Monthly Musing – June 2022 – School’s out

Not so small daughter finished school today.

I watched her walk down the path from the car park into the school building for her final exam and knew that when I drove away, that was the last morning school run to this school that I would ever do.

I sat for a few minutes asking myself how I felt about that, and the conclusion that I came to was that although I was a little sad that our association with what has been an amazing place for not so small daughter to spend her high school years has come to an end (all bar the shouting now – prom and results day still to come), I was grateful that she has been able to be here, to be taught by the teachers that she has had, made the friends that she has got and generally had a very positive experience.  Now, just like she was when she left primary school, she’s a big fish in a small pond and it’s time to move on.  I’m ready for that.

It’s been an emotional day for not so small daughter.  Earlier this week, she was looking forward to the last day because it would be the last exam, but also because it’s a tradition at her school (as at many others) to write on each other’s shirts and say goodbye to teachers in a fun celebration and when it came to it today, the school made a proper fuss of them all which was lovely after the tough couple of years of online learning that they have had before their exams.  Far from feeling happy at leaving, not so small daughter had many mixed emotions as she came to terms with the fact that this really is the last time she’ll see some of the people there, both teachers and students, and there’s a world of difference between that moment at age 10 or 11 in primary school and aged 15 or 16 in high school.

Not every school will have finished today – I think it happened like this at not so small daughter’s school this year because everyone was in school for the exam and it was easier than expecting them to return at a later date – so if you’ve still got exams going on and a last day to come, I hope it all goes well.   The celebrations are continuing for not so small daughter tonight as friendship groups from the whole year have got together for a final farewell meet up and even as I’m sitting here writing this, I’m thinking about how grown up she is now compared to when she first started in Year 7.

In a few short weeks, she’ll have had her prom, got her exam results, have been for taster days at the college she wants to go to and then will start A levels and, no doubt, count the days until she can learn to drive.  I don’t have school children any more, and just like last month when I wrote about big daughter getting ready to fly the nest, there’s change afoot and adventures to be had.  My other girl is growing up.

I’m ready for that.


A grey school blazer is lying across a black and colour mosaic-patterned rucksack and a pair of black slip-on shoes. They are all left on a tiled floor against a brick wall.



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  1. Susan Rayner says:

    Must be many mixed emotions in the Perry household! But all best wishes for the exam result and the future! With love Susan

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