Thank you so much!

Can it really only be a week since my Sofa Snuggle socks pattern graced the pages of this blog?  Oh my life, what an amazing week … and it’s all thanks to you!

Two pairs of feet intertwined on a grey sofa. One pair of feet is wearing green socks and the other is wearing pink socks

If you didn’t last week’s post, these are the socks that I’m talking about.  They’re called the Sofa Snuggle socks, they’re cosy DK (8ply) socks which are perfect for showing off a special skein or ball of yarn and they’re just for snuggling in when you’re watching TV, reading a book or just sitting indoors and needing an extra layer.  You can read the post all about them here.

I’m going to make a donation of £1.00 from the sale of each pattern to the Trussell Trust which is the organisation behind food banks, and there’s more about my views on food banks and how nobody should need to use them in the Sofa Snuggle socks post if you want to read it.  Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I’ll be making the first of (I hope) many donations to the Trussell Trust as I have no plans to stop donating every time the pattern is sold, and the amount I’ll be sending them as of today is ….


Oh my life, isn’t that incredible?  Thank you so much to everyone who bought the pattern as you’ve enabled me to do this and I am so very glad to do so.  It feels like a bit of a magic number and I hope that the amount will be able to do some good when I send it over.  I’ll wait until the end of the month and add in any more sales and let you know then how much I’ve sent, but goodness, I am beyond thrilled that so many of you have bought the pattern – thank you very much!


(I did mention in the post about the pattern that any typos were entirely my own work and there ended up being a couple of them so the pattern has been updated – the final version should have V1.pdf at the end of the file name so do please check your copy before starting to knit.  You should have got an automatic update from Ravelry and I emailed everyone who bought via Payhip, so I hope that everyone has the right version now.  I think this may be the Universe telling me to ask people to test knit for me so perhaps I need to do that in the future! 🙂 )


I can’t quite believe that it’s Friday, it has seemed like such a long week this week – I even had a panicked moment this morning when I thought I’d completely missed a Friday post because it felt like two weeks had gone past!  I hope your week has been a good one and everything is well with you and yours.

It’s a happy furry birthday to our Teeny Terrors today as they reach the grand old age of one.

A tortie and white cat on a grey and white duvet cover A tabby and white cat on a grey and white duvet cover

I’ll be honest and say that at one point, I didn’t think they were going to make it to birthday day – aside from Astrid’s recent incident, Hattie went missing on Wednesday and I was starting to get really worried that she hadn’t come home.  I was asking a neighbour if she had seen her when the neighbour looked over my shoulder and spotted Hattie shut in another neighbour’s greenhouse, sitting quite calmly on the shelving amongst the plant pots.  Hattie has been a house cat with Astrid for the last couple of days – I wanted to be able to say “happy birthday” to them both before the next incident occurs!  Honestly, I think this pair are going to wear me into a frazzle!

Astrid is recovering really well and doesn’t seem to be particularly distressed about not going outside.  I don’t know how long this is going to last and I can imagine that certainly by the spring when the air’s warm and the local field mouse population is in need of a firm paw to keep it under control, it’s going to be harder to keep her in – but who knows?  She might have decided that Out is more trouble than it’s worth now, and I’m certainly enjoying having her around the house so for now, I’ll just appreciate the moment!

I’ve got a few things to chat to you about over the next few weeks – I did pretty well over Blogtober with catching up with reviews but I’ve realised that I’ve never shown you my finished Sheepers slippers and I must do that.  Sheepers sent me a DIY Slip Kit ages ago to make some slippers and they’d make a good Christmas present if you know someone who likes that kind of thing.

Christine is sewing a slipper base to the top. It is black leather with a rainbow flower sewn onto it

I’ve also been sent some books to review and I thought you might like to see those just in case either of the books are on your Christmas list.  One is Mindful Knitting by Chloe Elizabeth Birch which has some lovely projects in it, and the other is Patty Lyons’ Knitting Bag of Tricks.  I’ve only had a quick flick through so far but it’s full of useful information and tips that can be applied to any knitting project so I’m looking forward to sitting down with that one to see what I can learn.  Knitting is such an amazing craft, there’s always something new to find out!

