Blogtober 2023 : Day 23

Hattie didn’t come home last night.

Oh, it worries me no end when one of our cats stays out all night and it’s getting a bit cold for that!  I was out late with my girls and my husband was home but obviously didn’t hear her come back – we don’t have a cat flap so we have to listen out for her wanting to get back in and if the TV is on and you’re not looking for her … it doesn’t help that Hattie doesn’t hang around so if you’ve not got to the door in about 30 seconds, she wanders off again and you have to wait for her to do another circuit of wherever it is she goes.

In the end, after calling her, rattling food dishes and trying not wake up the neighbours, I had to leave her to it.  She’s got a thick fur coat and I was sure she would have found somewhere in the garden to curl up.  I heard her miaowing at the door at 6.30am – and by the time I had got downstairs and unlocked the door, she’d wandered off again!  Fortunately, she was close enough to hear me calling her and she came in, very cross that she had missed her supper but as I said to her, who’s fault was that?!

This is where she’s been all day …

A white, black and ginger cat lying on a blue sofa

she’s been curled up on the sofa bed catching up on her sleep!  I thought she might mither to go out (oh, she’s such a mitherer!) but she hasn’t done so far – maybe she’s waiting until later so that she can stay out all night again … that will not be happening!


Astrid has been getting cosy today as well …

A tabby and white cat lying on a brown fleece blanket on a black dog bed in front of a blue Aga oven

She is one crazy kitcat!  This is the dog’s bed which I’ve started putting next to the Aga again as he likes to sleep there in the day (honestly, the house is full of sleeping pets!) and he was not amused to find a cat rolling about on his blankets!

A black dog inspects a tabby and white cat lying on his bed in front of a blue Aga oven

They did have a brief go at trying to share the bed but it didn’t really work and Astrid had to go and sit somewhere else – the dog is very good at doing a nifty stretch and pushing you out of the way when he wants to be in a space and she soon found herself on the floor!

A black dog and a tabby and white cat are trying to share a dog bed in front of a blue Aga oven

I can’t believe that I’ve been writing this post on and off all day and it’s suddenly 9.50pm!  It’s the first day of half term for not so small daughter and we’ve both been a bit discombobulated with not having to get up early (although I did have to get up at 6.30am to let Hattie in but I got back into bed so it doesn’t count).  Not so small daughter didn’t intend to get up very early at all so she wasn’t very pleased to spot a dentist appointment on the calendar for this morning.  It was the only one I could get for her now that we have to work around extended college hours, but she managed to get herself out of bed on time and it was all good news at the check up.  Clearly, her flossing game is considerably better than mine as she didn’t get told off or given interdental tooth picks!

And that’s about it – there’s been some list writing, food shopping (again – we did that last week! 🙂 ), cat snuggling (we’re showing Hattie what she was missing last night) and I’m going to see if I can get a couple of knitting rounds in before bed.  I’ll stop for today and hopefully have a bit more to write tomorrow!



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7 Responses

  1. Paula Middleton says:

    no raccoons in England? we have severeal predators around us so curfew is 6pm for my cats.

  2. Corinne says:

    At least she came back! She might have realised what she’s missing if she’s going to stay out all night.

  3. Autumn says:

    Your dog looks like a gentle giant in comparison to Astrid!

  4. Helen Dart says:

    Simba can be a swine to get in. I was so considerate letting him out for ten minutes before feeding, of been at the office all day. Then he got all excited that it was being dark and decided he was big enough to stay out. Luckily shaking the dreamies box inspired him to come in.

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