Spring has sprung!

It was the Spring Equinox earlier this week so spring is officially here.  I think I would finally agree (despite knowing that it’s likely to go cold again) after seeing all the flowers appear magically overnight – or so it seemed!

Our Magnolia stellata seemed to be very far behind others that were flowering, and then all of a sudden, it had caught up!

A close up of a white magnolia stellata flower

There are lots of Magnolia and Camellia bushes and trees around Winwick and it’s lovely to see them whilst I’m out with the dog.

Our Camellia has had more flowers this year than I have ever seen so it is obviously happier in it’s more open space in the border that I built last year.  I’m not surprised, really, as it was tucked away under a lilac tree so it must be appreciating all the sunshine for itself!  I was really happy to see so many flowers – and was intrigued to see that one of the plants next to the Camellia had started flowering too.  I didn’t think the flowers looked like that, and I was sure it wasn’t meant to flower until later in the year.  I went to take a closer look …

A pink-edged white camellia flower sitting amongst the leaves of another plant

and realised that during the previous windy night, lots of the flowers had blown off the bush!  This one had landed in the leaves here, looking as if it was meant to be there!  I found a few more flowers on the ground as well, so I put them in the pebble pool to try to keep them going for a bit longer …

Two pink-edged white camellia flowers floating in a pebble pool

They did last a few days before they went brown and I had to fish them out!

The miniature narcissi are out as well – so far so good with the bulbs in this garden, the mice haven’t found them yet! 🙂

A garden border on a sunny spring afternoon. There is a small pebble pool in the foreground and lots of narcissi

I went up to Skipton to see my friend Lucy a couple of weeks back.  You know, I could have sworn it was only last week but last week’s post was the Muud bags review so I didn’t show you my photos and it’s been a whole week since then!  Thank you for your comments about the review, by the way, it’s always lovely to read them!

It was raining for most of the drive up to Skipton.  I go through Colne in Lancashire and that town always seems to have alll the weather no matter what it’s like when I leave home or get to Skipton – it was thick snow one day, heavy rain on this day – but by the time I got to Skipton the weather had cleared up.  Lucy and I headed out to Bolton Abbey for a quick walk and the rain started again just as we set off, but fortunately it was only light so we didn’t get too wet.  It was one of those days where the dull light makes everything seem a bit magical; even though it’s not bright and sunny, everything is very clear – do you know what kind of a day I mean?

Look at the moss by the river!

Bright green moss on a river bank next to a woodland path Bright green moss on a rocky riverbank

It was as if not having any sunshine to compete with, the moss could really turn up the volume and be as bright as it wanted!  It was so green, it was amazing!  Surprisingly, the river wasn’t too high despite the rain they’d had in Yorkshire, but it was still flowing pretty quickly and the ducks that were floating on it shot past at quite a pace – they did look funny!  Lucy told me about a duck in a tree making her jump one day, and I remembered someone telling me about their chickens that used to roost in the bushes and it had never occurred to me that chickens might do that … what high-brow conversations we have! 🤣

Lucy and I walked up to the Strid but didn’t go too close as the rocks were slippery and now that I know how dangerous it is, it properly gives me the creeps!  And then we turned back and headed to the cafe by the car park for a brew – when I was little, I used to think that stopping for a drink in a cafe during a day out was a complete waste of time when you could be doing something, but now I fully appreciate the experience! 🙂


I’ve finished my Spring Green Treasure Socks, just in time for the Equinox, although it wasn’t planned like that at all.  It’s really nice to have them finished and now I’ve got both a summer pair and a spring pair …

A pair of green, yellow and cream colourwork socks on foot forms lying on a wooden floor. The feet are positioned so that the sock toes are opposite each other

My Summer Sunset pair have been out and about quite a lot!

A pair of cream, pink, orange and red striped colourwork socks modelled on feet. The feet are resting on the arm of a sofa with an armchair and coffee table with a plant on it in the background

They’re super-comfy because of the double layer of yarn with the colourwork – just what I’ve needed for soggy dog walks!

If you’ve not seen the Winwick Mum colourways of West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply before, you can read about them here.  I know most of you will probably know all about them, but every now and again I get a new reader (hello to you!) and they might want to know! 🙂

Do you remember I told you that I was going to run out of yarn for my Twilight Rainbow emergency socks?  Well, after noodling on what to do for a while, I decided that I would go for something completely different and knit some contrast stripes.  A bit like when an architect adds a glass extension to a brick building so that there’s no way you’d think they had tried to match it up and failed.  I had a few goes at getting the stripes right, but I think I’m happy with these now …

A hand knitted sock in rainbow yarn with stripes of red, green and yellow at the bottom of the foot. The cuff and heel is yellow. The sock is on a wooden sock blocker, lying on a wooden table next to an orange mug of tea

Yes, the red stripe is narrower than the green one on purpose – there’s a yellow stripe that’s longer than the green one but you can’t see it because of the yellow toes.  I debated whether to break it up with another colour so that it would be obvious, but then decided that I’d faffed enough and they’re fine.  If I’d known I was going to run out I might have put the stripes on the leg, but I didn’t – know or do it!  The rainbow yarn is Twilight Rainbow by Yarn Unique and these are leftovers which is how I’ve managed to run out, Caroline from Yarn Unique doesn’t shortchange you on her skein size! 🙂

