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Ugh, I’ve got a cold.  It’s not so bad that it’s stopping me from doing stuff that I need to do, but it is bad enough that I had a two hour nap yesterday afternoon and I never do that!  I’m back in bed wrapped up in my blanket after waving not so small daughter off to work and my husband off to meet his friend – and I’m very grateful that I am not doing the not-so-small-daughter-to-work-run this morning!

I’ve got loads of photos from the beginning of December that I wanted to catch up on, but I hope you won’t mind if I keep it quite short today and hopefully I’ll be able to post again next week before Christmas.  It’s incredible to think that this time next week, it will be the day before Christmas Eve – I am not ready so I am going to have to get on with some wrapping and card writing today, with maybe the promise of another nap in the middle of it.  These dark winter days should really be a time of resting for us and instead we have some of our biggest celebrations with all the preparation that goes with it – it’s no wonder that there are plenty of bugs going around!

I think that my cold is as a result of stopping after months of working at top speed so I’m not worried that it’s anything more than that.  I’m drinking gallons of honey and lemon and coughing like a life-long smoker but other than that, and feeling more tired than usual, I hope I’ll be back on top form again next week.


Before I get into the rest of my photos, I want to say thank you again to everybody who has bought a copy of Project Super Socks – you have absolutely blown me away by the number of books that have been sold through the blog and Amazon, and I really hope that you find it to be as useful as your needles and yarn!  Thank you also if you’ve left me a review, you’ve made my heart really happy with your lovely words xx

This happened on last Sunday and books don’t stay top of the list for too long so I’m going to share it here so that I’ve got a record of it … and also a last celebration on the release of Project Super Socks 🙂

A screenshot of an Amazon page showing Project Super Socks as the number one bestseller in Knitting Books

A screenshot of an Amazon page showing Project Super Socks as a number one bestseller in three categories

Wow, I couldn’t believe my eyes – thank you!

If you’ve been onto the Amazon site this last week, you may have noticed a price change – that’s all down to Amazon, I don’t have any control over the price once it’s on their website; I can only give them the RRP and they do what they like after that.

The books are now on their way to A Modern Yarn in Formby and Moorlands Wool and Crafts in Leek, Staffordshire as well so if you’re local to there you can look out for them arriving over the next week.  I should really create a suppliers page for the blog now, shouldn’t I?  I’ll add it to my list!

It was all hands on deck last week when the books were going out from here – I do have some more stock in now, but the last posting date for before Christmas is on Monday 18 December so if you want a copy before then, Amazon (paid link) may be your best bet.

I had a good system going for packing them up, and I even had some extra help …

A calico and a tabby and white cat are sitting in a box of cardboard book packaging

I’m not actually sure how helpful they were in the end, but they did count the number of cardboard sleeves I had for wrapping the books in before going off to check out their food dishes just in case I’d managed to sneak some food in when they weren’t looking (no chance – this pair are bottomless pits – they’d be the size of small houses if they could open the food tins themselves!).


I’m feeling the need for more honey and lemon so I’ll leave you with a last couple of photos for today …

An Advent candle in a chrome reindeer-shaped holder next to a metal house-shaped light decoration. The back wall is wooden and there is a star hanging from itA close up of an Advent candle which has just started burning down the numbers

I’ve not had an Advent candle for years!  Not so small daughter had her driving theory test in Liverpool a couple of weeks ago (she passed – hooray!) and whilst I was waiting for her and doing a bit of window shopping, I spotted a branch of Sostrene Grene.  It’s a Danish shop which sells all kinds of lovely things for crafting and the home – there’s a branch in Manchester and big daughter would often go in when she lived there, but I’ve never been in one and I’ve always wanted to look around.  The website tells you that “A visit to Sostrene Grene must always be full of hygge” and I can tell you that it is – what a lovely shop!  Hygge is the Scandinavian word that loosely translates into English as “cosy” and there was definitely that feel about the place.  Goodness, I wanted to stay in there all day, and then buy everything to take it home with me!

In the end, I settled on the Advent candle and a couple of stocking fillers for the family – and then not so small daughter wanted to go in after her theory test so I got to enjoy it all over again!


I do hope this post finds you in a much healthier state than I am, and I am very glad that I can’t pass germs through the screen to you!  Have a lovely weekend and I’ll catch up with you again soon xx



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32 Responses

  1. Marly says:

    Lemon and honey: an excellent remedy! Get well soon Christine.

  2. Dawn C says:

    Aww get well soon Christine, and huge congratulations on the number one spot! 100% believer in the restorative power of the nap.. And good coffee! Take care xx

  3. Laura Lamb says:

    Hope you are soon better Christine . X

  4. Audrey says:

    unfortunately I’m the same full of cold .But its the time of year for it .
    At least we will be fully recovered for the Celebrations

  5. Sue Geen says:

    poor you. it’s the adrenaline drop that opens you up to colds!

