Winwick Mum Sockalong 8th birthday

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Sockalong,

Happy birthday to you!

A pair of hand knitted blue striped socks modelled on feet which are standing on a stone flag in a flower border. The text across the picture reads Winwick Mum Sockalong 8th birthday

Wow, wow, WOW!  It’s the 8th birthday of the Winwick Mum Sockalong – and how fab is that?!  I absolutely LOVE that eight years after the tutorials first came out, I’m celebrating another Sockalong birthday with you and my beginner sock knitting tutorials are being used more than ever!  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that someone somewhere around the world has learnt to knit socks and I’ve been able to help them.

If you’re new to Winwick Mum and the Sockalong tutorials, get yourself comfy and I’ll tell you a story 🙂

My original plan was simply to write a series of tutorials to help someone knit a pair of socks after I’d been told too many times that they were too hard to knit.  I wanted to write them as if we were sitting together, and whilst my tutorials might be more wordy than some, I like to think that we’re chatting as we’re knitting – some things are just better with a friend!  I love that I’m still chatting to people about socks eight years later; it truly makes my heart sing every time I think of how many people have benefitted from bringing sock knitting into their lives.

Is that it, then?  Just these sock tutorials?  No, absolutely not!  In the same year as the tutorials were written and published on the blog (always with the intention of them being freely available on the blog for anyone who wanted to use them), I turned them into paperback form as Super Socks for those who couldn’t or didn’t want to be online all the time, and also e-book form for those who prefer that format.  I started the Winwick Mum Sockalong Facebook group so that people could ask questions in real time and that’s been amazing – there are thousands of people from all over the world in this group and thanks to the magic of time zones and people’s generosity in helping others to learn, this really is a group that works in real time – whatever the time!  There’s also the Winwick Mum Knit n Natter group on Facebook which came about as those who were knitting socks also wanted to chat, to share other project pictures and to just connect with other people.  Both groups were quite a lifeline during the lockdowns of the last couple of years, and it’s been brilliant to see how many people have decided that now is the right time for them to be learning to knit socks.

What else?  Well, a bit later on I wrote More Super Socks for people who had knitted their first basic pairs and wanted to move onto a different pattern, but still felt that other patterns were a step too far.  It contains four of my in-depth tutorials (with videos!) and four exclusive patterns which are more wordy than many you will find, but those extra steps have made it easier for people to step out of their comfort zones and to branch out with their knitting.

I’ve also won a few awards now (you can see them down the left hand side bar – I’m very proud of them!), I’ve been delighted to be invited to write articles and design socks for magazines, yarn shops and of course, my favourite yarn company, West Yorkshire Spinners!  I’ve been designing for them since 2017 and together we’ve produced a number of pattern books.  I have been very proud to have been asked to design the sock patterns to go with their special Christmas yarns for the last six years, and even more delighted to see those patterns being used all year round, not just with the Christmas yarn!

What I never could have imagined when I first started writing Winwick Mum, never mind the Sockalong tutorials, and best of all is that I’ve got my very own Signature 4ply Winwick Mum yarn designed in collaboration with my lovely friends at West Yorkshire Spinners.  Goodness, I could hardly contain myself when the first samples arrived in the post!  Not only did I get to design the yarn, but I got to design the patterns to go with it and you can see those on my patterns page here.  I have loved seeing the yarn being knitted up, knowing that people have enjoyed using it and have been able to support their local yarn shops by buying it.  And let’s not forget all the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made along the way too … it truly has been an incredible time!

I don’t ever take for granted the incredible times that I have had over the last eight years – seeing people discover that sock knitting really isn’t as hard as they might have thought, and all of the good things that have come from it.  I have been very blessed, and I never forget that how much of that is down to you … thank you for knitting the socks, for sharing the tutorials with others who want to learn, for giving your time to help others once you have learnt yourself, for buying my books and my yarn … thank you! xx

So what happens now?  Well, as far as the Winwick Mum Sockalong goes, nothing is changing.  The Sockalong tutorials are staying on the blog and they are still free – I have always said that if someone has the money to buy the yarn and needles or buy the book then I would much rather than they bought the yarn and got started – so there’s no change there.  Super Socks is still available for anybody who wants to buy a paperback or ebook version.  More Super Socks, the follow-on book with more techniques and patterns, is also still available in paperback and e-book versions.  West Yorkshire Spinners are still producing Winwick Mum yarn which is available from WYS stockists worldwide and now there are two collections, so that’s eight colourways to choose from.  There are some more videos on my YouTube channel, but because I move at a snail’s pace where videos are concerned, it’s taking some time to get everything I want to finished 🙂

Another thing that hasn’t changed is the Winwick Mum Sockalong birthday giveaway.  Every year, I get to do this and every year I think how fortunate I am to be able to even think about it!

As usual there are two prizes …

There’s a signed copy of Super Socks, a ball of Winwick Mum yarn – I’ve chosen Brightside from the first Winwick Mum collection and Autumn Leaves from the Seasons colours, a knitting mug, an Emma Ball tin for keeping stitch markers or other knitting notions safe, a Winwick Mum Sockalong badge and – something I’ve never done before but I’m very excited about – a Zoom chat with me about socks!  Now, this may have you running for the hills but if not, it’s an opportunity to ask me questions, show me your socks, give me a tour around your stash … it doesn’t matter whether you’re a brand new sock knitter or you’re an old hand, I am quite sure we’ll find something to chat about! 🙂

An orange Super Socks beginner sock knitting book, a ball of yarn in shades of blue, red, yellow and green, a pink mug, a small metal tin with a picture of penguins on it, a purple Winwick Mum Sockalong badge and a purple card with "Let's Talk Socks" written on it are on a white backgroundAn orange Super Socks beginner sock knitting book, a ball of yarn in shades of brown, red, yellow and green, a pink mug, a small metal tin with a picture of budgies on it, a purple Winwick Mum Sockalong badge and a purple card with "Let's Talk Socks" written on it are on a white background

The yarns are West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply, my favourite yarn for socks.  Brightside on the left is from the first Winwick Mum collection and Autumn Leaves on the right is from the Seasons collection.

I found these little Emma Ball tins last year but they were so cute I couldn’t not add them into the prize again this year!  They’re slide opening so that they don’t ping the contents everywhere; perfect for tiny knitting notions and they’re super-cute as well!  One has penguins on it and the other has budgies – I love Emma Ball’s artwork and think these are perfect for keeping in knitting project bags.

A close up of a small metal tin with a picture of penguins on itA close up of a small metal tin with a picture of budgies on it

There is, as always, a signed copy of Super Socks.  If you’re new to the blog and to the Sockalong, then Super Socks is the paperback version of the Sockalong tutorials that you can find if you click the purple picture in the top right hand corner of the blog.

An orange Super Socks book lying on a wooden table. To the left is a partly knitted sock, to the right is an orange mug

The book contains the same information as the online tutorials but is set out by needle type rather than across sock sections as the online tutorials are.  It’s a good big size to prop open with your brew and there are pages at the back to make notes, which is a useful thing to do, especially if you’re going to adjust the pattern for yourself or knit for other people.

There is just one sock pattern in there – the Basic 4ply Socks pattern – given in both 4ply and 6ply versions, and this is because this is a book for beginners.  The point of the book is that it’s a tutorial, the best way I could think of for you and I to sit together and knit a pair of socks without confusing everything by trying to cram lots of other patterns in there as well.  You can go and find other patterns at any time, but my intention with Super Socks and the Sockalong tutorials is to help you knit your first pair so that you understand what you are doing and you feel like a sock knitting superstar when you put them on your feet!

If you want to see inside the book, take a look at this post here as it shows you what’s in there and how the book was put together.  If you want to see the online tutorials as well so that you can compare, and check out my writing style if you’re a Winwick Mum newbie, you can find those here.

Next is the Winwick Mum Sockalong badge which goes with both prizes – ideal for project bags and also for wearing to festivals (now that we can go to them again) so that you can spot other Sockalongers.

A purple pin badge with Winwick Mum Sockalong engraved on it in silver

Finally, and for the first time ever in a Winwick Mum Sockalong birthday giveaway …

Fancy a chat?  The brew is optional 🙂   I thought that this year, it would be really nice to say hello to the prize winners, and this would be a good opportunity to ask some of those burning questions you might have about sizing or yarns or the Sock Stitch Calculation or anything else you can think of that’s putting you off actually getting started knitting your first pair … or if the winner has already knitted socks we can still talk about all of those things and you can show me your socks as well!

Don’t worry, we’ll work out dates and time zones between us and we can chat by email first so that you don’t feel that you’re dropped into a conversation and expected think of everything you want to ask without warning – I would be rubbish at that myself as I always think of the right thing to say or ask after the moment has passed! 🙂


What do you think?  Would you like to win one of these prizes?  Here’s how to enter the giveaway!

