Mindful Knitting and Patty Lyons’ Knitting Bag of Tricks

The snow was still on the ground in Winwick over the weekend and it’s been the perfect opportunity to stay in and snuggle up with a new book.  I’m very fortunate to have had not one but two to snuggle up with as I was asked if I would like to review two brand new books – and as I know there is always something new to discover about knitting, I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity!

Two books - Mindful Knitting and Patty Lyons' Knitting Bag of Tricks lie on a wooden coffee table next to an orange mug of tea

The two books are Mindful Knitting by Chloé Elizabeth Birch and Patty Lyons’ Knitting Bag of Tricks (Amazon links) and whilst quite different to each other, they still have a connection as Chloe’s book is about using knitting to calm your mind and Patty’s book contains “sanity saving hacks” which will hopefully keep you calm in a knitting crisis! 🙂


I must be honest and tell you that when I first opened Mindful Knitting, I thought it was going to be a pattern book much like many others that you see which tell you to be mindful about your knitting and offer a few simple patterns.  I think that telling someone to “be mindful” is not always helpful, especially if they are not in a place to be calm, but I was keen to see Chloé’s patterns as she designs for West Yorkshire Spinners like me, and her designs are always beautiful.  I have another connection to Chloé  as well as her Mum is my tech editor so despite my expectations of an instruction book telling me to breathe calmly whilst I wrestled with my knitting, I knew that the patterns themselves would be great.

And this is where I tell you that I was very wrong.  This is not like any other mindful knitting book that I’ve read and personal connections aside, I absolutely loved it.

A book called Mindful Knitting lies on a wooden coffee table next to an orange mug of tea

Right from the introduction, Chloé talks about her own struggle with her mental health and an eating disorder and it becomes obvious very quickly that this is a book written by someone “on the inside”.  Chloé’s patterns are thoughtful, the colour choices are calming even just looking at the photos, and you can tell that they have been designed by someone who has been at the point where simply making the stitches in the beginning took effort and determination to fight her own demons.

Three photos on a book page showing three different sections of the book

The 35 projects in the book are split into three sections: Tranquil Surroundings, Self-healing and the Gratification of Giving, which work perfectly together – a calm space helps you to feel calm and begin the process of self-healing, and giving to others is always an excellent way of finding joy for yourself.  There are projects for all skill levels, from door hangings to shawls, blankets, fingerless mitts, clothing and a really nifty pattern for knitted hair scrunchies (these are definitely on my list to make!).  They’re also knitted in easily accessible, affordable yarns and often a project is broken down into small sections so that you are not overwhelmed with the whole process but still have an achievement to celebrate.

A photo from a book indicating a book section

There are mindful thoughts from Chloé for each project, but they are thoughts from her own experience, written kindly and supportively, and I felt that Chloé’s passion for the projects and helping others shone through from the pages.

An excerpt of text from a knitting book

This book isn’t just for people who have anxieties or worries that they need to soothe with knitting; Chloé’s patterns even without the addition of her thoughtful text are lovely and this book would make a great addition to anyone’s knitting bookshelf.


Patty Lyons’ Knitting Bag of Tricks is not a pattern book and, as it says in the introduction, is not a “how to” knit book at all.  Instead the book looks at why we knit in the way we do (and remember, there are so many ways that we can make a stitch and no one “right” way) and offers some options that we might want to try instead.  It made me think of my Sock Stitch Calculation and how I would rather show someone how to work out for themselves what number of stitches to cast on for a sock than give them all the numbers in a pattern and expect them to try to guess which would be the right size.

A book called Patty Lyons' Knitting Bag of Tricks lies on a wooden coffee table next to an orange mug of tea and a mince pie on a yellow plate

The book is full of all kinds of useful “so that’s why it does that” moments.  The chapters cover the fundamentals of knitting, gauge, patterns, cast ons, increases and decreases, pesky problems and secret solutions (a definite lightbulb moment chapter!) and finishing – so pretty much all of the process of knitting anything!  It is fully illustrated with both how-to illustrations …

An illustration showing a knitting technique in a knitting book

and cartoons by the artist Franklin Habit …

A cartoon illustration from a knitting book

which help to illustrate the points that Patty makes in a calm and kind way.  I think many of us have met the “knitting police” at least once in our knitting careers but this book is absolutely not that; it shows you the reason why a stitch might sit on your needles in a particular way or why something might have happened …

A photograph of a knitting technique in a book. The book is lying on a wooden coffee table next to a yellow plate with a mince pie on it

Ugh, this happens to me when I’m knitting lace socks sometimes and now I know how to fix it – hooray!  And it’s easy; there’s nothing here that anyone couldn’t incorporate into their knitting, no matter how long they have been knitting.  I think it’s very easy when you first learn to think that the way you’ve been shown is the only way to knit but that’s not true, and you’re not letting anyone down by trying something new that might suit you better.

Patty gives lots of tips on small changes that could make a big difference such as this one below, where she talks about size and ease, something that can be quite off-putting if you’re not exactly the same size as the pattern sizes.  It really is like having a knowledgeable friend right there with you.

A page of text from a knitting book

What I also liked very much about this book is the way that it is physically put together.  The spine has been created in such a way that the book opens right up so that you can see both pages at once and without having to break the spine to do it.

This is another book that would make a great addition to any knitter’s bookshelf and more than just a text book, I found it fun to read (I was waiting for my car in the garage and laughed out loud more than once, which I am sure was most disconcerting for the man behind the customer service desk!), and it had me thinking “I’ll try that next time” on several occasions.


It may be a getting a bit late to add either of these books to your Christmas list, but if they take your eye, I would definitely suggest at least having a look at the “look inside” option on Amazon so that you can see whether they might be something you’d add to a future wish list.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading both of them and have also got something from both – and you can’t ask for more, I don’t think!


The giveaway is now closed!  You can find the results of the draw here.

The publishers have very kindly given me an extra copy of Patty Lyons’ book to give away so I have an after-Christmas treat for someone!

To enter the giveaway, please tell me what your favourite item to knit is.  (I know that not everyone is obsessed with socks like me and that’s fine! 🙂 )

Entries to the giveaway will close at 8pm GMT on Tuesday 27 December 2022 and I will let you know the winners as soon as possible after that time (don’t worry if it takes me a day or two with it being Christmas – I won’t have forgotten! 🙂 ).  I am happy to post the prizes anywhere in the world so don’t feel that you can’t be part of this because you don’t live in the UK.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a Google or blog account to leave a comment, you can leave it as “anonymous” but don’t forget to put your name in the comment so that when I post the winner I’ll be able to identify you so that you can get in touch for your prize (and please do come back to check if you’re a winner)!  Oh, and also don’t worry that your comment doesn’t show straight away – the comments are set for me to check them before they upload to the blog to make sure that no spam gets through so they are all safely stored in my blog messages until I’ve seen them.  I’ll make sure they’re all uploaded on time!

Good luck!



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249 Responses

  1. Nicky Slade says:

    My favourite thing to knit is baby and toddler jumpers and cardigans because they are quick to do and easy to gift so I can leap right into the next project! I really hope to win the Patty Lyons book but if I’m not the lucky, I think I will need to buy it as it looks so useful.

  2. Donna Leusen says:

    Love books and knitting! Really interesting to hear that novel perspective as a subject for a book, particularly following on from the pandemic.
    I am still hooked on socks (closely followed by jumpers), )I’m afraid, trying different yarns but hoping to start adding pattern!!