Two books on a wooden table.  One is called Mindful Knitting and the other is called Patty Lyons' Knitting Bag of Tricks

On the subject of knitting, I’ve abandoned all projects in favour of this one … socks for my husband for Christmas.

A partly-knitted pink sock with a black heel on a mustard-coloured sofa.  Next to it is a completed sock, a ball of pink yarn and a brown leather project bag

I don’t usually knit gifts for Christmas but I was asking him about some socks in a different colour when he looked at the yarn in my hand and said, “I’d like socks in that pink colour”.  “That pink colour” is Fuchsia, one of the new colours that came out this year in the West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply range and although it looks pretty bright under the lamp, it’s not much less bright in real life and I am delighted that he wants to wear it on his feet!  My husband is eminently knit-worthy when it comes socks; his hand knits are his “proper” socks and I don’t have to think twice about making them for him.  Anyway, these are a secret hidden in plain sight as he doesn’t really look at what I’m knitting when we’re sitting together, and they’ve come on nicely whilst we’ve been watching I’m a Celebrity … Get me out of Here! in the evenings.   Yes, we are that family that sits and watches people we’ve never heard of in a jungle or a castle and we love it! 🙂

Right, I’m going to love you and leave you with a last couple of photos taken on recent dog walks, and I hope you have a fabulous weekend, whatever you’re up to.  I’ll see you again soon!

Autumn-leaved trees and a blue sky reflected in the dark water of a canal

Sankey (St Helens) canal, Old Hall

A pink-streaked morning sky looking across fields




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24 Responses

  1. Yvonne says:

    Congratulations on raising such a wonderful amount for the Trussel Trust. I have almost finished my basic 4 ply socks -have a really nice skein of 8 ply and will therefore be ordering my pattern in the morning. Well as your kittens reach their first birthday I have a lovely cat that I am fostering for Cats protection who is giving birth to kittens 5 so far. There could well be an update on this number as she was enormous ! Take care and have a lovely weekend and thank you for your lovely posts, Yvonne xx

    • winwickmum says:

      Oh goodness, I hope all goes well on the kitten front! Well done on nearly finishing your first pair of socks too, I hope you’re super-proud of them and this is the first of many pairs! 🙂 xx

  2. Connie says:

    Well done on the new pattern! And I love that your husband wants pink socks – we will need him to model them, for sure!
    Also, glad the kitties are okay!

  3. Rachel says:

    Well done!! What an amazing launch for you, and such a wonderful donation tally. They look like super cozy socks, I’ve bookmarked them for next winter!

  4. Sharon Beauclerc says:

    Great catch-up. The sofa snuggle socks look great. I have the pattern. Which I Printed at work. The new printer printed the pattern in colour. Wow. I am still trying to get the sizing right for my adult daughters and me. First sock so small 60sts. I undid. Second sock 64sts. Just fits. Nearly finished the third sock 72sts. Looks huge. I’ll get there. I will have samples 🤣

    • winwickmum says:

      Oops, I hope you didn’t use all the work printer’s ink, but thanks for buying the pattern! It sounds like 68sts might be the size for you if 64sts just fits and 72sts looks a bit big? You’ll have plenty of socks in your gift box! 🙂 xx

  5. Pam says:

    Well done on the amount of money raised. I am knitting 3 pairs of socks for my daughters in the WYS candy cane yarn for Christmas. I have discovered the Addi Crasytrio needles and find them so much easier for the toes and after thought heels. I definitely wouldn’t knit socks for my husband though- he has size 13 feet!

    • winwickmum says:

      I think that knitting huge socks in stripes does make it a bit easier as the stripes pull you along. My husband’s feet aren’t too big but my daughter’s boyfriend’s feet are size 14 and I was very glad of the stripes to break up the length then! 🙂 xx

  6. Janet says:

    Can’t wait to start the new pattern…….I purchased it through Lovecrafts so don’t know if I got the updated version. I’ll use the pattern I have & let you know if I get stuck with an error. Well done on your donation! Such a worthy cause.