For the last seven years, I’ve been asking you to tell me how many pairs of Sockalong socks you knitted since the last Sockalong birthday.  I’ll never know for sure how many pairs of socks have actually been knitted using the Basic 4ply Socks pattern and tutorials, but it’s nice to get at least some idea so this year will be continuing the tradition of the Annual Sock Count.  So far, our running total through the blog stands at 17,235 pairs which I think is flipping amazing – how many more have been knitted this year?!  It’s not a competition with previous years, it’s just a bit of fun (and might also tell me how close we are to really taking over the world with hand-knit socks 🙂 )

To enter the giveaway, please comment how many pairs of Basic 4ply Socks (not other patterns, please) you have knitted since May 2022.  Don’t worry if you’re still making you first pair or are about to cast on, just write that information and your comment will count too.  Because there’s a choice of yarn, don’t forget to tell me which one you would like too!

Entries to the giveaway will close at 8pm BST on Sunday 7 May 2023 and I will let you know the winners as soon as possible after that time (it’s another Bank Holiday weekend in the UK for our new King’s Coronation so it may get to Tuesday but I won’t forget!).  I am happy to post the prizes anywhere in the world so don’t feel that you can’t be part of this because you don’t live in the UK.  I think you can choose to leave your comment as “anonymous” if you don’t have a WordPress account, but don’t forget to put your name in the comment so that when I post the winners I’ll be able to identify you so that you can get in touch for your prize (and please do come back to check if you’re a winner)!  Oh, and also don’t worry that your comment doesn’t show straight away – the comments are set for me to check them before they upload to the blog to make sure that no spam gets through so they are all safely stored in my blog messages until I’ve seen them.  I’ll make sure they’re all uploaded on time!

Happy birthday Sockalong, here’s to many more years of socking all over the world! 

The giveaway is now closed.  Thank you for entering – and look out for the results coming out soon!



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219 Responses

  1. Michelle St. Laurent says:

    Happy Sockalong Christine!! It’s been wonderful to have your blog to help me to discover the wonderful knitting happiness of knitting socks. I have only completed two and half socks since September 2022 and need to start the other half of my last sock. I love the basic 4 ply pattern as I can adjust it easily and it is amazing to see the sock develop❤️.

    Wishing you all the best on this 8th Sockalong.

    • Anne Pointon says:

      wow..a milestone to be super proud of…Congrats!!
      I’m only into my 1st ever sock with arthritis edging it’s ugly way into my feet(traveling south) I strongly feel the need to be wearing hand made wool six this coming winter.. I’ve read & re-read your basic pattern and taken the plunge
      it’s only taken me forever lol a knitter for 50+years and no longer need to knit for someone else (family) it’s about me now 🙂
      I love your simplistic approach..and honestly cannot understand why we aren’t all giving it a go…you make it all sound so easy peasy…
      I’m a fan of autumn colours …would love the financial win/aspect as I am a pensioner on Ltd income…and the goodie bag you have put together is a lovely thoughtful & generous gesture..
      I have fingers & toes X’d
      thank you 🙂

  2. Sarah Eastty says:

    1 pair since May 22, but they were a size 13, so took me ages! I like the autumn yarn and could see myself wearing those socks.

  3. Mary Cook says:

    Happy Birthday.
    I have managed 41/2 pairs of socks this year also mastered using a circular needle!
    Would be over the moon with either yarn!

  4. Linda Brin says:

    I learned to knit socks using your pattern whilst shielding during covid – what a life saver! It took 9 months to finish my first pair & I am now on my 4th. Thank you for enriching my life

  5. Lys says:

    Happy birthday! I’ve only come across your site very recently and I started with the DK patterns as that’s the wool I had to hand. So I’m sorry to say that as *yet* I can’t Co tribute to the tally. But I am quite sure that will change as I’ve now used up all my DK wool ????. If I won I’d love the autumnal wool shade ????

  6. Jacqui Davies says:

    Happy Sockalong Birthday!
    This last year I have completed 4 pairs of basic socks (trying out DK versions for the first time).
    If I should be lucky enough to win I would pick Autumn leaves please.

  7. Sandra says:

    I am trying to pluck up the courage to start a pair of socks. I think this prize would help me greatly.
    Thank you

    • Jenny says:

      I followed your pattern and videos for my first sock and eventually made it to the end of the pair. Without your detailed instructions I never would have finished. Now after knitting a few pairs I can’t work out how I found the first one was soooo difficult!
      This year I have knitted a grand total of 2 pairs of socks. If I win I love either colour.
      Thank you for the time and effort you put into your blogs and Facebook pages.

  8. Barbara Adamson says:

    I think I’ve only knitted 4 pairs this year, still the basic pattern… perhaps I’ll give More Supersocks a go…and I love the bright yarn!

  9. Ellie Boden says:

    hi, I’ve done half a sock. sore hands mean I’ve had to take a break. love the Autumn colours of the WM wys yarn ????
    Ellie Boden

  10. Jacqui says:

    Hi Christine, congratulations on the success of the Sockalong. 8 years is amazing. I’ve knitted three more pairs of basic socks using your Sockalong pattern. I still find it brilliant for some of the self-patterning yarns but I’ve also had a go at a couple of pairs incorporating cables and lace. People are always fascinated by the short circular needle and very impressed with the resulting socks. I try to encourage them to have a go but it’s not always easy. I’d love to be considered for the draw. Here’s hoping…

  11. Sarah Jones says:

    Thank you for your great pattern. I am not the fastest but since last May, I have knitted five pairs: one was large (for my husband), three were using the regular regular 4-ply pattern and one used the shortie pattern. One of the regular pattern socks used stripes from leftover yarns. I had always wanted to make socks with leftover sock yarn so this was exciting that I had knitted enough socks to be able to do this.

  12. Susan Suttie says:

    Happy birthday. I am new to sock knitting (I started in November) and have made 11 pairs of basic socks. It is the only pattern that I have used so far. If I win I would like Brightside please. Susan Suttie

  13. Carol Maxwell says:

    I knitted my first ever pair of socks thanks to Sockalong this year so that’s One but it was a beautiful beginning lol. Happy Birthday from Blenheim, NZ. Autumn Leaves please ????

  14. Liz Hirst says:

    Hi Christine, I’ve finished 3 pairs using your book am about to cast on a trainer sock from your pattern and have at least 2 other balls of WYS waiting! Your book has certainly made a difference, sock knitting is now relaxing rather than stressful!

  15. Sally Cowling says:

    hi Christine! this year i have knitted fuce pairs and have a stripy sixth pair on the needles to use up scraps! thanks for the amazing pattern and the fab instructions 🙂 I’d love to win the Brightside colourway!

  16. Joan says:

    Happy Birthday indeed dear SOCKALONG ( and BIG thanks especially to you Christine????)
    Between you I have sort of successfully made my first pair of socks with your wool ????????. First sock is a bit ‘iffy’. Second sock fits perfectly
    Now on pair no 2 and going well.
    Thanks for encouraging me with first time ever with the circular needles- first for them too. Loving them and now I really want to attempt a sweater ( fair isle?). All because of a pair of socks ????????

  17. Elisabeth Carthew says:

    I have knitted 3 pairs in this year, no very patterned ones as I like to see how the print design yarns turn out. About to start another pair, a project to take on holiday – I love to sit on a cliff top knitting socks while hubby walks the coast path! Autumn Leaves would be my choice if lucky & I would love a chat with you!

  18. Pam Gardiner says:

    No socks finished this year. I just can’t see well enough to get past the heel, and I’ve tried three times now. I used to so enjoy knitting socks, never mind I can still enjoy your blogs. Pam Gardiner

  19. Karan says:

    Hi Christine! Wow! Happy 8th birthday!
    I cannot believe that I have been knitting socks with you for that long!
    In the last year I’ve knitted 9 pairs of the basic socks. I’ve always got a pair on the go.
    I would love a chat with you! Although I might warn you that I am a bit of a talker ????.
    Thank you for bringing the world your sock tutorials…… taking over one pair at a time, Karan ????

  20. Maxine Togneri says:

    So far I must have knitted 42 pair since May last year. Sock knitting has been my salvation. I knitted as a child but picking needles up again at nearly 50 to knit my first pair of socks opened a new world to me. I love WYS wool and have used the 4 ply in shawls and hats as well as socks. Each ball turning the item in to a myriad of colours never to be perfectly replicated again. Thank you winwick mum for opening my eyes to this once again

    • Jeanette Kettlewell says:

      Happy birthday, Sockalong! I joined the Winwick Mum Sockalong Facebook group on 5 January 2017, so I had missed the original sockalong. I’ve only knitted 1 pair of the basic socks since the last Sock Census, but in total I have knitted 9 pairs of adult socks and 3 or more pairs of baby socks (I work full-time and knit SLOOOOOWLY). The instructions are so easy to follow. Just last week I pointed a new friend from a sweater-knitting class to the TAAT tutorial.

      I have SO enjoyed being a member of both Winwick Mum FB groups and have virtually met many knitters who have become dear friends. Thanks so much for that opportunity, Christine! I have found some local knitting friends in my neighborhood and my Bible study group, so that has been a joy – knitters are wonderful folk! Should I be lucky enough to win the prize, I choose the Autumn Leaves colorway. It would be fantastic to chat with you, Christine – fingers crossed!! Thank you for the opportunity to win such lovely prizes, and thank you for your wonderful contributions to the knitting world!