  3. Sue says:

    Just finished my first pair of socks, and have cast on more, so at the moment socks are my favourite.

  4. Frances says:

    My favourite thing to knit at the moment is mitts. But it changes all the time with so much inspiration from you and the amazing internet. 😘

  5. Helen Welch says:

    Would love to win a copy of what looks like a very useful book to own! My favourite things to knit are shawls and socks,, can’t go wrong on size 😂 Thanks Helen Welch xx

  6. Liz Oswin says:

    My favourite thing is blankets, with just a bit of pattern to keep it interesting

  7. Lisa says:

    I love to knit the basic sockalong sock. I have knit some of your others which I enjoyed, but for a lovely calm relaxing knit, I always have a basic sock on my needles. Happy Christmas Christine. Thankyou for your lovely patterns.

  8. Sue Stephenson says:

    My favourite item to knit is the “elephant jumper”. An old pattern passed on from my mum where one arm is the trunk and the head is intarsia on the body of the jumper. I actually hate knitting them because the colour changes are a bit gappy and my tension is perfect until the garment it washed! However I love it because the jumper grows with the child!!

  9. Julia Cabrera-Woscek says:

    My favorite item to knot is blankets. They can become a heirloom piece, they are handy, useful, they detail the home and make you feel cozy and sheltered. Also, those memories you make with a blanket at a certain site in your home are priceless.

  10. Penny Bunting says:

    Baby blankets and socks. My favourite blankets are one with a bunting edging which matches my surname and a heart one. Just st getting back into sock knitting x

  11. Sue Swinnerton says:

    I’ve recently discovered sock knitting and they have become my favourite thing to make. Both books sound like good additions to my already bulging bookshelf. I’m off to Amazon to take a look. Enjoy the holidays! Sue

  12. Elaine Clarke says:

    These books look amazing. My favourite knitting has to be socks Christine. My future son in law loves his Christmas socks and I’ve finished them. Thank you for your lovely posts. Happy Christmas.

  13. Laura says:

    I used to be obsessed by hats but I tried socks recently and now I’m hooked and gradually building up to more complex sock patterns.

  14. Louise says:

    My favourite thing is socks using your tutorial I’ve learnt to knit socks this year and I’m hooked. Thank you for sharing your fabulous work and tutorials. I’ve struggled so long until I came across you.

  15. Steph Edie says:

    I have knitted many different items, but I have to say that my main staple is socks. I’ve knitted so many now that when I feel like I need a familiar project to calm me, this is what I turn to.

  16. Audrey says:

    I do love knitting socks .But my second choice I love to knit cardigans and beanies for premature babies and send a bagful at a time to our local hospital .
    have a great Xmas and all the best for 2023

  17. Jo says:

    I’m with you. I love knitting socks 🧦

  18. Pennie Roberts says:

    Those books both sound fab and will definitely be going on my wish list, thanks for the reviews. My favourite thing to knit is … socks! So portable, infinite variety of yarns and patterns, great as gifts or for self and basic pattern easy to memorise. What’s not to love? Close second is shawls and wraps but that’s another story! Happy Xmas Christine to you and yours and blessings for 2023. 🎄

  19. Vicky from Brum says:

    Nicky took the words out of my mouth (off my keyboard?!). I love baby clothes for my nieces and nephews, not only are they a quick knit, it is wonderful to see them wearing them. Vicky from Brum.

  20. Chris Hailebaxter says:

    You’re so right that the way you were taught is not the only way. My mum taught me thumb cast on, frustrating trying to get length of yarn right. My mum-in-law used the 2-needle cast on which I now use and one of my books show 5 alternatives. So have been knitting for nearly 70 years and still learning. Thanks for your help.

  21. Yvonne MacBeath says:

    I’ve done more crochet than knitting this year but have knitted loads of baby hats and bonding squares for my local Maternity Hospital My favourite knitted garment is my Christmas jumper with fake fairisle yoke Both books look interesting Might learn some new knitting tricks

  22. Mara says:

    I love sock for how quick and easy they are, bit I’m also really enjoying knitting lace scarfs etc (but they do need a lot more concentration!)

  23. katrina thompson says:

    My favourite thing to knit is …socks. Since finding your tutorials I’ve made lots of pairs for the family who really appreciate the time gone into them. I also enjoy gifting them and I can move onto the next pair in no time.

    • Sharon says:

      I have 2 vest pattern from DROPS Design that are knitted in the round from the bottom up. They are really easy and gear for when I don’t want to have to concentrate on a fiddly pattern but just sit and go round and round. I knitted the first one for my daughter and her partner liked it so much I knitted him the man’s version. He wore it so much that daughter asked me to make a second one so that first one could be washed!

  24. Jeanne says:

    I am totally converted Christine really love making socks, thanks to you.

  25. Sue Earnest says:

    My favorite thing to knit is socks. This year I’ve tried to stretch my learning by incorporating different patterns, heels, toes, etc. This book would certainly help me continue to add to my knitting knowledge .

    • Val says:

      For me, socks are always a favourite, and I’ve been more adventurous this year with knitting jumpers. Anything with advice on how to improve is always appreciated.

  26. Andrea Magill says:

    My favourite item to knit is socks. They are portable to carry, there are so many beautiful wools to use, lots of different patterns. And when they are finished, they keep your feet nice and warm. Merry Christmas and thanks for keeping me entertained throughout the year.

  27. Julie Kearney says:

    My favourite items to knit are socks, you definitely converted me as although I had knitted for years I found the thought of knitting socks daunting until my sock knitting friend gifted me your first book, now all my friends & family expect socks as gifts for birthdays & Christmas. Merry Christmas to you & your family and have a great New Year 😊

  28. Hazel Goulstone says:

    Like Nicky above my favourite knitting projects were always baby cardigans and for the same reasons. However that was before learning how to make socks. l love the simple construction and the lack of making up. The bonus is the lovely feeling of squishy socks on my feet.

  29. Margaret says:

    Definitely socks for relaxation and shawls for when I need a challenge.

  30. Clare Taylor says:

    oh I love the sound of both of these books – I attempt to be a mindful knitter – but fail regularly 🙁
    my favourite knit changes – at the moment it is shawls, but might be moving to socks

  31. Sue Thorne says:

    I keep changing my mind and it depends upon my current project. Socks of course. And children’s knits. And Latvian mitts!

  32. Angela Brand says:

    I am a sock knitting newbie so they are currently my favourite items to knit, however, I am going to become a Nana in June 2023 so I think baby knits will soon become my new favourite!

  33. Sarah Rodgers says:

    I love socks. Portable, giftable, forgiving of “design features” and able to incorporate new techniques I want to master, and interesting artisan yarns. Thank you WM

  34. Nancy Briggs says:

    My favorite thing to knit is socks. I also like making small toys or booties, projects I can carry with me.

  35. Fiona Kennedy says:

    thanks to you it’s socks.I can almost do gusset and turn heel without pattern now.Just have it as a backup.
    Thanks Christine

  36. Viv says:

    Love making socks and soap saver bags. Both portable so very handy to keep in my bag. I knit the socks and crochet the soap saver bags that way I never get bored as I change from one to the other.

  37. Mary K Schnell says:

    I enjoy knitting socks and top down sweaters. I learned to knit 60 years ago in 4-H. Mom was my teacher, picked up knitting again when my daughters were in High School and I sat waiting for them during their school activities. I truly love to knit…

  38. Claire says:

    Has to be socks – mostly for myself but also to give away to others

  39. colleen says:

    I enjoy knitting items for babies such as blankets, socks, etc. just to give them away. I also enjoy knitting items for charities such as cancer patients and newborns.

