Blogtober 2021 : Day 16

I hope you’ve had a lovely Saturday!  I’ve been out all day today at the opening of Stitch Station, the new yarn shop in Warrington, and although I’ve got plenty to tell you about it, I’m going to leave that for tomorrow.  Today, I’m going to show you all those garden photos I didn’t show you the other day instead 🙂

A glass bowl of raspberries and large plum tomatoes sitting on the grass next to some more plum tomatoes on the vine and some raspberry canes which have been cut down.

My plan was to cut a conifer hedge so that I could measure up the old veg boxes that are next to it as they need replacing.  My Dad built them for me not long after we moved in here and we’ve been here 18 years so I don’t think they owe me anything, but they are starting to fall to bits now.  I have recently been reading about organising your time around the “big rocks” in your schedule where the big rocks are the big tasks that you want to tackle, and I have realised that I am extremely good at identifying the big rocks … and then wanting to do them all at once.  So my plan previously would have been to cut the conifer hedge, measure the veg boxes, plant some Winter bedding plants, start clearing out another border and possibly even do some Autumn pruning – in the space of an hour and a half – which anybody can see is never going to happen, but it still didn’t stop me from thinking that I could and then getting cross when I couldn’t!  Not this time, though!  I decided I was just going to cut the hedge, and found that because I wasn’t rushing to do everything, I had time to pick the last of the raspberries and the tomatoes.

A flatlay on the grass of plum and baby plum tomatoes, some on the grass on the vine and others in a glass bowl, with my purple wellies for perspective.

I even had time to get the shredder out so that I properly finished one job before starting on the next.

A ladybird on the cream plastic housing of a garden shredder.

There are plenty of ladybirds around at the moment!

Two ladybirds on a black plastic garden bucket. There is a big crack in the plastic.

Well, I was very pleased with myself, not over-stretching myself, I can tell you!  I know, I know, you probably do this without even thinking about it but I am particularly good at over-estimating what I can do in the time that I have so this felt like a triumph to me 🙂

After that, I actually had time to walk around the garden to look at everything before I had to go and collect not so small daughter from school.  The leaves on the trees may not be changing much but the garden is definitely starting to take on a Autumn feel.

Witchhazel leaves which have turned shades of red and orangeRed and orange French marigold flowers against green leavesYellow evening primrose flowers.Yellow calendula flowers.Orange calendula flowers.

All those reds and oranges!  Oh, they’re just beautiful!

The witch hazel (Hamamelis) is looking fabulous this year with those vibrant orange leaves.  It’s just stunning.  The French marigolds (Tagetes) are looking amazing as well – I’ve never grown these before (I was given the seeds) and if I’m honest, I never fancied them because my Dad used to grow a variety of Tagetes in his greenhouse to keep the greenfly away from his tomatoes and they always used to smell a bit peculiar.  These, though, outside where I can’t smell them, are making me very happy!

There is still so much evening primrose around in my garden too.  I don’t know if it’s too late for the evening insects that love them at this time of the year but the plants are flourishing in the milder weather we’ve had recently.  All the marigolds (Calendula) too – I have planted so many of them over the years and collected the seed and planted them the next year that I have no idea if these were originally named varieties or not.  My favourites are always the original variety and those sweet daisy-like flowers fill me with joy every time I see them.

I’ll be planting more seeds next year!

A brown seed head from a marigold plant.

I’ll leave you with photos of another favourite – lamb’s ears or Stachys byzantina.  As beautiful in the rain as when it’s dry, I always stop to stroke those soft, downy leaves – I can’t help myself!

Grey fuzzy leaves with rain droplets on them. Grey fuzzy leaves with rain droplets on them.

I’ll see you tomorrow for tales of yarn and cake! 🙂


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12 Responses

  1. Charlotte says:

    Lovely pictures of your garden. Yes I always overestimate what I cam accomplish in a given amount of time. It may be something that all Mothers do. Don’t know but glad that you controlled yourself today.

  2. Ruthie says:

    Oh yes, me too, always have great plans, then get disappointed when I don’t achieve it. Sometimes I spend ages thinking about what I’m going to do and then don’t do anything, that’s even more frustrating!

  3. marie Grace says:

    Really lovely flowers and garden. The tomatoes look delicious and the raspberries would be delicious no matter how you serve them up. Thank you for sharing. Marie

  4. Mary says:

    Over the 50 years of our marriage we have fallen into pink/ blue jobs. Hedge cutting is MOST DEFINITELY a blue job! Watch and learn ladies😂
    Crikey, am I allowed to say pink/blue jobs anymore?🙈

  5. Barbara says:

    Looking glorious in your garden. I like the idea of identifying the big rocks and trying not to do to much. We’re just into a little light pruning at the moment. Some big rocks to sort as winter progresses but not yet. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. B x

    • winwickmum says:

      I’m hoping that the “big rocks” of the hedges will be the last time they’ll need cutting this year and then I can get on with the pruning which I enjoy far more! 🙂 xx

  6. Christina says:

    I did some gardening, too, but nothing as strenuous as you did (just some bulb planting). I feel so stupid, I missed your move to another platform and have wondered how you were on several occasions (not seeing your Blogger posts on my blogroll). So glad I noticed a comment on Barbara’s blog, which led me here. Now following on Bloglovin so will be back with more comments. Cx

    • winwickmum says:

      Ah, the blog move was all a bit traumatic earlier in the year with the Blogger glitch and deleted pages .. I hadn’t thought about other people missing me on the blogroll, I had only thought about who I was missing on my own but thankful that I was able to move without losing anything else! That’s a useful thing that Blogger does and I’m glad that you found me again! I am rubbish at remembering to plant bulbs so thank your for the reminder. I do have a Bloglovin account, I must get into the habit of checking it more regularly as that’s a good way to keep up with my favourite blogs. Hope all’s well with you! xx

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