Signs of spring

I spotted them everywhere this morning whilst the dog and I squelched through muddy woods.  We haven’t had a single snowflake this winter which does make me a little sad as I’m a real winter baby and love the snow, but instead there were little bursts of green that gladdened the heart in a different way.

It’s easy to walk along familiar paths without really noticing what’s around you, but once one patch of green had taken my eye, it was impossible not to see buds and new life all around.

In amongst the general greenery I spotted hazel catkins

and new leaves on this wild rose.

Just after I’d taken this picture, the dog launched himself into the water and then grinned his doggy grin at me as he climbed out and shook vigorously, leaving me almost as wet as he was.  I’m quite sure he did it on purpose!  I think he is enjoying the change in the season too; I’ve noticed him stopping to sniff the plants much more than usual.

Back home, there were more signs of spring in the garden.  Hellebores by the back gate …

snowdrops under the hydrangea …

and two different varieties of witch hazel bursting with colour …

It’s nice to see the signs of the world starting to warm up for the season, although I do worry what will happen to all the new leaves and shoots if we do suddenly get a cold snap.  My garden is definitely a spring garden so I’m looking forward to seeing the colours unfold – daffodils, aquilegia, tulips (assuming the squirrels haven’t eaten all the bulbs!) – it’s a lovely time of year.

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