought I could knit socks! On my third pair of the basic sock and done one pair from your pattern book too! My friend kindly brought your book out to me in Canada and now I am about to get her knitting your sock pattern while she recovers from a foot operation.

  246. Cathy W says:

    Happy birthday 🎂 and many more! I’ve not managed to knit a single sock, let alone a pair but I’m hoping to give it a go this summer using your instructions both written and videos – being a visual learner probably the video instructions with lots of “pause and rewind” 😆 thank you for all you do….I look forward to your weekly chat 😊

  247. Julia says:

    Thank you for your inspiration.
    I knitted six pairs of basic socks. The blue colourway would be my dream.

  248. Linda Stowell says:

    I’m on my second pair. The first was with DK and the second I’m using a bamboo/cotton fingering wt. happy birthday.

  249. Gillian says:

    I keep getting sidetracked by requests for other projects so I’ve only completed 3/4 of a pair of 4-ply (and maybe 1/3 of a pair of 6-ply). Hoping for more socks in the coming year!

  250. Carol Fishwick says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong and thank you! I have started my first pair using the basic 4ply pattern, and grateful for the knowledge you share. The Facebook page is also amazing and such a friendly group. If lucky enough to win I would love the Winter Icicle. Thank you Christine x

  251. Fay Witham says:

    I mostly make toe up socks but love the heel on the cuff down too, when I saw your guide to making socks cuff down I felt like a beginner as it was alien to me. I love how easy you made it for me and I’ve made 3 pairs this year.. I’d love the Winter Icicle yarn if I should win!

  252. Angela Joy says:

    Only one pair knitted this year because I’ve been trying out other knits, none as satisfying as your socks though. This “knitting year” it’s back to basic socks for me. Many more to come for your next birthday Christine!
    Blown away by how many sockies you have out there, amazing 🥳🥳

  253. Sally Clark says:

    I am a crocheter determined to learn to knit socks, I have nearly finished my first one (very slowly!). Your instructions are fantastic 💕 I love both colour ways but think Winter Icicle is my preference. Happy Sovkalong Birthday! Mine is 7th May so this would be a wonderful gift 💝

    • Louise Perkinton says:

      I’ve made one pair using your basic pattern this year, I’ve also knitted other socks, including one of your Christmas patterns! My colour choice would be winter icicle.
      Happy birthday and thank you for inspiring so many sock knitters!

  254. Hilary says:

    “One pair” Time was the main issue! But I now have more “me” time and so socks made to measure is going to happen. Next year I hope to have increased my total to 10 😊

  255. Helen H says:

    Seven pairs so far 😊
    Love this blog – happy birthday 🥳 xx

  256. Susan Green says:

    6 pairs and still going. I love the winter icicle wool. I love that pattern

  257. Elizabeth says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong! Only one basic pair (though a couple of other patterns and one of the intarsia pattern on the needles right now – quite a slow old business that one 😉). THANKYOU for your wonderful guidance, so clear and friendly, just like having you sit next to me to help me through! I keep trying to persuade my daughter to take the plunge. She will one day I know!
    Best of all I love the way sock knitting is a small portable project. I can take it into the nursing home where my 96 year old mum is to remind her of knitting adventures and help us both ❤️

    Oh I forgot to say I like the blue yarn best!

  258. Sue Kelley-Holmes says:

    Since last year I’m on my 4th pair of socks. I have also been learning all sorts of knitting techniques with a local knitting group. Knitting is my favourite pastime and even my puppies are good around my yarn. I love the Winwick Mum sock pattern and my favourite colour way is Spring Green 🧦 🥰

  259. Judith says:

    4 pairs this year – I love that I can now knit a sock from memory without having to go back to the pattern!

  260. Anthony Houghton says:

    I have mostly been learning the Italian Cast On and knitting my boy a lovely scarf. I’m at the “I keep looking at the wool and needles and think I should cast on” stage still!

  261. Jane Clark says:

    Happy Birthday! 1.5 pairs for me 🤣 hopefully 2 very soon. My favourite is spring green as it’s cheerful and looks like the hedges and trees around home

  262. Bronwen Davies says:

    I have knitted 2 pairs of basic socks since May 2023.

    I got inspired to try using two yarns so as to have a solid colour cuff, heel flap and toes, with a stripy leg and foot, for the first pair, for my daugheter-in-law’s birthday. I liked the result so much that I did another pair with the same colour cuff, heel flap and toes, but with helical stripes for the leg and foot (and I’ve kept them for myself).

    Winter Icycle, please, if I were a winner.

    Thank you for all that you do x

  263. Scotland Knitter says:

    I knitted your DK socks years ago and they became a favourite wear in my wellyboots, but I know the don’t count for this year. I recently changed from DPNs to short circular needles thanks to your excellent post on what size to buy, and this year my count of your basic 4 ply pattern is . . . . . .
    1 pair
    But I enjoyed doing them and look forward to making more.
    Such a helpful blog and you well-deserve all your awards and your support of us inexperienced knitters, thank you.

  264. Jenny Tidman says:

    Happy Birthday. I am very much a beginner but I have knitted 2 pairs of your basic socks pattern and 1 single sock! haha. Apparently I have 2nd sock syndrome! My favourite yarn colour is Spring Green but they are both beautiful.

  265. Lynn Steel says:

    I am now up to 10 pairs since last sock a long. I cannot get enough of knitting them and have had to start giving them away to neighbours as the family already have loads!! I can’t resist when I see new sock wool come out thinking which friend would like it. My granddaughter has even started requesting them and choosing her colour. A new knitter in progress. I couldn’t have done any of it without your tutorials and tips though. I’ve even been brave enough to adapt a pattern with your help. Not something I ever thought I’d be able to do.
    Happy birthday and here’s to many more!!