  21. Laura Favilla says:

    Happy Birthday, Sockalong! I’ve been thinking about casting on for a few years now and am seriously getting closer. It’s a daunting challenge but I on going to attempt it with your tutorial. I like the bright ball of yarn best.

  22. Jo says:

    I have finished 3 pairs of basic socks this year. I tried small circulars but ended up going back to my DPNs

    • Jacque says:

      Happy Birthday! I discovered the FB page last fall I just got it in my head I needed to learn to make socks after seeing everyone’s beautiful socks. I am a crocheter and never got on well with knitting. But thanks to the videos and seeing all the suggestions others have made, I have been successful. I have made 3 pairs and working on 2 more. Looking forward to making a mistake free pair!! Pattern is so well written, it gave me confidence. I love the Bright yarn!

  23. Becky H says:

    Happy birthday Sockalong! I’ve only managed 1 pair as a Christmas present (in the beautiful Silent Night yarn) but I’ve got so much DK stashed that a pair of those are next on the list. I’d love the Autumn Leaves colour if I was lucky enough 🙂

  24. Jenny Cooke says:

    Happy birthday to Sockalong!
    We have spent our first full year in a new country (Ireland) and I have a special thank you to Christine for patterns and newsletters and for some peace and sanity after such a move.
    I have knitted 9 pairs of basic socks for family and friends and one for me.

  25. Kerry-Anne Hill says:

    I learned to knit in October and since then have made 4 pairs of the basic socks! I’ve tried a few other patterns too but the basic ones work so well with the wys yarn.

  26. Sue Stephenson says:

    I’m on my 4th pair of basic winwick mum socks this year. My intention is to replace all my husband and my socks with handknits once I have perfected the fit!

  27. Audrey says:

    Happy Birthday on your 8 years Christine .All I can say is well done. you’ve helped people all over the world .it’s a great group of people .help at hand when needed

  28. Steph B says:

    I have only completed one pair, but that’s massive for me because they are the first pair I’ve managed to actually complete! (I have tried many times before, but I hadn’t found your fabulous pattern before ????). They were a birthday present for my fabulous sister, who loves them, so thank you ???? x

  29. Jane says:

    Love your sockalong pattern, it’s my go to when I want a therapeutic knit. Since May 22 I’ve knit 4 of yours and planning to cast one on this weekend.

  30. Brenda says:

    The basic pattern is so versatile.
    I have knitted 3 pairs using the basic pattern.
    Happy birthday from The Hunter Valley in Australia

  31. Julie Bishop says:

    Happy Sockalong anniversary!
    I think I have knitted about 4 basic pattern socks in the time stated.
    love knitting socks. nobody can ever have too many pairs of socks, right?

  32. Louise McInnes says:

    Happiest of birthdays to you. I’ve knitted 4 pairs of basic 4 ply socks since May 2022 and have just started another pair using magic loop for the first time. I love it!
    Being autumn here in Australia I have to choose the autumn colourway.
    Thank you for making me look super clever

  33. Lenore Rhodes says:

    Happy 8th Sockalong birthday Christine. How quickly time flies. We are all so grateful for your generosity sharing your patterns and tutorials. Since May last year I have knitted four pair of socks using your basic sock pattern. I have knitted more socks than this but I have only counted your patterns. If I was so lucky to win a zoom catch up with you I would love to discuss adjusting the pattern to fit children. I still struggle with this even though you have touched on it before. Xxxx ❤️????

  34. Aileen says:

    Happy Birthday sockalong!! Only 3 pairs since May 2022 but 25 pairs in total over 5 years.

  35. Kerry says:

    Not sure where the year has gone. Please can you add in 3 pairs from me. I’d be happy with either yarn should I be lucky enough to be picked

  36. Lynn says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong!
    I’m casting on my first pair of basic socks in dk and following along the tutorials. Then I want to knit a pair of shorties! Your colourways are lovely. I especially like the Brightside. Cheers from Canada. Lynn MCNS

  37. Carol Leak says:

    10 pairs. Thanks for all your advice on the website, tutorials etc. Love reading your blog too ❤️ Carol Leak

  38. Gillian Brooks says:

    thank you for your musings , only joined recently but they add colour to my weekend, I am on my first basic sock, row 39 on 4 dpn’s, before I crocheted my socks, mostly for wearing in bed.

  39. Elizabeth Sandison says:

    Birthday Greetings and a huge well done to you.
    To date 6 pairs of basics this year and am currently on sock 2 size 11 for a dear friend with Chemo Cold Toes so had better get back to the needles .If my name comes up please go on the next participant.

  40. Lisa Cooley says:

    Happy Sockalong Christine ???????? I have made 5 basic pairs in a year but loads of your other patterns which I never would have been able to without your wonderful sockalong. Thankyou so much for you socky wisdom and kindness to always give encouragement for achieving sock success ???? If I win I would love Brightside.

  41. Kristi Cunningham says:

    Since May 2022 only 3 pair and one on the needles. Love this group ♥️
    Briteside yarn is my choice.
    Thank you for all you do????

  42. Elizabeth Bell says:

    Happy birthday and thank you once again for all your hard work and immense patience. Since I found your site at the beginning of January this year I have knitted seven pairs of socks using your basic pattern and am starting my eighth pair. These are for my daughter and three granddaughters. As a 78 years old who has knitted for over 70 years and never had the courage or know how to knit socks thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  43. Ann Marie says:

    I have learned sock knitting with your books and patterns. I have only completed 3 pairs but hope to be able to increase that number in the coming months.

  44. Lin says:

    Nice to share my birthday with your sockalong birthday again. Just one pair for me this year (I have knitted others too!) as I have had my head down with some hand quilting. Many happy returns. xx

  45. Keren Baker says:

    Happy Sockalong Birthday! You’ve inspired me to want to have a go. I’ve got the basics just need to actually start!!!x

  46. Yvonne says:

    Congratulations Christine – I am the proud owner of two pairs of socks one in 4ply and one in dk. All thanks to you and your fabulous basic patterns. I also currently have pair number 3 on the go . Next job will be to buy the fish pattern and do those. I do hope I won’t be too late buying it for it to go into the kitty for your daughters trip to Japan x

  47. Vicky Milne says:

    Hi Christine! I’ve made 4 pairs of basic socks this year – I love them, I rarely make anything other than the basic pattern sock wise! I feel like 4 isn’t a very high total, but scrolling through my photos I’ve made numerous crochet blankets plus several garments for my little nephew as well. I always keep a pair of socks on the needles so my hands never feel lost in between other projects. Thank you for sharing your love of socking with me ????

  48. SARAH MURRAY says:

    Happy Sockalong! What an exciting thing for us all! I am fairly new to sock knitting and have only knitted 2 pairs of your 4ply basic sock pattern. The first pair are bed socks for me and the second are Xmas socks also for me. I intend to knit many more socks just as soon as knitting for my great nephew and 4 baby 3rd cousins allows me the chance. xxx

    Ooops forgot to say in my last comment that I would choose Autumnal Leaves colourway 🙂 Sarah xxx

  49. Dawn Sargent says:

    Thank you for your easy guidance with basic socks so far I have done 5 pairs but I have enough wool for at least another 20 !!! I shall be knitting some this year for Xmas goodies. If Im lucky enough I would love the autumn leaves but would be equally pleased with whatever I was given xx

  50. Christine Monahan says:

    Hi Christine,
    Christine here, I got your details off Little Workroom Crafts, bought the book and started making socks ten pairs so far l love the pattern and use it often.
    I love the WYS Autumn leaves as it is Autumn here in Australia.
    Congrats on another year of socks, am asking Hubby for your second book :), to try the patterns out.

  51. Jude says:

    Hi Christine. Love your blog and addicted to sock knitting. Just got my first commission. I’ve knitted 3 pairs of basic 4 ply socks in the past year. (How has Maxine finished 42 pairs? – amazing)

    Would love either ball of wool ???? xx

  52. Marie says:

    Happy Birthday!! ????????????????????????

  53. Hazel says:

    Happy Sockalong birthday! I’ve completed only pair of your basic four ply socks this year, my first time knitting one of your patterns and my first time using WYS yarn too!! Am sure they won’t be the last. Long may the Sockalong continue!!!

  54. Alix says:

    I made my very first pair of socks using the sock along this year, and I have made a total of four pairs following the pattern! Also, autumn leaves- it’s gorgeous!

  55. Danijela says:

    Happy sockalong birthday!!! Congratulations!!! This is amazing, you must feel so proud. Sadly, I didn’t made any, hope that would be soon. Thank you for great patterns and lovely group on facebook. Amazing giveaways, thank you for the chance to win.

  56. Elaine Hocking says:

    Not as prolific this year, a mere 5. But I have introduced your socks to a friend who is, I’m afraid addicted.
    I have just purchased two more balls of sock wool suitable for my hubby and still have a few balls left in WYS.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL WINWICK MUM SOCKALONGS, but extra special shout out to Christine.

  57. Claire says:

    Gosh, the Sockalong Birthday comes round fast! Just two basic pairs, as I love trying all the patterns you’ve done for West Yorkshire Spinners but the basic is always excellent for checking any technical points I might feel in need of reassuring myself on. Both yarns are lovely (I’ve bought both in the past and was thinking of the autumnal again lately but Brightside is so fun with its bold shades)…but that mug is just brilliant!

