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More Super Socks

More Super Socks is the second sock-knitting book in the Winwick Mum series.  

It contains four technique tutorials which cover cables, lace, intarsia and colourwork knitting for socks, and four brand new, exclusive patterns that are only available in the book.

You can take a tour of the book and see what's inside here.

More Super Socks in paperback form is available online, in some yarn shops (do get in touch if you own a yarn shop and would like to sell it) and by post directly from me.  It's also available for Kindle and more ebook options will be available soon.  

A signed copy of the book is £14.99 plus postage to anywhere in the world.  I've tried to keep the postage as low as I can and the current prices are UK: £16.99, Europe: £20.50 and rest of the world: £23.00.  

If you would like a Sockalong badge and/or a copy of Super Socks as well, please email me so that I can send an invoice with the right postage - don't worry if you forget as I'll refund any extra postage to you.  Also, if you're using an iPad or iPhone, you may find that you can't link to PayPal so if that happens, please drop me an email (link on left hand side bar) and I'll send you a direct invoice.

Please make sure that you choose the right option for where you live from the drop-down list below as PayPal will not work out the postage for you.  You need to click on the blue arrows to see the list.

          More Super Socks book including postage

UK mail should arrive within a couple of days of posting, and European and rest of the world postage is (according to the Royal Mail) 5-7 working days.

IMPORTANT!  You might see a link for a free PDF copy of my book on the internet.  This is a scam to get your email address and personal details so please do not give any information to these people.  They have no connection with me and I have not authorised anybody to give away any free PDF copies.  

Don't forget that you don't need to own an e-reader to be able to download the ebook version - there are free apps that you can download to your computer to read any e-books.  

Kindle app:

Thank you! xx


  1. Sorry I know your busy this weekend - I have clicked on £16.99 version and added to cart (possibly twice in error) but cannot see basket to continue with purchase (and alter to one copy if necessary). Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help you can give me.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Janet; I've just had a look at it now and updated the code - it should be fine now, although if you're on an iPad or an iPhone it's best to drop me an email and I'll send you a direct invoice as PayPal doesn't seem to be very happy with Apple devices for some reason! xx

    2. Thank you Christine. I have placed my order and hope to be at Skipton next year.

  2. I am sorry to be a nuisance but can't get the PayPal link to work to order your new book!

    1. Thanks for getting in touch, Susan - there was a problem with the code but it should be OK now xx


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