  266. Helen says:

    I’ve knitted 3 pairs of socks this year, all gratefully received by recipients. Being a left hander, taught to knit right handed, Christine’s sock along made life sooo much easier!
    Happy with any wool, should I win.

  267. Linda D says:

    Happy Sockalong Birthday. I discovered your YouTube videos at the beginning of March this year. They are brilliant, it’s just like we are sitting having a chat, so easy to follow your instructions too. I’ve made 5 pairs so far and 1 using someone else’s pattern that don’t fit anywhere near as well (lesson learnt). I made the “mistake” of showing my nieces my 1st pair and immediately had orders for 5 pairs for Christmas presents. I showed them to my Grandaughter and they disappeared on to her feet and that was the last I saw of them 😀 she also wants Xmas ones. So I think I am going to be busy. Any colour is fine, both are nice. Thanks, I think, for getting me started.

  268. Kathy Davis says:

    Made 2 pairs including the Japanese Koi socks, first time for colourwork too. Thank you for your inspiration. I would prefer colourway Winter Icicle.

  269. Christine D says:

    I’ve made 2 pairs of your basic 4ply socks in this last year, far fewer than in previous years as knitting cardigans and jumpers for my lovely grandchildren has taken over 💕. However there is another pair of socks on my needles at the moment and yes it’s the same pattern 😁
    I’m all about the blues colour wise x

  270. Carrie Attwood says:

    7 for my Dad .. 2 for my partner …now I’m finally making myself some … since finding your patterns I now love making socks last I find it easy …looking forward to my own socks now

  271. Rowena says:

    Since last May 12 pairs, I start a new pair on the 1st of each month and when they are finished I use the rest of the month to catch up on the rest of my knitting. It’s the only sock pattern I use and I have a waiting list of people who want a pair!!!. Thank you for making it easy x

  272. Christine Minshull says:

    Hi Christine, I’m a newbie. I have knitted 2pairs of sicks this year and now on my 3rd pair. All plain and all with you help. I thank you so very much as I could not have done it without you. I Love the Winter Icicle wool. Love ChristineMinshull😀❤

  273. I’ve knit 6 pairs of the 4ply last year – quite a few thicker yarn pairs but they don’t count, of course.
    I’d love the blue colourway – for wearing in my home in the Blue Mountains, Australia.
    Here’s to many many more pairs of WWM socks!

  274. Maureen Bromley says:

    Not many in the last year. Only 7 pairs I think but all Christmas or birthday presents. I love your blogs and hope you continue for many years to come.

  275. Sharon says:

    Happy birthday. I’ve knitted 2 and a half pairs since January. Been wanting to knit socks for years and always thought it would be too hard. Thanks to your easy to follow steps, it’s not. Thanks

  276. Sharon Gray says:

    I made 3 pairs of basic socks before moving on to patterns from the More Super Socks books. It’s always good to return to the basic pattern though. I’m not sure I would have caught the sock bug if it hadn’t been for your sock along, so thanks for the inspiration Christine 😊 ps, winter icicle please

  277. Stephanie Pearson says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong thank you Christine for your awesome books and tutorials.I have made 2 pairs and have started my 3rd for the year. My name is Stephanie and I live in Australia.

  278. Irune says:

    Happy birthday!! This year I have knitted 7 pairs. eighth on the needles. A sock in progress is always in my bag, just in case I have some time to relax.

  279. Sheetel says:

    Hello. I am waiting on a delivery of yarn and needles so that I can start my first pair!

  280. Mary Andrews says:

    Just one pair for me this year. My previous socks are so hard wearing they are still in full time use and the sock drawer can’t fit any more in!

  281. Jan says:

    hello Christine, I’m just finishing 1 pair. I’m so slow and have to watch the turning heel tutorial really carefully so I don’t mess up. I love wearing the socks I made last year and my hope is to knit enough socks to throw away my shop ones. Jan x

  282. Kerry Smith says:

    I’ve had a little break from sock knitting but back on it – 2 pairs of 4 ply socks – well 1 wrapped up for a gift that will be opened tomorrow and the next pair started last night for a very good friend . Thank you Christine and I so appreciated my sock along mentor when I made my first pair 6 ish years ago 🌟

  283. Maria Riegert says:

    Happy birthday 9th Christine 🎉🧦! I’ve knitted three pairs of socks – two basic sockalong socks and one with contrast cuff, heel and toes shorty sock- since May 2023. I’d prefer the blue yarn.
    Thank you so much for make it so easy to knit socks -basic, shorties, avoid pooling, contrast,… I agree with you there’s something magic in knitting socks. Best wishes Maria

  284. Ann Harrison says:

    I’m in my second year of learning to knit socks from your wonderful website and patterns. I only ever knit your basic sock because I love how straight forward it is. I’ve knitted 12 pairs this year and several have been as thank you gifts which people have really appreciated. Just knitting them has been therapeutic since my husband died last year. Knitting them as gifts has enabled me to do something really special and with love for people who have supported me through a difficult year. So thank you so much for your brilliant pattern and website which opened up the world of sock knitting after trying unsuccessfully to master the skill for around 10 years. Sock patterns had made no sense to me until my cousin introduced me to your website! Since then I’ve been addicted. I love all WYS sock wool and either colour would be lovely!

  285. Amanda McDermott says:

    I’m just about to complete my first pair after my sister bought me sock yarn and needles to get going, unfortunately the pattern I had wasn’t easy to follow so I went with her recommendation of “Winwick mum” now I’m flying and have been out to buy more yarn so I can get going on my next pair. I can put everything I need in my bag and knit away , whereever I am.

