Blogtober 2021 : Day 28

After yesterday’s excitement, today has been much more low-key.

The dog and I went to the vet’s as he needed a blood test (he’s on tablets for his allergies and has to have a blood test every few months); I must admit that I was a little bit worried after last week’s loud and barky incident but it was all OK.  The vet let me hold him in a big squeeze (the dog, not the vet) so that we avoided him having to wear a muzzle (again, not the vet) – the dog is already less keen on going to the vet’s than he ever used to be so I really don’t want him to associate it with having to wear a muzzle as well – and then we went for a walk with a friend which he thoroughly enjoyed so all was good.

Naturally, I was so busy chatting that I completely forgot to take any photos but to be honest, not much has changed where we walked today – the leaves still aren’t turning Autumn colours particularly quickly, it was muddy and the dog was in the streams as often as possible.  Same old, same old!

I did take a few snaps in the garden, though.  The Acer (Japanese maple) has definitely realised that it’s Autumn – look at those beautiful orange shades!

Vibrant orange leaves on a low-growing acer tree.

The leaves are lovely, they’re feathery and if an ostrich were a plant, this is what I think it would look like!

Close up of the feathery leaf of the acer tree.

After spotting the colours of the Acer, I had a look around to see what else might have changed in the short time since I last took photos.

The Hamamelis (witch hazel) is flowering now.  They’re funny flowers, aren’t they?  Not really like flowers at all.  This tree keeps it’s leaves for a while but our other witch hazel produces red flowers on bare twigs.

Feathery yellow flowers against a background of yellow leaves.

More yellows in the Rowan (mountain ash) leaves …

A pinnate leaf in shades of yellow and green against a background of green leaves.

but look at this!  Red leaves on the Parthenocissus quinquefolia (Virginia creeper) – the name “quinquefolia” means that the leaf has five sections to it, and it’s grown for its colour at this time of year.  It never lets me down!

Red leaves against a brick wall.

I didn’t get a great deal of knitting done last night as I was tired from driving so there’s not much progress to show you on the knitting belt Changing Staircases shawl, but I’m hoping to get some more done tonight after dinner and then I may well have more to show you tomorrow.  I’ve got another surprise for you tomorrow as well (it’s a giveaway – shh!) so do come back and take a look if you can!

I’ll see you then! xx


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2 Responses

  1. CJ says:

    Bertie has an absolute horror of the vet’s as well. I tried the squeeze last time, but the vet was too tentative and it all went wrong and I was banished to the waiting room. She came out later to talk to me about anti-anxiety tablets 🙂 We also both calmed down after a good walk.

    • winwickmum says:

      Our dog never used to be bothered but since he’s been prodded and poked more this last year with his allergies he has realised that it’s not his favourite place to be. You need a confident vet who’s ready to launch in whilst you’ve got a good grip – but I can understand why they might be nervous with lots of sharp teeth very close to their hands and faces! xx

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