Blogtober 2023 : Day 9

I have spent most of today knitting.

It’s been lovely – but I have nothing to show you as I forgot to take photos and it’s now nearly 9.30pm and far too late and dark to start trying to photograph anything now 🙄

Instead, I will show you the field where I walked the dog today …

Looking across a ploughed field where a footpath should be

If you can spot the footpath, you get a prize!  It’s still not been replaced by the farmer although they were out sowing seed over the weekend so hopefully it won’t be long now before they roll a proper path for people to walk along.  As it’s a designated footpath, you can still walk across that so we did, and I found a few places where there were other footprints so obviously there are other people taking a guess at where the path is too.  No sunshine today, you’ll notice from the photo (and the pylon seems to lean at a jaunty angle too!) – I could feel rain in the air although it never materialised into anything other than a few spots.

Once we got home again, I did a few jobs, answered a few emails and then sat down with my needles.  It’s been such a long time since I’ve had anything other than maybe an hour to knit so I had decided that today was going to be a knitting day – and it was so good!

Oh, I did start some dough to make some sourdough flatbreads.  I thought they’d be good with the Greek salad that I’m still eating for my lunch (such a creature of habit – but I really like it!) and wanted to see if I could make my own.  I found this recipe which looked straightforward enough and the flatbreads on the website photo certainly looked like what I wanted to make …

Sourdough flatbreads piled on a plate


The recipe uses sourdough starter and instant yeast and I think my instant yeast may be slightly out of date so the dough didn’t want to rise – and when it eventually did and I cooked them, my flatbreads looked nothing like the photo.  No, I didn’t take photos of those either, but I will try them again another day and hopefully have something to show you that doesn’t look like I’ve scraped it off my car tyres 🙂

This evening, not so small daughter and I made a quick dash to the supermarket for some essentials.  I don’t know why I say “quick dash” and “not so small daughter” in the same sentence when it comes to supermarket shopping as she’s really not got the knack of SAS shopping at all (get in, get it, get out).  By the time I’ve tracked her down to the aisle where she’s wandered off to, and then I’ve remembered something at the other end of the store that we’ve forgotten, more time has passed than I wanted to spend food shopping and as you can see, it’s not a small shop!

A view from above a supermarket showing the aisles

Anyway, eventually we’d got everything we wanted in our trolley and I managed to get us out of the door without collecting any more house plants or Christmas gnomes or whatever else we spotted going through the doors and now, finally, I’m chatting to you.

Phew, what a day!  And now I’m going to round up cats and dogs ready for their supper and so that everybody can go to bed – see you tomorrow! xx



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  1. Jennifer Goodman says:

    wow 😲 that’s a big shop. very organized. you shop like hubby and I do lol get in and get out as quick as possible. Xmas sock knitting here, got 1 pair almost done. 2 more pairs to go and 2 stocking caps. busy busy lol.have a wonderful day everyone

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