WYS ColourLab Sock yarn

If you’re a fan of West Yorkshire Spinners yarns for knitting your socks (and it’s no secret that I am!) then you’ll know all about Signature 4ply … but wouldn’t it be fabulous if they had a DK (8ply) sock yarn in their range as well?  Well, today’s exciting news is that they have  – and it’s called ColourLab Sock!

Six balls of coloured sock yarn lined up as if on a stage under spotlights

This is a 75%/25% wool/nylon blend so it’s perfect for knitting thick and cosy socks for your walking boots, wellies, riding boots, motorcycle boots – or even if you just like a thicker pair of socks that will knit up more quickly than 4ply.  The blend will help to make the socks more hard wearing and also keep their shape,  and because the yarn is mostly wool, they’ll keep your feet warm on cold days and the natural fibre will wick away moisture to keep your feet cooler on warm days, and also help to stop them getting sweaty and a bit pongy too 🙂

Would you like to meet the colours?  As you can see in the photo, they’re taking centre stage and the stars of this show are all music-themed.  All the photos were taken by West Yorkshire Spinners except for a couple of mine (you’ll spot those) and another one from a named source.

The six colours are:

🎵 Blues

A single ball of yarn in shades of blue with a ball band describing it as ColourLab Sock

🎵 Soul

A single ball of yarn in shades of grey, blue and pink with a ball band describing it as ColourLab Sock

🎵 Punk

A single ball of yarn in shades of red, black, yellow and orange with a ball band describing it as ColourLab Sock

🎵 Jazz

A single ball of yarn in shades of red and pink with a ball band describing it as ColourLab Sock

🎵 Pop

A single ball of yarn in shades of neon green, red, orange and turquoise with a ball band describing it as ColourLab Sock

🎵 Rock

A single ball of yarn in shades of black, grey and red with a ball band describing it as ColourLab Sock

Each ball is 150g which is plenty of yarn to get a pair of socks out of, even for big feet!  This yarn has been a long time in the making, but it’s so good that it’s finally here!

Now, you may have noticed already that this yarn isn’t a striped yarn so let me show you what each of the colours will look like when they’re knitted up.

🎵 Blues

A collage of two photos showing a ball of yarn and how it knits up. The yarn is shades of blue

🎵 Soul

A collage of two photos showing a ball of yarn and how it knits up. The yarn is shades of blue, grey and pink

🎵 Punk

A collage of two photos showing a ball of yarn and how it knits up. The yarn is shades of black, red, yellow and orange

🎵 Jazz

A collage of two photos showing a ball of yarn and how it knits up. The yarn is shades of pink, orange and red

🎵 Pop

A collage of two photos showing a ball of yarn and how it knits up. The yarn is shades of turquoise, green, yellow and orange

🎵 Rock

A collage of two photos showing a ball of yarn and how it knits up. The yarn is shades of black, grey and red

Don’t forget that the number of stitches on your needle will affect the way the yarn knits up, and this style of colour variegation means that there may be some pooling and flashing of the colours.  That’s either something to embrace, or if you really aren’t a fan, I’ve got a tutorial post on how to avoid colour pooling and flashing on sock gussets which might help.

What also might help is seeing the socks knitted up!  It just so happens that I’ve got all six colours knitted up into socks to show you.  What do you think?

Six ColourLab Sock yarn socks in different colours arranged in a line so that the legs are together but the toes point up or down depending on where they are in the line

I really like them!  I like that they’re a bit different to the usual stripes, and I think they’ll be just right for wearing in any type of boots.

If you think you might have spotted a bit of a pattern on these socks, you are right!

A close up of the textured pattern around the top of a sock leg

This pattern is called Sound Waves, it’s a Winwick Mum design so if you’ve knitted my patterns before it will feel familiar – and best of all, it’s FREEEEEE!  It’s a variation of my Basic 8ply (DK) Boot Socks pattern and that means that even if you’ve never knitted socks before, you’ll be able to knit these because you can use the Winwick Mum Sockalong tutorials to help you.  Hooray!

The textured pattern is very simple, it’s a mix of knit and purl stitches to give a “sound wave” around the top of the sock – and what I loved about writing this pattern is that as the sock size got bigger, the sound wave pattern changed too, so the “frequency” alters with each size! 🙂

It’s a top (cuff) down sock and has a heel flap and gusset.  The heel flap is knitted in heel stitch so again, if you’re familiar with my patterns then you’ll be able to do these heels in your sleep – but they do make a nice comfy heel for your boots!  This yarn is Soul, by the way.

A close up photo of the heel stitch on a sock heel flap

You may be able to see from this photo that as the yarn is part of the Colour Lab range, it’s more woolly than the Signature 4ply so there will be a different feel to your socks – if you’ve ever used the existing Colour Lab colours or perhaps the Future Dreams yarn to knit socks, this yarn feels similar in your hands.

