Winter Haven KAL 2022 round up

Hello!  Welcome to February!  The Winter Haven KAL has finished now for this year, and I do hope you enjoyed it if you took part.  I have certainly been very glad of my Haven space during the last few weeks!

I’ve had such a lovely time seeing all of your projects and reading your emails through the weeks of the Knitalong and as in previous years, I thought that I’d write one more post to share your photos and thoughts.  Are you ready?


To start with, let’s take a last look at some of your Haven spaces …

I don’t think we bat an eyelid now to see a computer in our cosy space, do we, as they’re essential kit for listening to podcasts or audio books.  This looks like a very cosy set-up with quilts and socks!

@tigsowner via Instagram


Jacqui sent me this photo of her Haven space, and it looks like she’s got everything she could possibly need there!  If we really got ourselves organised, we could probably stay in our Haven spaces all day! 🙂

Jacqui via email


Another outdoor Haven photo … love it!

@ludditemade via Instagram


And @miss_kapowski certainly has her Haven snacks priorities right here! 🙂

@miss_kapowski via Instagram


and finally for this year … kept indoors by very cold -30 degrees C weather, this is definitely a Winter Haven!

@cnyttanbydochas via Instagram


Thank you to everyone who has shared photos of your Haven space over the KAL – I think we all like to see where someone else is sitting and knitting, don’t we?!


On to your projects now … the Easy Mosaic Socks pattern has been amazingly well-received and I am thrilled that you like it so much!  I’ve seen so many photos and so many colour combinations; each week I’m blown away by how many more pairs there seem to be on the needles!

Janice emailed to say that she was finding the pattern relaxing to knit, and Doris told me in her email that she really liked the pattern and is already onto her second pair!  She’s not alone, as you’ll see in a minute, but there really is no rush with this KAL at all so don’t worry if you’ve not finished, or even if you’ve not started but the pattern is on your list (and I only made one pair of these socks too!).  It’s absolutely fine – my sock patterns are for de-stressing, not causing more of it! 🙂

Bev, who is clearly a super-speedy knitter, finished her first pair … then used the rest of the yarn to make a second pair turning the colours around.  I think it looks great to see how they work both ways around!

And then, Bev decided that she was going to make a Shortie pair too!

You might have seen another pair of Shorties in the Easy Mosaic pattern in last week’s post and I think they work brilliantly!


Catherine has also tried out switching the yarns around; she’s used Autumn Leaves and Milk Bottle as I did in the original pattern and don’t the two socks look different when you change the main colour?  I love them!

Catherine via email


Davina from Little Workroom Crafts was kind enough to talk about my Easy Mosaic Socks pattern on her podcast and this is her second pair too – she’s also gone for Shorties to use up the rest of the yarn.  Do you know, I don’t think I’ve ever written a pattern (apart from my Basic 4ply Socks) where I’ve seen so many people knitting more than one pair in quick succession to use up the yarn.  I’m not going to pretend at all that I don’t like it!

@littleworkroomcrafts on Instagram and YouTube


There are so many photos once again, and I know that they can take a lot of time to download so I’ve created some more collages so that I can show you as many of them as I can.

First of all, the Easy Mosaic Socks in Winwick Mum colourways …

Top row L-R: @angiequilts on Instagram, Sheila, Bridget on Facebook; Middle row L-R: Janice, Louise, Natasha (with her gin and tonic socks 🙂 ) on Facebook; Bottom row L-R: Louise, Susan, Ven on Facebook


And one last photo that didn’t fit into the collage …

@angiequilts via Instagram


On to the other colour combinations …

Top row L-R: @knit23hop, @knitterknurse, @knitting_boo on Instagram; Middle row L-R: @pinelakechic, @vivette_knitsandreads on Instagram, Barbara-anne on Facebook; Bottom row L-R: Catherine, Christine and Christine on Facebook


