Winwick Mum 2nd birthday giveaway results

Hellooo!  Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on the Sockalong’s 2nd birthday – they were a joy to read and I was very touched that you took the time to tell me about your socks as well as how many pairs you’ve knitted.

You’ll be wanting to know if you’ve won one of the two wonderful prizes that are up for grabs. They’re both fabulous, perfect for both new and experienced knitters with treats made by talented Sockalong friends.  There’s this one containing a copy of Super Socks, a Sockalong notebook, two sets of stitch markers, a pair of Addi Colibri DPNs and a ball of West Yorkshire Spinners yarn in Pink Flamingo …

and this one containing a copy of Super Socks, a project bag, notions case and DPN holder, a set of stitch markers and a ball of Opal yarn in Fresh and Juicy Pepper …

and of course you’ll want to know the number of socks that have been knitted this year – but you’ll have to wait a bit longer whilst I wax lyrical about the joys of sock knitting.  Not too much longer, I promise, but a bit! J  

I will give you a clue though, and the number is more than last year.  It’s always been a bit of joke of mine that we sock knitters are taking over the world one sock at at time, but it’s only really been this year – and especially counting up the socks numbers in the comments – that I am starting to believe that it might actually be true and not just a joke. 

Every stitch brings blessings (and curses – yes, we’ve all dropped stitches, forgotten to turn heels and made toes too short, but the odd swear word isn’t going to do much harm!) and I believe that brings an energy which is knitted into every sock and in turn passes on to the wearer, wrapping them up in woolly love which is the same whether you knit a sock, a shawl, a hat, a sweater or anything else.  If you think about our 3,500 pairs of socks from last year, that’s an awful lot of woolly love in which we’ve either wrapped our own feet or gifted to someone else, and I don’t think that anyone can fail to be affected by that.  None of us exist in isolation and if knitting or wearing something can bring a smile to your face, then that happiness can be passed on and will spread from you in ripples that will affect the world in more positive ways that we can ever know.

Add that number to this year’s number  of – are you sitting down?! – 4,100 pairs of socks and now we’ve got a two-year total of 7,600 pairs of socks.  I don’t know about you, but I am beyond stunned, that is so many pairs of socks!  That’s also so many balls of yarn, supporting our local yarn shops, supporting the mill industry and farmers across the globe.  It’s a huge, world-wide feeling of anticipation of knitting time when waiting for appointments, for after-school clubs, when travelling and in those few quiet moments during the day when you know that you’ll feel better for letting your mind wander as your hands are busy with your needles.  Our collective well-being must be improving with every stitch and so much positive energy can only ever do good. How can we not be changing the world with every sock?

I am so immensely proud to be part of this, and I hope that you are too, because this wouldn’t be happening if you hadn’t looked online for a sock pattern and taken up your needles.  Now, before I get all teary, let’s move on to the other exciting part of this post – the giveaway results!

I have counted up the number of comments and used that number in the draw generator from so that it will be completely fair.  The results can be seen below – all that remains now is to thank you so much for your comment and to say that I am sorry that I couldn’t give everyone a prize!

The winner of this prize is …

Stephanie Slack who commented, “Since May last year I have made 7 pairs of socks and I have 3 WIPS.  I just love the feel of hand made socks and I have thrown away all my shop bought socks.  Happy birthday xx”

and the winner of this prize is …

Naomi, who commented, “I have just started my first pair – finally!  Happy birthday sockalong!”

Congratulations to both of you!  (Both Steph and Naomi have received their prizes now and love them!)

Thank you once again for taking the time to be part of the Sockalong birthday celebrations, it’s been good fun and I’m looking forward to doing this again next year already!  If you’ve got a minute, please do take a look at the websites of the talented and generous folks who gifted treats for the prizes:

Woolrich crafts – project bags and accessories

AnnieOB Textiles – embroidered notebooks for a variety of crafty activities

Demelza’s Delights – stitch markers and accessories

Knit Nottingham – a bricks and mortar and online yarn shop based in Nottingham

Magnolia Tree Crafts – a bricks and mortar and online yarn and fabric shop based in Poynton, Cheshire

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! xx

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10 Responses

  1. Heidijo says:

    To the lucky winners enjoy your goodies, and to everyone else keep knitting and posting it makes me happy to read all the enjoyment and love this FB page gives so many.

  2. Sarah Hardy says:

    Congratulations to Stephanie and Naomi! I'm sure you'll love your prizes. Thanks once again to our fearless leader for getting us all together from whatever corner of the world we live in xx

  3. My Creative Life says:

    Congratulations Naomi and Stephanie, well done and happy sock knitting. I've just ordered my book and am eagerly waiting for the postman to deliver. Cathy x

  4. Francescacheryl says:

    Congratulations Ladies 😊💐💐💐🍀

  5. CastleKelly Crafts says:

    Congrats to the 2 lucky winners and a Big Congrats to everyone who has learn how to knit a pair if socks —- that's a huge achievement 👍

  6. Unknown says:

    Well done! Lovely prizes 😊

  7. Angela says:

    Wow! That's a lot of socks! I love to think of everyone out there knitting socks and hopefully feeling the calm and tranquility it brings to me. X

  8. AnnieOBTextiles says:

    Congratulations Stephanie and Naomi, enjoy your prizes and lots of happy sock knitting.
    Thank you Christine for your patterns, tutorials, Facebook groups and general all round encouragement. Just look what you have started – that's an amazing total!!
    Thanks too for the mentions and link, it is much appreciated.

  9. Julie says:

    Great prizes for the winners. That is a huge amount of socks, well done to all sick knitters.

  10. Lucy says:

    Lots of socks! Well done to the competition winners, and to Christine for building this great community 🙂

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