Monthly Musing – August 2020 – Happy new year!

It’s the last day of August today.  Bank holiday Monday, here in the UK which has meant a long weekend celebrating the end of the school Summer holidays because, to me, that’s what it has always been.  I am, of course, old enough to know better now but the start of September has always felt a little colder, a little gloomier and with a sense of impending restriction and routine as the days rush towards the return to school.

Nowadays, I have been able to shake that off and instead I look forward to the change in the smell in the air as Autumn starts to wend its way gently towards us, and this year in particular, I am welcoming the thought of a new routine after the rather haphazard way we have spent our days through lockdown.

September has always felt like a new start, a new chance to do something different, and this year it truly is as we are going to return to school runs (small daughter’s school is discouraging public bus travel) and small daughter’s timetable and her daily life at school will be something completely new as the school works to accommodate the safety of the students in the current situation.  We are already starting to look at how we organise our days to fit that in, and make sure that small daughter is not left standing on the school step (we will ignore the times that I have been to collect her previously, only to get an apologetic phone call from the bus when she has completely forgotten and I am left sitting in the car park!).

We have all been thinking about how to re-arrange our days once September arrives. My husband has been able to schedule more video meetings into his working day to reduce his driving, big daughter will be living at home as she studies for her Master’s degree and I have a list as long as my arm of things that I want to work on for Winwick Mum.  We’re ready for the mid-year-new-year and we’re excited to get going on it all.  It will all be very different for us as we start to get back to more regular routines and leave the house more often – something that many people have already had to do as they have been working outside of the home right through lockdown, either looking after us all in keyworker positions or providing essential services – but is still quite new to us as we have done our best to keep ourselves out of everyone else’s way indoors.

Perhaps you are the same and September will be a new start of sorts for you too.  Certainly, if you have school-age children then the usual September routine will be very much the-same-but-different and it’s something that we will all have to get used to.  The year seems to have rushed on past, but in the weird, flexible way that time can be, it seems to have taken an eternity to get to this point after the months of lockdown.  I can only wish you all the best for this strange September start – happy new year!

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8 Responses

  1. Cathi Twill says:

    Love your journal book! Is it available somewhere? Thanks!

    • Winwick Mum says:

      Yes, it's a Circle Planner – the new ones for next year are coming out in September but there are mid-year ones available now. This is the link if you'd like to take a look (it's an affiliate link but there's no charge for looking!😀) and if you see anything you like the look of, you can get 10% off with the code CHRISTINEPERRY. This is the second year I've used one; I could never get to grips with a planner before but this one works for me 😀

  2. Susan Rayner says:

    Happy September – always my favourite time of year with crisp mornings. blue skies and chilly evenings. Time to get the jumpers and warm socks out and jeans and boots! All the very best to everyone for the "New Year".

  3. Jennydee says:

    I love the new stationary feeling in September all the possibilities ,I've cast on some autumn socks .Tomorrow will be the first time since March my home will be empty ! I've been at work but children are both back at school and husband at work ,I have missed my alone time .

  4. happy hooker says:

    It certainly is going to be a strange return to school for many. Most children, I'm sure, will quickly adapt to the new routines, the adults maybe not! I'm glad my days of working in school are over – I think I'd find it too much! xx

  5. Christina says:

    We are already back in a routine, schools went back almost three weeks ago… Wishing you the very best possible start for this new school-work-study year x

  6. Roz says:

    I have always loved September. In the past it was always the first day of Christmas, as in making/buying Christmas goodies. When the children were no longer Children, I started earlier and earlier! Why you might ask. Instead of making Christmas presents, it was more a case of making Christmas ornaments. That now begins on Boxing Day, or even on Christmas Day if I get bored. I think my aim is to have two Christmas trees covered in ornaments, mostly handmade, so that the branches are invisible.

    One Christmas cake has already been made, and is already singing to itself in the cupboard after being liberally fed with brandy. After a few more feeds it, and the one I will make over the weekend, will be singing at the tops of their voices! 😉 I personally do not drink alcohol, but that is no reason why I cannot have a slice of a somewhat sozzled Christmas cake. Strict instructions to Kate, do not light a match when you receive your cake in December. 😉

  7. Rick Rodriguez says:

    I would like to believe that autumn will bring us only positive moments! Stay Safe!

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