What a week!

Wow, wow, WOW!

What a week it’s been – I could never have imagined that Project Super Socks would prove to be as popular as it has, and I can’t say thank you enough!

A purple book with the title "Project Super Socks" is balanced on a stack of blue and orange books against a wooden background. There's a pot plant in the right hand corner

I had hoped that you would think this book would be useful and might want to have a copy in your project bag too, but I couldn’t believe it when my little blog shop was overwhelmed at times on release day, and even Amazon was overwhelmed for a while and had to close orders whilst (I presume) it sorted out the printing schedule.  Goodness!  Now that’s a story I’ll be smiling about for a long time! 🙂

This isn’t a regular blog post, I just wanted to post today to let you know how thrilled I am that you love the idea of the book and have chosen to spend your money on it, and your time in reading it when it arrives.  I don’t take that for granted at all.  Thank you.

Oh, and I also wanted to show you this, because this doesn’t happen to me every day …

A screenshot of an Amazon listing for a book with the label "bestseller" across the top

Woohoo!  I’ve got a bestseller tab!  You can probably see my smile from your house!

And there’s more …


Am I bragging?  You bet I am! 🤣

But of course, none of this would have happened without you, so I hope you’ll share my delight in the bestseller tab and I’ll see you smiling from where you are too!  I’m so pleased that you have thought that this sock knitting notebook is just what you need to keep your information in one place, and I hope that it becomes one of the most useful pieces of your sock knitting kit.


Project Super Socks release day was a huge success but it wasn’t without its hiccups and I know that people were trying to get  copy but couldn’t for various reasons.  Now that everything has calmed down a little, it should be easier to buy it from the place that’s most convenient for you so I’ll give you some links below which I hope will help.

I’m waiting for more stock to come in from the printers but you can backorder through the blog (UK only): Winwick Mum shop

It’s live on Amazon everywhere and you can find it through the search bar now too – it was so new at first that you couldn’t find it without a link!  I’ve added my (paid) links below to save you searching if you want to get there quickly!

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Amazon Canada

It’s also available on other Amazon sites too, including Australia – hooray!  If you don’t want to use Amazon, your best choice at the moment will be Wool Warehouse as they can post overseas.

There are also copies winging their way to yarn shops – the book is in stock at Peak District Yarns and Ewe Felty Thing already, and it’s on its way to Wool Warehouse, Kraft Work Yarns and The Yarn Badger so you’ll need to check to see when they’ve updated their websites.  I’m hoping it will be available at more yarn shops in the future, and also through local booksellers – I’ll be updating the information for that when my new copies come in from the printers so that they’ll be available without having to go on backorder.

And this was me on Friday evening …

A purple book with a purple pen lying across it is on a wooden coffee table in front of an open fire. There is a glass of prosecco and a partly-knitted sock on the table too.

You’ve heard me talk often enough about taking the time to appreciate, and this was my moment to do this last night.  A crackling fire, sock to hand, a glass of something sparkly – and another HUGE thank you to you for all your support. You’re amazing!

Cheers! 🥂



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43 Responses

  1. Helen says:

    I’m delighted that you’re smiling and basking in glory! You’ve brought me so much pleasure in the last 20 months by teaching me to knit. And kept my toes warm.

  2. Bridget says:

    Congratulations Christine. I am delighted with mine. It is those simple little things in life that make it that so much easier xx

  3. Fiona Kennedy says:

    well done .I got mine – and signed !!!!!I especially loved the Kitchener stitch bookmark

  4. Katrina says:

    Congratulations on the sucess of your book. I now know how to knit socks thanks to you so in the New Year I shall be purchasing a copy instead of all the bits I have scattered around.

  5. Audrey says:

    you have a good right to brag .you’ve done amazing .To think of all the sock kntters .you’ve shown how to knit them .keep up the good work. I wish you and your family a very merry Xmas and all the best for 2024

  6. Dawn Herron says:

    Have to say I very much enjoyed seeing the chaos on day 1 – not for the drama it caused – but for the sheer volume of people chomping at the bit to get the book. It’s such a great concept and something we all use various methods to track so I’m very excited to get mine and snuggle down over Christmas capturing all my notes while knitting socks for loved ones. Best of luck with your sales and hopefully your website has smooth sailing from here on out.