  40. Beverley Barton says:

    The three pairs of socks I have just knitted for our Ukrainian guests. I especially loved last Christmas’ Fairy Lights yarn and have enough left over to make a pair for my granddaughter too. I also enjoyed knitting a blanket for my son and daughter-in-law when they got married. I embroidered details of their lives on the blanket to make it into a really special gift.

  41. Mary Payne says:

    Almost anything I knit is enjoyable, but I do struggle with too many holes in lacy patterns, so tend to avoid these as they tend not to be calming!

  42. Patricia says:

    I love knitting Socks! My Mum was the family sock knitter and when she passed we all missed our new Christmas socks each year. So I decided to switch from my usual knitted wear to the dreaded tiny scok yarn ! In memory of Mom I knit the family Christmas socks. I loved it ! Now I knit socks and gloves mostly. Thanks Mum !

  43. Geeha says:

    currently knitting toys as Christmas presents for my son’s beautiful British Blue cats. He wasn’t allowed rescue cats as he lives on a busy road, so they are housecats and his brother built a catio for fresh air and exercise. Generally I have a range of projects from jumpers to beanies to suit my mood and the state of my arthritis, all help my mental and physical wellbeing

  44. Cindy Mott says:

    My favorite thing to knit these days are the colorful and creative afghans/blankets that people are designing so many of these days. I absolutely love all the different stitches and the creativity of the designers. I have crocheted since my grandma and mother taught me when I was very small. This skill has been a blessing to me for over 60 years.

  45. Katie says:

    My favourite thing to knit is socks. I love giving them to people who have never worn hand knitted socks and don’t know what they have been missing.

  46. Julie Dell says:

    My favourite things to knit are shawls – just big enough to get your teary into but not so big they overwhelm. I’m a newish knitter and really braved jumpers yet 🤣

  47. Heather says:

    I agree with you socks are my favourite things to knit. So many lovely patterns but equally vanilla socks are great for calming my mind.

  48. Jo Davenport says:

    I love knitting baby clothes! So quick but I have also loved mastering fair isle hats during lockdown. Just love seeing the patterns emerge.

  49. Jacqui Davies says:

    Socks are definitely my favourite thing to knit these days – they make for a small project that is easily portable and relatively quick to complete, with so many lovely patterns and yarns to choose from they are never boring.

  50. Susan says:

    My favourite thing to knit is aran jumpers, I am getting a couple of aran books for Christmas and can’t wait , I am hoping to try fair Isle next year too.

  51. Hellie says:

    I love knitting jumpers with my own handspun wool, but finding a pattern that goes with my yarn is a bit of trial and error, so when I do knit a jumper that matches the pattern, am a very happy bunny!! 🐰🐏🐑

  52. Maria says:

    Hi, I’m not entering the prize draw as I’ve already bought two copies of Patty Lyons’ book, one for myself and one as part of my daughter’s Christmas present. However I would like to say how useful and enlightening I’m finding the tips in the book. I encourage everybody who loves knitting (and who doesn’t win the draw) to buy a copy. I like knitting hats and also garments for toddlers and older children, say aged 2 to 11. When they hit teens they don’t appreciate handknits so much, sad to say!

  53. Anne-Mette Nordahl says:

    I have become a sock knitter the last few years 🤩. I like to try different patterns and technics, top down, toe up or start at the heel 🤪.

  54. Anna Baas says:

    Both of these books seem right up my alley! I have anxiety (currently in what I call “maintenance mode”, but it does require actual maintenance to stay there) and it’s always lovely to read something by someone who ‘gets’ it. And I love to nerd out over knitting details. So I will add both to my to-read list.

    My favourite things to knit must be socks. They’re the best gifts, and isn’t sock yarn the best yarn? My second favourite is baby sets made out of a single 100g skein. You can get a hat, booties, and a tiny sweater out of that!

  55. Ryan Bell says:

    Ooh- I’ve really fancied this book since it came out, so it would be amazing to win a copy! I think I like knitting hats the best- they’re relatively quick, can be almost anything in terms of design/construction, and there’s no second sock syndrome or sleeve island to contend with!

  56. Sandra Cox says:

    I have yet to attempt socks. 2023 is my year to try. I love making shawls, wraps, scarves. These books look great and I have already added them to my Amazon wish list for 2023.

  57. Ruth Howard says:

    I think my favourite knitting 🧶 project is coat hanger covers!!!!!!!
    Sounds daft but the recipients have always been pleased to receive them and they are very quickly knitted and use your stash – next is probably hot water bottle covers !! Has the same joyous result – pleasure for me too!! Next to that of course is 🧦 SOCKS!!
    Thanks for your thoughtful post – as always – a balm to harassed life!!
    Have a good holiday and wish you all the best for the new year – thank again for all your encouragement during 2022
    Love Ruth x

  58. Maureen Bromley says:

    My favourite thing at the moment is socks, well until Christmas anyway, but I also love knitting hats and have several lined up for the New Year.

  59. Louise Cavaliere says:

    My favourite thing to knit is socks, although I do also really like that I can make jumpers to wear – currently I only knit jumpers in the round without any short rows, but I hope to progress next year!

  60. Sally Clark says:

    I am very much a beginner so not really got a favourite yet. So far I have enjoyed practicing different stitches in squares which will end up being a blanket. Socks are next on my list. I WILL conquer them!!

  61. Manny says:

    I am really enjoying KALS this Winter, ones that teach different techniques that are new to me. Otherwise, it’s socks. And more socks

  62. Jo Jo says:

    Oh my goodness! This prize 😍 I knit ever single day even just for a few minutes. It is my happy place.

  63. Stephanie says:

    Although I do knit all sorts of things, socks are my favourites – as evidenced by my sock drawer, which is full to bursting! I think it is the portability that wins!

  64. Vicki Van Sipe says:

    I love to knit cute baby hats. So fun

  65. P Giles says:

    Yes please! Would love to win this book. I love to knit and crochet. The main aim is to challenge myself. I love knitting socks (new challenge this year), but also jumpers, blankets and childrens wear! I have also started to make my own patterns!!!

  66. Dorothy Bradbury says:

    Has to be socks! Plain ones forwhen I am watching TV and when I am stressed, and fancy ones for when I want a challenge.

  67. jo dempster says:

    I like to make small things scarves gloves socks etc. If I don’t win this book it’ll definitely be on my list to buy or birthday. Thank you Christine

  68. Rachel says:

    Judging by the amount I have, socks and shawls are my favourite to knit. or maybe that’s because they don’t take as long as jumpers etc…
    I want to challenge myself a bit more. I tried lace for the first time this year and am still plodding through the Westknits MKAL to see what tips and techniques I can pick up from there

  69. Caroline Jones says:

    I would have said shawls, but am finding myself more drawn to jumpers and cardigans and have just finished my first cardigan which I love knitting, so my answer will be jumpers and cardigans!

  70. Vicki says:

    I love knitting socks – not too time consuming (usually), doesn’t have to be expensive and if I totally mess up and they don’t fit as I want them, I really don’t mind ripping and starting again!
    Patty has lots of videos on YouTube, but a book is often easier – it will be on my bookshelf at some time next year …

  71. Lynne Francis says:

    My favourite thing to knit is anything on circular needles. These are a relatively recent discovery for me and I can’t get over the magic of a finished garment appearing off my needles at the end of a project instead of a whole heap of bits that need sewing together (and as a result often delay completion by months if not years!) Definitely a reason for a happy dance.