  58. Happy Birthday Sockalong! I have finished my first pair and nearly completed my 3rd sock all on lovely WYS yarn. I have also inspired my daughter to knit socks which I’m so happy about. If I was lucky enough to win, I would choose Autumn Leaves yarn.

  59. Sandra Dain says:

    Happy birthday! I’m in England visiting my daughter in Manchester and looking forward to the King’s coronation. Plus it’s my birthday tomorrow! I’ve knitted 4 pairs on WYS socks in the last year from your pattern. I love getting your posts, Christine.

  60. ElsieDugdale says:

    Two pairs of basic socks. Autumn leaves yarn. I love your nature posts used to do the same in power points on the blank screens using seasonal pictures.

  61. Christine Knowler says:

    Congratulations for 8 years of the Winwick mum sock. For the basic sock pattern I have knitted 8 pairs in the last year. I knitted two of those pairs for a local charity that knits for people in the community. It’s a great that I can now just pick up my needles and knit without having a pattern with me.

  62. barbara harling says:

    Have been knitting socks since covid began. Gave me something to do and I always have a pair on a circular needle to do when I am out and about. I have a 20 minutes ferry ride to leave the island where I live and out come the socks, surprising how all these 20 minutes sessions add up. Love knitting the socks. Any colour yarn is great.

  63. Lynne Norman says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong. Thank you Christine for giving me the knowledge and tools to revisit sock making. I learned from my gran as a child and have only later in life returned to socking….. your patterns and blog are fun. Also thank you for the blog posts and photos. You make a homesick Brit happy. Cheers, here’s to you and Sockalong, Happy Birthday ????. Lynne Norman, p.s I love Brightside ????

  64. Caz Abbinett says:

    Happy 8th Sockalong Birthday Christine!! 8 basic pairs knitted…some other patterns too but the basic works well with the multicolour yarns. I read through the pattern again and discovered how to not get a hole when picking up the gusset stitches! All this time I’ve struggled with the hole because of the first S1…all because I didn’t read the pattern properly! I didn’t knit my first pair of socks using your pattern unfortunately and I was nearly put off sock knitting for life! Discovered Sockalong then and that got me hooked!!
    Bright side yarn please if I’m lucky enough to win (and some penguins if we can have a choice ????)…I’m half way through Autumn leaves deceptively knotty socks for my son and have another ball of it ready for my own socks…such beautiful yarn ????
    Thank you for all your hard work, your generosity and for always being there to help and encourage xxx

  65. Christina Van Vuuren says:

    Knitting socks have changed my life???? even if it is one row before work , or a couple after work if centres me . I have knitted 8 3/4 pairs since May 22. And expect that to be 9 by the coronation weekend . Happy Birthday winwick mum sockalong

  66. Melody Hazelbaker says:

    Happy Sockalong birthday! I am a lifelong crocheter and my goal for 2023 was to learn to knit socks. I am almost finished with my first sock…not my first pair. ???? I love the Brightside yarn!

  67. Angela Brand says:

    Happy 8th Birthday! I’m a newbie sock maker, so this is my first Sockalong and I have only managed to complete one pair of socks so far, but I’m happy with that as I love my socks and know that I will make many more, and also sock knitting reintroduced me to knitting which I hadn’t picked up for 35 years. I’m happily knitting away every evening now, thank you Christine x

  68. Mary Payne says:

    Happy sockalong birthday! I’ve made 2 pairs of basic socks since this time last year. If picked, the bright side wool would suit me fine.

  69. Kerry Barnard says:

    Happy sockalong birthday! I’ve just made the one pair this year as I’ve got an enormous cross stitch project going and not enough hours in the day, but I used your excellent video to do a contrast cuff/heel/toe. they came out so well I’ve worn them constantly and cast on the next pair. I like to do socks when on the train travelling for work as they’re so handily portable, upcoming trips so should finish it off soon. Prefer the bright side yarn but would just be happy to win the cute tin to be honest!

  70. Gill Charlton says:

    Happy birthday Christine. Since last May I’ve managed 5 pairs of socks including a pair sized 14!!
    This site is so helpful and either colours would be wonderful

  71. Chris Lopez says:

    Happy Birthday and congratulations on eight successful years. I’m new to your blog so starting my first pair. Autumn Leaves would be my choice in your fabulous giveaway. ????

  72. Anne-Mette says:

    Happy Sockalong Birthday !

    I have knitted 6 pairs, (almost finished the second sock of pair 6????????)
    The colour Brightside is georgeos????
    May be you set a new record this year?

  73. Angela Joy says:

    Hi Christine! Just can’t believe it’s 12months since your last “count up!”
    I’ve knit a further 15 pairs and know I’m hooked, how naught is that?
    Enjoying your regular blogs which brighten up each month and season.
    Best wishes
    Oops! If I were to be lucky and win I would be grateful for either prize, keep my addiction going ????????????

  74. Anne says:

    Happy 8th sockalong. Having been a knitter for 55 years I never attempted socks, they are way too complicated. Well got your book and thank you for being a great teacher. This year I went round and round to complete 6 pairs, 4 were christmas presents. I also bought your book and your wool for my best friend’s christmas present. Such fun we’re having knitting and nattering. Thank you Miss, your the best teacher ❤️

  75. Jen Heald says:

    Hi Christine. My sock drawer is getting too full so I’ve cut down the number of socks I’ve knitted this year. I’ve made half a dozen pairs, three of which are for Marie Curie Christmas socks appeal. Happy birthday to the Sockalong and happy birthday to me and anyone else with a birthday today.xx

  76. Melanie Pluck says:

    Thank you for for all your sockalong tutorials, patterns and groups. I learned sock making from your tutorials during lockdown. I still only use your patterns. This year I have made 4 pairs using your basic sock pattern, it just works brilliantly with the self patterning yarns I like to use.

  77. Catherine Evans says:

    Hi Christine and happy 8th birthday to sockalong. I have made 11 pairs of basic socks since May last year and I have donated all but 2 pairs to families that use the foodbank that I manage. Doing this makes me feel less guilty about my yarny purchases and also that I am doing some good by helping others.
    I look forward to your weekly blog posts and am so happy that I look the plunge to have a go at knitting socks after seeing your sock line at Yarndale some years ago.
    Thanks for all that you do.
    Cath Evans x

  78. Heather Creasey says:

    Hi Christine happy eight ???? birthday. I am almost finished making a scarf but will then be casting on a pair of your basic socks, the plan is to move on to the lace sock afterwards. I would love to be a winner and will be happy to receive any of the yarns. Thanks for the amazing patterns and this opportunity. X

  79. Rosie says:

    Happy sockalong birthday! I joined the party about 6 months ago and am on my 12th pair, I surprised myself while counting up. I may have developed a healthy obsession with the art of making socks. My wool garment averse husband has even requested and received 3 pairs. He is already asking for more.
    Thank you for your tutorials Christine.

  80. Helen says:

    Happy Birthday. I’ve knitted one pair of socks this year. I have a few hospital visits and appointments coming up so plan to knit some more this next 12 months.
    I love the Autumn Leaves yarn and would love to make some socks with this in anticipation of the coming autumn (I’m not wishing the spring and summer away) I need to graduate onto some more challenging socks, but do enjoy the rhythmic knitting of the basic sock pattern.

  81. Sue says:

    Happy 8th Birthday Sockalong! I love this group, who knew knitting socks could be so much fun. I have knitted 6 pairs in this last year (2 for me and 4 as gifts) and am ready to start another. Please continue your amazing work. Sue x

  82. Lisa R. G. says:

    Happy 8th Sockalong birthday! I’m so grateful for your instructions, which have opened up an exciting new world for me. 🙂 I haven’t knitted any Sockalong socks since last year, but I am working on a pair of your Sofa Snuggle Socks. I was super happy to find West Yorkshire Spinners yarn here in Quebec, Canada. If I’m one of the lucky winners, I really like the Brightside colorway. Thanks for everything!

  83. Gillian D says:

    Only 2 basic pairs this year. I am trying g to be more adventurous and knit from the wo default books you have produced with wys.

  84. Melinda Gallagher says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong! I have knitted two pair since the last Sockalong but have three more pair in line for heels! I love the continuous flow of the cuff and leg, watching colors and patterns open in front of my eyes! Thank you, Christine for welcoming me into this world of sock knitting!

  85. Jacqueline Boardman says:

    A very Happy 8th Birthday to Christine our very own Winwick Mum.
    Since May last year I have finished 2 pairs of socks and have 2 wip. I also knitted our great granddaughter a jacket and sock in your Wild flowers wool. I am a slow knitter and wish I could go fast. I have taken photos of some of the wool I have.

  86. Pip says:

    Happy Birthday sockalong! Thanks to your tutorial and the supersocks book, I’ve managed to not only knit 11 pairs of 4 ply socks, but I’ve learned so many techniques too. Now on to some patterns from more super socks!

