Blue sky

Look at that sky!  It was such a gorgeous colour of blue when the dog and I set out for our walk this morning.  It’s the first walk we’ve been on since last Thursday and it felt good to be out!

An aeroplane vapour trail across a blue sky framed by trees

It was the vapour trail that caught my eye.  They’re much more infrequent these days, I’d quite forgotten what it was like to see them criss-crossing the sky.  We used to be able tell the time by the 9pm Easyjet plane that always flew past our house every night but it’s been a year now and the sky is silent in the evening.  I’ll miss that, although it will be nice to go on a plane again one day!

The church was looking lovely this morning.  It was a bit of a fly-past shot as the dog was keen to get going so please excuse the light blur!

Winwick St Oswald's Church from Newton Road

Coming home, I spotted the borders of one of the gardens were in full bloom.  Primulas … I had one like this last year but it hasn’t come to anything this year.  Mine looks very sad, I’m hoping it might recover as the year goes on.

White primula flowers edged with blue in a border next to green leaves

White grape hyacinths … the ones in my garden are blue, I don’t see white ones very often.

White grape hyacinth flowers amongst green leaves

These are in my garden.  White Helleborus niger or Lenten rose and I thought these were Spanish bluebells which seem to be out very early but it could actually be a hyacinth.  I know the bluebells are an intruder species but we inherited them and they’re contained in the garden so I let them flower every year.  We do have “proper” bluebells as well and they seem to live quite happily together.

A bluebell flower head against a white Hellebore flower

These are definitely hyacinth bulbs which I planted after they had finished flowering outside.  They’ve come back for a few years now and are looking pretty good!

Blue hyacinth flowers in a border. A blue garden chair is in the background

This hole in my vegetable bed isn’t good.  I had the same holes last year and couldn’t work out what had caused them.  I mentioned it on the blog and had various suggestions – a passing dog, rats, our cats (although that seems like too much of an effort for them!).

Large holes dug into the soil in the vegetable border

But look!  Big daughter spotted the culprit!  Look at it, it’s not in the least bit bothered about it being the middle of the day and it’s digging holes in my garden!  Cheeky thing!

A large brown rabbit digging a hole in the vegetable bed

I don’t know where it thinks it’s digging to.  I think I’ll have to net it all until it finds somewhere else to dig.  I don’t really want it around as it might think it can help itself to my veg when it starts growing!

I had a brand new experience this afternoon when I took part in‘s in-house exhibition which you can find here on their YouTube channel.  Nicola from has been hosting the sessions over the weekend and today and it’s on again tomorrow if you’d like to watch – it’s either live as the session goes out or you can pick it up later.  I was talking to Nicola about Winwick Mum yarn – nothing unusual about that but I don’t usually have an interpreter! is based in Germany and Nicola was chatting to me in English and then translating for the German audience – that was rather exciting, I must say!  The session that I’m in is here if you want to take a look.

And after all that excitement, I’m going to watch the end of the new Midsomer Murders episode on TV and bid you a good night (or good day) … I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Lynn says:

    Glad you are out and about again. I didn't know there were white grape hyacinths!

  2. Unknown says:

    Xxx from Cathy, Sydney Australia.

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