  72. Susan Hearn says:

    My favourite thing to knit is usually what I’ve got on my needles. Fingerless gloves are on the needles, they’ll be followed by a neck warmer. Then socks with a pair of fingerless gloves done with the remaining yarn

  73. Jane Parker says:

    I started knitting socks in January this year as I’ve never really been able to knit very well. Thirty pairs later I still love them and they are my favourite things to make, despite now conquering jumpers, hats and mittens 🤗 everyone is getting socks for Christmas this year!

  74. Harriet Woodcock says:

    my favourite knits are aran jumpers. I love the way that some amazing patterns are made by a few cables and twists.

  75. Melissa Dalgleish says:

    This is my first time reading your blog, and what a great resource! Can’t wait to scope all the old posts.

    I really love knitting everything, but I think socks are my favourite. They’re just magic!

  76. Sue Kelley-Holmes says:

    Shawls come a very close second to socks in my knitting world. And after the really cold weather we’ve just had I think both of these are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. I love books with a knitting theme so would love to win this one. If I don’t win it’ll be my next purchase. Happy Christmas everyone 🎄

  77. Kim Gardzulis says:

    I love knitting socks, but I haven’t knit many different things. I am sure it will change as I try new projects.

  78. My favourite thing to knit is always the pattern you have saved and finishing your current project to start a new one. I have just completed a cowl with stripes and fairisle.

  79. Veronica Hyland says:

    Just now. I like knitting small sweaters most of all I think. However my husband said the other day that he would be pleased with hand-knitted socks as someone had spent such a lot of time making them. It may be that mens socks is my new love for 2023.

  80. Anne Gaskell says:

    Hello Christine
    While I enjoy knitting shawls and hats my favourite thing these days is slippers. A couple of years back I made a basket full for dd thinking they would last for a while. Little did I know they’d be taken one by one by her big dog. He made them his favourite toy and takes great care of them. So now I use up all my bits and pieces making the wildest unmatched slippers. Just for him. 😁

  81. Carmel says:

    My favourite thing to knit atm is hats. There are so many variations and it has helped me to knit in the round – my plan for after Christmas is to transfer this to my first pair of socks!

  82. Julia says:

    I make a knitted/crocheted Christmas tree decoration each year for my children (now adults) and each year, I love thinking of how I can continue this family tradition with two needles and some wool.

  83. Amy Newby says:

    Oooh a tough question! my fave things to knit are hats!

  84. Jocelyn Blink says:

    My favourite thing right now is a pair of fingerless gloves, and everyone in the family is getting them this Christmas with the following:
    Made With Love
    In response to rising fuel prices
    To stop your hands being ices
    Some fingerless gloves
    Made with lots of our love
    Means you can easily access devices!

  85. Lise Cote says:

    I really like knitting socks. They make perfect gifts.

  86. Charlotte says:

    Socks are my favorite thing to knit followed by shawls and baby blankets. I have added this books to my Christmas list but my family has told me they are not buying me another book. I look books for knitting and sewing but also books on cooking. Merry Christmas !

  87. Gillian Edwards says:

    I knitted my first pair of socks during lockdown, with the help from your book and a friend, who I spoke to everyday by the magic of zoom. l love knitting socks now and always have a pair on my needles. I also love knitting toys for charity fund raising with our local WI.

  88. Julie Willmering says:

    My favorite thing to knit is a simple Hitchhiker scarf. I think about all the miles I covered as I hiked the England Coast to Coast path.

  89. Michelle Hendricks says:

    I’ve been so into socks! Currently struggling with second sock syndrome, so I think it’s time to learn the two at a time technique. When not doing socks I slide to the other end of the spectrum and use the bulkiest yarn possible for hats and cowls.

  90. Hazel says:

    My favourites are socks (for a portable knit) or blankets for a more relaxed couch sprawling session. I’ve recently made a pact with myself to use more natural and sustainable fibres and I’m really enjoying the route it’s taking me down. Thank you for all you do

  91. michelle says:

    my favorite thing is knitted Christmas design dishcloths first but socks second lol

  92. Jayne P says:

    Love knitting cable hats and neck warmers

  93. Cynthia Van Dam says:

    I enjoy knitting socks, shawls, baby hats and blankets, any projects that I can gift and keep one sample for myself. My grandmother and my mom kept me busy and quiet as a child with knitting needles and crochet hooks. Over time, I found that knitting was a great way to unwind and relax. Merry Christmas 🎄

  94. Ruth McGahan says:

    I love knitting out of my comfort zone and learning new skills, but most of all I love knitting toe up, two at a time socks.

  95. Caro says:

    I’ve been knitting for a couple of years now and I’ve really enjoyed the journey of discovery. I love knitting socks as there is so much opportunity to experiment but nothing beats the joy on the face of a small child when they’re given adorable knitted toys. Many thanks for all your help on the path to knitting enlightenment.

  96. Jane Langridge says:

    All the things! I always have a pair of socks and a jumper on the go. I also have a long term project, currently a cotton blanket that I come back to when other knitting seems too complicated.

  97. Laura Miller says:

    Having got to a certain time of life I’m feeling the cold really badly this year, particularly around my neck. So a good cowl is my favourite project at the moment – closely followed by socks (natch). xx

  98. Steffi Uffinger says:

    My favorite thing to knit is RVO (in German Raglan von oben) means jumpers from top to bottom in the round. Endless possibilities to play with colors or structures and always the possibility to check the fitting. And there is always a pair of socks on my needles🙂

  99. Carol says:

    My favourite thing to knit is anything that doesn’t require sewing up!! Mostly socks but also top down sweaters.

  100. Susan Hogg says:

    I love knitting blankets and shawls many of which I give away to charity as there are only so many blankets and shawls you can use yourself!

  101. Sharon Sampsell says:

    I am a somewhat self-taught knitter although I have taken a couple of classes. I am a multi-modal learner and COVID put the skids on classes for a while but I still have used videos/etc. I think my favorite thing to knit (at the moment) is hats and most of my work goes to charity. I linked up to you as I was/still am looking for a sock knitting class. My Bucket List includes a sock knitting class in person!

  102. Gretchen Hrusovsky says:

    Most rewarding to knit (although sometimes not the most fun!) are stuffed animals/toys for the grandsons. The parents always send photos of the little ones cuddling or playing with the gift, which warms my heart.

  103. Margarett says:

    At the moment all I want to knit are socks and more socks. They are definitely my favorite.

  104. Karen Climpson says:

    My favourite items to knit are anything with an aran pattern. I find it so satisfying to see the beautiful patterns develop, and never knit a pattern twice as I get great satisfaction in trying different types of cables and stitches.

  105. Francesca Amodeo says:

    Hi, thanks for this opportunity 🌷. My favourite thing to knit is hard to pick because I love making all the things.. except lace shawls. Socks though… love them to bits! Always have a pair in the go.