  87. Lesley says:

    Happy Sockalong Birthday Christine, i am still knitting my socks but enjoy being part of a lovely group of like minded ladies. Look forward to many more conversations on your blog.
    xxx Lesley

  88. Annette Edwards says:

    Hi Christine, Happy sockalong birthday. I only found your books, fb group and tutorials late last year and so glad I did. so far have knitted 15 pairs from your basic sock pattern, some for myself but mainly for family and friends

  89. Eliza K says:

    One Winwick Mum Basic 4Ply wip; in WYS yarn. Trying to make an effort to learn socks in 2023…and finish a pair! Brightside please. Happy 8th! ????

  90. Joy Wilson says:

    Hi Christine
    You taught me to knit socks in 2018. I bought some yarn, Zauberball Crazy, from Loop in London – just because I liked the yarn, not because I wanted to knit socks! The helpful shop assistant showed me her hand knitted socks and recommended I followed you tutorials and I haven’t looked back. This year I have knitted 4 pairs of basic 4ply socks.
    Best wishes
    Joy Wilson

  91. Donna says:

    Hi Winwick Mum! You have saved me with the 1.5 needle and the 60 sts cast-on. Now my socks always fit!

  92. Tracey Ogden says:

    I followed your blog long before I knitted socks. I had your book long before also. But with the help of Norma and your tutorial, I made my first pair with Winick Mum wildflower. 14 pairs later!

  93. Sherin says:

    Hi Christine, congratulations on bringing hand knitted socks to the world. I have made about 10 pairs of the basic 4 ply in total, the first pair was very “wobbly”, so I kept them for myself. I have gifted the rest to family and friends. Since May 2022, I’m onto my 3rd pair. The pair currently on my needles has been claimed by adult daughter number 2 ????????Thank you so much for the joy of socks ????????

  94. Alison says:

    Happy Sock a Long 8th Birthday
    I have made 2 Pairs of basic socks this last year and have one of your Christmas patterns on my needles now.
    I would choose the Brightside as I have Autumn Leaves in my stash which I have yet to start! Xx

  95. Jeanne says:

    Hi Christine I have been following your blog for a long time. You inspired me to try making socks and have never looked back. Only made 6 pairs since last year and five of those been gifted to very happy recipients. Just want to say thank you for the inspiration and your wonderful blog posts. X

  96. Sheryll says:

    I feel as if your fabulous pattern is my go to comfort zone! 3.5 pairs this year and all gifted to family as they love the perfect fit. I’ve been tempted to try other patterns but honestly would rather keep with the tried and true. Thank you.

  97. Ann Weaver says:

    Happy 8th Birthday Sockalong! I am on working on my 4th pair. Your pattern has helped me so much, I tried for many years to knit a sock, without any success. My first pair became my second pair as my knitting had improved so much on the second sock that I completely unraveled the first pair and re-knitted them and they became my second pair. Thank you so much. I ordered your book, the illustrations help so much. The Brightway would be my first choice but would love knitting a pair of socks with your yarn.

  98. Nancy Page says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I have learned to knit socks on DPNs and love it. I have a first pair done for the last Kitchner’s Stitch at the second toe. Can’t wait to do more. Love your blog and helpful information.

  99. Kath says:

    Happy birthday Sockalong! Your basic socks pattern is my go-to, I just let the fab coloured yarn do the work. I only made 3 pairs last year but always have some on the needles to pick up as and when. Currently trying to finish a pair in WYS robin. I’ve already got qboth colours in my sock stack, but Brightside is my favourite yarn and I would love another pair x

  100. Carol says:

    Hi Christine, Happy 8th Sockalong, amazing and you must be very proud.
    I am only just starting out and I am so inspired with your website and Facebook groups and how friendly and warm everybody is, all offering advice. I would love to make my first pair of socks this year. I love both colours, but Brightside would be the one. Thank you, best wishes Carol x

  101. Suzanne Baker says:

    Wow that’s wonderful, 8 years old!
    Congratulations Christine. I’ve knitted 5 pairs of basic socks since I discovered knitting and your brilliant blog in February this year. Basic socks were my first ever knitting project. People were saying don’t try socks as they’re too hard to start with but I did them with your help and felt an amazing sense of accomplishment. Thanks so much
    Best wishes
    Suzanne Baker

  102. Yay I love this time of year! I have knitted 4 pairs and have another pair on the needles right now. I love the rainbow yarn, could see myself wearing a pair of socks made of that. Thanks so much for continuing to be an inspiring and valuable resource for us sock knitters out there!

  103. Laura Miller says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! 8 years! Happiest of birthdays to you! On your 10 year anniversary I’m planning to knit every one of your patterns through the year. Maybe we should have a knitalong! Much love. xx

  104. Lynley P says:

    Hi Christine! I’ve only knitted 3 pairs this year. It’s coming into winter here so there’ll be more this winter. I still use your tutorial for every heel turn and kitchener graft.

    I love the Autumn Leaves yarn (brightside is cool too but it’s the Autumn I’m in love with!)
    Happy Sockalong Anniversary!

  105. Barbara Kippax says:

    I have knitted 7 pairs since Christmas 2022 and one pair were for my Grandson who has size 12 feet! Since May 2022 I have knitted in total 15 pairs. I have finally finished my stash of whole balls of 4ply wool and am now working through all the ends of balls with the aim to have cleared my complete stash by mixing the remains into what I call ‘patchwork socks’. I am absolutely hooked on knitting socks and my family love wearing them too! Somehow I can’t believe I wont be tempted to buy more wool!

  106. Gilly Bromilow says:

    Happy birthday sockalong from France, and thank you Christine for your fantastic help and support. I can now knit a basic pair of socks that both match and also fit! Your extra long sock pattern is my next project and I want to knot some socks that I can sew non slip mesh to in order to have something warm on my feet on the tiled floors.

  107. Anne Cannon says:

    Happy birthday. My daughter introduced me to sock knitting through your posts a few years ago when I spotted some beautiful wool in NZ. I made one pair then I stopped knitting at all. But last year I got the bug and made 6 pairs including two sparkly WYS pairs. it’s such a lovely thing to do, your instructions are so clear, and most important, they’re so lovely and warm! thank you.

  108. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday! 4 1/2 pairs. One for every year since I learn to knit. Basic sock pattern is my go too! Autumn ???? is my color pick.

  109. Julie says:

    Hi Christine with the help of your online you tube tutorial and free pattern I have knitted one completed pair and almost finished a second pair. I loved the magic of the sock shape appearing and the pure cosiness on my feet this long winter . So hooked I have got a stash to make at least more 4 pairs.

  110. Ellen xButton says:

    Hi Christine. Happy birthday !!!! Couldn’t do without your fab patterns and love your cheery blogs and photos. Knitted at least four pairs of socks – my go to camper van knitting. Love that every pair is different. Keep up the good work xxx P.S. Liking the Autumn colourway.

  111. Hilary McCarthy says:

    Happy birthday! I have made two pairs and have a third in progress. Brightside is my favourite and the penguins are adorable!

  112. Carole Ann Godfrey says:

    it was my aim to learn how to make socks this year, using wys yarn and your book. I did, and have one and a half pairs made so far. Thank you, I wouldn’t have even considered trying without your help.

  113. Lynn says:

    Congratulations! What a great achievement!! I have made 6 pairs since last May, and I have orders from friends and family for more. You’ve started a sock revolution here 🙂 I love using WYS wool, you can always depend on it. You’ve given me so many ideas for using colours I wouldn’t have tried before. Unfortunately I’m spending more time looking at wool and knitting than I am doing the housework…..

  114. Ruth Howard says:

    Thanks for being such a reliable contact for knitting socks & your weekly posts – always look forward to them – you deserve all the awards and commendations you can get for giving your time and efforts to help others
    Happy 8th Birthday ????
    I am ashamed to say I have only knitted 1 pair of socks this year!!!!! – sorry – not for want of yarn ????- just time!!
    Love Ruth x

  115. Joan Bray says:

    making my first pair of socks is on my 2023 to do list and is worrying me muchly. I have the book, needles of all sorts and lots of yarn in my stash.putting me off my fat fingers!! thanks for making me smile every week! x

  116. Denise Brock says:

    Happy Birthday! I have made 1 pair of 4 ply and 1 pair of 6 ply basic so far and love them both. I love your orange book and love to hear the journey you went on to make this all happen for so many of us. it has been a goal of mine to be able to knit so many socks that I can just do it by heart. Thank you so much for making this all available.
    I like the brightside yarn.

  117. Helen says:

    I’ve crocheted one pair of socks and starting my first knitted pair this month

  118. Caroline Waterman says:

    Congratulations on the 8th Birthday of Sockalong! Since stumbling across your tutorials in 2019 and making my very first pair of socks I’ve become completely addicted to sock knitting and will make them for whoever will wear them. Even though I am much more confident now I still finding myself referring to the tutorials to refresh my memory every now & again. So clearly written – you took all the scariness out of socks! Thank you!
    This year I’ve only made 4 and a half pairs but I’ve got lots more planned so I hope to have a bigger count to add to your tally next year.
    Should I be lucky enough to win I would like the Brightside yarn please. Caroline Waterman

  119. Jane Stebbing says:

    Dear Christine, love your Blog. I have knitted about 7 pairs since last May + about 10 baby pairs (some I filled with mini chocolate Father Christmas’ for friends) . Love all the WYS wool! Jane x

  120. Happy Birthday Sockalong, and thank you Christine for continued support for sock knitters. I’ve knitted nine (9) pairs in the last year, which is quite a surprise to me since I’ve also been knitting Beanie hats, for charity. I’d love the Brightside yarn please, if I’m lucky. Yorkshire yarn for a Yorkshire lass.????????????