  286. Pennie Roberts says:

    2 pairs of basic socks this year and a couple of pairs still on the needles! I do warn everyone that sock knitting is highly addictive. I love both the colourways but if I must choose I’d go for spring green to wakeme up to the changing season. thank you for fab posts and inspiration. 🧶

  287. Fran Slack says:

    Happy Sockalong Birthday! I have knitted 10 basic pairs of socks this year, including a pair for Downs Syndrome Cheshire’s charity appeal sock line. I really like your emergency sock idea, so I always have a sock on the go in my bag. And I love the sock wool that you designed – so I’d really like Spring Green please, if you pick me. I’m Fran Slack from south Derbyshire.

  288. Sarah Murray says:

    Happy 9th Birthday! Your birthday is the same as my partner’s. He was 65 yesterday. I have knitted 2 pairs of socks in King cole yarns and plan a few more pairs for myself trying other yarns.

  289. Louise says:

    Happy Sockalong Birthday, and thank you, Christine, for your inspiration and belief that I really can knit a pair of socks! I must admit I have only made one so far. And that’s one sock rather than one pair, I’m afraid, before work, life etc. got in the way. But I have recently picked up my needles again and am racing towards the heel of my second sock! I had forgotten how much I love knitting – it slows me down, calms and restores me. Thank you for your sock pattern and here’s to many more years of socks to come.

  290. Hazel Goulstone says:

    I have slowed down with my socks due to arthritis so only 2 pairs for me. l love both the colours on offer and would be thrilled to win either thank you.

  291. Han OG says:

    I have made just 1 pair of basic 4-ply.

    That’s because I felt so confident after those that I immediately jumped to contrast heel/toe (have made 3 of those I think), and have my eye on a lacy pattern for summer!

    Thanks for all you do Christine, keep up the great work x

  292. Laura says:

    So excited to join this Party . I have knitted 8 pair from friends , they all love them .

  293. Sarah Thomas says:

    Thank you so much Christine for your patterns, books and online presence – I’ve been knitting socks using your pattern since November 2019.
    I’m afraid I have not kept count this year but there are at least 6 pairs – I now have your project book so will keep a better count for next year’s entry!
    Very best wishes, Sarah

  294. Margaret Fogg says:

    Happy ninth sockalong Christine! I have only made 3 pairs this year as a new grandson arrived to knit for, and the usual charity Christmas fair. I would love the winter icicle please.

  295. Suzi mulrooney says:

    Happy 9th birthday! My 64th birthday this week…. 6 pairs of socks! I like both color yarns. Looking forward to your tenth year of socks!!

  296. JANE TWIBEY says:

    I am on my second pair of socks, the first one came out quite a bit larger than I would have liked, so I pulled them back and started again, but these are looking OK. Blue has always been my favourite colour.

  297. Louise carter says:

    4 pairs all for gifts and being asked for more lol, started to explore the heavier weighted yarns.
    ps love the spring green 🌱 💚

  298. Susan Avis says:

    Managed to knit 2 pairs while I have been teaching in the Falkland Islands. Have no more wool so can’t wait til I return to the UK in August when I can go some shopping

  299. Rhona Tutt says:

    I have completed one pair with another on my needles just now. Having just started my sock journey last year I watched an interview that Black Sheep Wools had recorded with you and addicted I became ! Your videos and instructions on using a short circular needle made the process easier for me rather than dp needles, hubby even commented on how more comfortable I look when knitting. Socks are great for knitting on my commute to work which involves a ferry and bus, no more poking the person sitting next to me. If I am lucky to win any colour would be appreciated. Keep up the good work. Thank you Rhona

  300. Lucelle Sauer says:

    I have made 3 pairs of socks from the basic sock pattern, next I would like to try to made the cable sock – be a bit more adventurous. The basic sock pattern was very well written and explanatory with the photos/pictures as it was the first time I had attempted to knit socks. I would like the spring green sock wool.

  301. Doreen says:

    Happy 9 years of cosy toes and great blogging.
    Since last year I have completed 11 pairs of your socks with the 12th on the needles.
    If I am lucky I would love the winter icicle wool.

  302. Happy Sockalong Birthday! I’m not a newbie to sock knitting but am on my first pair of your basic 4-ply sock pattern. I love the detail in your patterns.
    I would like both color ways but my best friend would love the winter icicle yarn. She needs a bit of comfort these days with a pair of hand knitted socks.
    Thank you for all you do and offering this incredible gift!

  303. Kay CULLINGWORTH says:

    Happy birthday, my new grandson Hugo wss birn on 1st May my 2 year old grandson Finnley born on 12th May and its my birthday on 10th May si a great month. I am new to sock making and have just completed my first pair. Love all thee sock wool off to knit some more.

  304. Cecile says:

    Happy 9th birthday! I’ve discovered you via my lovely local yarn shop in Stafford about a year ago. I went in with a vague idea about knitting socks, came out 20 minutes later with the right needles, yarn and post-it note with recommendation for your blog! So far this year I’ve knitted 9 pairs (using the basic pattern, it’s fab!) and I’m just finishing the toes on my 10th pair. They all fit the recipient well. I’m telling everyone about your blog, it’s brilliant! (If I’m lucky enough to win I’d love to try the Winter Icicle colourway)

  305. Anne Williamson says:

    Happy Birthday. I’m only starting on my sock journey. Admire all the beautiful socks produced. I would like the blue sock wool. Thanks

  306. Bels says:

    Happy 9th Sockalong Birthday. I’m a sock virgin and just about to start my very first pair of socks – I’m also a fairly new knitter and very glad I found your blog 😍, which is a great inspiration – thank you xx

  307. Sherry Smith says:

    Happy 9th birthday and thank you for all the tutorials etc. I surprised myself when I counted up as I’ve made 12 pairs some were child size but all from the basic sockalong pattern. My favourite colour is winter icicle xx

  308. Janet says:

    Happy 9th birthday, at least 12 pairs if I win I would like the green wool please just because I am always drawn to blue my favourite colour. If I win I will be in Warrington from May 17th to June 4th so could pick up.

