Not you again?!

Hello, hello, it’s Sunday and it’s me again!

You might be wondering what’s going on here – I mean, two posts in two days?!  That’s not usual these days unless I have something in particular to tell you, but you’re going to see a lot more of me in March!

I was chatting to my lovely Attic friend recently and our conversation got onto how much she had enjoyed blogging every day in October last year.  Lucy was taking part in the event called Blogtober where bloggers post something every day throughout the month and if you follow blogs, you might have seen a significant increase in your reading material … I was tempted to join in but had too many other things on my plate at the time to make the commitment, although I did enjoy reading her posts!

Anyway, she has decided to do the same thing for the remaining days of March and I’m going to join her this time (although we did decide that calling it “Blarch” might sound like you’d eaten something that had disagreed with you … and where does it stop?  Blapril?  Blay?  Blune?) so here I am … and here I’ll be every day till the end of the month!  If you also follow Lucy and want to read her latest post, it’s here.

My mug doesn’t half get stained from tea – do you have this problem?

Sunday morning is one time in the week when I don’t feel in the least bit guilty about sitting in bed with my brew reading other peoples’ blogs.  I call it “working in Duvet HQ” and I’m quite happy to admit that I’ve escaped here a few times over the lockdown period to do some work, not just read blog posts … for some reason, I’m much less disturbed by the family when I’m here and so although I know that advice is not to take your workspace into your sleeping space, there have been days when it’s just had to be done!

Today, one of the cats was curled up with me, I could see the daffodils in the garden out of the window, my husband brought the brew up and I was having a lovely time!

I’ve been out in the garden this afternoon.

There’s so much that I want to do before the plants start properly growing – I say this every year and then get caught out before I’ve had chance to do get in there whilst everything is dormant but I’ve been making a proper effort this year.  Having said that, I was in the greenhouse sowing seeds again this afternoon!

These are my tomatoes, they’re really coming along now!  That fourth pot just doesn’t seem to want to germinate.  It’s probably just as well because I’ve already got more tomato plants than I need (luckily, I’ve got a friend lined up to take my extra plants), and these are a mixture of baby plum, salad and beefsteak tomatoes so I’ve got the whole size range going on!

Out in the greenhouse, the seeds that I sowed a few weeks ago have mostly started appearing now …

I’m not sure what’s going on with the climbing French beans which are in the tray with the thermometer in but they’ve all gone mouldy – I probably sowed them too soon and got them too wet.  I’ve sowed some more today so hopefully they’ll come through.

Today I’ve sowed Calendula (marigolds), more poppies, cornflowers, leeks, spinach, sprouts … some of them say on the packet that they can be sowed where you want them to grow but I’ve found that it’s safer to plant them in seed trays and then plant them on later when they stand a bit more chance of surviving the snails.  With plants like poppies that really don’t like having their roots touched, I just plant the whole plug of seedlings together and they have always seemed to be fine – I’m hoping that quite a few of the plants I’m growing this year will self-seed and then they can do their own thing next year.

And then after that, it was back into the house for a brew and a new cast on!  I’ve got the second Mermaid’s Tail sock on my needles now and that will make a good school run sock so hopefully it won’t take me long to get it finished.

I’ve been trying something different to try to stop the pooling that you often get around the gusset with some yarns and so far so good … I’ll test my theory on this new sock and if it works, I’ll be able to share it with you!

And that’s me for today – I’ll see you tomorrow!

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15 Responses

  1. Rosie says:

    I love your mermaid socks! Slightly random but denture cleaning tablets are great for tea stained mugs

    • Winwick Mum says:

      They're such pretty colours, aren't they? Thank you, I think we've got some cleaning tablets from when my youngest had a retainer, I'll see if I can find them!

    • SueC says:

      Bicarbonate of soda will do the trick too, just rub some on the stain with a wet finger and then rinse. Love your blogs Christine, they really cheer me up.

  2. Attic24 says:

    Oh no, not you again……..!!! Made me laugh!!
    Hope you enjoy Blarching along with me, it's lovely to have the company xxx

  3. Lynn says:

    Really glad you're blarching! Yes, I get the tea stains too. I put a tea spoon of bicarb in with hot water. When water is cool it comes off easily. ☺

  4. julie says:

    Last year I did tomatoes and got so carried away, at one time I counted the tomatoes in the plants and got to 200 before I stopped counting! This year I’ve limited myself to 7 plants, that’ll still be plenty. I like to hear about the growing. I’ve started all sorts this year.

  5. SueC says:

    Lovely blog Christine, really cheered me up. BTW bicarbonate of soda will remove tea stains, just rub some on the stain with a wet finger and then rinse.

  6. Maggieann says:

    Hi Christine, glad your planting is coming along look forward to seeing them all in the garden.

  7. NewNana says:

    We sold our house of 16 years. We’re moving about 600 mi. away. But will be near my daughter and family and only an hour from my son. We have a greenhouse and a sunny yard! We’re looking forward to some gardening this year. So between that and being close to family, I’m so looking forward to this spring and summer.

  8. CL says:

    I have a Herdy mug too – they recommended occasional cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend to remove stains

  9. kymeara says:


  10. Judith says:

    Love reading your posts, I also follow Attic 24 so looking to extra posts from both of you. I have yet to sew my tomato seeds as we are in the process of buying and selling our house so not sure if I'll have a garden come summer time. I'm sure your beans will germinate just don't over water them!

  11. Deb Knight says:

    I love the word blarch. It sounds homey. So I will comment and that will be my blarch!

  12. Unknown says:

    I'm keen for your Blarches.😄

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