    • winwickmum says:

      Ah, that’s kind of you to say, thank you! I hope you have a lovely time writing up all your notes over Christmas – and here’s wishing you a very merry one! 🙂 xx

  7. A customer who buys her sock wool in my shop (Unwind With Us) got so addicted to making your socks that she has just completed her 22nd pair – 1 for each family member for Christmas!! Thank you Christine!

  8. Mary says:

    Woo hoo!! Thanks to you Christine I am a sock knitter and am about to start my 94 yr old mum on the sock knitting journey!! You are priceless xxx

  9. Maureen says:

    Thank you Christine for a brilliant book. You have every right to be proud. Well done. I too love the book mark. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Xxx

  10. Hong says:

    Congratulations! I bought two books because my kids want to learn how to make socks also. Hope they can pick it up and join the Sockalong! Thank you, from the US.

    • winwickmum says:

      That’s wonderful, thank you! There are links in the book to the Winwick Mum Sockalong tutorials so they can use those along with the printed patterns, and hopefully they’ll have socks on their feet in no time! 🙂 xx

  11. Lesley-Anne Haddow says:

    Wow!! Congratulations!! A best seller, how fantastic! I have Project Super Socks and More Super Socks on my Christmas List and I have been good this year so 🤞🏻

  12. Hi Christine, Huge congratulations on the success of your book. hopefully my copy will be waiting for me at home. I’ve asked Santa for the 52 weeks of socks. I like many others learnt to knit socks from the sock a long book. so excited now I’ll have a new customised notebook to go with it. wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas, xx

  13. Joy says:

    Thank you Christine, every time I knit a pair of socks (I always use your basic socks pattern…) I scribble notes somewhere and always lose them. Can’t wait to receive mine in France from Amazon!! 😊 😊

    • winwickmum says:

      I know there are people who don’t like Amazon, but it’s a brilliant company for me and my books! I love that they are able to send you a copy in France and I hope you get plenty of use out of it – thanks for buying it! xx

  14. Jacqueline says:

    Congratulations and wishes for continued success

  15. Lynne Chinnock says:

    Absolutely blooming brilliant!
    Well done Christine 👏🏻👏🏻X

  16. Lynne Chinnock says:

    Absolutely blooming brilliant!
    You must be so proud of yourself Christine 👏🏻👏🏻X

  17. Dawn C says:

    Huge congratulations Christine! The bestseller sticker…swoon. My copy is due tomorrow and I can’t wait. Enjoy your success, you deserve it 🍻

  18. SARAH MURRAY says:

    Congratulations on your ginormous and well deserves success. My copy arrived yesterday and I sat and read it straight away, with a big smile. Thank you for this. I learned to knit socks thanks to you and now my sock knitting with improve a little bit. Sarah xxx

  19. Jennifer Goodman says:

    as always “good job”👍 and “well done” on your new book. I will have to wait for a bit to get my copy as I’m on a fixed income with Christmas and all, but will be ordering one ASAP. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.🎄

    • winwickmum says:

      Christmas can be such an expensive time, isn’t it? This book isn’t going anywhere so if you ever want to buy one in the future, you’ll be able to find it. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too! xx

  20. Lindsay says:

    Very well deserved Christine, you have no idea how much pleasure I get from knitting socks and giving them away. I think I must have knitted at least 60 pairs now!
    All through finding your website and following you here and on Facebook. A very big thank you for all your hard work x

  21. Lindsay says:

    Very well deserved, congratulations!
    I get so much pleasure from following you, I have now knitted more than 60 pairs of socks thanks to you and your books.
    My copy arrived yesterday- the Kitchener bookmark was a lovely surprise!
    Thank you Christine x

  22. Marly says:

    Your booklet looks interesting, and very useful. Congratulations!

    On a totally different topic: the Sanctuary Sock Pattern. I found an abbreviation that isn’t listed but is used in the pattern: Ktbl. Please explain what that represents. I was planning to knit these during the Winter Haven KAL, so my request is pretty urgent!

    • winwickmum says:

      Oh, have I missed that out? Thank you for spotting it, I’ll update the pattern. Ktbl is knit through back loop – this gives you a twisted stitch instead of a straight knit stitch. I’m really glad you’re going to join in with the Winter Haven KAL! 🙂 xx

  23. Jan says:

    I had a problem on day one, but mine is on it’s way and I’m really looking forward to using it.

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