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It’s not sunny today in Winwick, but it’s not cold.  Small daughter declared it sufficiently warm to go to school without a coat on and knowing that generally she doesn’t seem to feel the cold like I do, I’ve let her get on with it.

Winwick St Oswald's Church stands high above a walled grassy bank. There are dark clouds behind the church spire

It does actually look from this photo of our church like we’re going to get wet but I think it’s just a day like that.  There’s no rain forecast here today, although I think we might get some later in the week.  It’s green garden bin collection day on Friday so I’ll need to make sure that I get it filled up before the rain comes!

More gloomy skies but look at that willow tree!  I love seeing it come into leaf every year, it’s such a different colour green to everything around it!

A huge willow tree stands out from the trees around it because of the shade of green of the leaves

I caused a bit of chaos at home today whilst the dog and I were out.  A week or so ago, after the news was full of the disappearance of Sarah Everard, my girls showed me how to turn on the SOS message function on my phone.  Yes, I have reached that point in my life when my children tell me how my phone works and I am trying to embrace it as an opportunity to stay technologically aware rather than feeling like a dinosaur!  They both have the messaging system set up on their phones – basically, on both Apple and Android phones, you press a button a certain number of times and the phone makes a noise and/or sends texts, maps, photos and location information to designated contacts.  What a good idea!  I had no idea that was there!

Today, however, whilst taking photos to show you, I sent two emergency messages to my family, interrupting meetings and school lessons as they tried to check that I was OK.  I am absolutely fine, you’ll be pleased to know, but I have discovered a bit of a flaw in that I press a button twice to access my phone camera, and the same button three times to send an SOS message.  I can see how this potentially is going to be a problem.  It’s also a bit of a worry as the potential for crying wolf is huge here.  I don’t want to be sending SOS messages as I’m whisked off by aliens only for my family to think that I’m always taking photos for my blog!

I changed the settings when I got home to try to avoid this in future, but it made me think that perhaps it’s something that you might want to look at on your phone too.  On an Android phone, it’s under Settings … Advanced Settings and on an iPhone there’s an Emergency SOS setting that you can search for – I expect it’s in the main settings section.  I’m hoping that none of us ever have an emergency that requires us to send messages like that, but it’s quite a useful thing to have.

Back home, Monday is generally an admin type of day for me.  I’ve realised that I need it to be a slower day so that I can feel on top of what’s going on during the rest of the week – routines change but it seems that it doesn’t suit me to hit the week at full speed, so I’ve been writing my blog post, I’ve got my other job accounts to check this afternoon and I am planning to spend as much time as possible knitting later on.  Of course, there are still everyday jobs to be done but I don’t plan to do any big tasks on a Monday at the moment.

I got my cast on done with the Mermaid’s Tail socks yesterday and have joined into the round now, so it’s easy knitting from now on.  Perfect for the school run – I’ve even started going a little bit earlier so that I can listen to the radio and knit a few more rounds!

A circular needle with some ribbing joined into the round is resting on my knee. The yarn is turquoise. I'm wearing grey joggers and there's a red rug on the floor

I’ll be glad when the lockdown restrictions are lifted a bit more – I’ve been living in joggers for what feels like forever and I’m ready to wear something else!  Yes, yes, I could dress up a bit more around the house but I’m afraid the urge to do that has been lacking lately!  How about you?  Have you been making an effort with your clothes or embracing the loungewear life like me?!

I’ll see you tomorrow! xx

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15 Responses

  1. michelle says:

    i didn't get dressed yesterday till after 12 noon as church has been live streamed

  2. Attic24 says:

    Interestingly I don't actually own any joggers, but I do often wear leggings under a tunic or dress and they are super comfy. I wear these in everyday life though so I'm not dressing any differently for this stay-home version of myself. Joggers seem a bit too much like pyjamas for me to be honest, I would feel permanently sleepy I think!

  3. happy hooker says:

    Totally with you on the joggers. I only get properly dressed to go to the supermarket, although I have (so far) resisted the urge to stay in my pj's all day.😁 xx

  4. Denise says:

    Just found the SOS function using your instructions…who knew! Go us modern tech heads ��

  5. selina says:

    have too many animals to lounge around for too long in PJs or the likes lol
    loving the look of your mermaid socks
    thanx for sharing

  6. Unknown says:

    Useful information about the phone, I didn't know that either!

  7. luluknitts says:

    Am loving these daily catch-ups! Thanks for the SOS tip. Have been meaning to turn mine on for ages but didn't know how, but now I have! You are officially my sock knitting and phone guru!! Love your mermaid socks btw… Much love xxx

  8. kathleenalice says:

    I didn't know phones had an SOS function. Thank you for that, I will look at mine.
    Can't wait to see the socks!

  9. Unknown says:

    I put on my yoga pants for Zoom yoga twice a week. I have been doing a lot of painting lately so I often put on my painting jeans which are three sizes too large so they are comfy like loungers. Otherwise I put on my jeans when I get up. I can't be bothered changing pants later in the day.
    Thanks for the phone info.
    Pretty socks. I love all shades of blue!

  10. Corinne says:

    No change in what I'm wearing in lockdown, just jeggings with a teashirt or jumper. I didn't know that about my phone! I'll have to go and look, thanks.
    Enjoying the daily blogs from you and Lucy.

  11. NewNana says:

    I had that set up on my phone for awhile. But I kept inadvertently sending SOS messages to my husband with attached ugly pictures of myself. It took it as I was trying to access my phone. Hopefully, they have improved it now.

  12. Mummyam says:

    I looked at the sos function last week but thought the chances of my toddler setting it off where too great..

  13. skumitomum says:

    Thanks for the tips – sock and phone!

  14. Susan Rayner says:

    I don't own any joggers so have been wearing my usual jeans/trousers and jumpers – we do as many walks as we did when we were dog walking every day so it is practical! I do hope that I will get a chance to wear some of my dresses this year – I didn't wear one at all last year!! We have willow trees down by the mill in the village and they are a delight at the moment – the freshest green and swaying in the breezes! Must check my SOS function – have never looked at it before!

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