Top row L-R: Irishminidoe via email, Jan and Peter on Facebook; Middle Row L-R: Marie @woolistheanswer on Facebook and Instagram, Louise and Karin on Facebook; Bottom row L-R: Paula, Linda and Sally on Facebook


Top row L-R: Toni, Trisha, Jenni on Facebook; Bottom row L-R: Cathie on Facebook, Elizabeth and Janet via email


One more that didn’t fit in the collage …

Susanne via Facebook


and finally this one, which you saw as a work in progress outside in the Haven photos at the top of the post …

@ludditemade via Instagram


Wow, they all look truly stunning and I’ve tried very hard to post as many as I’ve seen so I do apologise if I’ve missed yours but hopefully you’ll see them in the collages!


Finally, as taking part in the Winter Haven KAL meant you could use any Winwick Mum pattern or another pattern using Winwick Mum yarn, here are some photos of other projects too …

TAAT (two at a time) socks here from @knit23hop and @theintuitiveknitter …

and pairs of Basic 4ply Socks – you can never go wrong with those!

Top row L-R: @kay.archer2 on Instagram, Victoria on Facebook; Bottom row L-R: @kcreativecrafts and @vlily001 on Instagram


and finally, an Easy Lace Sock in Autumn Leaves, which feels like a very fitting way to end the Winter Haven KAL!

Dawn via Facebook


I do hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all of the photos, and thank you so much for being part of the Winter Haven KAL with me again this year.  It’s been lovely to know that we were all doing something similar during January and I have thoroughly enjoyed being connected with you through the blog, email and social media over the weeks of the KAL.

I hope you are fully rested and recharged now, and ready to face the rest of the year! xx


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14 Responses

  1. Kathy Augustine says:

    Thank you Christine. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first KAL with you and my first pair of “real” 🧦! I have learned so much and besides my husband receiving an awesome pair of socks I have enjoyed conversing and sharing with knitters “across the pond” and around the world. What a lovely thing to share: The joy of creating with 2 sticks and some string ❤️.

  2. Bridget Jarvis says:

    Thank You Christine for all the time you have put into this Winter KAL. I have enjoyed this so much. Going to carry on my learning journey with socks, got the bug don’t think I will ever stop now after being a late starter to the world of sock knitting after over 40 years of clicking those needles. Wishing you all the best for 2022 and future updates.

    • winwickmum says:

      I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed the KAL, it’s been lovely to see what everyone has been up to, hasn’t it? I have to tell you that I don’t think that the Sock Bug lets go once it’s got you … 😉 xx

  3. Ruth Howard says:

    Thanks again Christine – I have really enjoyed another of your positive posts – I am getting there – thank you for all your positive encouragement- love Ruth x

  4. Anne says:

    Thank you Christine! I have enjoyed my first KAL. Not yet completed but one down and one to go! The photos of all the socks are so inspiring!

    • winwickmum says:

      I am so glad that you enjoyed it, and thank you for being part of it all! There’s no rush to finish the socks, but I do hope that you are still able to take time for yourself now that the KAL is over! 🙂 xx

  5. Patricia Rayner says:

    I’m a bit late to the mosaic sock but I may start tonight and leave the cardigan I’m knitting! I’m also making Seville orange marmalade cos I got the oranges half price in Waitrose! Christine you started me on my sock journey about 7 years ago. I’m so grateful for your lovely blogs, your clear and well written patterns, and your wonderful FB groups.

    • winwickmum says:

      Oh, I hope your marmalade turns out wonderfully! I have a lovely friend who gifts me a jar of her marmalade every year and I think it’s the best thing we have in our fridge! 🙂 I’m so glad that I could help you get started with your socks, and it’s lovely to see you around in the FB groups too! xx

  6. Maribeth Clark says:

    As with others that posted/commented; Really enjoyed this dive into colorwork. Very inspiring

  7. Selina Baihn says:

    all very lovely stunning socks! so enjoy looking at them & their owners havens, so varied, love seeing the different temperatures around the world too.
    thanx so much for sharing

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