Helical Knitting ebook giveaway results

Hello again – and thank you so much to everyone who took part in this weekend’s Helical Knitting ebook giveaway!  It was lovely to read all your comments and see that some of you have tried helical knitting already – I am clearly in good company!

The giveaway came about after I mentioned the helical knitting technique that I had used for my latest pair of socks – you can read more about that here – and the giveaway prize is a copy of the Something New to Learn about Helical Knitting ebook by Jen Arnall-Culliford.  She is very kindly giving two copies of the ebook to the winners and you can find out who they are below.

Ebook cover for Something New To Learn about Helical Knitting ebook

Source: www.acknitwear.co.uk    Photo credit: Jesse Wild

The ebook accompanies the helical knitting tutorials of the same name and not only contains various helical knitting techniques, but also seven different projects in it.  This number was the answer to the giveaway question, so congratulations to you if you got it right!

I have made the draw, with the help of the trusty Integer Wizard from Random.org, and the winners and their comments are below.

Congratulations Clothcat and Margaret!  Please can you get in touch with me so that I can pass your email addresses over to Jen for her to send your ebooks to you.

For those of you who didn’t win, I hope you will still visit Jen’s website at Arnall-Culliford Knitwear to check out her free tutorial videos (which is how I learnt the helical knitting technique), and if you fancy buying a copy of the ebook with the tutorials and projects in it, Jen’s set up a 20% off discount code – WINWICK20.  CLICK HERE to go to her website or HERE to go to the Ravelry page.  This code is valid until 30 June 2020 and can’t be used with any other offer.  This is not an affiliate link.

Thank you again for taking part!


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    Ooh how exciting- thank you very much xx

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