Spring Equinox

It’s the Spring Equinox today which means that the sun is directly over the Equator and day and night are of equal length and that for us in the northern hemisphere, the days will start to get longer and nights shorter.  If you’re in the southern hemisphere, it’s the other way around and Winter is on it’s way for you.

If you use the astronomical calendar then today is the first day of Spring (the meterological first day is 1 March as it divides the year equally into four seasons of three months each) and out in the garden, it really felt as if Spring had sprung!

The daffodils are coming out now – I can’t remember seeing these with their orange trumpets last year but they might have been buried in the border undergrowth – I’ve been doing a lot of cutting back and have found a few plants I thought I’d lost!

The Hellebores are still in full bloom too – this is another clump in a vibrant pinky-purple colour that I don’t remember seeing before, but they’re certainly not to be missed this year!

My Viburnum bodnantense “Dawn” stopped me in my tracks with it’s scent when I walked past – I cut it back really quite hard last year and I’ve been rewarded with these enormous blooms that smell sensational.  It looks like it appreciated the chopping back!

It’s actually been quite cold out today so although my plan was to spend time on the borders as I have been doing the last couple of weekends, I ended up staying indoors instead – perhaps it’ll be warmer tomorrow!


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6 Responses

  1. Attic24 says:

    beautiful to see your spring florals, that hellebore is a real show off! x

  2. Susan Rayner says:

    Just gorgeous photos! It feels like spring here today – sunshine and much milder so perfect for admiring the garden! I hope you have a lovely day too!

  3. Juliana says:

    I just found a link to your blog on Attic 24, and I really enjoyed reading several of your posts. I moved to Detroit, Michigan (US) in August, so this is my first MI Spring. Spring is slower here than in England. I loved seeing your flowers in the last 3-4 of your posts, and I'm looking forward to making big changes in my yard this year. I never learned to knit, but your beautiful socks make me consider learning, even at my age of 71.

    • Winwick Mum says:

      Hello! It's lovely to see you! You're still a spring chicken and there's plenty of time to learn to knit 😀 Did you move to the US from the UK? xx

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