  106. Kathy Augustine says:

    My favorite thing to knit? That’s impossible to say! I love trying it all and learning along the way from washcloths to socks to hats to sweater’s! I do like simple and practical things for the most part. Well…I am making a gnome currently, not so practical it so cute and fun! I have multiple socks to work up and currently am blocking a pair of dk wt boot socks with lovely yarn purchased in Nova Scotia; with Christine’s pattern of course. I really wanted to get the WYS Christmas yarn but I am not “allowed “ to purchase ANY more yarn untilI work through some of my stash. Merry. Christmas 🎄 and happy knitting 🧶

  107. Donna Zimmerman says:

    My favorite thing to knit is fingerless mitts! They are great gifts and most people can wear an average adult size. There are so many many beautiful mitt patterns to chose from as well! But I love all knitting of course! Thanks to you I successfully made my first pair of socks last year! I love socks wearing hand knit socks, but I have long feet so they take me a while lol!

  108. Pamela says:

    My favorite thing e knit is usually the project I’m planning next. I get excited choosing patterns an yarns and getting started. But as a project progresses I start thinking ahead to the next project. I try very hard not to get multiple projects going at once for fear I’ll never finish any of them!

  109. Ann Collins says:

    My favorite items to knit are shawls closely followed by socks. I live on the coast of California and shawls are very useful but I can only wear woolen socks about two months out of the year. At an average temperature of 70 degrees, it’s just too hot to wear them at other times.

  110. Ally says:

    Actually once I started your basic sock tutorial about four years ago I became obsessed with knitting socks so much so that I stopped crocheting for a long while and just knitted socks, obsessing over sock yarn and even designed a pair myself. While going through a particularly tough time, knitting socks became my go to calming time. So thank you for the amazing blog and fantastic tutorial.

  111. Hazel Maxted says:

    Love learning new items to knit so on your sock pattern at the moment. Also like knitting fingerless gloves with beads added for a bit of bling as gifts. I also knit lots of hats as need them when it gets really cold here in Ontario.

  112. Amy C says:

    My favorite thing is (no surprise to anyone who knows me) socks. Always socks. Except at the moment because we’re expecting a new grandbaby so I’m having fun knitting little things for him.

  113. Nicola Edwards says:

    I like knitting for my first granddaughter. As I am knitting it reminds me of my mother in law who was a wonderful knitter. I passed on some of the jumpers she made for my sons to my granddaughter and this made me realise how cherished jumpers can be.

  114. Jennifer McGivern says:

    I don’t think I have a favourite to knit, I seem to go from cardigans, little hats for prem babies, and knitted bears to be given to children in hospital, I just like to knit.

  115. Karen Cussons says:

    Definitely socks 😂

  116. barbara harling says:

    Socks are a favourite, donate socks to be sold at craft bazaars usually for charity. Like knitting hoodies for babies, they are also donated and snapped up quickly. Got into sock knitting when covid hit learning as I went. The sock yarns available are so beautiful. Also knit prayer shawls/stoles to give away, in a prayer shawl knitting group.

  117. Stephanie says:

    I like to knit things for my husband. No matter what, he wears them proudly.

  118. Shirley LIDERTH says:

    I have only knitted socks as I tend to crochet everything else x

  119. Nancy Page says:

    I am 5 or 6 years into knitting and I am still learning and love to knit just about everything. I love shawls and socks on DPNs. I also love knitting gnomes. My eyes are bigger than my time. Thank you for this great giveaway. The books look fascinating and ever so helpful. Have a great Holiday Season.

  120. Annie Devine says:

    Loved your reviews… am currently hooked on socks and trying to make a tabi toe sock for a friend then back to knitting for the grandkids for abit

  121. Claire says:

    However inept I still am and however stressed I still get over judging the fit, socks with a pattern worked in on dpns are my absolute favourite. Although committing to a blanket is always a nice alternative -a more long-haul, steady project!

  122. Liz Hirst says:

    Hi Christine, my knitting tends to vary according to demand – 6yr old Grandson requested a dinosaur hat, his 3 yr old cousin stated she’d actually prefer a rainbow unicorn hat! I’m now restoring my wits knitting myself a pair of socks for which I constantly refer to your ‘Super Socks’ thank you xx

  123. Lin Malcolm says:

    I mainly knit socks and shawls but also enjoy crocheting blankets

  124. Kerry Ollerenshaw says:

    My favourite thing to knit is socks. They make great physio for my hands.

  125. Sharon Rapoport says:

    Favourite things to knit are hats for all the grandchildren great nieces and great nephews

  126. Brenda says:

    My favourite thing to knit is garments for young children.

  127. Anne Webb says:

    Vanilla socks are what I knit most of. I’ve tried others but always come back and find them most satisfying. 😊

  128. Judith Johnson says:

    How could I decide what I like making the best! Socks first and foremost then anything that my grandson Oliver requests (he’s 9) so at the moment it’s football themed!

  129. martha maloch says:

    I enjoy knitting socks and give them away. I really need to start knitting them for myself! As I live in the US, I really enjoy your outdoor photos.

  130. Kelly says:

    I love knitting socks, all thanks to Winwick Mum! I used to crochet a lot and found this blog through Lucy’s blogposts. I started knitting socks and never looked back 🙂

  131. Jeannette Saylor says:

    That sounds like such a fun book! I feel like I have a better appreciation and understanding of something when I know the “why” behind it, not just the “how-to”. You gt me started knitting socks, Christine and that is where my preference is. 🙂

  132. Han O’G says:

    My new favourite thing to knit is hot water bottle covers as gifts. Friends are very impressed by them and I find them a non-intimidating way to try out new techniques like cables, as a “confident beginner” to knitting!

  133. Bertha Mallard says:

    My favorite thing to knit is skirts for myself. I love the tailored look and feel of a handknit skirt.

  134. Ness Kaplen says:

    I have only recently rediscovered a love for knitting after crochet took pride of place during the pandemic.
    I’ve only knitted two pairs of socks (yours of course and did one as a 2at a time – genius!) a pair of convertible glove/mittens and a few intarsia (never again) blocks for a blanket. I’m currently working on a shawl MKAL and I’ve never frogged anything so much…it’s a love hate relationship, but right now, I’m learning SO much from the MKAL that even though it’s blowing my mind, I’m absolutely loving it

  135. jane reynolds says:

    Judging by the number of books and patterns I have on the subject I think socks must be my favourite item to knit.

  136. Karen Pior says:

    Thanks for the review! I’m an ‘equal opportunity’ knitter! I love knitting everything. My current obsession is socks!

  137. Evelyn Beale says:

    I like to make socks and jumpers. I get a sense of satisfaction making a jumper and like the quick fix that I get from knitting socks. I love making jumpers in the round so that there is the minimal amount of finishing to do!
    Merry Christmas

  138. Fiona Jeferies says:

    I usually knit socks but atm, I am very happily knitting leg warmers for my dancer teenager – no tricky bits at all! Well, one is done & I do have a few days to get its’ twin done, after I knit yet more cotton face cloths to stuff in stockings since the yarn has finally arrived 😉

  139. Victoria Margerison says:

    as a knitter since the age of 6, so nearly 70 years that book looks interesting and I am definitely an old dog that could learn new tricks. I was a ward sister/midwife/practice nurse until I retired and used knitting/crochet/embroidery as a de-stressor in fact mindfulness before anyone knew what that was. thanks to your books I conquered socks, magic loop, dpns and short circular. Still on my sock journey! Happy Xmas all

  140. Sophie Patel says:

    my favorite thing to knit is actually socks as there are so many variations!

  141. Valerie Sirag says:

    My favorite thing to knit is anything for my new (first) grandbaby! I just finished a sweater for her and I’m determined to finish her Christmas stocking before Christmas (this year)!