  309. Sally Lockyer says:

    Happy birthday Sock Mom 🥳🥳🥳
    I have made 8.5 pairs of your lovely socks so far with more to come, some for me and some as gifts. I’m a blue girl as far as yarn goes. Thank you for your tutorials, I love knitting socks and they are the most comfortable to wear.

  310. Clare Taylor says:

    5 pairs of socks, and it is still my go to sock pattern

  311. Jennifer Goodman says:

    Happy Birthday!! As you know I’ve been in the hospital so I didn’t get many pairs done. B it count so far was 6 pairs I did for Christmas. Keep up the good work by helping others find out the joy of making their own socks and making them for family and friends.

  312. Kathryn Beasley says:

    5 pairs of socks for me…and more to come at a later date too! Well done Christine…I never would have dreamt that I could have knitted ONE pair, never mind 5!!! Thank you for teaching me and sharing your knowledge! ❤️

  313. Tracey Ahilan says:

    5 pairs of socks for myself and family. Christmas was busy but such fun knitting socks. 😊 The pattern is so easy to follow and is the perfect fit for me. I’ve even managed to adjust the sizing for others at times with your helpful instructions, so thank you.

    If I am lucky please may I have the Spring Green?

  314. Jan Carciofo says:

    Happy 9th Birthday Christine!!!! Thank you I joined your sock along in January using your basic 4ply sock pattern (I have your super sock book) and West Yorkshire Spinners yarn in the woodland awakening colour way, and I finished my first pair of socks!!! I have statred a second pair again in WYS yarn cornflower blue colour way. I do have WYS aran to do your easy cable socks so thank you.

    • I think I’ve made 8 pairs since last May, and I’ve also cut off very holey toes from a few older pairs and reknitted with random scraps… can’t do that with shop-bought socks! Thank you always for your simply simple super socks. Super socks save my sanity…x

  315. marti says:

    2 1/2 pairs so far — love the pattern. I really appreciate reading your weekly stories — I’m in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, US. If I were to be the lucky winner, I would like the blue yarn! Thank you so much!

  316. Sally Cowling says:

    im currently knitting my 5th pair of socks this year 🙂 The project book looks really useful as im always making notes of my progress and then losing them! if i am one of the lucky winners id love the winter icicle colourway!

  317. Mary Payne says:

    I’ve completed 2 pairs of basic and branched out into patterned versions, which can’t be counted. Good thing I take photos of each pair, otherwise would be wondering was that 2023 or 2022 or…….

  318. Dawn says:

    4 pairs and am now on my 5th. Thank you for your easy to follow patterns, never thought that knitting socks could be so much fun to make!

  319. Iona Hughes says:

    I’ve just ordered the wool and needles for my first ever pair of socks. I’ve only ever knitted one long, thin, grey ‘scarf’ before, so thank you for the inspiration and hope. Wish me luck!

  320. Sandie says:

    Newish to sock knitting and just found your blog! I haven’t made any of your pattern, yet! I do however have 5 pairs of Christmas socks to make and am thinking that your basic sock pattern may be perfect for the self-pattering yarn I have. Either shade of sock yarn would be a great addition to the stash!

  321. Ruth Ward says:

    3 pairs & always live to think of all the other happy knitters out there trying their first sock! 🤩

  322. Jean Tann says:

    I have completed 6 pairs this year, and have yarn ready to do more. I would prefer the winter icicle.

  323. Marion Jennings says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong 🍰 Thank you for all the positive encouragement you give – and to all the other Sockalongers who post replies to a multitude of questions
    In the last year I have completed 12 basic pairs and have begun to branch out into other patterns.
    Looking forward to learning the total for this last year 🧦
    Should I win, I like the Winter Icicle yarn the best

  324. Aileen Christie says:

    First ever pair of knitted socks completed using the Winwick mum tutorials. Surprised myself how lovely they are. The tutorials are brilliant. Thank you and happy birthday !

  325. Lauren Miller says:

    Five pairs ( love this pattern btw) and would love a chance to win Spring Green!

  326. Peggy Watson says:

    One pair totally complete that I am wearing today. Two pair on the needles – one almost done and the other still wrestling with sock one on short circular. Just arrived home from a Fibrefest with more yarn for shorties for summer and some DK weight to try later. So next year I should have several more pair to add to the count. Happy birthday Sockalong.🎂

  327. ELAINE SMITH says:

    I’ve knitted just 6 basic socks in the last 12 months. Mostly I like to knit your various patterned socks – they’re great!

  328. Caroline Darrah-Morgan says:

    Happy Sockalong Birthday! I’ve knitted over 20 pairs of Basic socks since last May, many of them for presents at a big family Christmas. I’ve tried a few other patterns as well, but I always come back to yours. I love the Winter Icicle colourway.

  329. Sheryll Pike says:

    Happy Birthday !
    I really want to take this opportunity to thank you for enabling me knit socks! I am not a natural knitter and it does take a lot of concentration and patience for me to knit. I’ve always been very scared of knitting socks, but you made it so easy for me to knit a basic pair of socks! So, thank you so much!
    So far, I have managed to complete 4 pairs of sock and 1 more on the making. I am a slow knitter, but I know in time, my knitting muscles will be developed.

  330. Diane Bowman says:

    I have knitted 5 beautiful pairs of socks since last May, each pair as a birthday present for one of my family. I have done 4 using your basic sock pattern and one of the easy lace pattern. I would love to make the Winter Icicle colour way socks as my next project. 🥰

  331. Heather Douglas says:

    I’ve made 3 pairs of basic socks this year. It’s my go to pattern, love it. Happy 9th birthday and I’d love to win the spring green wool 🤞

  332. Bethany Spencer says:

    I’ve knitted 4 pairs since last year 😊 If I won I would choose the Spring Green wool 🌿🧦 thank you!

