Don’t worry, my dog only speaks Welsh

Like a lot of other people today, we’ve been to the beach.  It takes us about an hour and a half to get to our favourite beach in Wales but it’s worth it.  We left early, treated ourselves to breakfast on the way and managed to avoid the traffic on the A55 into Wales.  The dog came too, so we were especially concerned not to spend any longer in a hot car than we needed to.

Usually I would take my knitting with me and most of the time it’s whatever pair of socks I have on the go.  At the moment, the socks have been shelved as I’m trying to finish my Bayfield shawl but I thought that trying to concentrate on a lace pattern would be just too much so instead I opted for the crocheted cushion cover that I’ve nearly finished.  It’s the Neat Ripple pattern from Lucy at Attic 24’s blog.  I’ve already made a  Neat Ripple blanket to wrap myself up in when I’m meditating, and I’ll show you that another day, but I had so much yarn left over that I thought I would make a cushion to match for when I go to the group meditation sessions.

We’ve had a lovely day.  The sun shone, big daughter had some time off from revising and read a novel, small daughter collected stones, my husband snoozed in a deck chair and the dog remembered how wonderful it was to feel the sea in his fur.  Boy, was he a wet dog!  We had to keep him on his long lead as he showed an inordinate amount of interest in some jellyfish that had washed up on the beach, and some other families had very kindly laid out their picnics in ways that were just right for a greedy dog to snaffle, but he didn’t seem to mind too much. He still swam in the sea, dug in the sand and bounced around other dogs on the beach without a care in the world.

One lady eyed him rather warily as he leapt towards her dog, obviously concerned that he needed to be kept on a lead.

“He’s not aggressive,” I assured her, “just a bit too interested in that family’s sandwiches.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” she said, with a smile, “my dog only speaks Welsh.”

That’s all right then.

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