  142. Sandra Dain says:

    I knit lots of different things but my favourite is socks! When I’ve finally finished something like a large jumper ( I’m part of a cooperative and often get commissions)I can’t wait to cast on some socks. It’s so calming!

  143. Jacqui Sweet says:

    I do love knitting socks but have recently been drawn to hand dyed skeins of yarn and cannot wait to start on some shawls for myself, once I’ve knitted hats and mitts for Christmas presents for all the family. Both books look like an awesome addition to any yarny bookshelf!

  144. Louise Griffiths-De Ste Croix says:

    Socks, hats, blanket and shawls are my favourites to knit. Least favourite……the chocolate orange covers that I should have done by now! Louise GDSC

  145. I love arans. I usually design them myself and it does not matter if I have to repeat them ( as in 3 or 4 different versions) to get them right. It just means I have always got several unique arans in my wardrobe. I usually knit adult arans but have made them for kids and babies as well when needed, but a decent adult sized aran really gives you space to play with the textures. I do not care if they are in aran yarn though and they are sometimes in mohair ( so aran weight), chunky or double knit. Its the textures that matter to me. The changes in stitch also means I can keep knitting and not get bored. I have always thought I should try to learn to use a pattern maker so I can chart them properly and share them but so far never had the time to learn how. I do also though knit socks, hats, and skirts.

  146. Beth says:

    For peaceful knitting I really like knitting shawls, but for practical and quick it’s hats—tailor’s rib beanie is my favourite pattern (on ravelry).

  147. Nicola McIndoe says:

    Currently hats, closely followed by mittens :0)

  148. Elizabeth Brown says:

    At the moment I enjoy knitting easy stressfree blankets for babies or grownups.

  149. Irune says:

    I love knitting socks, I haven’t stopped knitting them and having fun since I got your book.

    • Jane C says:

      Thanks for your lovely posts and knowledge shared. I’ve knitted socks thanks to you, after years of thinking it would be too difficult. Currently enjoying knitting a blanket to donate and will do more. Best wishes to you and your family for a lovely Christmas.

  150. Lynn says:

    Can’t decide between hats, socks and shawls.

  151. Christine says:

    I’ve really enjoyed knitting socks for years, but I must admit that since having grandchildren my favourite knitting is for them ❤️

  152. Amy More says:

    I really love knitting myself jumpers on circular needles but do also love socks. I’d probably like doing kids stuff as I’m a very slooooow knitter but my kids would without doubt refuse to wear it so its not worth my efforts!!

  153. Margaret Fogg says:

    I like to knit Christmas tree ornaments at this Time of year to sell for charity. I also have an obsession with socks and always have a pair on the needles, but a new grandchild is due so baby knits are being planned.

  154. Teresa says:

    I knit any piece with pleasure so I don’t really have a favourite. I always have a project bag with sock wool and needles on hand to be my portable project, which I take everywhere. I will be able to choose the socks as a favorite piece, since they always accompany me.

  155. Lisa Wagner says:

    My favourite item to knit when I want to relax is socks. My favourite item when I want to focus or learn new tricks are shawls or wraps.

  156. Anna says:

    Anything that fits and looks remotely like the pattern I started with!! I have a draw full of knitted “things” that don’t belong in either of the categories mentioned above. But I bravely cast on time and time again. Perhaps with Patty’s book next time will be the best one!!

  157. Lita says:

    Socks are my favorite things to knit! I love that they are a small project that I can carry anywhere and the availability of sock yarns these days are amazing.

  158. Adele Sullivan says:

    I like to knit baby blankets in garter stitch using variegated cotton yarn, then I bind them in complimentary fabric:)

  159. Pat Thraen says:

    I love to make anything I can, particularly with lace and dk weight wool. Seem to be most comfortable using small needles, so bulky yarn is out for me. Seem to gravitate towards socks, but don’t care, so long as I am knitting something, and learning new-to-me techniques; just learned double knitting, and loving it!

  160. Dorothée says:

    I love knitting socks and hats and learning new techniques

  161. Rosie says:

    I currently have a sock obsession and am on my 5th pair. It is also the first knitted item my husband has asked me to make him having told me he never wanted any handmade woollen items. He is a child of the 70s ill fitting itchy knits.

  162. Louise says:

    I am truly hooked on knitting socks!

  163. Susan Geary says:

    Just knitting socks, socks and socks to give away. Calming.
    Always interested in more info. on knitting.

  164. Thank you for taking the time to write these reviews, both of these books sound lovely for very different reasons. Like others have said I think I will be buying the Patty Lyons book if I don’t win. So onto my favourite item to knit, I think that would have to be jumpers/cardigans especially when they are requested by other folks, they are time consuming and hand knits of that size are expensive to buy. It gives me great pleasure to be able to gift my time to someone to make them something that you want and fits them properly.

  165. Josephine says:

    My favorite thing to knit is socks, because socks are the only thing I knit! I’m a crocheter. My mother taught me to knit as a child, and I was pretty terrible at it. She was fast and skillful. I wasn’t. So I learned to crochet (left-handed) as an adult and never came back to knitting until I found Winwick Mum socks.

  166. Greg Baker says:

    I love to knit shawls and being a bloke that’s tough as I rarely wear what I knit.

  167. Samantha Freeman-Turner says:

    My favourite used to be scarves and shawls but I now have too many so I started on socks and they are my new favourites. I used your pattern for chunkier socks for my first pair. Thanks from NZ!

  168. Angela Wallis says:

    Today, my favourite is your twisted neck cowl. I’ve finished the first one (for me!) and am on to the second for a Christmas present. I’m very impressed with the first one because it is warm and pretty. It’s easy, quick and unique so a perfect present. I can see the knitting list growing again😀. It’s socks after Christmas.

  169. Helen Ravine says:

    My favourite thing to knit? Hmm… I was finding this a surprisingly difficult question to answer until it occurred to me that it’s gifts – ranging from knitted Christmas decorations to ginormous blankets. I discovered your basic sock tutorial this year, started on my first pair and now I’m just about to start the 14th pair, having gifted most of them. I only knit them for people who want them and I think they’re a great combination of useful on-the-go knitting and fabulous personalised gift. Next year I’m planning to be the year of shawls. I haven’t made at all but those that I did I found to be deeply satisfying projects. I wonder if shawls might be my answer to this question in a year’s time?

  170. Tonia Brown says:

    my favorite thing right now is slouch hats for my grandbabies. come spring, who knows. Before end of January, most likely move onto blankets as can hit -35c here.

  171. Lyndle says:

    Hi Christine! I love the look of the Patty Lyons book. Even though there is so much information available on the internet, sometimes you still can’t beat a book. In this case I like that you describe it as kind advice! And for when you don’t know what you don’t know, which is most of the time for me, this book looks awesome.
    My favourite things to knit? I do love knitting socks, and at the moment I’m on a knitted knockers kick for the Breast Cancer society. They’re useful and easy to knit during online meetings.

  172. Christine M says:

    My favorite thing to knit is jumpers/cardigans with lace patterns, I love to work through the patterns and see the lace growing with each stitch. I also like to master the pattern and try new ones often.

  173. Em Fitz says:

    I love knitting cowls as they are meditative and rhythmic which I enjoy. Next to learn is socks!

  174. Laura Teague says:


  175. Leanna says:

    Oooh! It is so hard to pick just one thing! I guess overall, my favorite thing to knit is pullovers. Even though they require a lot of time, It is so satisfying to end up with something I can use to clothe my body (and show off a little at work!). However, cowls are another favorite, and I’m ever more drawn to socks too. After all, knitting is habit forming! : )

  176. Louise says:

    I’m obsessed with socks at the moment. Can’t get enough of them, and the beautiful yarn.

