Monthly Musing – November 2022 – Best friends


I was clinking glasses with one of my best friends, sitting in her cosy kitchen for the first time in a few years and realising how much I had missed seeing her.  Even being able to give her a hug in person instead of sending virtual hugs down the phone was something I felt hugely grateful for, and the weekend that we spent together laughing and chatting went far too quickly.

I’m very lucky in that I have more than one best friend.  Brilliant women, all of them, very different to me and even to each other (their common link is me!) but they absolutely “get” me and I “get” them, and my life is so much the richer for having their friendship.  Unfortunately, they all live a long way away from me and so I don’t get to see physically see them as often as I would like to, but thankfully we all have phones and we can chat and text on a regular basis.

I’ve written before about how wonderful I think it is when I see friendships that have blossomed through social media and I guess that my own are similar now in that we can talk more online or through a phone line.  The old idea of virtual friendships being somehow less than face to face friendships is disappearing as having virtual friends is what has kept most of us sane for quite some time!

It’s nearly two years since that first Christmas when we were in lockdown and couldn’t see our families and friends, and I believe we are still living with the fallout, still remembering that there was a time “before” and a time “after”.  Without technology to keep us connected, I am sure that the effects of the fallout would be far more severe.  All of our friendships became virtual overnight and thank goodness.  It didn’t matter how close or how far away anybody lived as they were able to be right there in front of you on a screen.

My weekend with my friend showed me that how we keep in touch with those who mean the most to us is less important than the fact that we actually do.  Yes, it was wonderful to give her a hug, but what also means a great deal me is that we were able to pick up our conversation as if it were yesterday, and actually, although it was a text conversation, it was.  If time “after” has given us anything, it’s a reminder to use our technologies to stay in touch, to cultivate friendships old and new, and to make sure that those people who “get” us don’t get lost in the busyness of life.



Trees with golden leaves and a cloudy sky reflected in a lakeTrees with golden leaves and a cloudy sky reflected in a lakeTrees with golden leaves and a cloudy sky reflected in a lake, viewed through tree branches

Photos taken at Dinton Pastures, Wokingham. We didn’t sit in the kitchen all the time! 🙂


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4 Responses

  1. Barbara says:

    Well done on meeting up in person. It is always hard to find the time but oh so worth it . Technology has radically changed our lives. Even ten years ago it just was such an unheard of thing. I retired in 2015 and had such good intentions to catch up with friends on the mainland. My best friend suddenly died just after I retired and I now always regret not going to see her earlier. I’ve since made a real effort to catch up with other friends since. B x

    • winwickmum says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that. I think we are all guilty of letting life get in the way of things that we later know were more important. I’m glad you are able to stay in touch with your other friends – and I’m always impressed that they encourage you to swim in the sea as I am sure there are times in the year when it would be far too cold for me! 🙂 xx

  2. Bärbel Adcock says:

    What a surprise. You were in Wokingham. I live there and I just realised that I haven’t been to Dinton Pastures in an age with my friend, probably because it’s so close to home and I also run there, so I seem to know every pebble.
    Those trees are looking fab though, so will have to go and see for myself this weekend and hope my friend has the time for a walk and a chat.
    I haven’t seen my friend in an age either, we WhatsApp or text. Neither of us are on Facebook or such, having both come off it during lockdown.
    It always amazes me, though, how quickly we pick up again. I suppose real friendship is able to cope with distance in time and space.
    Love your posts. B x

    • winwickmum says:

      Yes, I think that’s how you know you’ve found someone who is completely on your wavelength. And yes, Wokingham isn’t far from where my friend lives and we were walking her dog around the lake. The leaves were beautiful, it’s definitely worth going to see if they still look as good. I was told there is a good cafe there too (we didn’t have time to stop) so perhaps that’s an opportunity for a brew and a chat with your friend! 🙂 xx

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