  333. Ruth Small says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🥳🥳 I’ve knitted 2 pairs…my very first pair and the twin of the Sock that’s sat in the naughty corner for a year!! I’d like spring green wool please 🤞🏻

  334. Gail says:

    Just putting the toe in pair number 14. I used your tutorials and book to learn my first 3 wonky socks in December, and that’s all I’ve knit since then! I do like a contrast heel toe and cuff, but always the basic pattern for me.

  335. Donna Foulkes says:

    8 pairs so far. Am addicted!

  336. Carrie Copeland says:

    Two pairs and I’m currently on my third!! I love this pattern! I think of I won, the Spring Green yarn would be fun. 😄 Thank you for teaching me! I’ve shared your site with so many others encouraging them that they can make socks using your tutorials!!

  337. trish greenwood says:

    I’ve made 23 pairs and 4 pairs children’s – I have to refer to you’re notes and workings out constantly as I’m always going to buy a project book to
    Make boys !!!

  338. Dianne M says:

    I have knitted 4 pairs of the Basic 4ply Socks since May 2023. Thank you for your books and wonderful instructions, you made it easy for a nervous beginner to learn to knit socks. Thank you for your blog too, filled with information and fun! I like the Winter Icicle colour. Happy 9th Sockalong Birthday! May there be many, many more to come!

  339. Becky Humphreys says:

    Just one pair this year, in WYS pink flamingo but I did a contrast heel and toe and my daughter loves them and wears them all the time! Happy Birthday Sockalong!

  340. Jenifer Judge says:

    Happy birthday sockalong. 5 pairs with many more befire

  341. Wendy Draper says:

    I’ve made 9 pairs. I read the tutorials, bought a magic loop needle and set off to try. Lots of errors in the first attempt but I persevered until I got the hang of it and now I’m hooked. I’ve just returned from a Norwegian cruise where a passenger saw me knitting and told me he used to work at WYS – small world.

  342. Ellen Button says:

    Hi this is still my go to sock pattern. Never fails . I’ve made 3 pairs this year. I love the green colourway in the yarn. Keep up the good work. 👍

  343. Margaret Preston says:

    thank you so much for introducing me to the world of sock knitting. After losing my husband to MND in October it has been my escape into another world. I am so grateful to you. I’ve knitted at least 7 pairs.

  344. Nichola Pearson says:

    Casting on my first pair. I am learning to knit at the same time. I have been told that it will be too hard, but I don’t think that is true. So I am persevering with your beautifully written instructions and photos. It feels less daunting and I can check out the videos as well if I get stuck.

    I really like the Winter Icicle colour. Happy 9th Sockology birthday and may there be many more to come!

  345. Hafsa Ahmed says:

    I have knitted 8 and 4 still on the needles! Thnku an happy birthday sockalong. Hope if I win I get the blue icicle yarn!

  346. Ilene Strachan says:

    Your basic 4 ply sock pattern was what I used as a beginner knitter who was out of my comfort zone knitting socks. I have now knitted 10 pairs thanks to you and your generosity!
    The winter icicle wool is very pretty. Happy 9th birthday!

  347. Rebecca says:

    Just two pairs this year as I’ve been making blankets and wristwarmers instead, but I’ve got several socks planned for this summer holiday knitting! Thanks so much, as ever and happy birthday!
    PS winter icicle makes my heart sing x

  348. Nicola says:

    Happy 9th birthday! This past year I’ve averaged a pair a month, so 12 pairs in mostly stripey yarn as I feel I knit faster with stripes! I prefer the winter icicle colourway 🙂

  349. Claire Sullivan says:

    I have knitted more than 50 pairs of socks, mostly 4ply but a couple of 6 ply also, from your sock pattern with many more to come so I guess I could say that I’m hooked on knitting them lol. Sending birthday wishes to you!

  350. Alison Jaffrey says:

    Happy birthday Sockalong and Christine. I have knitted 1 whole pair and engaged in second pair now. Tried another sock pattern for toe up and got totally confused. Frogged and am knitting again to your basic sock pattern …….relief, I like the green colour.

  351. Birte says:

    Six pairs since I discovered the marvel that is the Winwick Mum Sockalong in Sep 23. None for me yet, but my sons, son’s girlfriend and nieces are now owners of handknitted socks.

  352. Sonia says:

    Hi Christine I’ve just started knitting socks successfully this year using your fantastic pattern and a small circular needle. I’ve knitted two pairs and started a new addiction of buying sock wool! I love the blue icicle colour way thank you

  353. Gillian Tracey says:

    Happy sockalong birthday! I was so happy to find the sockalong tutorial – my new year’s resolution for 2024 was to learn how to knit and my mum thought I was crazy to tackle socks as my 3rd project! Thanks to your tutorial, I loved knitting my first pair and I wear them ALL the time. My second pair are on the needles now and I plan to knit many more for this summer as they are great for wearing with walking boots <3

  354. Pamela Pollock says:

    Just one pair of 6 ply this year, knitted up very quickly. Normally knit in 4 ply

  355. Heather says:

    I’ve knitted 2 pairs of socks using the basic sockalong pattern. Thanks for the detailed but easy to follow instructions. I prefer the Winter Icicle yarn.

  356. Estelle says:

    Happy 9th. 4 pairs this last year. I have moasic on needles. Winter icicle wld be my choice as blues are my colour!! Your tutorials are my go to and so easy to follow. Thank you.

