Winter skies

It wasn’t that long ago that I despaired of ever seeing anything except grey leaden skies, full of low clouds and drizzle.  That’s not how I like my Winter days to be!  I like them to be cold and clear, and if I can’t have snow, I at least want a bit of frost to feather the edges of the leaves and grasses, and to remind me that the sun is still in the sky and it won’t be long until it’s close enough to our side of the world to really warm us up.

This week, the low clouds have lifted and it has been wonderful to be out and see the sky again!

A view through tree branches to a clear blue sky and a frosty fieldA section of a curved arch bridge with clouds beyondA frosted flower seed head illuminated by the low Winter sunA sky full of tiny clouds against bare black tree branchesA full moon against a pink sunrise. Black trees are silhouetted against the skyA pink sunrise against black treesA low Winter sun in the background; frosty grasses in the foreground and a sky full of tiny cloudsA glowing red sunrise taken from a stationery car. There are other stationery cars in front.

These are all early morning views, mostly out with the dog as the sun is rising.  It’s still quite late to be getting fully light even though we’re past the Solstice now and the days are getting longer.  That’s the first full moon of the year you can see in the photo with the trees; it was so bright and beautiful even early in the morning and my camera never does it justice.

The last photo is big daughter’s.  She sent it to me this morning – she was on her way to work and in a queue so the car was stationary.  (You can tell how dirty the roads have been, I think she needs to clean her windscreen!).  That sky looks unreal, doesn’t it?  As if something was on fire but it was entirely the sun’s display.

This is why we have the grey days, isn’t it?  So that you can really appreciate the days when the sky is bright, and we all need to do that from time to time.


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6 Responses

  1. CJ says:

    Yes, that’s exactly what I think about grey days and winter, it makes summer all the more glorious. Fantastic photos, I especially love the dried flower head. CJ xx

  2. Irune says:

    Lovely pictures! I really like my drive to work every day because the sky is usually so pretty. But, of course, it’s imposible to take a photo if you are driving…

    • winwickmum says:

      Yes, it really is – and it was safe for big daughter to stop otherwise she’d have had to have kept that one to herself! I’m glad you get a good view too! 🙂 xx

  3. Wonderful skies in all your photos. I agree that the grey days although hard after a while do make us appreciate blue skies or any other kind of sky that is not grey all the more.

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