  177. rebecca scott says:

    Patty Lyons book looks so useful! I love to relax by knitting. My favorite item to knit are baby booties!

  178. Patricia Hoffert says:

    My very favorite item to knit is shawls.

  179. Gillian Varlow says:

    My favourite thing to knit is Icelandic sweaters (lopapeysur). All of that plain knitting being rewarded with the colourwork at the yoke – delayed gratification at its best!

  180. Suzanne Ragsdale says:

    I do love socks. They are so portable. I have a small basket with a sock in progress and a small notions kit. I take it with me often to work on when there is down time. I’m a DPN one sock at a time knitter

  181. Dianne M says:

    I love to knit socks using a small circular needle. I can pick up my sock and knit whenever I have some spare time. There is nothing to setup and I can sit almost anywhere and knit socks. Thank you for the book reviews, it is helpful to hear your thoughts about each book.

  182. Giselle Mercer says:

    My favourite thing to knit is anything for someone else to love and enjoy. Sounds cheesy but it is what it is!

  183. Fran says:

    I have recently finished my second pair of Vanilla socks and I have just started on my third pair, I feel that I am starting to becoming addicted to knitting socks. I want to try different patterns and styles using lots of different colours of yarn. I also enjoy knitting shawls and want to knit hats and mitts for my Grandchildrem too. I also plan to knit myself some sweaters but for know, I’m loving the socks. I found your book very helpful when learning to knit socks , m sock knitting bible Xx

  184. How lovely to have found you! Happenstance! I don’t much care for socks myself but these books sound great and l’ll add them to my wish list. Currently knitting a long, (yawn) long scarf for my husband but have nearly finished so looking forward to something more interesting. My favorite thing to knit is nearly everything!

  185. Jane Gibson says:

    I always come back to knitting socks because they’re magic!
    I never grow tired of them and there are so many variations on the theme to try.

  186. Sue says:

    It has to be socks. Now that I’ve found your patterns I have a whole new world of enjoyment. But why am I always thinking of my next make?

  187. Stephanie Pearson says:

    I love knitting toys, especially Alan Dart’s patterns. Mastering the art of sock knitting has been at the top of my knitting bucket list for many years now. Finding your patterns is making this a more achievable goal!

  188. Julia Lilly says:

    I love knitting socks. My little sock knitting bag goes everywhere with me. For some one who could never see the point in knitting socks I sure have changed my tune I think its fair to say now I am obsessed. We have a Wednesday morning sock knitting group here in the hills in Western Australia. A big thank you for your patterns and your sockalong. Have a wonderful Christmas hope its not too cold for you I must admit a tiny little bit of me misses the snow

  189. Lesley says:

    I love using ends of balls to knit dolls clothes for my granddaughters dolls! They love rummaging in my odds and ends box and finding the colours they want! I have suffered from anxiety for years and have to knit every evening in front of the tele!

  190. Heather Douglas says:

    I learnt to knit as a child and knitted for my children etc and then it all stopped as they grew and I went back to work full time. Lockdown and your sock-a-long was my revival!! I challenged myself to learn to knit socks (my big sis said ‘they’re easy’ go to Winwick Mum!!) I was hooked!! Xmas 2020 was a glut of Candycane socks for family and friends. Love trying new patterns, gifting socks etc there’s such a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Thank you Christine, I’d love the book to rid me of Google!!!

  191. Carole says:

    I love to knit anything with lace or cables. I have lots of old patterns passed on to me by my mum and other people reducing their stash. I need to reduce my pattern library as it broke the bookcase last week!

  192. Pauline says:

    I love knitting baby hats and cardigans because they are quick and there are lots of easy patterns. Luckily I got a lovely new baby grandaughter in September and I am just wondering if I could manage a next size up hat by Christmas Eve if I cast on now! (Tues)

  193. Filipa VANCE says:

    Socks are my go to ‘comfort zone’ but I do love anything tgat teaches me something new.

  194. Susan says:

    I love to knit. I don’t have a favorite thing yet. Socks are on my list of things to try.

  195. J. A. JOHNSON says:

    I enjoy knitting garments like jumpers, cardigan from my granddaughter and self.
    My current project is keg warmers for her ti keep her warm in the clod weather, as she us none mobile and feels the cold.
    I also like sharing my skills and knowledge with new knitters at the knitting & crafting group, I run voluntary at the local communitycentre. This book would be a useful tool as some are none England speaking abd having pictures would help in trying to explain what to do.

  196. Patricia says:

    I love knitting hats. I tried knitting socks and it took me 2 weeks to knit myself a sock

  197. MaryAnn Geertsema says:

    I currently love to knit socks, shawls and simple fair isle hats. In fact, I am knitting a simple snowflake fair isle pattern into a pair of socks for Christmas – fun!

  198. Jane says:

    Sock are just fun. But I have fair isle (wool allergy 😒) on my list to learn.

  199. Bridget Jarvis says:

    I am addicted to socks after finding your Fb page during lockdown having never knitted a pair of socks before. And my favourite pair so far is the KAL we did at the beginning of the year. I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and Thank You for everything you do to keep us amused xx

  200. Hellen says:

    My favourite thing to knit changes with each project, socks, shawls and hats are top of my list right now. Thanks for doing the book reviews Christine, very helpful, now I know what to put on my wishlist 😊 merry Christmas 🤶 🎄, Hellen x

  201. Amanda says:

    I love to knit colourwork jumpers and cardigans, specifically the colourwork part. It is magic to have an image appear slowly, row by row, I never get tired of it!
    Happy Christmas, hope you get heaps more snow ❄️🎄

  202. DY says:

    I find myself gravitating towards shawl knitting for many reasons, but mostly because I can wear them but don’t need to worry about fit. I also like that they take some time to knit so I can really get lost in the project. Wishing you and your family all the joys of this cozy and merry season!

  203. Lesley Wright says:

    I love knitting socks but having a rest and knitting my first cardigan just now.

  204. Caitlin Smith says:

    I’m hopelessly addicted to sock knitting, thanks to you, Christine! I also enjoy knitting blankets and sweaters for at-home projects, but my little stripey bag with WIP socks is so easy to take anywhere. Perfect for waiting in the car for kids. 😊

  205. Yvonne Bailey says:

    My favourite pattern to knit, besides your sock patterns of course, is a hooded jacket for babies and children, my Gran knitted it for my cousins and then my children, and I’ve knitted it lots of times for friend’s children, and now their grandchildren. The most special versions are in Australia with my grandson, I’ll have another on the needles after Christmas to take when I visit him in February!

  206. Lizzie says:

    Unfortunately I still struggle to knit socks but will try again in 2023. My favourite knitting is beanies but I would like to challenge myself with colourwork over the next few months.

  207. I taught myself to knit during lockdown and absolutely love it. im not very fast but I get there in the end. I knit baby hats a d blankets for prem babies and hats and scarves for the homeless. I have just finished knitting my first toddler cardigan. I am doing a pair of slipper socks for my you gest grand daughter at the min. These books look amazing.

  208. Sue Dale says:

    I am shawl/wrap obsessed! The more complicated the better. I always take a complicated project on holiday with me so I can concentrate in the sun. However I always have some socks on my needles for light relief and for travelling. It’s amazing how many people comment when they see you knitting in public!

