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Welcome to the Winwick Mum Sockalong!

Hello, it’s lovely to see you!

I’ve created some extra posts and videos which you might find useful as you knit your first pair of socks and you’ll find these below.  Don’t forget that there are more tutorials and Top Sock Tips on the blog which you might find useful too!


Choosing needles

An update on short circular needles … click here or the photo to read the post.

Tension squares and the Sock Stitch Calculation

This video talks you through the Sock Stitch Calculation from the Getting Started – Tension Squares, Casting on and Stitch Calculation tutorial.


Matching stripes

This video talks you through how to match self-striping yarn and accompanies the Getting Started – Matching Stripes tutorial.


And don’t forget about our lovely Facebook group – Winwick Mum Sockalong – for real-time help, support and to show off your socks!


Ready to tackle a new pattern?  You’ll find next-step and more advanced patterns (and not just for socks!) here on the Patterns and Printables