    • winwickmum says:

      Do let me know – I did update the pattern on LoveCrafts so depending on when you bought it, you may have the more recent version. I couldn’t find a way to see customers’ details on LoveCrafts so couldn’t email individually, but have a look at the version that you have and if it doesn’t say V1.pdf at the end of the filename then drop me an email and I’ll send you the right version over. Thanks for buying the pattern! 🙂 xx

  7. Charlotte says:

    Going to purchase pattern in the morning. Have added the 2 books to my Christmas wish list. So glad the kittens are doing well. Have a great weekend.

    • winwickmum says:

      Thank you very much! I hope you like the books – I’ve not had a good look yet but I don’t think you can go wrong with Chloe’s patterns – she designs for WYS as well as other places and they are always gorgeous designs, and the Patty Lyons book looks like it’s full of useful stuff and I love a useful book! 🙂 xx

  8. Lin Tarrant says:

    Congratulations on how much you have raised so far, brilliant. xx

  9. Maz Viveash says:

    Sorry can’t find V1.pdf on the pattern I’ve got. I’m currently knitting Gingerbread socks for nephew’s Christmas pressie, it’s a tradition he loves them. I started knitting socks a few years back as I’m a WI member and read the book about how they knitted socks in the war. Thought I must see if I can do it. First pair were a bit off but soon twigged and have lost count how many pairs I’ve made by now. It doesn’t feel right if I don’t have a pair on the go! Pleased to see what you have raised for Trussell Trust well done x

    • winwickmum says:

      Hi Maz, the new version is on all of the platforms now so you should be able to download it from wherever you bought it from as they have all been updated. You’ll know if you’ve got the new version as the heel flap for the stripe socks should have 4 rows of Eye of Partridge heel as opposed to 3 in the original version. Do let me know how you get on with finding it! xx

  10. Susan Rayner says:

    Happy Birthday to the Kitties!
    And what a lovely amount to be donating to the Trussell Trust! Well done all sock knitters!
    I’m a Celebrity and Strictly are absolute no nos in this house – we even shout at any trailers that appear! But each to his own!
    We both love that your husband will have fuchsia socks! Mine who is also really knit worthy loves his bright ones and not just for golf!
    Have a good weekend.

    • winwickmum says:

      Ah, we’re not a Strictly house at all but we do love the jungle/castle show (apart from the eating trials which make me feel sick). I’m glad your husband is a bright-sock person too! 🙂 xx

  11. Karen Williams says:

    Thank you Christine for answering my query on weaving in,which I practised when I knitted the first stripe. It all came to nothing last evening when my friend came around for supper with her young cocker- Otto. We were having a glass of wine in the kitchen when we realised that it was a touch too quiet. Into the sitting room to see Otto wearing my knitting and the yarn everywhere – around the sitting room and all around him. To make matters worse he had bitten off the ends of the dpns!!
    I just spent the last two hours sitting in bed unravelling and rewinding the yarn. Oh well, good practice to start over.
    Great news on the money raised.

    • winwickmum says:

      Pups are like toddlers, aren’t they – when it goes quiet, that’s not a good thing! I’ve have a few chewed ends from our kittens too, and sometimes I’ve only noticed when the yarn I’m knitting with feels soggy! I hope you manage to catch up with your knitting! 🙂 xx

  12. Philippa says:

    Hi, I was just wondering whether you had a pattern for tube socks, ie those without a heel? My uncle has big feet and needs something he can just pull up. I just thought I would ask! Thank you so much for all the patterns that you have uploaded, I do want to make my way through all of them at some point

    • winwickmum says:

      Hi! No, I don’t have one of those although I think you just cast on and keep knitting and I’m pretty certain the patterns are all spiral rib too, so that they stretch where they need to. Have a look on Ravelry (if you can use it) for tube socks as there are patterns on there, and I think that Arne and Carlos might have one on their website as well. Alternatively, you could look at knitting thick socks for your uncle – there’s a DK pattern on the blog and those socks grow quickly. Good luck! 🙂 xx

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