  121. Linda says:

    Happy 8th Birthday. I was lucky to find your site about 8 months ago. I’m still working on my first pair of socks. Gave up and ripped out the first ones. Now thinking about casting on again to have another try at it. The autumn color is lovely. Reminds me of the leaf colors where I grew up in the north country of New York. Thanks for blogs and newsletters. I enjoy them.

  122. Pennie Roberts says:

    Happy 8th Sockalong Birthday from the Derbyshire Peaks! I have knitted 4 pairs of 4 ply socks as gifts this past year, one pair went to my 9 year old grandson who is now learning to knit himself. Love passing on this skill through the generations. You have to be in it to win it and if I do I’d love the Autumn Leaves wool. Thanks for your cheery posts and the beautiful photos. ????????

  123. Pauline Johnston says:

    I have managed 3-1/2 pairs of socks. I’m at the stage where I can add simple patterns. I would never have got this far without your tutorials. Thank you so much for all your hard work, you are truely appreciated.

  124. Lissie says:

    Hi Christine, I’ve been with you since the very beginning in 2015! Knitting socks has been a skill for life for me, and using the basic pattern I’ve managed to make some little works of art that I wouldn’t dare to make on a larger scale so thank you so very much for showing me how, I always have a pair on the go. This year I’ve made approx 22 pairs… I like the autumn leaves if I should be so very fortunate to win.

  125. Margaret hunter says:

    3 pairs and my current one is my 1st lace pair from the 2nd book.
    I have one sock project on the go as well as other know knitting/ crochet ones .

  126. Martha says:

    I have finished 3 pairs and am working on another pair. Really enjoy using circular needles. Enjoy your weekly posts especially the pictures of flowers. We have had a very cold and snowy winter in Northern Colorado so the pictures give a hope that spring will eventually arrive.

  127. Paddy Coan says:

    Happy Birthday Sockaling! I knit socks and am happy to cast on my first basic pair for this dockaling! I love the vibrant colors of Brightside. Thanks for all you do!

  128. Maria Duffy says:

    Congratulations on 8 years of the sockalong! I’ve knitted 3 pairs since last May (1 might be cheating as I added in the reinforced sole from your boot sock pattern but the rest is 4ply). All the yarn is lovely.

    I wanted to thank you properly for your wonderful tutorials – it is what brought me not just to sock knitting but all types knitting 7 years ago since not picking up needles since I was a kid. It really helped me through a tough part of my life and now I’m never without a sock WIP! I’ve knitted a lot of socks since then but always keep coming back to the basic 4 ply pattern, thank you so much!

  129. Margaret Fogg says:

    Happy eighth birthday sockalong. I love your blogs and of course the sock patterns. I have only knitted 3 pairs this year as new baby grandson arrived and knitting for him happened. I would love the Brightside yarn if I am lucky enough to win.

  130. Barbara Elliott says:

    Hi Christine! I’ve knitted 3 pairs since May 22 and they have all been appreciated. I would love the Autumn leaves wool for myself- loving the colours. Thanks for all your help over the last fe years with your blog and patterns.

  131. Michele Coady says:

    Happy Birthday! I am a pretty slow knitter especially when I am working on socks but I only use your patterns since I learned how to make socks from you and I am slightly terrified to try anything else (but I have branched out using some of your fancier patterns this year). I have made 6 pairs of socks using your patterns in the past year. Thank you! Michele

  132. Karen Nash says:

    Happy birthday sockalong
    I have knittedone pair of basic socks since May 22 as have tried a different pattern as well

  133. Faye says:

    Happy 8th sockalong birthday! I’m ashamed to admit I’m still on my first pair, but the second sock so nearly finished???????? I have been asked to knit a pair of socks for a friend’s mum who struggles to find socks that suit her foot shape. This is way above my knowledge but with the copy of your book that I have I think I could do it????. I have tons of questions to ask you so that the socks are a success and can gift them to her mum because comfortable fitting socks are so important and shouldn’t cost the earth.

  134. Sandra says:

    Christine, many thanks. You have been a tremendous help to me with your sock tutorials. I have knit 9 pairs of socks over this last year, several for
    Christmas presents. I love Autumn leaves, beautiful colours. Best wishes, Sandra

  135. Elaine Allerton says:

    Christine!!!so helpful with UR tutorials,,,and love the yarns,,,love the wildflower colorway,,,,one of my favs,,,,,I have knit so many pair of UR socks,,,12 pairs,,,,

  136. Clare Taylor says:

    Happy Sockalong Birthday
    Your pattern was an inspiration and I am in my 2nd year of sock knitting.
    I have created 4 pairs since last May, with many more planned
    Thank you for getting me started

  137. Dianne Mollet says:

    Happy 8th Sockalong Birthday! I have knit 4 pairs of socks since May last year using your Supersocks book. I have knitted many pairs of your Basic 4ply socks over the past years but I always like to have your book close to my knitting chair to double check my memory at the stages of Turning the Heel and Shaping the Gusset. I love to read your cheerful blog and can’t thank you enough for teaching me to knit socks. I love knitting socks! Thank you Christine. I would choose the colour Brightside. Best wishes from Dianne

  138. Annie Lawson says:

    Happy Birthday. I can’t tell you how many times I have recommended your pages/blog to aspiring knitters. You held my hand through my first socks (for which many thanks), and now I knit socks for all my friends, and for charity events. I have been going through my photos and reckon I have made 16 pairs of your socks since May, in 4-ply and lots in DK for my friends to wear after swimming off our beach. I can’t believe it! No preference of yarn – it’s all gorgeous!

  139. Jackie Jackson says:

    Happy birthday to you! I have more balls of yarn than completed socks because I can’t resist the many colours ???? however I have completed 2 pairs of socks since the last birthday. I bought the super socks book and it was a game changer for me. If I was lucky enough to win it I would gift it to my friend who is keen to get started. I love the autumn colours and would make that my next cast on. Enjoy your success and here’s to many more sock adventures in the coming year xx

  140. Irune says:

    Happy birthday! I love reading your blog, Christine. I’ve knitted 7 pairs of socks since last May (5 of them Christmas gifts) and another one is on the needles (I like knitting both socks at the same time). I always take my socks-in-progress wherever I go, just in case I have some spare time to spend knitting. You never know… ;D

  141. Claire Carter says:

    Happy birthday! Since May 2022 I’m on my second pair of socks using your pattern. I’m so grateful to you as you make something that sounds rather daunting (knitting socks) into a pleasant experience with your detailed writing and photos – thank you xx

  142. Shirley Liderth says:

    I’m a newcomer to the sock party, I learnt during lockdown but have only managed 3 ½ pairs due to working full time and other projects.

  143. Gaenor Feelie says:

    Hi Christine, I’ve knitted 7 pairs of basic socks, 3 odf them shorties (for the first time). This year I’ve also embraced the magic loop this year and love the fact that it means you need only 1 needle from start to finish. Thanks for all your patterns and tutorials. My preference would be Autumn Leaves.

  144. Heather says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong! I’ve completed 2 pairs of the basic 4ply socks in the last year.
    Thanks for sharing all your sock knowledge and experience.

  145. Susan N says:

    Happy birthday Sockalong! I have knitted another four pairs this year and introduced a friend who said she definitely couldn’t possibly knit socks but of course, thanks to you, she now can! Thank you Christine.

  146. Helen Dart says:

    Hello, I’ve knitted 14.5 pairs of basic sock since May. I’d only just learned last time ???? I’d love to win the brightside set. Happy sockiversary!

  147. Jennifer Goodman says:

    Happy anniversary!! our 50th anniversary will be the 11th of May so we can celebrate together! Only been able to get 2pair made because of illnesses in our family. The 2pair were for Christmas and oldest son had 5 mini heart attacks so now he is taking blood thinners so now I have another on my sock knitting list. Thank you for introducing me to sock knitting as it really helps keep me going & mind occupied. Love the yarn, it looks really good & wears great. Would love the bright side yarn. Again congrats on 8 yrs

  148. Veronica says:

    Happy Birthday! I knitted 3 pairs of socks last winter. It was unusually cold so I made them on the ‘loose’ side to give to elderly friends for bedsocks which were much appreciated.

  149. Sue Hermiston says:

    Well done on eight years of making sock knitting accessible to people like me. I’ve only knitted one pair this year (size 12 though:almost like two pairs!). My sister gave me a book of two at a time socks. I did manage two at a time but had to swiftly revert to your tutorial as the instructions in the book defeated me. Thank you so much.

  150. Jacqui Smith says:

    Happy birthday!
    Your pattern inspired me to take up sock knitting a couple of years ago.
    this year I have knitted 6 pairs total.