  357. Caroline Waterman says:

    Happy Birthday to the Sockalong! Thank you so much for everything you do. You have inspired me in so many ways – not just knitting socks. I am also one of those people who thought socks would be far beyond my capabilities, but your brilliant step-by-step approach with all the really useful photos has changed my life! I now feel slightly at a loss if I don’t have a pair of socks on the go.
    Since last May I have kitted 4 pairs of Basic 4ply socks (4.5 pairs if you count the third sock I had to make for a ‘pair’ after losing a completed first sock on a train journey 🙁). If I were lucky enough to be one of the winners I would love the Spring Green yarn. Thanks, Caroline Waterman

  358. Kelly Jackson says:

    at least 12 pairs of the basic winwick mum recipe
    I love being able to use the recipe and add ingredients as fancied.

  359. Paula Brown says:

    Three pairs this year! It has been a busy year with other things but I still managed to knit three pairs as they make such perfect gifts. The spring green yarn looks amazing!

  360. Jo says:

    I’ve finally finished a pair this this year that has been four years in the making (I don’t like to rush 🤣) and am on the home straight with another pair! So, that’s my waffle way of saying 1 pair. Loving the blue wool 😊

  361. Midge Walling says:

    Hello! I’ve just cast on my 12th pair since your last sock along birthday! I’m so unadventurous – I never progressed past your basic socks, but I do love that pattern so much, and it does fair justice to any yarn I’ve tried. Just in case I win, I do love the Winter Icicle yarn!

  362. Kelly Criss says:

    I have made only 4 pairs since May 2023. It’s a fantastic go-to pattern, and lends itself perfectly to self striping yarns or busy variegated yarns too. I also have made other patterns but sometimes keeping it basic is the best. I also refer so many people to this pattern for first socks. Thank you for all you do! Where would we be without you? I shudder to think…

  363. Aimee Darling says:

    Since May 2023, I have knit 3 pairs- all basic 4 ply. I love the ease of the pattern and the fact that I can take my work with me just about anywhere. If I am stuck with time to kill, I knit a few rows and eventually end up with socks!! Winter Icicle is my color. Thank you!!
    Aimee Darling

  364. Linda Broadley says:

    I’ve knit 23 pairs since last August all basic 4 ply – some long and some short – absolutely addicted 😂

  365. Ruth Cooling says:

    I’ve knitted 11 pairs of basic socks since last May 😁

  366. Maia Bauman says:

    Thank you for creating a wonderful community of knitters! I believe I have completed 3 pairs in the last year.

  367. Beverley says:

    Knitted one pair since last May, using Yarn Worx Surprise Christmas Box. Just finished last week. Winter Icicle yarn, please, if I win.

  368. Caroline Jones says:

    I have knitted 3 pair of socks using the basic 4ply pattern and am half way through the 4th pair since Dec 2023. The first 2 pairs I used DK wool instead of 4ply but they are lovely warm socks for winter.
    Thanks for all the help I would not have managed one pair without all the resources provided by Winwick mum and the Facebook group which is very supportive

  369. Tracey says:

    Happy 9th Sockalong Birthday! First pair this year – half of first sock done. If I were to win I would like the Winter Icicle please.

  370. catherine Mc Conville says:

    I have knit 11 pairs since May 23 and 2 pairs before that which also won’t be in your total so 13 altogether. Thank you so much for the joy if sock knitting from someone who thought socks would be impossible

  371. Wilmot Helen says:

    Happy birthday 🥳 I’m just finishing my very first pair and so proud of them. Thank you so much for all your tutorials x

  372. Ann Tann says:

    Happy Birthday! I love the blog. First pair on the needles now. If I win absolutely anything is great!

  373. Julie West says:

    Just counted up and I knitted 9 pairs since May 2023. Love my sock knitting, very addictive

  374. Carolyn McCue says:

    5 pairs of basic socks, not brave enough yet to try patterned ones.

  375. Barbara Goodyear says:

    Okay Christine – I’ve made myself 11 pairs of 4ply Basic Socks and 15 pairs of black ones for my husband in the past year. That totals 26. (There have been others with different heels or yarn thicknesses.)

    Should I win I really wouldn’t know which yarn to choose I love blues and greens equally.

    Thank you for being there and all you’ve done for SOCKS !!

  376. Nicole Daoust says:

    6 pairs in the last year….but a total of 35 using your pattern FYI (have not entered before). A lot of sock knitters out there!!!

  377. Jo Romecin says:

    This year so far only two but have made a fair few in the past. My first pair was for Yarndale. I want to say it was called ‘Sock Line’, for charity.
    I love the rhythm of knitting socks…now making short ones for summer!

  378. Carole Curley says:

    I have made at least 18 pairs of your socks this year (although I sometimes forget to write down the completed pair). They are so addictive and appreciated by each recipient. This year my friends and I have made a pair of socks for each of the crew at our local RNLI stations. I always have a pair of socks on the go and the bag goes along with me when out and about. I would love the blue colour if I win.

  379. Helen Hobbs says:

    3 pairs this last year with a 4th currently on the needles. I love this pattern as I can literally take it anywhere with me – including church – and I can just sit and do.

  380. Helen B says:

    4 pairs completed (not necessarily started 😉) this last year I think. 8 and 4 ply. I only learned to knit a couple of years ago after a friend said socks are easy… I’ve only ever knit socks and mittens, have recently branched out into fair isle and done one hat and half a jumper! And of course always a half done pair of socks knocking about! I wouldn’t have done it without this blog (also pointed in my direction by that knitting friend) so thank you! Helen. (If I am lucky enough to win, any colour!)

  381. Debra Cole says:

    Two pairs and another pair started in a hand dye from a lady local to me, bought at a LYS. I’m drawn to the Spring Green colour. Happy counting all those socks xxx

  382. Fran says:

    7 pairs finished, 5 adult (3 pairs of them huge!) First one was finished in Dec ’23. Winwick basic socks, 2 tiny (baby) pairs. 2 of the adult pairs I tried to put a pattern on and failed, so one became ribbed, and one plain…..then I have one (plain, also huge) nearly finished and my knit along to cast on……my total *should,* therefore, be 8, the kal will make it 9?
    I love the green yarn!

