Blogtober 2023 : Day 24

In today’s thrilling instalment of the Winwick Mum chronicles, I’ve been crawling about in the attic again (looking for a leak this time – unfortunately, I think I’ve found it and now need to track down a roofer), I’ve waved not so small daughter off on her driving lesson, I’ve been out for a wet walk with my friend and our dogs, I’ve been on a mission to find missing parcels (we have a new online shopping delivery driver and he can’t seem to get his van to go as far as our house so it’s been “fun” this week as I’ve tried to work out where my parcels are from the tracking photos of front doors) and I have been putting the finishing touches to a PDF for a brand new pattern.

Ooh, none of us saw that coming! 🙂  I absolutely didn’t intend to release a new pattern during Blogtober but when I was asked to knit socks for a Future Dreams photo shoot, they wanted baby socks as well as adult socks and it involved writing a new pattern so I thought I would release it and then I can make a donation to the charity as well as all the other fundraising that’s been going on through West Yorkshire Spinners, yarn shops and knitting groups.

Two pairs of pink and green striped socks - one adult, one baby, on a white wooden table with a red glass heart

It always makes me happy to think that my patterns can do good, whether they are free or paid for, so I’m really excited for this one to be nearly ready to fly the Winwick Mum nest!  I’m going to try to get it out this week so I’ll keep you posted with how it’s going!

After all the photos of the cats yesterday, the dog said that he wanted another one of him in his other favourite place (the one that’s not next to the Aga) …

A black dog in a woodland pool

He’s such a happy boy in that water!  The pool is still pretty full too, and that’s no surprise as we’ve had quite a bit of rain this week.

This is what happens to the footpaths around here when it’s wet …

Muddy tracks on a footpath with purple wellies for context

Ugh, it’s all a bit squelchy!  Even without the water (which actually cleans him off a bit), the dog is always going home from these walks sporting his Eau de Pond aftershave and an interesting mud hair mask that coats him from toes to knees.  Lovely.

Despite the gloomy drizzle, there’s colour in the trees and the fresh air is still magic at this time of year so even with your hood up and rain dripping down your nose, you reap the benefits.  And there’s the chance to catch up with a friend and be grateful that my dog is no longer the one that’s disappearing into the bushes all the time 🙂

A view across a meadow to autumn trees

I thought I’d show you these photos just for reference because this is a disused part of the St Helens canal which has now been put into service as an overflow channel when the brook at the other end bursts its banks, as it seems to do more regularly these days than it ever has.

This is the path down to the canal and you can see the steps that go up the other side; for most of the year, this is part of the footpath network around here but I expect that will change as autumn moves into winter, especially if the rain keeps on like it has.

Looking down steps to an overgrown disused canal

This photo is taken from the middle of the path that you can see above, looking in the direction that the water will travel when the path floods.  I may not be standing in the path taking photos then!

An overgrown disused canal

How’s your day been, anyway?  I’m talking at you and haven’t asked how you are for a while, so do let me know what you’ve been up to – and I’ll see you again tomorrow! xx



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5 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    I just received your socks book and can’t wait to start my socks. I’ve knitted socks before but only on straight needles from start to finish. They were good enough but I’m ready for circular knitted socks. Luv your blog also.

  2. Caz says:

    What is it with dogs and stinky water!?!? Meghan is always the ring leader in her gang of playmates….they all end up in the water when Ross takes her over the field…. They’re all playing nicely in the field then along comes Meghan ‘hey guys, follow me for some extra fun!”…straight in the water or a big muddy puddle that always develops this time of year! 🙄🤬 We’re getting the clippers out today as she’s starting to look a bit scruffy and at least she’ll be a bit easier to dry off then …bless her 🙄🤬
    Nutcracker on the needles at the moment, I finished a pair for me and Lewis took a fancy to them so there should be just about enough, with some contrast, to squeeze a pair for him….never any thing bland/boring for him…the brighter, the better as far as he’s concerned…its so nice when your son only wears Mum knit socks 🥰🥰🥰 I’m keeping a note of how many for next year’s anniversary count up 😇
    It’s going to be strange when Blogtober is over and we don’t get daily posts from you 😢

  3. Annette says:

    looking forward to the new pattern. your walk looked really pretty, with the seasonal change in colours, even in this soggy weather. Really your daily blog posts, will miss them when we reach the end of the month.

  4. Helen says:

    Aww, dog living his best life.

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