    I recommend ginger tea. a few slices of root ginger steeped in boiling water. add lemon and ginger to taste if wanted. works wonders.

    get better soon xx

  6. Helen says:

    Hope you feel better soon Christine, I’m also full of cold or maybe flu given the speed at which it hit me and initial symptoms. It’s by the by what it’s called, it’s a blinking nuisance as it always hits my eyes so that I can’t even use the downtime to craft.
    Like you I have been burning the candle at both ends with lots of overtime at work and appearing in panto with my local am dram group so I just need to take it easy for a couple of days.
    Now to wrap up warm and venture outside, I’d like to stay in the warm but the one disadvantage of living alone is having to go and do the shopping even if you are ill. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year x

  7. Fiona Kennedy says:

    get well soon Christine.Been working too hard and your body has gone…enough xxx
    I love my book although not actually read it yet.I didn’t realise you had such fab helpers.I have a “helper” called Elvis xxx

  8. Ruth Howard says:

    Oh dear 🙈 Christine – what a horrible time to be poorly – hope you
    Feel better soon – thanks for the updates and GET WELL SOON- love Ruth x

  9. Cathy says:

    Hope you rest and take good care of yourself.

  10. Cathy Harris says:

    Poor you get well soon

  11. Geeha says:

    So sorry you’re not well and hope that you soon feel better. My husband, sister and self all got it earlier in the month and we’re well on the way to recovery. We’re pensioners who do voluntary work and have health issues but hadn’t felt particularly stressed so I think it’s just a vicious virus

  12. Kathy Augustine says:

    Oh goodness! I hope you feel better soon! I am a week ahead of you with this nasty cold. I have just received my sock workbook in the mail yesterday and am excited to really check it out. I am working on a pair of mittens right now and have some lovely WYS sock yarn already and waiting for me. May you mend quickly and I do hope we both get those Christmas cards done! Happy Holidays 🎄

  13. Chris says:

    Hope you’re feeling better very soon. At least you’ll get it out of the way before Christmas!

  14. Jude says:

    Get well soon Christine. Just listened to a video you made on weaving in ends in knitting. You didn’t sound like I thought you would sound but a lovely Winwick accent.
    Merry Christmas everyone

  15. Suzy says:

    Really hope you are fit and well soon. have a well deserved Happy Christmas

  16. Meg Winkler says:

    I wish you comfy, cozy hours to rest and rid yourself of the nasty cough and cold. Thinking of you from across the pond,

  17. Susan Miller says:

    Hope you are soon feeling better and you are able to enjoy Christmas love and hugs?

  18. Chris says:

    Sorry you are unwell…take it as easy as you can and hope you feel better soon. Perhaps little treats are needed…😊

  19. Susan Rayner says:

    So very sorry that you have a horrid cold – and just before Christmas too – but hopefully come the day you will be firing on all cylinders again.
    I love the cats in a box this week.
    Many, many congratulations on the success of the Project Socks book – such a useful thing and I can’t wait to start filling mine in.
    I love your Advent Candle – that shop sounds like my cup of tea – but there doesn’t appear to be one down South.
    Sending all sorts of best wishes to everyone who reads this lovely blog and to you and your family – get better very soon. xx

  20. Susan Rayner says:

    Before people inundate me with details of Sostrene Grene shops in Surrey and thereabouts – I have just found them!! Might have to go shopping.

  21. Sandra Dain says:

    Get well soon, Christine. I visited the Dainish shop in Manchester in May. Lovely shop and I was tempted by some of their yarn.

  22. Sandra Dain says:

    I meant Danish!

  23. Meryle hawkins says:

    I love your posts and especially love those two gorgeous moggies. Get well soon

  24. Kerrie Cutting says:

    Get Well soon, I hope you are feeling better with Christmas just around the corner.

  25. Janet Vickers says:

    Perhaps natures way of telling you to slow down a bit. Get well soon. Take care of yourself. Merry Christmas

  26. Corinne says:

    The same thing happens to our elder daughter and her TA every Christmas holidays, once they stop after all the busy-ness. It’s Nature’s way of telling you to take care of yourself.
    Hope you feel better soon x

  27. Joy Wilson says:

    Get well soon. I’m hoping my husband took the hint and there’ll be a copy of Project Super Socks under the tree for me. Merry Christmas ! 🎄

  28. SARAH MURRAY says:

    You are not the only one but I do hope you feel better soon. I will have to check out that shop….

  29. Helen says:

    I recently found Sostrene Grene in Manchester, oh it’s wonderful. I bought tea light houses and a few baubles.

    Hoping you’re on the mend and fully healed by Christmas, x

  30. Rosie says:

    Hope you feel better soon Christine. at least if you must have it, its better you have now so your in a better state of health for Christmas. thank you for my sock project book looking to start with it Christmas day evening. with my new sock book yarn and project book. xx

  31. Charlotte says:

    Wishing you to be better soon. Purchased the book thinking that my husband could put it under the tree but when I saw it decided that I need it now. Happy Christmas with lots of good health.

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