Winter Haven KAL 2023 round up

Hello!  Welcome to February!  The Winter Haven KAL has finished now for this year, and I do hope you enjoyed it if you took part.  I have certainly been very glad of my Haven space during the last few weeks!

It’s been great to see all your projects and to read your comments and emails over the last four weeks of the Knitalong, and as has now become tradition, I thought that I’d write one more post to share your photos and thoughts.  Are you ready?

A partly-knitted purple striped sock with a pink cuff and heel lies on a stone hearth in front of an open fire. Next to it is a bronze light decoration.

First up, a last look at a couple of your Haven spaces.  I love that we’ve got winter spaces and summer spaces, but they’re all places where you have been able to take a few moments for yourself and be calm.

Catherine is keeping cool with her fan – it’s a good plan, it’s very difficult to knit when your hands get hot and sticky, isn’t it?

Source: Catherine via Facebook


Sue is also in a hot place – it was 39 degrees when she took this photo so she definitely needed to keep cool!

Source: Sue via email


And a last look for this year at your projects …

That little sock you saw in front of the fan?  It’s now two socks and they are being beautifully modelled by their new owner!  The pattern is Basic 4ply Children’s Socks.

Source: Catherine via Facebook


Fiona has finished the first of two pairs of socks, one for each of her granddaughters …

Source: Fiona via email


Bracken has knitted the cutest pair of Buddy socks – aren’t they sweet?  She’s negotiated the turned down cuff beautifully – it does catch some people out but all you have to do is tuck the cuff inside your needles then imagine that the working stitches on your needle are cast on stitches and start knitting them with the new colour.

Source: Bracken via email


Helen has been working on two projects this year – Winter Icicle socks which she’s now finished, and a pair of Basic 4ply Socks for when she’s needed something that takes a little less concentration

Source: Helen via Facebook


Christine has also been knitting Basic 4ply Socks – she’s been on a roll this month!  Aren’t those lovely colours?  (Well, I am a bit biased about the purple one 🙂 )

Source: Christine via Facebook


Julie also finished more than one pair this month, and worked a deep cuff on the right hand pair that can be turned over.  Those yarns are fab!

Source: Julie via Facebook


Maria is in South Germany and has made a great start on her sock.  I love her yarn holder – although I know that I would be tempted to pull the yarn and make the ball whizz round and that would definitely end badly! 🤣

Source: Maria via Ravelry


It really doesn’t matter if you haven’t finished your projects now that the KAL has finished – the main thing is that you got them started and hopefully spent some quality time for yourself working on them.  The hardest part now, especially if you’re busy, is allowing yourself the time to sit and finish them!

Elle is determined to finish her first pair of socks and is making good progress!

Source: @ellestarrknits


Elle has been using the Super Socks book (thank you!) for help with knitting her first pair, and Theresa has been using More Super Socks (thank you!) to build on her skills with her Easy Lace Socks

Source: Theresa via Facebook


Hellen has been working on another pattern from More Super Socks (also here on the blog) – the Easy Cable Socks

Source: Hellen via email

I love the gekko keeping watch over the socks!


Yola has been working on the Seascape socks from the the first Winwick Mum Collection of patterns which were designed for the Winwick Mum yarns but still look fabulous in other yarns too!

Source: Yola via Facebook


And here are two pairs of socks using last year’s Winter Haven KAL pattern, the Easy Mosaic Socks.  This is Hilary’s pair …

Source: Hilary via Facebook

They’re very striking in such bold colours, aren’t they?  They’re fabulous!


This is Maha’s pair.  If you look closely, there’s still snow on the ground where Maha lives so she’s definitely still got a Winter Haven going on!

Source: Maha via Facebook


Nicola’s pair of socks were knitted using the Basic 8ply (DK) Socks pattern and they look very cosy …

Source: Nicola via Facebook


And here’s Susan’s pair, knitted in the heat of an Australian summer – you saw her Haven space earlier where she was keeping cool and watching the Australian Open on TV …

Source: Sue via email


And here we are … the very last photo for the Winter Haven KAL 2023.

Susan has been very busy over the month and has knitted three different patterns … Easy Lace Socks, Split Mittens and Easy Mosaic Socks.

Source: Susan via Facebook


Wow!  So many fabulous projects – and my apologies if I didn’t spot yours to include them.  I did my best to get them all!


I do hope you’ve enjoyed the Winter Haven KAL as much as I have again this year.  I’ve enjoyed your photos and your company, knowing that we were connected through continents and time zones with our knitting – it’s magic!

I hope you’re ready to face the rest of the year fully rested and recharged now! xx



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5 Responses

  1. Helen says:

    My lovely socks are famous! I’m wearing my Robin pair today as I finished last night. I’ve tweaked the numbers to get a perfect fit each time and I think I’m there! You’ve taught me mad skills. Thank you.

  2. Selina says:

    still working on my easy cable socks, 2nd one, been too hot here to handle them atm so have taken up a bit of sewing instead til the weather cools down
    loved every ones socks here, so colourful!
    thanx for sharing

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