    There were 4 Christmas pairs, 2 normal and 2 shortie, though one was a size 13! And I used your pattern with colourwork hearts for a valentines gift. one pair for me, a shortie pair using hand dye Peter Rabbit colours (leftover from a baby pair using your pattern previously)
    Thank you for your inspiration!

  151. Lily Walwyn says:

    2 pairs for me this year – I’m just about to finish the second! Thanks for all the help 🙂 I’d always wanted to be able to knit socks but never thought I’d manage it.

    Both yarns are lovely, I think Brightside is my favourite!

  152. Rhiannon says:

    Happy Birthday! Sadly no socks knitted this year although I did create a small hoard of knitted dragons, all of which needed Kitchener Stitch to close their noses. Your little pamphlet came in very handy and the skills I’d picked up from following your Sockalong came in useful when I realised their heads were just like knitting the heel flap and turn on socks! Conquering my first pair of socks with your tutorial a couple of years ago gave me the confidence to try trickier patterns and I am wading into the world of cables and colour work with much enthusiasm and determination (nothing else can be harder than socks surely!)

  153. Linda Amstutz says:

    Well done! you’ve been at this as long as I have now lived in France! This past year I have knitted (I think) ten pairs of socks, only one of which I have kept for my own feet. Keep up the good work, your blog is a ray of sunshine and an inspiration to all who read it.

  154. Jennie says:

    Only 1 and a half pairs so far but love knitting socks!

  155. Denise Mather says:

    Happy 8th birthday! I love these reviews! I never feel I’ve made many socks and then I count up and surprise myself! I’ve made 5 pairs of socks this time (but 2 pairs don’t count because they are bootees!) But 3 pairs is good for me. Either sock yarn is fine! They are both lovely colourways. (If I get the penguin tin it’ll be gifted to my niece as I dislike penguins!)

  156. Louise Carter says:

    Happy birthday!!!

    I have knitted 4pairs and one on the needles. I’ve really enjoyed discovering the world of sock knitting and love your patterns and help on your blogs. I use the time knitting to relax after a very busy life of work and caring. It relaxes me and gives me sense of achievement and the warm glow of giving the socks to family members as gifts. your patterns are written so very well. Thank you Christine

    ps I love the bright side yarn xxx

  157. Helen says:

    Happy 8th sockalong to my special teacher Christine; you have taught so very many of us to knit socks and once learned the pleasure of making hand-knit socks is a joy for the rest of our knitting lives. Thanks so much for all you give to the knitting community and for connecting us all from around the world as we knit together. I’ve knitted 5 pairs of your basic 4 ply socks since May last year but I also branched out and knit 2 pairs of your easy cable socks and 2 pairs with colour changed cuffs, heels and toes from your patterns. I would love any of the colours, West Yorkshire Spinners is great sock yarn. I would be over the moon to win your sock pattern book. Thanks again Christine for all your happy blog content, best wishes, Helen x

  158. Jan Rose says:

    Congratulations Christine ???? you’ll be pleased to know that you made a real difference and that I did progress from two needle -one under my arm- sock knitting with seam to using mini circulars using your tutorials. I feel a real sense of achievement due to your help and friendly instructions. I’ve knitted 8 pairs since May 2022 and prefer the Brightside colour if I win. All the best, Jan ????????????????

  159. Judith says:

    I’ve knitted 6 pairs this year. I’m enjoying knitting scrappies to use up some of my leftovers, but use the basic Winwick Mum pattern because I know it works!

  160. Marsha says:

    I am going to knit my first pair of socks with your help. I have been scared to try but now I a going to take the plunge and jus do it. I have waisted too much time and now want to knit socks. Thanks in advance for your help

  161. Belinda says:

    Happy happy 8th sockalong! I started following you on Facebook as I’ve been interested in making socks. Had a pair on the needles (magic loop) that had been sitting for years as I struggled with that technique. Read a post about using small circulars, tried those, that was my game changer! I finished that pair (half knit with other pattern and finished with your basic 4-ply, then another using your detailed basic pattern, which was great! So, 1 1/2 pairs knit this year with your Basic 4-ply. Now I’m experimenting with different yarns, would love to give either of those a try. Love that these are small projects which are easy to take anywhere!

  162. Sjschmidtky says:

    Working on my first pair, almost finished with the second sock.

  163. I had plans to cast on a pair of the basic socks at some point but other things got in the way (as always). you know I love your sock patterns and the sock alongs help immensely with confidence, so much so I include the links on my blog.

    I love the Autumn Leaves wool, the colours are just so joyful.

  164. I’ve knitted one pair and got another on the needles. Thank you because I would never have managed any without you or members of the Winwick FB groups. Happy Birthday!

  165. Judith says:

    One pair, I have been trying my hand at sewing instead, so only knit when I am travelling. Knitting is easier to transport than sewing.
    I really like the Brightside yarn.
    Also an aside, I get the email updates for the blog, but I cannot get you any more on Feedly for some reason!!

  166. Celia says:

    Happy sockalong birthday! I’ve managed one pair starting at the winter KAL.. but currently re knitting one of the pair as it looked wrong! I love the bright side wool..

  167. Daryl Main says:

    3 completed pairs and just can’t on pair no 4. Happy sock birthday 🙂 and both wool colours are beautiful

  168. Vannessa Kaplen says:

    Happy 8th Sockalong Christine!
    Vanessa from Hoops Haberdashery taught me how to knit using your basic sock pattern. I discovered that I have serious 2nd sock syndrome (no idea how my 1st sock was an inch longer than my 2nd sock – beginner knitter with no idea how to count rows!) so headed to YouTube where you taught me how to do TAAT on the magic loop – I’m a total convert!!!
    so it’s 2 completed pairs for me.
    I would absolutely love to chat to you and talk socks and knitting – I’ve watched you on YouTube so often that I feel like I actually know you (I spoke back to you, just so you know!).
    Should I be a lucky winner, I would love the autumn yarn please.
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday weekend.

  169. Geraldine Preece says:

    Hi Christine, Happy 8th Birthday, am watching the Coronation in Australia and knitting a basic sock. Just counted up I have knitted 9 1/2 since last May. A few more patterned ones, I’m amazed. Love it and all your help thank you. As it’s Autumn here I’ll go for that colour if I’m lucky enough to be picked out.

  170. Siobhan Sargent says:

    Happy birthday sockalong????, hello Christine it has been a delight following your blog and using the patterns from your books, I use the basic sock pattern for my dear husbands socks and he only wears hand knitted socks now (during the winter). I have knitted 5pairs of sucks from last May and I have 2 pairs on the needles at the moment, one pair is West Yorkshire spinners grey and the other is a hand dyed from giddy aunt yarns based in northern Irekand. My favourite yarn for socks is West Yorkshire spinners as it’s easy to match up (usually) and it wears well, I have tried a few others too. I especially like the wildflower pattern for my own socks. Thank you for your inspiration and patterns over the years keep up the great work

  171. Sarah Thomas says:

    Thank you Christine for your tutorials, posts and all sock related info!!

    I’m afraid I have now lost count of the number of pairs I’ve knitted using your pattern but I do have 3 pairs on needles at the moment!

    Fingers crossed – what a lovely giveaway – thank you for the chance to win.

  172. Wendy says:

    I thank you and my family and friends thank you for all the lovely socks they’ve received as a result of your patterns and tutorials. I’m always working on a socks now. Thank you…without your lessons…I just couldn’t understand how socks are knit.

  173. Janet Innes says:

    So much fun to knit socks using this pattern and feeling like Christine is sitting beside me. I’m away without access to my sock drawer but have definitely 15 to add to the total this year. Would like the autumn yarn if lucky enough to win ! Happy Birthday sockalong !

  174. Karen Wesley says:

    Happy sock a long birthday!! I have knitted 10 pairs of basic 4ply socks since July 22! I am very proud of myself and I drive everyone in my family bonkers with my knitting but they all love their socks! I have tried some different patterns too. I had never knitted a single thing before I made my first pair of your socks! My friend Annie told me to get your super socks book and that I would definitely be able to knit socks! She was right!! I have knitted a sock a long teeny sock badge too! Totally addicted! So thankyou and thanks to Annie too!

  175. Penelope says:

    Thank you Christine for sharing your knowledge. I can still remember the excitement I felt when I knitted my first pair using your basic pattern, and I have made at least four or five pairs since then. My husband loves his hand-knitted socks! Both yarns look beautiful, so would be happy with either. Happy birthday, Sockalong!

  176. Sue Jennens says:

    love the patterns, made 24 pairs in the last 12 months, few baby pairs in that number, 8 pairs clos family at Christmas, thanks Christine

  177. Carol says:

    Happy Birthday to Sockalong and Happy Coronation Day to you! I have made 2 pairs of your Basic Knee Socks since last year in WYS Candy Cane. They are so cute and fit very well. I love WYS and your patterns. Thanks for teaching me how to make that socks fit!