It’s really easy to get your hands on the Sound Waves pattern – you either use the QR code on each ball of yarn to download it to your phone or tablet (you should be able to hold your phone or tablet camera over the QR code for it to recognise the link to the pattern, but you may need to check your settings) …

A close up of the QR code on the ball band of ColourLab Sock yarn

Source: Lucy Jones

or you can get a copy from your local yarn shop if they are able to print one out for you (this is a PDF pattern so there are no printed copies available), or you can download it from right here on the blog – you can click the photo below and I’ll link it again if you scroll down to the bottom of the page – or click here for my shop as it’s in there too (and is still free).

Wow! I think it’s magic that you can get a whole pattern through a QR code, but then I am still amazed by things like that and my girls never get tired of rolling their eyes at me 🙂

But wait!  What if there was more than one pattern for this yarn?  What if there was another one with a different pattern on the socks?

A pair of blue socks modelled on feet to show the cable detail to the front of the sock

Ooh look – there is!

I think that thick yarn like is just right for cables – and the yarn agreed!  I chose this cable pattern because, in keeping with the music theme, I thought that the bigger motif looked a bit like a lyre (the stringed instrument played by Ancient Greeks), or perhaps guitar strings for a more up-to-date image!  The purl section which makes the cable stand out so well is continued all the way to the toes, but don’t worry, it’s not difficult to graft the stitches together at the end!

You also don’t need to worry about the socks becoming too tight with the cable as I’ve ribbed the back of the sock so that it will stretch to accommodate the cable on the front.

A pair of blue socks modelled on feet to show the back of the leg

This pattern isn’t free, it’s a paid for one that you will be able to get in both printed and as a PDF from WYS stockists.  It’s called …

A sock pattern cover for Good Vibrations socks showing a pair of pink socks modelled on feet

Of course it is! 🤣   And I expect there to be a bit of twisting and shouting going on when you’re wearing the socks too!


Is there anything else I need to tell you about this yarn and the patterns?  Oh, where to get it, of course!  Well, you should be able to pick it up at your usual WYS stockist (you can find yours here) and there are many of them right across the world now.  If your local stockist doesn’t have the yarn in yet, give it a day or so because it was only launched today (Monday 19 February 2023) and it may take a short while to travel overseas.  You can also buy online and your LYS may have an online shop, or you could try one of the big online stores like Wool Warehouse or Black Sheep Wools.

If you want a copy of the Sound Waves pattern and you didn’t click the photo higher up in the blog post, you can click this one here to download the free PDF …

A sock pattern cover for Sound Waves socks showing a pair of pink socks modelled on feet

and I’ll leave you with one final photo of the socks knitted up so that you can see all of the fabulous colours – and hope that you enjoy knitting with both the yarn and the patterns!

Which one is your favourite?

A collage of six photos showing a sock pattern knitted in different colours



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12 Responses

  1. Helen says:

    new yarn and new pattern, wow!!!!

  2. Anna says:

    Super fun! Congratulations on the collaboration!

  3. Susan Rayner says:

    I might have to go for Blues – although they are all lovely as are the patterns. I think my sister might be getting some wellie socks for dog walking or gardening very soon. Really beautoful wool and gorgeous colourways.

  4. Lin says:

    Delicious colours and the cable pattern is lovely

  5. Rachel says:

    Yay, I have been looking for an 8 ply sock yarn but haven’t found one I liked the look of yet. Punk and Rock and definitely coming home with me!

  6. Jennyff says:

    Loving the new yarn. I too am a huge WYS fan, they are just down the road from me. I’ve been wearing dk cable socks all winter, so cosy and it’s just the right time to be stocking up (pun intended) for next winter with my favourite yarn, thank you.

  7. Audrey says:

    love the new yarns .Thankyou for sharing what you did for pooling

  8. Mo Allan says:

    Oh my goodness, I love them all, but do think ‘Punk’ has an edge; I really like the vibrant colours in it. I want them all to knit all the socks. (is it too early to write to Santa?) 🤣

  9. New yarns are beautiful. Would they make good bedtime socks for cold winter nights? I love your sock patters. I have 2 of your books, the first and second. I’ve never knit with DK weight yarn, only the sock yarn.

    • winwickmum says:

      Ah, thank you for buying the books! Yes, I don’t see why you couldn’t use the ColourLab yarns for bed socks, they would be nice and thick and cosy! 🙂 xx

  10. Gretchen Hrusovsky says:

    Well thank you thank you for the swatches and the completed socks! I’d been waiting for The Woolly Thistle to get this in stock. Now that they do, I couldn’t decide on which colors – all they show are the skeins . . . . and then I remembered Winwick Mum. You have saved me from a small disappointment as the skeins I thought I liked best turned out NOT to be the ones I liked best knitted up!

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