A surprisingly busy but very lovely day

It all started with a morning walk with my lovely friend and our dogs in Culcheth Linear Park, just a few miles from Winwick.  Our dogs haven’t seen each other for a while so they had a lovely time sniffing together whilst we did our best to keep them out of the stream.  Funny thing, though, my dog still needed hosing down when we got home!

On the way home, I called in at the farm shop for some local honey and some freshly-laid eggs.  They might be more expensive than the supermarket but I like to feel that I’m supporting a local business and also, more importantly, I know where my food is coming from.  I particularly like the fact that the bees may have visited my garden so in some small way I might have contributed to the jar of honey I’ve just bought!

There is a theory that taking a spoonful of local honey every day from the beginning of February can help to ward off hayfever, but as we don’t suffer from hayfever, I can’t tell you if it’s true or not!

Look what small daughter found when she got home from school!  She loves to search among the leaves to find strawberries.  This is an early fruiting variety called “Christine”, not as common as some varieties but the plants produce large, sweet fruits and small daughter certainly has no complaints!

The sun came out this afternoon so I took the opportunity to harvest some more elderflowers before they all fade.  I’m going to try elderflower wine this time – apparently it’s light and Muscatty so I will wait with excited anticipation to see if mine actually is!  The recipe comes from How to Make Your Own Drinks by Suzy Atkins as does the very lovely elderflower cordial recipe that I use and nettle beer, still fermenting nicely in the demijohn.

So, a busy day but the fabulous thing about writing a blog is that you stop to think about all the things that you’ve done and how much you have to be grateful for.

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  1. PoshBird says:

    Ooh i like the bit about my lovely friend 😉 xx

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