Winging it

Catkins on a fallen willow tree

Close up of catkins on the willow tree

A black dog looks down a slope into a wooded area with a pond in the background

A large tree has fallen down and is hanging across the canal, it's branches in the water

A large white swan at the canal bank

A shopping trolley containing groceries and a shiny metal incinerator

A partly knitted sock on a circular needle in shades of turquoise and pink. There is an orange mug next to it and in the background, houseplants and a fireplace

“So tell me,” said Lucy, “have you got a plan for your every day posts?”

It didn’t take much thought.

“Nope,” I said.  “I’ll be winging it.”

As much as I like a list, I’ve realised that I do spend quite a lot of my time flying by the seat of my pants (I’d like to say just in my blog-writing, but sadly, that’s not the case!) and whilst that has its downsides, it can also be quite liberating.

Look up any website about writing blogs and many of them will tell you to have a plan, to diarise, organise keywords, schedule and post at set times.  I’ve downloaded the “best blog ever” schedules and calendar pages and looked at the brainstorming list sections over the years (just because I’m interested and I can 🙂 ) … and deleted the files.  It’s just not for me, I’m afraid.  My blog is all about “looking for the extraordinary in the everyday” and that doesn’t come with a schedule.

That’s not to say that I am completely unplanned – I do usually have an idea of what I want to write about.  However, thinking of something to write every day has been a really good experience.  It’s one thing to write about the socks or the garden or the dog walks every week  but quite another to document what’s going on every day.  I’ve found myself looking around far more at what’s in front of me or around me, and making the most of the opportunity to be much more spontaneous about what I write.

Take todays’s photos, for example.  How could I have known that I would spot those particular catkins on the willow tree, or that the dog would stand still long enough to be in a photo?  I couldn’t have known that the tree had fallen across the canal since the last time I had walked there, or that the swan would come right up to the bank to see us (although it wasn’t so pleased to see the dog who beat a hasty retreat when he got hissed at).  I certainly had no idea that my weekly grocery shop would include a new incinerator (I love shopping at Aldi, it amuses me no end that they sell all kinds of “things” and there’s no telling what I’ll come out with as well as my bread and milk.  And wine.  Yes, you can see a bottle of wine there!).

In fact, the only thing that I could have planned for was the photo of the sock.  I’ve not done quite as much as I thought I would yesterday, but that’s how the day goes sometimes.

So whilst scheduling and brainstorming works for some people (and if I’m honest, I do do that to a small extent if I know I have a tutorial or a pattern I want to share at a particular time), but I’m much happier flying by the seat of my pants, winging it, whatever you want to call it, and more so than ever for these every day post days.  It does mean that you might see more photos like the incinerator in the shopping trolley, but what’s that if not part of looking for the extraordinary in the everyday?  Better fasten your seatbelt!

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8 Responses

  1. Susan Rayner says:

    I would rather have your sort of daily/weekly or monthly musings any day rather than something more regimented! They always cheer me up and they give us a little window into your life! I feel as though you are having a chat with us and that is what friends are all about! Thank you! Love the photos!

  2. Nicky Slade says:

    I find your approach to life so refreshing Christine! I'm terrible at planning of every kind although I am trying and have even started a very simple, flexible bullet journal following a post of yours about planning. Thank you for reminding me that 'winging it' is not a bad thing if it works for me!

  3. Attic24 says:

    Everyday life can be really inspiring when you slow down and make the time to capture the things that draw your attention. I've got an urge to indulge in some neat knitty rounds, your sock looks so lovely sat there. But I still want to make a fairisle hat, that urge has not gone away. Maybe I'll wait until can see you in person and get you to help me with the two stranded business?

  4. Helen says:

    Makes you look around! 🙂

  5. PaulineG says:

    Please show us more pictures of your lovely dog! Dogs always make me smile.

  6. StitchyKate says:

    I'm with you on the winging it! As the other friend who is trying to find something to write about every day, it certainly is a challenge – but it is interesting to really take notice of the ordinary things isn't it. x

  7. skumitomum says:

    Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans

  8. Lyanne says:

    Elder Son loves to use our incinerator (I'm not sure if we got it from Aldi or Lidl) but he keeps leaving it out long after the ashes have cooled enough to dispose of and I noticed it's starting to rust.

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