And finally for this week, there’s something new on my needles …

A sock cuff on a circular needle knitted in alternate stitches of green and yellow yarn. The balls of yarn are in the background

Yes, it’s a new pattern!  It’s a bit of fun this one … not so small daughter is off on her travels again this year.  This time, she’s going to Nepal with World Challenge (you may remember that big daughter went to Peru with World Challenge back in 2016 – gosh, that’s a long time ago now!) and it seems to be a bit of a tradition that I create or design something to help with the fundraising.  Super Socks in 2015 for Peru, Don’t be Koi Socks last year for Japan and now – this!  I’m not going to spoil the surprise but I can tell you it’s a mosaic sock, and it’s nothing like anything I’ve designed before!

Ha! I’d better get on and finish it so you can see! 🙂



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20 Responses

  1. Audrey says:

    Love the colours for your new socks. Yes 1st day of Spring was my Birthday 19th March .My planters are starting to to have green buds coming through some the leaves are turning red Star burst I think it’s called

  2. Lisa Earnesty says:

    I love to see your new designs, I haven’t tried any color work socks yet. the Nepal fundraiser might just be the time I try. Beautiful flowers in your garden too. No flowers here in the northern part of the US, still too cold. I am off to my knitting group today. It’s raining here, so a good day to stay in and knit with friends. Hope you have a blessed day.

    • winwickmum says:

      I hope you had a lovely time with your knitting group! These new socks are mosaic which is even easier than colourwork and might be a good place to start – have a look at my Easy Mosaic Socks pattern and see what you think! 🙂 xx

  3. Jan says:

    Look forward to seeing the new socks.
    We live in Norwich and are Norwich City football supporters. So, often Husbands choice for hats is yellow or yellow and green.

  4. Margaret L. says:

    I have to say that the weather in Wharfedale – I live near Bolton Abbey – has been disgusting this winter and I’m sorry we didn’t do better for your visit. As for stopping for a drink (and something nice to eat) on a walk, I’m afraid that’s what gets me out on walk these days! Lovely socks. I have been off knitting for a while but the mojo has very recently returned – something to do in the foul weather – and my sock drawer is getting very depleted. I like the idea that these colourwork ones are warmer than usual, so will be giving these a go. Just as soon as I have finished my current project …….

    • winwickmum says:

      Ah, I don’t dissolve in a bit of rain and I’m well used to it now as we get plenty of it here in Winwick! It’s a lovely part of the world for you to live in 🙂 xx

  5. Cathy says:

    Lovely photos of your garden, trip away and socks. I’ve not tried colour work yet, I’m still trying to get the basic socks right ha ha. I need to do some unpicking on my sock today. I’ve at last got a sock that fits me after knitting 4 pairs. The ankle fit with 56 stitches (shoe size 8) is perfect, however the second sock went wrong around the picking up stitches. I’ve picked up a lot less stitches on this sock.

    I wrote down all the numbers: eg – cast on 56 stitches, rib 16 rows, leg 65 rows, heal length 2″ (in future will do this as rows) and foot 56 rows, before decreasing for toe. So when I came to knit the 56 rows on the foot, because the decreasing ended several rows sooner – compared to the other foot – the foot length is too short. Also husband said, the ankle width is smaller.

    Anyway, I’d like it right. I’ll let you know when I get it right. I’d be lost without your orange Supersocks tutorial book. I just need to note down the pick up stitch count to copy for the next sock.

  6. Susan Rayner says:

    Lovely that spring has now officially arrived. Not that you would know it today in Surrey – we have had torential rain, hail and the most vicious NW wind – down to 5C now.
    The gardens are looking beautiful and I think the Camellias and Magnolias are looking especially good this year.
    We are just back from the Isle of Wight for a few days and the verges there are absolutely full of Daffodils – whoever planted them (the Council?) deserves a medal – they are so gorgeous an give so much joy.
    Love the colours of the new socks. Looking forward to the new design.

    • winwickmum says:

      Isn’t it lovely to see the flowers on the grass verges? We’ve got a lot of daffodils here too – it’s as if they arrive overnight! I hope you had a lovely time away! 🙂 xx

  7. Heather Douglas says:

    I love the previous ‘Mosaic’ sock pattern it was such fun to knit and quite straightforward once you got going. I’ll definitely be interested in this new one. I’ll have a go at the treasure socks first. Reading about your stopping for a brew brought back a memory of my uncle who lived in Hyde, very broad accents there!! He used to say whenever you’re out that you must ‘observe the pauses’ …….ie: brew time!! ❤️☕️🫖

  8. Steffi says:

    So beautiful pictures again this week. Never mind which weather, I would like to visite your part of the country some day. I’m looking forward to your new pattern! I love your easy mosaic pattern so much! This is the only pattern I knitted twice (for my husband and for myself). Have a nice week!

  9. Helen says:

    I love my colourwork socks, especially the darker sock. I reversed the colours.

  10. Rachel says:

    Your leaf socks are so pretty! They look so cozy, I might have to knit a pair for winter

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