Blogtober 2023 : Day 19

Goodness, there was some rain and wind last night!  By this morning, though, all was calm again and it was just dull and drizzly by the time I met up with my friend to walk our dogs.

A fast-flowing brook between two banks on a grey day

It was one of those mornings when you didn’t know whether you wanted your coat hood up or down – and I had my walking boots on rather than my wellies which I discovered later may have been a mistake!

Autumn leaves on the trees next to a canal.   There are ducks in the water

The autumn colours are starting to show on the trees now – another week or so and they’ll look really lovely along here.  The ducks thought I was going to be feeding them.  They started to gather under the bridge where I was standing and were quacking very loudly.  I had to disappoint them – the dog thinks that all duck food should be taste-tested by a large black Labrador and he’s the dog to do it, so I keep him well away from anything duck-related in case he ends up in the water!

This is the water that he’s allowed into …

An overflowing pool

He loves this pool – and look how deep it is today compared to when he was in it the other day!

A black dog in a pond. The dog looks like he's grinning

He wasn’t quite sure about getting in at first as he doesn’t like deep water, but once he realised he could still stand up in it, he was in his element paddling about.  Just before this pool, the path that we needed to walk down was completely flooded so there was no way I was getting through wearing my boots (my friend had her wellies on and said the water was nearly over the top!).  Instead, I did some off-roading over a ditch and through the trees to come out at the other side of the flood – and next time, I’ll make sure to wear my wellies!

On the way back, we spotted bushes full of rosehips, and more hawthorn berries like I showed you a couple of days ago when the dog and I were at the other end of Sankey Valley.  I can remember a saying from when I was little: “Holly berries shining red, means a long winter ’tis said” and I wonder if firstly that’s true, but also if it applies to other berries as well.  There have been so many this year!

Bright red rosehips on a bush

This afternoon wasn’t so much fun.  A visit to the dentist who was less than impressed with my less than impressive flossing regime.  I’ve been given these little interdental tooth brushes and told to up my game.

Two tiny orange inter-dental brushes

And yesterday, I promised to show you the socks that I’ve cast on now that the pair of Future Dreams socks are finished

A small sock cast-on with yarn in pink and green stripes

More Future Dreams socks – and if you think it’s looking a bit tiny then you’re absolutely right!  Future Dreams baby socks ahoy – stayed tuned for more photos coming soon!



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6 Responses

  1. Susan Rayner says:

    Lovely photos – autumn really is the best time of year – boots, wellies, jeans, jumpers, hats and scarves. Nothing better.
    I prefer the Tepe brushes to those ones you have been given. Just saying in case you don’t get on with them.
    Happy weekend.

  2. Lindsay says:

    The hawthorn, holly and cotoneaster berries are spectacular this year yet there are few sloes. We’re going to have to go further afield to pick enough sloes for sloe gin.
    My dentist sounds very similar to yours, I too have those little orange thingies….
    I love the tiddly sock!

  3. I was sold those interdental brushes a couple of weeks ago and the guy that went in before me too.
    I think it is just another money spinner for dental practices. Grrrr

    • winwickmum says:

      These were given to me by the dentist to try out so I haven’t paid for them, but I have bought others that I didn’t like so I was glad to be able to try a different one. I actually like this one, the size works for me and they’re very inexpensive if I buy them elsewhere so there’s a good chance I’ll stick to the flossing with these! 🙂 xx

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