Blogtober 2023 : Day 14

Day 14 … we’re two weeks into October – that seems crazy, doesn’t it?

I was up early this morning making chocolate brownies for big daughter’s yoga day retreat which she had planned for today.  I wasn’t required for any other catering (unlike the weekend retreats she runs) but I thought that the brownies would be nicer made on the day than the day before.

A chocolate brownie just out of the oven before cooling and slicing

I used this vegan brownie recipe from the Jane’s Patisserie website and whilst I know that there are lots of other excellent chefs and recipes out there, the ones from Jane’s Patisserie have never let me down so when I need cake (and especially one to suit particular dietary requirements), it’s my first port of call.

The only downside with this cake was that I wasn’t going to the retreat day so I didn’t get any! 🙂

Instead, I went to meet up with some friends at the Stitch Station cafe, and had a lovely morning chatting and knitting.

A cafe table with a pink and green striped sock and ball of yarn on it, and a glass of hot chocolate in a saucer.

No prizes for guessing what I was knitting – I’ve got to get a move on if these socks are going to be ready before the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 🙂

When I got home, I was in two minds whether to carry on knitting or whether to try to tick something else off my decluttering list.  Everybody else was out and it seemed like a good enough time to empty the cupboard where we keep board games, the ironing board, the vacuum cleaner and lots of other stuff that generally ended up mostly on the floor and not on the shelves.

Oh my life – I took it all out of the cupboard (it used to be where the boiler was when we first moved into the house which is why it looks a bit basic) and spread it out on the floor – much like the team in the Sort Your Life Out TV show do, although they have the entire contents of somebody’s house in a warehouse – and I couldn’t believe how much of it there was!  There wasn’t a spare inch of carpet!

Ugh, that’s the moment when your heart sinks and you realise that somehow, it’s all got to go back in again.  I’m afraid I didn’t even consider taking a photo to show you, there was far too much mess!  There wasn’t going to be as much going back in though.  I knew we had lots of stuff in there that could probably go into the bin, and there were games that hadn’t been played for years so I’ve got those in a pile ready to go through them all with the girls to make sure that we’re ready to let them go to new homes.  And then I put it all back in, but it fitted remarkably well!

Shelves stacked with boxes of board games

We still have a lot of games but we are a family that likes board games and these ones get played – the girls particularly liked the ones that had been mine when I was little when they were younger, so Downfall, Frustration and Othello got played at lot.  Now, the favourites tend to be Taboo, 5 Second Rule and Cluedo, and not so small daughter knows a surprising number of card games from her Guide and Ranger events so we often play those too.

The cupboard is more full now – the vacuum cleaner and ironing board are back in, and some crafting stuff belonging to the girls and a bag of yarn dye that I bought the very first time I went to Yarndale as I thought I might like to give it a go.  Was it the 10th or 11th Yarndale this year?  I can tell you that the dye is still in the bag and I have preferred to spend my money with experts who know what they’re doing with hand-dyeing yarn!

Finally for today, I know you’ll be disappointed if Astrid doesn’t feature and today she decided that she would be a Cat in a Dish – not so small daughter was out at work when I snapped this photo and I am not sure she would be too pleased to know that Astrid had been standing in her plant bowl on the window sill!

A tabby and white cat stands in a decorative dish on a windowsill

She’s a daft cat!

See you tomorrow! xx



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20 Responses

  1. Hazel Goulstone says:

    While you are considering a cull of surplus games might it be the time to consider if you really need three boxes of Monopoly?

  2. Brenda says:

    If you’re looking for a new boardgame to add to the collection I can highly recommend ‘Qwirkle’ 😁

  3. Nathalie Brice says:

    We too have many board games, or should that be too many ?
    Our favourites at the moment are Qwirkle and Blokkus, very good for not so small people.

  4. Audrey says:

    love your blogs. it’s certainly thst time of year to do decluttering . Lucky me i don’t have room to keep a lot of stuff apart from wool of course .As I downsized my home .

  5. Avie says:

    Now you have finished your cupboard, you will have time to come and do mine!!! xxx

  6. Susan Rayner says:

    The only “board” game in our house is Scrabble- we were mad keen Trivial Pursuiters but got to know all the answers off by heart – we gave away all our board games over 15 years ago when we had an extension and had to empty the house – and we haven’t missed any of them. But no “children” adult or otherwise in this household.
    I live to tidy cupboards and I am sure you do too. Such satisfaction.
    Maybe the yarn dye could go to a good home.
    Love the cat in the bowl!

  7. Jacqueline says:

    I applaud your energy..please share

  8. Ruth Howard says:

    Oh Christine- I have just done the very same thing with the games only they were with my knitting magazines- have had a big turn out of them all – managed to sell my magazines on eBay – sent the spare games to charity – my ongoing big turn out of everything- my grandsons have just bought their own house so have been able to pass on lots of extra posts and pans to them !! – love Jane’sPatisserie recipes – always worked for me too – thanks for sharing- love your posts x

  9. Bonnie CAMPBELL says:

    If you like birds & the environment, try Wingspan. Lovely pictures & lots of fun information. I’m really enjoying your cheerful blogs & having fun learning how to knit socks with your great photos! Thanks very much.

  10. Loraine says:

    I see you have Rummikub, my absolute favourite! It feels so good to get something sorted!

  11. Ursula Uphof says:

    I so love reading your posts about everyday life. I missed a few earlier, but am all caught up now. . take care xxx

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