  209. Linda Edwards says:

    I love knitting big shawls to keep warm.

  210. Terry says:

    I’m a beginner, but I’m guessing that my fav thing to knit will be socks.

  211. Chris Murphy says:

    Late to the party but loving sock knitting. I’m trying different methods using different needles, heels etc but need all the tips and tricks I can get my hands on. Thank you for your real review of these two books

  212. Julia Green says:

    It’s baby clothes at the moment especially socks as they work up so quickly! I’ve waited ages for a grand child and now two have arrived in 2 months! Busy, busy x

  213. Sarah Thomas says:

    Thank you for the chance to win Christine – sock knitting for me too!

  214. Madeleine says:

    I knit socks for my dear husband and very occasionally for myself, my other favourite project is knitting Forest Canopy shawls.

    I crochet too, have the yarn pack for Attic24 Yuletide blanket, just need more hours in the day.

  215. Kath says:

    I love to knit everything from hats to socks and everything in between! I once had a co-worker who said she imagined my house was all knitted. She wasn’t far off the mark! I can’t imagine my life without yarn, needles and hooks. xx

  216. Linda says:

    My favorite thing to knit is lacy shawls. I like throwing one around my shoulders when I feel a chill, and then easily discarding it when I’ve warmed up.

  217. Judith Ward says:

    My favourite thing to knit is Cowls. I don’t have to worry about fit, and because of that they make great presents! They are also lovely and snuggly to wear plus they stay put! They are really versatile wool-wise too as they can be made scrappy or from one gorgeous skein. 🙂

  218. Michelle Elliott says:

    My favorite thing to knit are hats, though I love the thought of making socks! I have tried a couple of times to no avail but I will keep trying!

  219. Rosie Freeman says:

    My favourite thing to knit is definitely *not* the jumper I am trying to finish for my husband for Christmas… it keeps going wrong and is taking forever. I’m really looking forward to knocking off some more socks when I’ve finished this – they are soooo satisfying! 😊

  220. Helen Leonard Perchard says:

    I love knitting jumpers, as I learn new technique with each one. Both books look fantastic.

  221. Jan says:

    It is socks – trying out a different pattern or yarn combination each time.
    The pictorial tutorials are just wonderful. 😀

  222. Ali says:

    Thank you, Christine, for the joy you bring in your blog and patterns. I always have a pair of socks on the go but I will give anything a go. I just love creating. I also love learning new skills and passing on my knitting knowledge.

  223. Heather Marshall says:

    my favourite thing to knit probably depends on the time of year – right now mittens, both full and fingerless. socks are a great project all year round and are convenient to carry around.

  224. June says:

    My favourite things to knit are firstly socks then cowls & scarves for the winter months ( so cosy on a winter’s day ) also I love to knit baby items x

  225. Becky H says:

    My favourite thing to knit is socks for other people, although I made a pair of the Split Mittens and they were brilliant and I’m itching to start another pair!

  226. Jane Halvey says:

    Hi, my favourite knit is the thing I have on my needles at any specific time. At the moment I am and knitting squares (one a night on average 121 required) for a baby blankets for a friend of mine first grandchild.
    Both books look very interesting.

  227. Alison says:

    I love knitting socks; have been addicted for five years and made about a hundred.pairs. Same basic sock pattern every time – fortunately there is a huge range of self striping yarns so no duplicates!

  228. Angela says:

    Simply socks! They are so enjoyable to knit and when given as gifts I always get an smile when they are received.
    Both if you’re book reviews sound amazing, as ever, thank you for all you do

  229. Mary Harris says:

    my favourite thing to knit is the only thing i can currently knit! squares or rectangles! so scarves! I’ve asked for knitting needles for Christmas this year having defected to easier crochet for years so this book looks like just the thing to take the fear away! Happy Christmas x

  230. Hilda says:

    Having had major hand surgery earlier this year I’m only now casting on again. I can only use thick needles so I’m making baffies (slippers) for all and sundry. I’m just grateful that I’m able to knit again. A Merry Christmas to you and your family and a big thank you for all your hints, tips and patterns.

  231. Bek says:

    my favourite things to knit are gifts – mostly baby blankets.
    my favourite things to knit for me to keep are socks using your awesome sock patterns.
    I would love to win this book. thanks for your honest review.

  232. Heather Duffin says:

    I love to have a couple of things on the go – one presenting a challenge to stretch my skills (theres plenty of room for more stretching!) – at the moment it’s a glorious colourwork sampler scarf as colourwork is relatively new to me. I also like to have a really relaxing knit for therapeutic reasons. something which keeps my hands busy but I don’t need all my brain (and a quiet room) for. I never thought I’d say it, but knitting socks provides this. I come back time and again to your basic pattern and use wonderful yarns to add to the enjoyment. I decided nearly 3 years ago that I really ought conquer how to knit socks and you, thank you, taught me how. Now I’m enjoying passing those skills on to others!

  233. Sheena says:

    This sounds an amazing book to have by your side and I’d love the opportunity to win it. My favourite go to items to knit are I have to say socks…I find they just take long enough for a nice and quick project and are so handy to carry round to do a few rows when I have a moment!

  234. Gaenor says:

    Socks are a favourite which is just as well as they are always in demand, butI also enjoy knitting baskets and wee cardigans for new arrivals

  235. Sarah Musgrove says:

    I have only been knitting for a few months and have made two jumpers but would love to try knitting socks. I think this book would be very useful for me as a relative beginner!

  236. Tracey Ogden says:

    Tracey Ogden. My favourite thing to knit is a blanket , I love the love that goes into each stitch , the warmth it creates and the legacy’s for the maker within the blankets, my 2nd favourite new to me this year is knitting socks , a pair gifted were worn in Lapland this year x

  237. Lenore says:

    Boy! I would love a copy of Patty’s book. What a generous offer from the publisher. So here 🤞🤞🤞🤞. My favourite knit is definitely socks using my sock knitting guru’s patterns. I think she knows who she is 😁😁😁😁😁 xx❤️🌺

  238. Paula says:

    Having just finished my first ever pair I’m going to have to say socks!

  239. Jennifer G says:

    favorite thing to knit is but…discovered ear warmers & hats. must knit faster & sleep less.
    I’m always on the lookout for a good knitting book. those look like they would be great additions to any knitters bookshelf.

  240. Carolyn Palmer says:

    My favourite things to knit are baby items to gift to friends, family and acquaintances, be that cardigans, blankets, baby socks and comforters. Seeing a baby in something you have made is a little bit special

  241. Jacqueline Jarvis says:

    I like functional knits – socks, hats, mitts and dishcloths.

  242. Joy M says:

    I’m a very basic knitter, so I stick with little things like cardis and hats for my grandchildren. The book sounds very interesting, I’d love to have some help working out where I’m going wrong sometimes!

  243. Donna says:

    I knit socks, sweaters, and afghans. I enjoy knitting socks as my family loves warm cosy ones. I am going to be brave and try toe up version. I try to make something for my family to remember me by. I plan to teach my grandchildren to knit.

  244. Hazel Taylor says:

    I tend to knit mostly hats and socks and items for my grandchildren, but my go to knit is always socks. I like to use a multi coloured yarn such as those produced by WYS as the pattern which emerges keeps my interest. I have tried using circular needles but I truly am a DPN person like my Granny was.

  245. Isobel says:

    My favourite items to knit are socks for my mum because she always loves them! My second favourite is blankets because I enjoy planning out the colours.

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