Winter Haven KAL 2024 roundup

Hello, hello, February has arrived!  I hope you made it safely through January and now, with the lighter nights (if you’re in the northern hemisphere at least) you’re feeling like spring is at least somewhere in the distance now 🙂  Once again, I have been very glad of my cosy Haven Space and your company over the last few weeks.

The Winter Haven KAL (Knitalong) has finished now for this year, but as always, there is one last roundup post for me to show you as many pairs of Treasure Socks and other projects as I can manage.  I’ve tried really hard to include all the ones I saw, so my apologies if I’ve missed your photo, but thank you so much for taking part!

So, one last time for this year, let’s take a look at your photos!

First up, all the Treasure Socks!  Don’t worry if you’ve not finished your pair – or even started yet!  The pattern is still on the blog and it’s one that you can knit all year round so don’t feel that if you’ve missed the January pattern launch that you can’t still knit them.  You can find the pattern here.


Fiona showed us her first sock progress in Week 2 when she was in self-imposed exile in the kitchen away from the air-conditioned living room where her husband was watching the cricket so that she could concentrate on her knitting (she’s in Australia which is why it’s hot!).  Now, she’s back on the sofa and sock two is ready to go!

Source: Fiona by email

I love this photo – the start and the end of the socks!  Jennifer’s kitty stitch marker is super-cute too!  And thanks for the compliment, Ori! 🙂 x

Source: @jennifercrochets; @orinailah

Helen got to show off her socks at a hospital appointment (and, of course, had another pair of socks on her needle!), and Sam has had two projects on the go during the KAL!

Source: @josiekitten; @scimumsam

Vanessa finished one pair of Treasure Socks and has started another!  I do like the coloured stripes she’s got on her socks.  Nikki has finished her pair and the second sock looks just as lovely inside out!

Source: Vanessa (Facebook); @hookyhq

We’ve been watching the progress of Soh’s pair of socks over the course of the KAL, and now they are finished!  Tanya has finished her first sock and it looks lovely!

Source: Soh (Facebook); Tanya (Facebook)

Sharon and Siegried have both chosen to make their Treasure Socks with solid colours, and don’t they look great?

Source: Sharon (Facebook); Siegried (Facebook)

Louise has also made her pair with solid colours – that’s West Yorkshire Spinners Milk Bottle and Pennyroyal she’s used.  Patricia has made a good start on her socks but progress has halted – oh no!  I hope your arm is better soon, Patricia!

Source: Louise (Facebook); Patricia (Facebook)

Lea’s pair are very pretty, aren’t they?  I think she has used a gradient yarn to knit her socks, and Lesley has used a lovely combination of WYS Dusty Miller and Wildflower.  I think the Wildflower pastel rainbow looks gorgeous in these socks!

Source: Lea (Facebook); Lesley (Facebook)

Hilary has chosen muted shades for her Treasure Socks; I think they look very stylish!  Kathryn has finished her pair too now – we’ve seen her progress over the KAL weeks as well, and it’s great to see the end result too!

Source: Hilary (Facebook); Kathryn (Facebook)

Ce Cile has chosen to knit her socks in WYS Summer Sunset and Milk Bottle like I did, and Helen is also using WYS yarn – that’s a ball of one of the Zandra Rhodes colours with Milk Bottle there – and doesn’t it look different when she’s swapped the main colour and contrast colours around for her second sock?

Source: Ce Cile (Facebook); Helen (Facebook)

Here’s another Summer Sunset sock – I do love those colours!  Catherine has chosen to knit hers in solid colours, and using the lighter colour as a contrast is going to look great!

Source: Bridget (Facebook); Catherine (Facebook)

Andrea has knitted a very striking pair of Treasure Socks with the dark background, and her inside-out sock looks fabulous too!  Anne-Mette is on her third pair of socks – she’s really got good value from her yarn!

Source: Andrea (Facebook); Anne-Mette (Facebook)

Eve has also chosen to use WYS Wildflower but teamed it with pink (I think this might be Honeysuckle), and it looks lovely!  Susan has used WYS Peacock and it’s given a lovely almost misty look to her pattern – I think it looks a bit like frost!

Source: Eve (Facebook); Susan (Facebook)

Here’s a last look at other projects for this year …

Liz has knitted a pair of Basic 4ply Socks – and noted down the details in her Project Super Socks book!  It’s been fab to see so many of the notebooks in use … I created it as a book to be used and not to sit on a shelf somewhere, so it makes me very happy to see that it is turning out to be a useful book!  Sue has knitted this pretty pair for her granddaughter who loved them so much that she had to wear them to bed even though Sue is in Australia and it’s 30 degrees C!

Source: Liz by email; Sue by email

Karen decided to design her own pair of socks during the Winter Haven KAL and used the WYS shade Spring Green as the base for her spring socks.  Her pots are already starting to show buds and it won’t be long before there are flowers to match her lovely socks!  Jean has knitted a pair of Green Woodpecker pattern socks (from the Along the Riverbank pattern book) but has used the Jay yarn.  They look great!

Source: Karen (Facebook); Jean (Facebook)

And finally, for this year, Jacqui has knitted not one Winwick Mum pattern but three, with another on the needles!   She’s got Treasure Socks, Easy Mosaic Socks, Alexander Socks and Easy Cable Socks in progress.  Now that’s a LOT of knitting!

Source: Jacqui (Facebook)

And that is us done for this year!

I do hope you’ve enjoyed the Winter Haven KAL as much as I have again this year.  I’ve enjoyed your photos and your company, knowing that we were connected through continents and time zones with our knitting – it’s magic!

I hope you’re ready to face the rest of the year fully rested and recharged now … see you same place, same time next year? 🙂  xx



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  1. Susan Rayner says:

    What a fantastic amount of Treasure Socks and all the others too. A great January 2024.
    Thank you for a brilliant pattern yet again.

  2. Jean Sharp says:

    So many beautiful Treasure socks

  3. Gretchen Hrusovsky says:

    I just got my Lenten study book – the title is “Rest and Resilience”. The directive for Ash Wednesday is: “Create a sacred space for your Lenten journey. Will your space include a candle, journal, or other sacred objects?” Hmmm this sounds awfully familiar.

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