Alexander Socks


Knit yourself a cosy pair of socks inspired by the “Nutcracker” with this pattern designed especially for West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply Nutcracker yarn!


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This pattern was designed especially for the 2023 West Yorkshire Spinners Christmas yarn, Nutcracker.

Using the popular Christmas ornament as inspiration, my head was soon buzzing with ideas about long boots laced up to the top and military uniforms … and I managed to incorporate all of my ideas into the socks!

The Alexander pattern has got cables (proper fancy cables – you wait till you see them!), twisted stitches and textured chevrons so if you’re looking for something a bit different, this pattern is for you!  As always, it’s based on my Basic 4ply Socks pattern so if you’re new to socks or need a refresher, you can use the Sockalong tutorials to help you.

Those fancy cables look just like the laces on the Nutcracker’s boots in the top photo – I’m really proud of those!  There are also chevrons at the bottom (lots of military uniforms have chevron stripes so I wanted to incorporate those here too) and on the back, there are twisted stitches of “military” braid, inspired by the ceremonial uniforms of formal processions.

The heel flap is in Ribbed Heel Stitch which makes it a little bit stretchier for those with wider feet, or even just for those who feel that a heel flap is usually a bit tighter than they’d like to wear.  The twisted stitch rib sections give some stretch too, so there’s no need to adjust the size you’d usually knit because there’s a cable on the front – they should still fit properly if you knit your usual size.

There’s a video to help you create the increase and decrease stitches of the cables here.

You can read the blog post about this pattern and the yarn here.

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