  383. Joanne Penny says:

    Hello, I have knit 8 pairs since last May, mainly 4ply basic socks.
    I love both colours of yarn.

  384. Amanda says:

    I’ve knitted 3 pairs and my favourite colour is Spring Green. It’s amazing to see how many feet are wearing hand knitted socks inspired by you! Happy birthday! 🥳 ☘️ 🤞 🍀

  385. Margaret Enderson says:

    I’m on my 6th pair and loving it. Never thought I’d be knitting socks as I couldn’t master 4 needles but I learned magic loop during COVID – Bingo!

  386. Karen Clarke says:

    I have knitted 10 pairs of basic socks since May 2023 11 if I can count the Dk pair another pair almost finished

  387. Eileen Hughes says:

    What can I say other thank you. I would never have managed to finish a sock without it. In the past 12 months have knitted 8 pairs of basic sock. Think may be time to try one of your other patterns
    If I was to win I would love winter icicle

  388. DebBowers says:

    Two pair and one another started. My very first pair was made last year and I probably wouldn’t have even started that one without your posts. I have picked up a lot of “sock” books and pamphlets over the years but never made it through completing a single sock – so to have two completed pairs is exciting for me. I’m looking forward to many more in my future.

  389. Heather says:

    Once the kitchener stitching is done that will be THREE pairs this year, and at least another two planned before too much longer. Thank you

  390. Andrea says:

    Happy Birthday! Four pairs this year. Winter icicle please (though I like both colours.)

  391. Karen says:

    eeek just had a count up
    12 pairs since last May. Gifts and requests, mens, ladies and a couple of pairs for the children next door and of course I couldnt leave myself out. I’ve done scrappies, contrast toe and heel and a pair for Christmas in the sparkly WYS Nutcracker. ( I couldnt resist).
    The best pattern ever.

  392. Marion Lisle says:

    Hi, I have knit four pair from your basic sock pattern , and gifted them to friends who love them. If I was lucky enough to win I would choose the bright green as my grandson would love that colour. Xx

  393. Carol Goodison says:

    Hi I have knitted 17 pairs of the winwick basic sock pattern since May 2023 and I love it. knitting socks has been a great help to me since my hubby has been in and out if hospital after been diagnosed with cancer. if I was lucky enough to win I would live the spring green yarn. Many thanks Christine.

  394. Pamela Nelson says:

    I recently became acquainted with Winwick Mum. I have purchased the Project Super Socks, and just finished my first pair of 4 ply. I used the instructions in the book and Utube videos. I have knit socks for years but rather haphazardly! I like the idea of having one pattern and experimenting from there. I am about to cast on my second pair. I love the Winter Icicle yarn.

    Happy Birthday,
    Pam Nelson

  395. Amelia says:

    Hello! I am making my first pair of basic socks after finding you online. Your instructions are so clear! I am hoping to get them finished in time to give to my Mum for Mothers Day (here in Australia) this weekend. I know I will definitely be making more! I love the blue yarn by the way. Thanks so much for your tutorials and this pattern. Very excited to see how they turn out!

  396. Hannah says:

    4 pairs this year and still loving the pattern x

  397. Gayle Owens says:

    I have knitted one pair. Happy birthday! I love the winter icicle colour x

  398. Margaret Harding says:

    I am sorry to say only 3 pairs this year. Commitments have got in the way. My first attempt a few years ago using another pattern very disappointing so I didn’t try again until I came across your blog and then the super socks pattern. What a revelation it was to me. Love the winter icicle wool but would be happy with either. Keep your blogs coming. I love them.
    Happy sock along birthday Christine 🎉🥳
    Margaret Harding

  399. Helen says:

    Would like to start my first pair, in Australia our needle sizes seem to be 2.25mm or 2.75mm. Will have to search for some 2.50mm and then get going. The Winter Icicle colour is gorgeous

  400. Janice Allen says:

    I started just before Christmas 2023 and have 4 gorgeous pairs complete. The 5th pair are already on my small circulars! I’d love the blue yarn please. Love your pattern + instructions + both FB groups. Thank you 💟

  401. Sue jennens says:

    20 pairs, basic adult and kids, love seeing my family wearing them and feet bring kept warm, often knit whilst travelling so socks hand to take with you – spring green yarn please

  402. Ruth Maxwell says:

    I started knitting socks 2 years ago, when I had COVID and have so far knitted 11 pairs, 4 of which have been gifted and received most appreceatively. knitting socks is certainly a little addictive!

  403. Sue Wooldridge says:

    Thanks for the pattern! Just made my first pair! Sue

  404. Marianne says:

    Congratulations and thank you Christine for demystifying sock knitting. I have made 2 pairs of your basic socks and will keep knitting until the whole family has socks made by me 😊

  405. Charisse says:

    I’m knitting my very 1st pair !
    I would really like winter icicle,thank you for the pattern and tutorials!

  406. Twiggy Price says:

    Six pairs this year. I make the adult females in the family a pair each Christmas, this year I am aiming to do the same for the men. If I manage then net year it will be the children too. Thank you for making your instructions so easy and clear to follow. Knitting socks is very therapeutic

  407. Sarah Barrowclough says:

    2 pairs of basic 4 ply socks so far! Just casting on for a more complicated lace pattern for my third! Thank you for giving me the confidence to give sock knitting a go! It’s my new guilty pleasure!