  178. Carrie Copeland says:

    Happy birthday!!! I have made one pair and have bought new yarn for the next pair! I’ve been a crocheter for most of my life but, due to stressful and difficult life seasons, I hit a moment where I simply couldn’t crochet without feeling overwhelmed. I decided to learn to knit and I wanted socks. A friend suggested you! Making my first pair was an emotional rollercoaster, there were tears in the heel flap (ha!), but it was also so healing. Truly, learning to knit socks, feeling, indeed, as I had a friend teaching me, helped heal my heart. Every time I wear my socks, I can hardly believe I made them! I know it’s your love and dedication to helping that smoothed my sock knitting path. Thank you so very much, from Starkville, Mississippi, USA!

  179. Michele Ledeczi says:

    I am working on my first pair of socks with you. I retire May 31, and then it will be smooth sailing to knit socks without being interrupted by the bothersome daily work day. I love the brightside yarn, it is beautiful. Congratulations on your 8 years, here is to many more of knitting socks and helping all of us turn those heels!

  180. Viv says:

    I learnt to knit your socks last year. Am now totally addicted and have made 6 pairs. I love the Brightside yarn.

  181. Megan Turnbull says:

    Happy 8th Anniversary! I am knitting my first pair of Basic 4-ply Socks. I am an avid sock knitter and knit your Comet sock pattern using WYS yarn before, but that was in 2021. So, only one pair for the past year, and that pair is still a WIP. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your giveaway!

  182. Catherine Gaskain says:

    Hello from Cornwall! Love making your socks and have just started a friend off on your basic sock pattern. I have too many pairs to count. This year I’ve made 4 pairs, along with many other things.
    Happy 8th Birthday!!!

  183. Maureen Arthur says:

    Wow – 8 years. I’m going to try to make my second pair on the shorter 25cm knitpro needles you mentioned because I can’t do the magic loop and I keep on losing one of the dpns. Really excited to keep learning from you.

  184. Sandra Andrews says:

    I’ve only recently found your tutorials and hope that your instructions will improve my shoddy attempts at Kitchener stitch. At the moment I’m 25% of the way through my very first pair of lacy patterned socks, eek! I’ve knitted a three pairs of plain ones in the last couple of years but thought I would have a go at something a bit trickier. So far it’s going OK after a very shaky start.

  185. Susan Lemay Stanley says:

    Happy 8 th Birthday! And to celebrate YOU I am beginning my first pair of Winwick Mum knit socks. I think I can do this with your helpful tutorials. We shall see! Thank you

  186. Catherine Fish says:

    Happy Sockalong Birthday !
    I’ve only completed one pair this year ( number 6 ) because I made a mistake and had to tink one.

    Just started on a contrast cuff / toe pair.

  187. Bethany says:

    Happy birthday! I’ve made 3 pairs of basic socks since last year (I’ve been branching out and tried a few other patterns too!) If I won I’d love the Brightside wool ????

  188. Amanda Collings says:

    Happy Birthday ???? . Wow, how many pairs? I think in total I’m way past 60 pairs!!! But since May 2022 I think I’ve made Approx 15 pairs (and counting…)

  189. Lindsay says:

    Happy birthday and happy Coronation Day! I’m finishing my first pair of socks – thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge and gifts with us.

  190. Olwen Graffham says:

    I met you online at the sock masterclass that you ran for Woolbert’s Flock and have since bought some WYS Winwick Mum seasons yarn (winter) and am hoping to cast on my first pair soon

  191. Wendy Evans says:

    Happy sock birthday. I’ve yet to start…. I have the wool, the needles and your pattern, but between making various other projects I just haven’t found the time so far…. But I will by your 9th Birthday x

  192. Jo says:

    Happy Birthday! I only started knitting socks last year, but am completely hooked and now they’re the only things I knit. It’s thanks to your brilliant website, blog and patterns, as they’ve been a huge source of help and inspiration. Here’s to many more Sockalong birthdays.

  193. Elizabeth de Quidt says:

    Happy Birthday! I am new to sock knitting having knitted all my life but never embarked on socks. One pair of basic socks this year, but I have also knitted the Sanctuary Socks and the Easy Colourwork socks. I am just finishing off the mosaic socks but in DK. I really like the portability of a small circular needle, you really can take your knitting anywhere. Thank you for such clear tutorials and enthusiasm. I love it! Also any colour wool would be lovely, but maybe the autumn colours is my preferred choice.

  194. Janet says:

    How exciting that eight years have passed! I can only count one real pair of socks completed……as I’ve been knitting one sock per person in my family so I know which size fits which member. I think they’re getting tired of me bringing over only one sock in various sizes & having them try them on! But, I now have a good selection of single socks with names, sizes & needles used attached for each family member. Most fun was having them determine which was their larger foot & what adjustments they wanted made. So…..7 members = 3 1/2 pairs??? Now, they’re asking when I’m going to make their matching sock so they have a true pair! With I should win your drawing, I’d love to use the autumn leaves & make a pair just for myself!

  195. Sharon says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Coronation of King Charles, III Day!

  196. Alison Walker says:

    Average of a sock a week, two pairs a month so about two dozen pairs a year. I only use self striping yarn so I have made about a hundred pairs, all different!

  197. Margaret MORRIS says:

    Happy Sockalong Christine, I’ve only managed 4 pairs this year,I lost my mojo after knitting my first jumper in the round .
    I’ve just started a new pair this week,for Hubby, Any yarn would be wonderful.Best wishes Elaine x

  198. marti says:

    Happy birthday Sock a long! I have completed only one pair, but am working on pair #2. Love the stories and pictures. Any color is fine with me — they both look delightful!

  199. Carol Hughes says:

    Happy birthday Sock-a-long. I have completed one pair & am now working on another trying out short circular needles.
    Love both yarns.

  200. Nancynooknits says:

    I have knitted 1 pair and am on my second. I’m definitely addicted now! I love the Brightside yarn.

  201. Sandra says:

    Happy Birthday 8th sockalong birthday!
    I’ve completed 3 pairs this year (others too using other patterns, easy mosaic being one)
    Either of the yarns would be wonderful.
    Happy knitting!

  202. Jenni James says:

    What a wonderful achievement… 8 years of helping us all to make beautiful socks.. I’ve lost count of how many basics I’ve made since I first started learning from you Christine. I find sock making very satisfying as I watch them form. As I write this, it is 1 degree Celsius but the sun has come out to at least cheer us up in Aus. I love the colours of autumn…. So the Autumn leaves is perfect

  203. Chris H says:

    Happy Birthday Sockalong. I have knitted 2 pairs of basic socks this year as well as other patterns. Thanks for the constant inspiration Christine! I would like the autumn coloured yarn.

  204. Julia says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I knitted 12 pairs of socks since last May. It is one pair per month. It makes me and a lot of other people very happy.
    Happy knitting,

  205. Bridget Jarvis says:

    Happy 8th Birthday to sockalong. I found your web site during lockdown. Been a knitter all my life. But I had never knitted socks. I am lefthand but knit right handed. So it was all a great challenge to be but was ready for the challenge. With the fantastic help from you tutorial I masted it and have moved on from basic to colour work socks. This last year I have knitted. 4 pairs. And now got two more on the go. Happy Knitting and Happy Birthday xx

  206. Claire says:

    Love your socks. Have knitted only two this year, but still use your basic pattern. Love your blogs as well.

  207. Louise Perkinton says:

    Happy birthday! I love your patterns and have shared them with a friend to help her get started this year. I have made 2 pairs this year with one on my needles. I love the Bright Side yarn

  208. Kerry says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve only completed one pair this year (and even that’s been tricky because the neighbours’ cat keeps chewing through the wool and spoiling the stripe pattern!) but I’ve two pairs on my needles that I hope to be done with soon. Finding your sock pattern all those years ago has been life-changing. I’m now never without a pair on my needles and I’ve recently done a darning workshop so I can continue to wear my most loved pairs without fear of holes! Thank you for your generosity x

  209. Caroline Darrah-Morgan says:

    Happy birthday Sockalong! I think I’ve done twenty pairs of Basic socks this year, plus half a pair of knee-highs – I’m a bit discouraged by the fact that the first one falls down and trying to work out what to do about it. I’ll knit another pair of short ones while I think about it…

  210. Sue Goldthorpe says:

    Happy 8th SockALong Birthday – here’s to the next 8!
    7 and 3/4 pairs knitted – basic, helical and scrappy. I’m truly addicted! Would love the Brightside one.

  211. Debra Cole says:

    Happy 8th Birthday. I’ve made two pairs of socks, lot’s of other projects. If I were lucky enough to win, love either colour way. Best Wishes Debra x

  212. Jan says:

    I am knitting my 5th pair of basic 4 ply socks. I have also completed 2 pairs of 8 ply and one pair of 6 ply basic socks.
    Thank you so much for your kindness in providing your wonderfully useful and thoughtful instructions and patterns. Also for your weekly inspirational emails.

  213. Marta says:

    Congratulations on your sock birthday!! In the last year I have knitted 2 pairs ☺️

  214. Catherine says:

    I am knitting my first ever pair of basic 4 ply socks with yarn my sister sent me. She also told me ‘it’s not that hard to knit socks!’ I can’t wear wool so the yarn is a 4 ply cotton mix. Have got to the foot of first sock & so far all looks good! Thank you for the pattern & YouTube videos!

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