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I’ve been doing some updating on the blog recently and today seems like as good a time as any to tell you about what I’ve been doing – and hopefully it will help you to find things a bit more easily.

Here’s the blog as you’ll see it when you first visit the page (although because it’s a blog, that central section with the blog post will look different depending on when you visit) …   (2021 edit – the home page looks different now that I’ve moved blog platform but the layout is the same.)

All of the main reference pages in the blog are quickly accessible from the pictures down the right hand side.

If you are here to knit socks, you’ll need to click on this picture here which you’ll see at the top on the right hand side of the page …

This takes you to all the Sockalong tutorials and the download page for the basic 4ply Sockalong sock pattern.  If you want to learn to knit socks, this is the main page that you’re going to need!

Next, it’s the story of the Winwick Mum yarn which was created in collaboration with West Yorkshire Spinners – from ideas to trade show and – very importantly – how to match the yarn if you want matching socks, it’s all there!  (Oh, and a few ideas on where to buy it from too! 🙂 )

Next in line is the Winwick Mum Shop picture.  If you’re looking for a paperback or ebook copy of Super Socks (the book version of the online tutorials) or More Super Socks (the next-step book with exclusive patterns) or a Winwick Mum Sockalong badge, then this is the place to go.  There are also links to the needles and accessories that I use just so that you can see them for yourself – sometimes it’s not quite enough to read about them and you want to look, but think of it as a starting point and don’t forget to explore your local yarn shop and other places to find just what you need!

Ah, the Sock Stitch Calculation!  I love this.  This picture takes you straight to the Sockalong tension tutorial where you can find the formula to create your socks to fit your feet perfectly.  It sounds like some kind of alchemy and in a way it is, although no bats, newts or dragons were harmed in the making of this magic spell!  Use it with any weight of yarn for any size of foot (take more than one measurement if you need to!) and wear socks that fit your feet properly.  You’ll never buy them again!

This is the page that I have most recently updated, so if you’ve not visited for a while then you might want to take a look!  You’ll find quick links to all the patterns on my blog (all the blog patterns and tutorials are free), and also links to patterns that have been published or are sold elsewhere (I may have mentioned my mission to take over the world one sock at a time before 😀), some of which are free, and some aren’t.

You’ll also find the printable download for the gift IOU which is perfect for any time of the year when you just find yourself running out of time.

No-nylon Sock Yarn Reviews – I adore WYS yarns and especially my Winwick Mum colours, but I have long been fascinated with the way that different sheep breeds produce fleece which are ideal for different uses, and especially those that work well for socks.  I’ve reviewed those yarns that I’ve knitted up and tried out so if it’s something that you’re interested in as well, have a look at this page!

Finally, my YouTube channel.  I’ve got videos here to help with the Easy Cable, Easy Lace, Patchwork and Colourwork Socks, but because they’re all based on the Sockalong basic sock pattern, you can still use these videos if you’re stuck on various sections as they cover the cast on, heel flap and turn, gusset, toe decreases and Kitchener stitch.  I will be adding more videos so do subscribe to my channel keep up to date with what’s new!

I hope that’s useful if you’ve only ever briefly glanced at the photos in the sidebar before now!  I will be keeping the pages updated with new patterns and new reviews, so do remember to check back from time to time.

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9 Responses

  1. Melynda says:

    This is so helpful! Thanks so much for the update!

  2. Julie says:

    Thank you Christine for all of this, I have recommended so many people to your blog here to learn to knit socks and they are all so thankful for your time and effort you take into making it so wonderful and easy explanatory and fun.
    love and blessings x

    • Winwick Mum says:

      That's lovely of you – thank you very much! The world always needs more sock knitters so if we can push a few more in that direction between us that's got to be a good thing! 🙂 xx

  3. Betsy says:

    I just got my box from Black Sheep! Perfect timing, have a new project bag and am almost finished with my sanctuary socks. So excited!

  4. Andrea Charles says:

    Hey Christine, thank you so much for the update, I just love knitting and one of my favourite free time hobbies and seeing you post each time makes me more excited and thrill to do more. Taking out your precious time and explaining each step in such fun way love it!!!

  5. Mayura says:

    I have referred many people to visit your blog. Your writings are impressive. My friends have learned to do a lot of stuff by checking your website.

  6. ebsknit says:

    Christine, I wanted to send you an old fashioned snailmail "thank you", but can't figure out how to do that.
    I'm part of the over 70 population staying home during covid. I live in the US state of Virginia. I'm knitting and reading my way through this time.
    I found your website when I decided to use some of my sock yarn. Thank you for such great pictures in the how-to.
    I also want to say thank you for a book. You had a Millie Johnson book pictured that your were reading I looked her up and read "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day." I was just the right book for me at this point in time.
    So, many thanks from my side of the pond.

    • Winwick Mum says:

      Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your message! I'm so glad that you've found the tutorials useful for using up your sock yarn! I'm really glad you enjoyed the Millie Johnson book too – she is such a good author. I've not read "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day" yet, it's still on my pile, but I thoroughly enjoyed the one I was reading at the start of January so it'll be a treat for later! Best wishes to you all the way across the pond! xx

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