  408. Mary Platt says:

    7 (I think…) and just about to cast on 8th. Love the blue wool

  409. Denise says:

    Only one pair for me so far this year. 😩 But I’m blaming it on your lovely book Project Supersocks. My husband is amazed that knitting requires so much paperwork. Compiling all the other socks which have been historically written in other knitting journals is a mammoth task but when it’s done my holiday bag will be so much lighter! (More room for yarn! and my sock knitting won’t require sorting through thousands of bits of paper to find what worked best for someone last time around!) One book to bind them all! I’m particularly loving the idea of the multiple stitch marker. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for those. Best of both worlds in a stitch marker. Your yarn colour choices are always spot on so good luck everyone. There will be two happy sock knitters out there this week.

  410. Hello Christine, Happy Birthday. I’ve knitted eight pairs of socks this past year. Even though I’m have a change and knit 🧶 some baby clothes, I always fall back on my sock knitting. Totally addicted and thank you for your help and inspiration over the years that I’ve been knitting socks. I’d love some of WYS blue icicle if I’m lucky enough to win. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🤔

  411. Kim Chappell says:

    Happy Birthday Christine, with love and gratitude from Arizona, USA! “Discovering” you and Super Socks almost two years ago launched a sock knitting obsession, and your e-mails and musings bring such enjoyment. Can’t thank you enough for doing what you do! Even though I’m quite a bit older, you’ll always be my Sock Mum! :-). I’ve knitted 9 and 1/2 pairs since last May (second sock syndrome will be resolved soon for next year’s count), and if I’m lucky enough to win I’d love to try Blue Icicle as my first WYS yarn! Hugs!

  412. Carol Crowther says:

    One basic pair nearly finished, just the toe to complete on one sock to go which should be done tonight. Absolutely love your patterns and you are so encouraging, I think I’ve caught the sock bug, already have yarn for the next pair! Spring green if I’m lucky enough to win please.

  413. Kerry Smith says:

    Need to finish the socks I started last year as I’ve had to break off to knit baby things. Was ready to finish the socks when I found I was going to be a grandma again, so I’m back on baby things. Would love the blue as my wardrobe has lots of blue. I tried socks years ago but gave up to first one as found it too hard. The Winwick Mum pattern opened up a whole new world & love hand knitted socks.

  414. Denise Ozanne says:

    5 pairs. I am a Sockalong addict. I started trying to knit socks in July 2023 and didn’t find Winwick Mum until October. My first pair of socks were completed at the end of November.
    I still have to go back to the videos to remember how to do it.
    I love Autumn Leaves
    Thank you

  415. Ali McConnell says:

    Christine, thank you for all your time and hard work . I love your pattern and have used it so many times that I know it off by heart. I have made 10 pairs of socks using your basic 4 ply pattern. They are mostly presents although hubby has a couple of pairs.
    Thanks again Ali xo

  416. Elizabeth says:

    7 pairs this year, and another cast on. Loving the wool socks!
    Elizabeth in

  417. Sarah J says:

    I have made three pairs since last May and have the second sock of a fourth pair on the needles. I really enjoy making the Winwick Mum Basic 4-ply socks and know the pattern almost off by heart now! Thank you!

  418. Jessica says:

    I haven’t yet knitted a sock using your pattern. (I’ve really only knitted one “sock” which was actually a stocking, and I have not yet finished it, unfortunately). I’ve been in a bit of a knitting slump since the new year, and am about to finish this wash cloth I started about a month ago. Socks using your pattern will be the next project to start, I think, as I was hoping to knit some socks for my husband for Christmas. Thank you for the lovely newsletters.

  419. Mary Davidson says:

    Hi from the US! Happy Sockalong Birthday!
    Working on my 9th pair. I was so happy to find your website. Wool yarn is the best and love WYS! Take care!

  420. Linda F says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your life with us, Christine! And Happy Birthday to the KAL. Love reading your blog!
    Thanks for all the inspiration – both in knitting and in life.
    Just starting my first pair with your 4-ply pattern and both colors are pretty.

  421. Only three pairs. Did attempt a pair several years ago using another pattern, what a disaster. I didn’t try again until I came across your Super Socks pattern. Thank you. 🙂 Love the winter icicle yarn but would be happy with either.
    Happy Sockalong 9th Birthday xx

  422. Karen Nash says:

    Happy sockalong birthday. I have knitted two pairs of basic socks this year along with a few of your other patterns too, in between my Attic 24 blankets. I love the basic sock pattern, you have definitely got me hooked on hand knitted socks and my rainy day wool store grows at an alarming rate! As a blue lover then the winter icicle yarn would be favorite but really not fussy.

  423. Helen says:

    happy birthday! I’ve made 6 pairs this year, I started trying patterns. I’d love Spring if I win 😁

  424. Julie McLean says:

    Happy birthday (easy to remember, it’s the same date as my cat’s!). Thank you for teaching me how to knit socks, I have finished one pair and am on the second pair which are the shortie socks for the summer when it comes! I would like the spring colour if I were to win

  425. Cindi Bennett says:

    Took a knitting class 3 years ago, it was such a disappointment and the pattern too. Swore I would never knit socks again. Came across your blog, tutorials and basic sock pattern. So happy I stopped to actually read and watch what you presented. Two pairs, Yahoo!!!!!!!! Love Blues but also happy with any color.

  426. Melinda says:

    I am about to start my first pair. I’m so glad I found your blog. It has a wealth of information. Reading the posts makes me want to have a cup of tea and start knitting. Thank you. If I win I’d like the winter icicle yarn but either would be lovely.
    Happy birthday!

  427. Beverley says:

    Happy Birthday! Having not made socks before I have made 6 pairs in the last year. Number 7 is on my needles. No more shop bought socks for me! I love them. Thank you Christine.

  428. Barbara Fernie says:

    i’ve done 5 on the needles
    happy both colours

  429. Gaenor says:

    11 pairs of basic 4ply socks this year. I’ve tried other styles, heels and toe-up but yours is still my go to pattern, although I will add patterns to your basic structure too.

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